Composite Mars in the Composite 1st House

Composite Mars in the first house demands that this relationship be a complete expression of both of you. This should be the case with any relationship, but it is even more important in this instance. it would be best if you could find something that you both like to do together, and the more physically active the better. There is a lot of energy in your relationship that must be expended somehow.

If you can find a common purpose, all of your energy will be focused on that instead of on each other. You will be able to accomplish a tremendous amount of work together, and in the process you will enjoy each other. There is no way around the fact that this relationship demands activity.

Unfortunately, if you do not handle these energies properly, Mars can signify fighting and conflict. It is not that you necessarily dislike each other, although that could be the case, but that the relationship doesn't give any relevance to the matters that are really important to each of you individually. There are you, the other person, and your relationship, all of which seem to have very little in common.

Keeping this problem in mind, this can be an excellent placement for any relationship that is specifically aimed at accomplishing a job or task, such as a professional association.

Composite Mars in the Composite 1st House: Boldness is your calling card. You are a couple that can move through life without too much second-guessing of yourselves. With practice and a little foresight, you will learn how to avoid rushing into situations that are not in your best interest. You have little trouble initiating actions toward your major objectives in life. People likely see you as leading active lives. Your adrenaline is aroused when your competitive instincts are challenged. This is a partnership that ignites your most assertive energies! Your romance has a natural tendency to get off to a fast start.

You find courage when meeting life head-on. Who said you cannot rush in where angels fear to tread? This won't stop you two! Stress seems to bring out your best. Inertia takes over if you don't feel tested by the choices you make. Patience is something you will need to have with your partner. It will make for fewer skirmishes. It's easy to know when your partner is angry. You can cut the tension with a knife! Spontaneity is almost a religious belief. The two of you lose interest in your ideas that cannot quickly yield results.

Your friends and other acquaintances get energized in your presence. You are doers together. Having enough freedom to call your own plays makes it easier when you have to perform as a team.

Exciting change motivates the two of you. You thrive on newness. There is a fire in your hearts to impress one another and to speed up the drive to find fulfillment.

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Composite Mars in the Composite 2nd House

Mars in the second house of the composite chart indicates a relationship in which your mutual ego-expression revolves around acquiring things, but not necessarily holding on to them. The second house is the house of one's resources, both material and psychological.

There is a tendency to be reckless with resources, such as spending money too quickly or taking chances with possessions. It is as if the two of you glory in being able to do whatever you want with what you own. The problem is that you both have to agree on what to do with your mutual possessions. If you cannot agree, there could be serious disputes over property, possessions, and finances. even if the relationship is otherwise satisfactory, the way you handle money and possessions could be a serious threat to harmony between you. It is very important that you come to some understanding about this issue as early as possible.

Even if you do agree, you should be careful about what you do with your resources. Otherwise you may find that the resources you need to accomplish something have disappeared.

Mars in the composite chart relates to joint ego-expression. The second house position means that this will be achieved through property, possessions, and money. Plan very carefully how to achieve what you want, and be very sure to do something with what you have, for that is what the position signifies.

The second house can also signify values in an intellectual sense. Whatever your value systems are, be sure that you have a conscious understanding of them, or they could become an issue that divides you.

Composite Mars in the Composite 2nd House: You can pursue wealth and ownership with a burning desire. Your energy finds a second wind when it comes to working toward a better life. There is a willingness to do whatever it takes to own what you want. You can work in a spirit of cooperation to get much accomplished in a short amount of time. Differences over the handling of finances can be the source of an argument or two. Possessiveness needs to be dealt with carefully. The risk-taker in you may be willing to bet your life savings to get ahead. You can ride this attitude to good fortune. The success will seem even sweeter if you first consult each other before take a risk.

You can display courage in fighting for your shared values. People willing to stand up for their beliefs win your respect. There is a need to accept one another at face value. You will be met with stubborn resistance if you try to change your partner. Compromise in the areas you can, as this adds to the harmony between you. You both need relaxation away from life stresses. It soothes your psyches. Rushing through life creates a hectic pace that is not good for you. You are naturally ambitious. Enjoy creating romantic moments together. When you truly focus on one another, passion is never that far away.

The two of you get motivated when you pursue paths that promise sensual and material fulfillment. You find delight in adding to each other's self-esteem through growth-promoting pursuits.

Composite Mars in the Composite 3rd House

Mars in the third house of the composite chart indicates several areas of expression in a relationship. First of all, the third house rules the lower mind, that is, the mind in its routine day-to-day functioning. If the two of you are not getting along well with each other, this placement of Mars signifies arguing and disputes and general intellectual disagreement. The problem is that each of you may identify with your own ideas and opinions so strongly that you regard a challenge to your beliefs as a challenge to your beliefs as a challenge to your innermost self. Habits and other ingrained behavior patterns could also become an issue for dispute in this relationship. You must straighten out within yourselves and with each other what is going on inside you. In other words, you have to have great self-awareness.

The third house also rules the immediate environment and relatives. If your relationship is working out well, this simply means that the two of you will be actively and vigorously involved with your immediate family and relatives. If events take a negative turn, however, you may be constantly at odds with your immediate environment- continual disputes with relatives, for example. Again it is necessary that you both watch out for unconscious habits of thought.

