Composite Mars conjunct Composite Uranus

The conjunction of Mars and Uranus in the composite chart signifies totally unexpected and strange occurrences, so this relationship will not be an ordinary one. It may be that your relationship exists partly to express rebellion against established modes and patterns in the outside world; the two of you have come together to defy the world. Of course that is an extreme case, but even a more commonplace relationship, no matter what its purpose, will develop in an unusual way.

If the relationship does not have this quality of defiance, there may be many ups and downs and unexpected changes within it. This is not the ideal aspect for a stable, reliable association. You may have come together under unexpected circumstances or at a most inconvenient time. If this is a sexual relationship, one of you may have another commitment, which will be severely disrupted by this new encounter.

Clearly, with this aspect in your composite chart, the two of you must deal with your relationship in a very flexible manner. As with most Uranus combinations, you will have to take what you get. Let the relationship take its own course and don't saddle it with a lot of expectations. If you are not free to go wherever its natural energies take you, perhaps you should avoid it altogether. This relationship could be quite dangerous emotionally, particularly if you are involved in another that would be incompatible with this one.

Composite Mars conjunct Composite Uranus: You ignite spontaneous impulses in one another. The two of you can greet change with eager eyes. Originality is what you admire. New directions are stimulating. This is not a stabilizing side of your relationship. Communication can be disrupted by sudden differences of opinion. Listening and talking can get you back on the same page. A fondness for new trends is likely. You are a fast-paced couple. People better get to the point quickly if they want to be your friends or do business with you. Let freedom ring could be your slogan. Treat each other as equals, and you get along. Pioneering spirits personified--doesn't this sound like you?

Composite Mars sextile Composite Uranus

The sextile of Mars and Uranus in the composite chart indicates that certain elements of this relationship will change your lives, not necessarily in great cosmic ways but nevertheless meaningfully. Through this experience you will find that your old ways of doing things are constantly challenged and forced to change. The results will not be shattering, however, but challenging and interesting. Regardless of the purpose of this relationship, you will also be friends, and together you will be eager to set off in new directions.

Sometimes of course, the newness of it all may be a bit frightening. Some elements of this relationship simply do not follow the ordinary script, but don't worry about that. If you go along with the natural flow of this relationship, it should work out satisfactorily.

At its best, this aspect will give the two of you new opportunities that you can take advantage of only if you are willing to strike out onto new paths. This relationship will not only prod you out of any rut, but it will also help you understand why you should be prodded.

No matter how strange, unpredictable, or chaotic this relationship may seem, this aspect will give it a new dimension and make it rewarding to follow through to its conclusion.

Composite Mars sextile Composite Uranus: Spontaneous changes of plan are a regular event in your lives. Life was never meant to be stationary for very long in your opinion. If things stay too still, you grow restless. Your lives need the input from friends and group affiliations to stimulate your minds. Helping one another stay clear about objectives is a quality you can grow to appreciate. People willing to act on their ideas excite you. A love for new life episodes is a trait in common.

Composite Mars square Composite Uranus

You have the square of Mars and Uranus in your composite chart. To a great extent the virtues and flaws of any aspect in a composite chart depend upon your objectives. A personal relationship with this aspect is most likely to be successful if you have few expectations for it, because if it does not live up to what you expect, you may consider it a failure. With the square of Mars and Uranus in your composite chart, the two of you are especially impatient of objectives that "must" be attained. This relationship will take its own course, and the expectations will not rest easily on it.

This is not an especially good aspect if you are planning to be married or hope to establish some other type of permanent bond. Nor is it very good for a business relationship, for example, in which there are definite objectives to be gained. Such a relationship is not impossible, but you must allow a great deal of room for the unexpected and for sudden change. The more you restrict a relationship with this aspect, the more likely it is to cause problems. Almost certainly there is something here that goes against social convention. If that fact restricts either of you, it will be even more difficult.

On the positive side, one thing is certain. If you are looking for a stimulating relationship that will bring something new into your world, this is it. Just give yourselves room to move.