Composite Mars in the Composite 3rd House: You accelerate each other's thought processes. There is a healthy appetite for communication. You seem almost invincible when it comes to convincing others to believe in your ideas. Exercise tact when pushing your desires in each other's faces. The thing that may get you the most angry is when you feel your partner is not listening. You likely know just what to say to get your partner's attention. If you put your foot in your mouth on a regular basis, you can learn, with practice, how to be more discreet.

Your perceptions hop higher than a kangaroo. You both like to change directions quickly. Give one another a signal before turning if you want to be followed. Excitement is probably preferred over the usual routines. Surprise pumps you with refreshing mental vigor.

Forgetting to follow through on promises can be irritating. Anger is not always easy to show. The nervous anxiety it causes makes you both uncomfortable. Getting your hostility out in some instances might make communication smoother in the long run. Neither of you likes to hold grudges anyway. You read each other's minds like an open book. Your eyes and facial expressions are a dead giveaway.

The two of you get motivated when pursuing new learning and greater options. There is a need for enthusiasm about your endeavors. When your spirits are on the same wavelength, life seems like a huge playground where your hearts have unlimited access to sing their potential.

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Composite Mars in the Composite 4th House

The fourth house rules the innermost bases of life- your own inner foundation, the home, the unconscious mind, your parents and in-laws. Mars in the fourth house of the composite chart is most noticeable if its energy is not working smoothly. If the Mars energy is working smoothly, you will hardly be aware of it. The two of you will work together with a natural rapport and an inherent smoothness.

However, if the Mars energy is not working smoothly, there will be a number of difficulties to work out. To begin with, the sources of your ego conflicts are buried deep within the relationship, so it will be difficult to root them out and bring them into the open. The causes of the conflict will be in matters that you take so much for granted that you are not even aware of them. For this reason you must question even your most fundamental assumptions to discover how you are subverting your relationship.

The effects of this energy will be apparent in the most basic aspects of your lives. If you live together, the energy could manifest itself as arguments in and about the home. You might have differing concepts of what a home ought to be, which could be a serious source of conflict. Or if you are married, your parents might be the immediate occasion for battle. But neither home nor parents is really the problem. The basic difficulty is that your unconscious ideas and notions on various subjects become clear to you only when they are challenged. It will take a very deep inquiry into yourselves to get at these problems.

Composite Mars in the Composite 4th House: The home is a lively topic of interest. The two of you may have quite different views regarding the domestic life. When each of your needs are satisfied on the home front, life does stabilize. Neither of you likes wars to occur in your abode. Angry outbursts will sometimes be traced to hidden feelings. Privacy is a probable need in your relationship. You can be accused of guarding your time alone.

You are protective of each other and family members. You need to know you can count on one another whether the chips are up or down. Helping your partner find the confidence to respond to a challenge will make you popular. With practice, you will learn the times it is acceptable to be a little pushy. You can be wonderful advocates for each other. The two of you can work tirelessly to finish a project. You expect one another to pitch in with equal effort to make your relationship run smoothly. There is a special emotional closeness that can develop with the passage of time.

You both get motivated through facing situations that cast ominous clouds on your feelings of security. It gives you a sense of renewed purpose to stand tall together when riding out emotional storms. Your trust deepens when supporting your partner through a personal struggle.

Composite Mars in the Composite 5th House

The fifth house is a very compatible position for Mars in a composite chart, but the needs it generates must be met. It is a position of great self-expression, so there must be ample opportunity for self-expression in this relationship. You must give each other plenty of room to be yourselves with a minimum of interference. If you impose all manner of limitations on each other, there will be considerable conflict. Mars is related to ego energies, which create no problem if expressed. If they are not expressed, however, they can create many difficulties.

It would be excellent for the two of you to be as active as possible together, with a common set of goals toward which you bend your energies. In that way the energy that might become a source of conflict can bind the two of you together.

In a sexual relationship this position can be extremely beneficial, provided that you follow the advice given above. The fifth is the house of love affairs, while Mars, along with Venus, rules sexual energy. In a sexual relationship with this position, if you don't work well together on a sexual level, there is not likely to be harmony on any other level. The energy that should be used in sex instead becomes the source of very divisive ego conflict.

Composite Mars in the Composite 5th House: There is boldness about your relationship that will lead you to tempt fate. You don't mind going against the odds to put your plans in motion. There is a drive to express yourselves passionately. You often will beat others to the finish line with your competitive ways. The idea of losing probably doesn't cross your mind. You will inevitably wish you hadn't rushed into saying the wrong words to each other. Get good at developing the foresight to say the right thing more often. You both can champion the causes that capture your imagination. Patience does not come easily. It is better to pursue things that can manifest quickly. You both like life to fulfill your wishes as of yesterday!

An active life is predictable. Watching life from the sidelines is not your first instinct. Your impulse is to be dramatic players. Having a hobby in common is enjoyable. There might be participation in tennis or skiing. It is possible a spectator sport could be of interest. You could enjoy dancing into the early morning hours. It is your adventurous spirits that drew you to meet one another in the first place--wasn't it?

You will be hard pressed to find a more inspiring partner. Encouraging each other to shoot a full throttle toward personal aims in life initiates intimacy. You are a hero when cheering one another on to meet new challenges. You both get motivated acting forcefully in launching shared dreams. When you pay attention to each other's heartfelt needs, you are an invigorated couple.

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Composite Mars in the Composite 6th House

With composite Mars in the sixth house, you will have a sense of work to be done together. The sixth is the house of work, and in a composite chart it signifies the duties and responsibilities that the two of you must fulfill through this relationship.

The difficulty with this position, as with all planets in the sixth house of the composite chart, is that your sense of duty will often overwhelm the feelings of joy and pleasure that should be present in a relationship. The two of you may begin to regard the relationship as a burden, a set of tasks, rather than something to be enjoyed for its own sake. This is a deadening point of view and is particularly difficult in a sexual relationship.

This position is least problematical in a business or professional association in which work is the sole object. But even here the two of you must enjoy being together, so that your work becomes a form of self-expression as well as a duty. The sixth house emphasizes the needful aspect of work rather than the self-expressive aspect.

if the two of you do not feel that you are accomplishing something fairly concrete by being together, this will be a disruptive problem. Enjoying each other or feeling that you are both growing through your relationship is not usually enough to satisfy the demands of this placement of Mars. There is work to be done.

Composite Mars in the Composite 6th House: You stir each other's desire to improve your chances for success. There is somewhat of a compulsive drive to get a job done as fast as possible. It is stimulating to work together for a common purpose. Exercise routines could be a shared interest. You both likely feel better when working off stress. It can make you angry when you sense your partner is pulling in a different direction. Embarking on joint ventures keeps you feeling close.

Criticism will probably create distance. Fight fairly. Work to resolve problems rather than taking your frustration out on your partner. You won't always approach life from the same avenues. Each of you likes to create your own shortcuts. Your enthusiasm to give your best effort can win popularity with others.

Employment is a hot subject of interest. You expect one another to be supportive in this life arena. The two of you can suddenly embark in new career directions. Getting additional training might improve your earning power. Dead-end jobs numb your spirits. You need to be energized by your daily routines. Work could become a religion. Watch the overtime as it may get too extreme.

You both are motivated by staying faithful to a growth-promoting game plan. Making time for happy occasions raises your energy levels helping you deal with the big challenges. Stay inspired!

Composite Mars in the Composite 7th House

Mars in the seventh house of the composite chart can indicate that the two of you have a great sense of common purpose. On the other hand, it can mean a total conflict of purpose to the point that you are clearly enemies rather than friends or lovers. Either you will feel that your energies are infinitely better expressed by being together rather than apart, or you will be in an extreme state of conflict with each other. Which way your relationship will work depends to a great extent upon finding a way to express yourselves together, discovering something that you can do together. The seventh is the house of partners and of open enemies. Even at the very worst you will know exactly where you stand with each other.

It is also possible, of course, for these two effects to occur together. This creates a love-hate relationship in which your feelings toward each other oscillate rapidly between loving and hating.

The presence of Mars in this house indicates that the ego energies within this relationship are very strong. In this situation it is not always easy for one of you to accede to the other's wishes. Here the martyr game that characterizes so many relationships- with one of you always conceding grudgingly to the other- will not work.

This position requires that the two of you be on an equal footing. Any attempt to place yourself over your partner will make a very tense situation. Give each other plenty of room to find fulfillment within the relationship and also to find something that you can work for together. Then this position of Mars will be a help rather than a hindrance.

Composite Mars in the Composite 7th House: You are not bashful people. There is a spontaneous entrance into the social sphere. Your friends are apt to be doers. Each of you probably attracts peers unafraid to climb the tallest mountains. Exercise tact in dealing with certain individuals or groups, as they may not appreciate the direct approach. You are gregarious at heart. Others like the way you two can make things happen. You are agents for change. Neither of you likes to waste time in making decisions. Your business associates better be able to get to the point fast or you lose interest.

Be careful in pushing your ideas on your partner. Diplomacy and fairness take you further. If indecision makes you uneasy, there will be times when you will need to act on a hunch. You both get angry and feel offended if not consulted on key decisions. If you conceal your strongest opinions, confusion is the end result. You must communicate whether it comes out pretty or not!

Business dealings can reflect your ability to deal with the public. Your legal sense can be impressive. You are a likable couple, which is a bonus in getting what you need from others. When it comes to spending time with personal peers, you need to give elbowroom. Each of you needs input outside of your relationship. It helps keep you from asking too much of each other. Giving the right to claim individual turf now and then makes life together a smoother journey. The two of you are motivated by the numerous special alliances you can form. It is exciting to see that your relationship keeps growing in the potential to have the best of everything. You give each other the incentive to make your talents more visible.

Composite Mars in the Composite 8th House

Composite Mars in the eighth house indicates that in this relationship the two of you express your egos in a way that forces you to look for new insights into the nature of your ways of living. The eighth house of the horoscope is very complex. It is the house of transformation and of the psychological energies that underlie any major changes within the self. As each of you encounters the other, you will be challenged, not necessarily in a destructive way, but in a way that will make growth necessary.