Composite Mars square Composite Uranus: Erratic behaviors and self-absorption can get you mad at each other. Working together will test your patience. When you communicate clearly, you stand a better chance to figure the best way to achieve desired results together. New ideas come like lightning bolts. It is a roller coaster ride of exhilarating excitement to know one another. If you give a turn signal ahead of time to your partner, it causes less anxiety in what you expect. Rebellious urges can be expressed when the two of you are fighting injustice. Defending the underdog is in your chemistry. You have an arsenal of ideas to speak out against limited thinking. It is fun to discover new ways to surprise your partner.

Composite Mars square Composite Uranus: This aspect between composite Mars and Uranus brings to your relationship a powerful eccentricity with an original and eclectic mindset and a keen intuition. You two are strong-willed and nonconformist to the point of resisting each other as well as outer authority and occasionally display fits of temper. You may feel restless in this relationship or lack steadiness as you pursue your joint goals. Your shared goals may change unexpectedly and dramatically as time goes on, and resist all efforts to define them. Together, you may make sudden decisions. You may, for example, find that one of you makes a sudden move that impacts the other's life in far-reaching ways, or it may be that outside agencies conspire to create unexpected shocks. You may also find that this connection catalyzes long-held ideas into action, and dreams new truth into being. If you keep your eyes open, really try to learn what makes your partner tick, and accept what you see, you can make the most of unconventional attitudes and bold behavior. Change and variety excite you as a partnership, and your urge for constant breakthrough may frustrate or confuse those around you. You share at your essence a courageous and pioneering spirit that gives your relationship a sense of mission around bringing new ideas into being. You benefit from bringing consciousness and clarity to the expression of your joint goals.

Composite Mars trine Composite Uranus

The trine of composite Mars and Uranus is a symbol that through this relationship you both will strike out and find new paths for self-expression. You will be unconventional and you won't do what others expect you to, but that will not bother you very much, for you will be doing what you want.

This relationship will affect your whole view of the world and make you see it from a new perspective. Your old ways of looking at things will be transformed, and this new perspective will lead you to new kinds of action.

A love relationship with this aspect is very strongly affected, because it will be more open than most. Possessiveness should be avoided, and you must give each other a great deal of freedom to be yourselves. If one of you feels confined, you will become very restless, which will make the relationship unstable. You cannot expect this to be a quiet, stable, predictable relationship, and you won't know what to expect at times. But it can be very stimulation, whatever its purpose. It would be a pity not to let this encounter show you what it can do.

Composite Mars trine Composite Uranus: Staying mentally charged through new adventures is a way of life for you. Waiting for others to make your life exciting is not likely. Initiating experiences that pump your adrenaline is your first impulse. Courage in pursuing goals can inspire each other and your friends to act on their own thoughts. You electrify the mental circuitry in your partner. The two of you can show good judgment in influencing others to support your ideas.

Composite Mars quincunx Composite Uranus

Composite Mars opposite Composite Uranus

The opposition of Mars and Uranus in the composite chart requires the two of you to have a great deal of flexibility- far more than most people have, unfortunately. With this aspect it is very difficult to let things be. Usually you get into a very competitive situation in which you are constantly trying to goad each other. It is almost as if you were trying to make your partner explode. Each person's self-expression becomes a challenge to the other.

Sometimes the relationship itself takes such an unusual turn that you will find it very difficult to pursue in ordinary society. Other people often cannot tolerate such an "impossible" relationship because it is such a challenge to their way of looking at life. Something about the way you act together does defy society at large.

Obviously a relationship with this aspect should find a social setting that is extremely tolerant of the unusual. At the same time the two of you must also be unusually tolerant of the unusual. At the same time the two of you must also be unusually tolerant of the unusual. Trouble is often caused if you try to make this relationship into something ordinary, which is neither desirable or possible. The pressures that make it what it is are so strong that they must be expressed. Otherwise the relationship will become so explosive that it cannot survive. If you want it to survive, do not try to change it. If you cannot take this encounter as it is, you should get out completely.

Composite Mars opposite Composite Uranus: You activate enterprising tendencies in each other. Your friends are as quick to act on impulse as you can be. Life in the fast lane is energizing. Having goals incites you to have great enthusiasm. You both often know what you want and don't like wasting time getting there. Support each other's key aims and you win admiration. Life was meant to be full of surprises in your minds. You are a couple who launches new ideas at the speed of light. Things that don't promise fast results may not hold your attention. Sudden urges to socialize make for lively occasions. You instill the courage in one another to leave past worries behind.