The eighth house also represents regeneration, and Mars in this house can create a great deal of sexual energy for regeneration of the self through the creation of another person. In this relationship, sex will be very important and may even become a vehicle for transforming both of you.

This is the house of joint resources, which makes it very important to a relationship. In some cases there may be conflict between you about money or property. To avoid this problem you both must learn to back down and make sure that petty expressions of the ego are not getting in the way of the relationship. Try not to become too involved with your possessions. If you identify with them too strongly, they will become a source of problems.

Composite Mars in the Composite 8th House: There is fight in you both when you truly decide what you want. You can outlive any obstacle through sheer determination. A competitive spark will come out when the two of you are challenged to show your best. There may be a tug-of-war between you over financial decisions. Each of you has your own way of handling money. When you join forces you can increase each other's wealth. Don't let conflict scare you. Dealing with your individual differences allows you to understand your partner better.

Passion is woven into the heart of your relationship. This can be sex or creative drives. You bring out the hidden resources in each other. People might grow jealous of your success and happiness. Your best friends will celebrate your closeness. Know the people worth trusting.

Power must be shared in your lives. You will be able to attract abundance when each of you feels the freedom to speak straight. Hiding your anger could turn into resentment. Let out your feelings. The two of you need to know where you really stand on big issues.

People will rely on your courage to inspire them to take a leap of faith. The two of you can worry others by taking a go-for-broke chance on an idea. You will likely come to see that some stability is good for your mind and body. You both are motivated by opportunities that rekindle your creative drives and that could lead to increased wealth.

Composite Mars in the Composite 8th House: Composite Mars in the eighth house brings out a passionate and intense drive in your relationship. You two tend to move in proud, strong-willed and stubborn ways, and you create a noticeable presence that will likely prove to be a powerful influence on those around you. It may work best if you make an effort to take this naturally competitive drive and consciously create a shared alliance around a specific activity such as joint investments or investigations. In a romantic context, your shared sexual energy is very important to both of you, making this an ideal placement for passionate involvement. Your joint instinct is powerful, and often confidently enacted. Your urge for personal security is strong, and when you let your ego-drives interfere with your good sense, you may lapse into quarrelsome and self-indulgent patterns. When higher consciousness is involved, you can tap into great healing energies for your relationship and for each other individually. You each like getting your own way, so that it is important to you align your goals, and when you do, you create a powerful synergy. When you cultivate self-discipline and strive for objective rather than selfish motivations, the power of your shared drive can have a profound effect on both of you and on the world around you as well.

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Composite Mars in the Composite 9th House

Composite Mars in the ninth, the house of the higher mind and long journeys, indicates a strong involvement with ideas, beliefs, and philosophies of life in this relationship. That is, your beliefs are very important to each of you, and being together makes them even more so. If your ideas and attitudes toward life are compatible, you will work very hard together to protect them, and you will try to convince others of the rightness of what you are doing.

If your attitudes are not compatible, you will waste a lot of energy trying to convince each other of them, causing much conflict in the process. The universe is actually large enough to encompass both sets of ideas, as well as the beliefs of those whom you disagree with. But the two of you probably do not realize this, feeling that if other people's beliefs are true, yours cannot be, and vice versa. You are likely to react to opposition almost as if your lives were in danger. Be careful of this and try to expand your views so that they can encompass those of other people.

This placement of Mars may also indicate that the two of you will do some work together that involves traveling over long distances. Or it can mean working together in some academic or intellectual field.

Composite Mars in the Composite 9th House: You are a fiery pair when it comes to expressing your highest values and ethics. The god of war shows you might display a sharp and biting tongue against ideas that seem to limit your options. There is a tendency to argue endlessly with each other to prove a point--does this sound familiar? It could be hours or days before you call a truce over sensitive subjects. Learn to accept some of your differences.

Your blunt opinions will offend certain individuals, and inspire others. You have a mental sharpness that is usually not that far off target in sizing up a situation. Legal sense and knowing how to be persuasive are hallmarks of your combined chemistry. You can filibuster with your adversaries until they give in due to exhaustion.

Packing your bags to journey around the world together is a possibility. You can be students of life awed by adventurous expedition. You probably will go into debt if needed, to satisfy your pioneering urges. Taking chances does not scare you as much as the twenty-twenty hindsight afterwards. The results of your actions are a reality check regarding patience. You are motivated to be a trend-setting couple. Breaking new ground in a subject you enjoy exploring together is possible. You instill confidence in your partner, friends, and even people that you meet only once.

Composite Mars in the Composite 9th House: Mars in the Ninth House brings a friendly and optimistic quality to the energy of this relationship, inspiring a spontaneous and impulsive drive for results. You tend to work well and joyfully together, with competition and jealousy at a minimum, although you are sometimes scattered in the application of your joint energies, and are perhaps best suited as a partnership in focusing on the big picture, and delegating the details. You are likely to explore sports or perhaps gambling when with each other. You tend to lead physically active lives together, and may find that the perfect day would be an outing in nature such as a hike rather than anything fancy. You two are idealistic, outspoken and honest with your opinions. You also have a synergistic propensity for growth, which makes this an ideal placement for joint learning and development, or for a student-teacher relationship. While your mutual perspective on the big picture comes easily, you benefit when you slow down, pay attention to details and concentrate your energies.

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Composite Mars in the Composite 10th House

Mars in the tenth house of the composite chart means that the energy of Mars must be successfully expressed through this relationship, or there is likely to be trouble. The tenth is the house of the ego’s most complete expression, symbolizing what you must do in order to evolve in life. In a composite chart, the tenth house has to do with how well each of you can express your life purpose within the relationship. With Mars in this house, the issue of ego-drives will be even more important than in most relationships.

You must allow each other plenty of room to follow your own paths. It would not be a good idea for one of you to sacrifice your goals in life in order to allow your partner to pursue his or her objectives. Eventually that course of action would become a sore point that could disrupt the relationship. Each of you must be allowed to do your own thing while you are together. Obviously it will be helpful if you have similar ideas about what you wish to do with your lives. Whatever your ambitions, they will be an issue in this relationship.

If you can agree on this issue, the energy of the tenth-house Mars will serve you in good stead. You will approach business or any other joint activity very aggressively and energetically. The results should be excellent. However, take care not to let these energies get out of hand, because they could generate a great deal of opposition from others that would be harmful to your best interests.

Composite Mars in the Composite 10th House: The two of you often know what you want, but must exercise patience in planning how to get the hoped for results. You bring out sudden spurts of ambition in your partner. You don't care to hear the words "not possible" when the two of you decide to go after an objective. There can be angry exchanges when one of you feels support is lacking for their ambitions. Career is a major driving force for both of you. You will expect to be noticed for what you put into your relationship, whether it is effort or money. One or both of you attracts leadership roles. Your courage quickly shows its face when others may hide. Sharing responsibility keeps you great friends and lovers.

Opening a business is a potential for either of you. You possess a dynamic energy that makes people want to support your work. A long-burning candle of enthusiasm is contagious. Your combined energies can reach the highest levels of success. There needs to be a willingness for a sustained commitment to whatever you start.

Power struggles are not as likely if you stay clear about your roles. You each need to have your own turf when it comes to controlling a special facet of your lives. A private purpose ensures less likelihood that your wires will get crossed. Neither of you wishes to be bossed around - do you?

You are a stronger couple when letting each other share in the decision making process. It is okay to argue as it is probably inevitable. It's more important how you respect your partner's opinions.

The two of you get motivated when initiating enterprising activities. There is electricity in your brains when moving with a strategy that ensures success. You have a lively way of bringing spontaneous actions into your lives.

Composite Mars in the Composite 11th House

Composite Mars in the eleventh house indicates that the two of you will enjoy working with other people in groups. It is an indication that you will derive more satisfaction from your work and energies if you feel that what you are doing is part of a greater whole. Together you will identify with various group projects, movements, and other situations in which the individual ego is subordinated to group expression. It is easier for both of you to completely express your personal energies through your relationship this way.

This position may also indicate that you will try to dominate your friends or associates, which will make matters rather difficult for the two of you. No matter where Mars is located in the chart, you must be careful how you handle its energies so that they do not cause strife and arguments with others.

The eleventh house is also the house of your ideals and hopes in life. Mars in this position indicates that the two of you will work very hard to attain whatever you want out of life. Consequently it is very important that you have similar or at least complementary goals in life. Otherwise, disagreements on this issue are likely to be a great source of conflict.

Composite Mars in the Composite 11th House: You both like to know you have the freedom to make choices spontaneously. Waiting for other people to make up their minds makes you nervous and even irritable. The war god shows you are a couple with a feisty drive to express yourselves. Your goals are sacred! Pay attention to the mutual and individual directions you want to explore. You feel lost without a sense of direction. The future is a space station beckoning to your sense of adventure and intrigue. You can help your partner find the courage to leap over limiting circumstances.

You like to stay near the forefront of your favorite subjects or fields of interest. Inventive people can enjoy being in your company and visa versa. Your minds work fast. You might have a tendency to not always listen to each other. Concentration in the present is not a natural inclination. It can get better with practice.

The two of you thrive on social connections. Group involvements can reflect your beliefs. You may, or may not like, each other's friends or business associates. Don't be too belligerent as it will lead to angry moments. Tolerance here is wise. You both can be forceful in getting your own way. Choose your battles carefully. Some are not worth winning.

You both are motivated when your thoughts touch down and test their chances for opening new doors. Being surprised by life excites you more than scheduling yourselves through a day-by-day planner. You are happiest when you are not looking back at yesterday, but more so when gazing into the horizons of tomorrow.

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Composite Mars in the Composite 12th House

Composite Mars in the twelfth house makes it absolutely imperative that the two of you understand exactly what you want from this relationship and each other. You must arrive at a conscious understanding and agreement. In most relationships, arguments are made tacitly, not formally stated or written down. But for the two of you it might be very profitable to write out an agreement. By doing so you may discover that you have included all kinds of demands that you never thought you would ask for. If you don't make the demands explicit, you can be sure that every time one of them is broken it will cause a conflict, even though neither of you will understand exactly why.

The literal meaning of Mars in the twelfth might be stated as unconscious forms of ego expression. The twelfth house is not really unconscious, but it often indicates signals that you are sending out into the world very strongly but not acknowledging. Whether or not you acknowledge them, you will have to live with the consequences.

It is just the same with a relationship; the twelfth house Mars signifies that you are putting into the relationship sources of conflict that could weaken it badly. Even worse, it would be very unclear why the problems exist. If you do not make an effort to find out what you really expect of each other, it will be difficult to ascertain why you are having conflicts. You may find that if you verbalize your wants, they will be full of contradictions, double-binds, and contract arrangements that can't be fulfilled. Only if you take the trouble to examine your expectations closely will it be possible to understand what you really want from each other and whether your needs can be met.

Composite Mars in the Composite 12th House: So you sometimes get lost in your idealism--is that so bad? The people thinking the two of you are foolish may be surprised where your faith will take you. You both likely view reality different than most. If you can't live for your most sincere beliefs, then what good is getting up in the morning? You are a passionate pair when it comes to seeking inspiration. Your devotion to a mission or an art form can be great. It is good to know your limits. You can drop from exhaustion without knowing it is coming. You both can grow disillusioned, and even disoriented, if your life together is not fueled by a higher purpose.

Being the lover each of you has fantasies about can be rewarding and fun at the same time. Escaping to places that make you feel energized is fulfilling. There is a mystery about your companionship that may seem like it is part of a romance novel. Your life together can be a series of unexplainable events or good luck.

Anger is hard to face; you don't like confronting each other. A passive way of dealing with problems will not always work. Communicate. It offers a path to mutual understanding.

Emotions are always circulating back and forth. Your friends can enjoy the way you accept them, no matter their faults. You need to know your boundaries in helping others out of jams.

Acting on your most heartfelt impulses motivates your relationship. Doubting yourselves will keep you from more fertile ground. It is when you walk hand-in-hand with a quest for meaning and a growth-promoting vision that you are the happiest.

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Composite Mars in Aries

Composite Mars in Taurus

The warrior in you does not get activated until your sense of security is threatened. There is a tendency to fight to preserve your livelihood. You will not ordinarily demonstrate direct actions unless you are forced into it. Your decisions can have good timing. Your passion for business can be instantly ignited. You can show patience in your combined efforts to do a job. Your ability to finish what you start can be impressive.

There may be similarities in the way you seek beauty. You might seem like an ambitious couple, able to almost effortlessly be successful in life. You both can show thriftiness and a dislike of wasteful people.

A shared love for nature and establishing a peaceful coexistence are things you have in common. Neither of you cares to be pressured into decisions. Stress can be an unpleasant sight. There is a tenderness you may be more willing to show to each other than anyone else.

You are not easy to anger, but can release your fair share if pushed into a corner. Differences over the spending of money might come between you. Each of you needs a voice in financial matters to keep you happy.

You can accomplish much when the two of you really put your best foot forward. Your relationship gets energized when opportunities arise to enhance your wealth, and when you make choices that deepen your life purpose together.

Composite Mars in Gemini

The warrior in you likes to consider the consequences before acting, but doesn't always do so. You two can out think just about anyone when you keep your wits about you. Your minds can travel in numerous directions together. Having your hands in several projects is predictable. You don't like to get angry. It's hard on your nervous systems. A heated exchange once in a while will let you know the issues you need to address.

Your restlessness is evident if either of you does not feel challenged enough. There is a need to express your opinions spontaneously. Freedom of speech could seem like it was legislated just for you. Figuring out solutions to problems can be stimulating.

Communication brings you into each other's world very fast. As a team you can have a great impact on the minds of others. Your persuasiveness has few rivals. You can show courage in confronting the ideas that seem too limited in scope. Your lively natures can make you popular with others. Nothing keeps you down for long. You both can be ferocious getting a plan get off the ground.

When you don't listen to each other is when there could be tension and anger. Both of you dislike being ignored. Let one another be heard, and you get more cooperation. Allowing for divergent points of view keeps life interesting. The surprise entrance of unexpected circumstances energizes your relationship. You seem to function better as a couple when you find one another unpredictable.

Composite Mars in Cancer

The warrior in you can become watered down by emotions. Doesn't this sound like a contradiction in terms? It is! Don't panic. It only means that there will be times the two of you dread to argue openly. The emotional upset doesn't seem worth the price, being direct about some issues does have one main advantage. It gets to the heart of your feelings quickly. It's like pulling a Band-Aid off slow or fast. You need to decide which is less painful. A slow and well-calculated confrontation might create a lot more anxiety than being more spontaneous. Try to be aware of your moods. It will be the first clue that you may need to talk about a situation soon.

Each of you has specific territoriality needs regarding your home. There needs to be a space that you both can claim as your very own. You each need a cave to retreat to. Your lives require a relatively calm atmosphere so that you are able to focus on one another. Chaos on the home front will interfere with your sexual and emotional intimacy. You will need to make quality time for your partner.

Your relationship is energized when you embrace each other's passion for home and family. These are areas that will take a certain amount of compromise. This is a chance to practice the art of negotiation. Establishing a warm and supportive partnership gives you both a secure feeling.

Composite Mars in Leo

The warrior in you adds up to energy plus! You two can put tremendous force into anything you decide to do. Your ability to get mobilized with little notice is just short of remarkable. You attract attention with your way of making things happen. You don't usually need to worry about being assertive--you naturally are together! There is a streak of the gambler and risk-taker running through the heart of your relationship.

Each of you could use plenty of room to express yourselves. You can play, work and laugh hard. You both likely get excited when trying to prove others are wrong for doubting your abilities. Wealth and accomplishments are connected to your partnership chemistry. Watch out for taking reckless chances. Patience is not your strong suit, but can be developed.

It makes each of you feel good when your partner brags a little about you. You take great pride in knowing you are adored. Angry outbursts between you are caused by power struggles. Neither of you will always be the boss. You do better when you share the lead roles. Stroking each other's egos is a must.

Your relationship is energized when the two of you give birth to new paths. Creative talents are fun to share. You look to one another for applause as it lifts your confidence beyond the limits of your fears.

Composite Mars in Virgo

The warrior in you fights to be skillful and to show a high level of competence in all of your endeavors. There is humility in your partnership that modifies your assertiveness. The two of you have tons of energy that can be poured into joint projects. Career is likely an area of life you are both willing to show great dedication.

Remember to work together rather than trying too hard to change each other. This keeps life less stressful. There may be a tendency to fuss over inconsequential details. Seeing the big picture helps you gain greater perspective. Each of you can be ferocious in surviving a crisis. Your willingness to help one another get through challenging situations adds depth to your relationship.

A passion for diet and health can be shown. Exercise can bring out your devotional sides. There is a bit of the ascetic in your partnership. You may both believe in keeping life simple. Be careful that you don't try to jam too many duties into your daily routines. It can make you both irritable and hard to talk to.

Don't hide your anger. It is better to let it out. Strive to find constructive resolutions to problems. You can show common sense, and possess a better than average ability when it comes to planning. You value being efficient. Your relationship is energized when you put your ideas into real action. There can be great satisfaction in seeing the results of your efforts. "Reaping what you sew" is a concept that is not new to you.

Composite Mars in Libra

The warrior in you has two natures. One is carefree, and the other is worried about how others will judge your rash impulses. The two of you can stop on a dime to first assess the possible impact of your actions. You like to know if a battle is worth fighting before launching an offensive. You prefer to look at situations from more than one angle before moving ahead. You can be assertive when you become convinced you are in the right. Negotiating with a spirit of fairness and compromise is what you expect. You don't like to argue with each other, but will do so to defend a position.

You can be drawn to help friends and loved ones get through tough times. People probably find your insights comforting. Helping others make decisions might be a talent. There is a natural inclination to be mediators in helping individuals settle disputes.

You tend to bring out the extrovert in your partner. There is a natural outgoingness that takes you into various circles of friends and business associates. An active social life is stimulating. Dancing and dining out are fun ways to be together. You may have mutual tastes in food and the arts. There is a tendency to seek happiness in the same ways.

Your relationship is energized through your interactions with others. There is a flair for handling yourselves well when in the public eye. You can excel in getting people to support your ideas. A drive to express yourselves creatively can be mutually rewarding.

Composite Mars in Scorpio

The warrior in you is careful to be concealed until the two of you are absolutely sure of the right time to make your move. You have deep feelings about situations that can be well hidden. Your anger can be released powerfully after it has been stored for a considerable amount of time. Dealing with each other's moods is no easy task. You will learn with practice when it is best to talk, and when it is more advantageous to let each other cool off. There is a charisma about your partnership that may intrigue others.

Forgiving those betraying your trust does not come easily. It is difficult to forgive people who have tried to manipulate you. Your trust for each other can be solid. There is a shared passion to know each other on the deepest of levels, leaving no stone unturned.

You bring out the shrewd businessperson in one another. It is hard to fool you when it comes to a money deal. There is a need for both of you to explore your own paths to self-mastery. Your intensities to be successful can blaze new adventurous trails. You make great allies and can show courage when facing difficult circumstances. When others might grow squeamish, you can rise to the occasion. Communicating openly about your differences can ignite angry outbursts, but it also can clear away confusion. Your relationship is energized when you spontaneously let go of your inhibitions to express yourselves. You increase each other's power by inspiring the confidence to test your abilities.

Composite Mars in Scorpio: Composite Mars in Scorpio brings out a passionate and intense drive in your relationship. You two tend to move in proud, strong-willed and stubborn ways, and you create a noticeable presence that will likely prove to be a powerful influence on those around you. It may work best if you make an effort to take this naturally competitive drive and consciously create a shared alliance around a specific activity such as joint investments or investigations. In a romantic context, your shared sexual energy is very important to both of you, making this an ideal placement for passionate involvement. Your joint instinct is powerful, and often confidently enacted. Your urge for personal security is strong, and when you let your ego-drives interfere with your good sense, you may lapse into quarrelsome and self-indulgent patterns. When higher consciousness is involved, you can tap into great healing energies for your relationship and for each other individually. You each like getting your own way, so that it is important to you align your goals, and when you do, you create a powerful synergy. When you cultivate self-discipline and strive for objective rather than selfish motivations, the power of your shared drive can have a profound effect on both of you and on the world around you as well.

Composite Mars in Sagittarius

The warrior in you is moved to defend your ideals and highest beliefs. It probably doesn't take much to light up your adventure streak. Keep a bag packed for travel as the impulse can come with no warning. The two of you can speak forcefully to each other. You can put ideas into action as they are formulating on the tip of your tongue. You awaken each other's most enterprising spirits. Beware of self-serving tendencies that can suddenly come between you. Act in your mutual best interests, and harmony will surround you.

Lively discussions about politics or world events can occur. You both prefer active lives. Sports and various forms of exercise improve your dispositions. People might see you as a couple of daredevils. Tempting fate can excite you. Your belief in your abilities creates luck and fortuitous events.

Be patient with each other's likes and dislikes. You may find agreeing to disagree will keep arguments from happening less frequently. Your minds naturally compete to be more correct on certain topics. Your passionate way of saying what you are thinking can startle others.

You might be surprised when you hurt your partner's feelings unintentionally. This is when you will get chances to work on your communication. The two of you make up fast after a fight. Your minds become eager to explore fun-filled experiences together.

Your relationship is energized by thoughts of new possibilities. A life with options is thrilling in your eyes! Your fiery natures can influence the minds of friends and strangers to follow their most heartfelt convictions.

Composite Mars in Sagittarius: Mars in Sagittarius brings a friendly and optimistic quality to the energy of this relationship, inspiring a spontaneous and impulsive drive for results. You tend to work well and joyfully together, with competition and jealousy at a minimum, although you are sometimes scattered in the application of your joint energies, and are perhaps best suited as a partnership in focusing on the big picture, and delegating the details. You are likely to explore sports or perhaps gambling when with each other. You tend to lead physically active lives together, and may find that the perfect day would be an outing in nature such as a hike rather than anything fancy. You two are idealistic, outspoken and honest with your opinions. You also have a synergistic propensity for growth, which makes this an ideal placement for joint learning and development, or for a student-teacher relationship. While your mutual perspective on the big picture comes easily, you benefit when you slow down, pay attention to details and concentrate your energies.

Composite Mars in Capricorn

The warrior in you likes to assess the layout of a situation before making a move. You are more inclined to develop a strategy rather than spontaneously following an impulse. Even the way you argue could be business-like or lacking emotion. There will be instances when the two of you will throw caution to the wind to take advantage of a major opportunity. Finishing what you start could be your motto. You can persevere through tough challenges when others might quit. You can move in a hurry toward turning an idea into a reality. There is the potential to show great focus toward being successful.

The business world may seem like the ideal terrain to show your discipline and tenacity. You can show drive to increase your wealth or career chances. You can be ferocious negotiators. Each of you is talented in planning ways to save time and energy. There is likely a willingness to show patience in waiting for just the right time to take a risk.

Disciplined efforts will take you far. Make sure you don't take the work ethic too far. You need chances to relax away from responsibilities. You are more prone to being two romantic human beings when you get away from the demands of the world. Your relationship is energized when the two of you see the steps to move toward new milestones. Showing the courage to break free from fears that hold you back pumps you both with endless amounts of energy.

Composite Mars in Aquarius

The warrior in you is as inventive as unpredictable. You both are turned on by future goals. Impatience with the present is something you may need to watch. Fighting for the underdog and championing your favorite causes is predictable. People may accuse you of being rugged individualists. There is a rebellious spark that can entice you to challenge the politically correct institutions of the world. You may not like arguing with each other as it seldom produces a real winner. Letting each other blow off steam is smart. You then work well together.

You can enjoy moving fast through life. There is a great desire to live in the fast lane. Groups and organizations may not know what to do with you, but enjoy your outspoken truisms. You both can delight in shocking others into a new view of reality. Be careful though in trying this technique on each other--it's hard to kid a kidder! You grow weary of routine and might have distaste for stability. You are wise in being careful when and where you display your love of being agents of change. There is a boldness to move forward in new directions. Make sure you are not being different, just to be different. Know the purpose behind your actions. Treat each other as equals and you will be long-term lovers.

Your relationship is energized by the unpredictability you add to each other's lives. The promise of a tomorrow more interesting than today makes life together exhilarating. You can be a stabilizing force in your partner's life when the two of you are clear what it is you want to build together.

Composite Mars in Pisces

Your emotions and ideals fuel the warrior in you. Together you make two romantics willing to fight for your shared dreams. The two of you can show incredible faith in each other. There could be a drive to be successful in the arts. You stimulate creative courage to the depths of each other's souls. A willingness to make sacrifices for each other can make you feel close. You might find it hard to be openly angry with your partner. Moodiness is more likely than a direct confrontation. There is a sensitivity in not wanting to hurt each other's feelings. Denial or avoiding conflict might not be in your best interests. It will only delay working on the real issues.

You may have a common interest in dance, movies and other forms of entertainment. Your hobbies and passionate interests probably amuse your friends. People can be moved by the inspiration you excite in them.

There will be times when you could find working together difficult. Getting a project started is the biggest challenge. It might be that your high expectations or impulse to do something perfectly interferes with getting in first gear. You can find that taking the first step will propel you to the finish line.

Your relationship is energized when the two of you escape to places that seem mysterious or absolutely beautiful. When your minds are intoxicated with transcendental experiences you love life together. When you believe in each other, life seems more magical.