Composite Mars conjunct Composite Saturn

The conjunction of Mars and Saturn in a composite chart can be quite difficult to deal with, especially in a personal relationship. The basic principle of these planets together is blocked action. In a relationship, the symptoms of this are feelings of frustration and futility by one or both of you. Something about being together simply does not allow you to express yourselves freely.

Mars rules the ego drives, the energies by which a person establishes who he or she is in the world. But in a Mars-Saturn relationship each of you is constantly getting in the way of the other's ego drives. There may be cutting remarks, sarcasm, digs, and other tactics, but never an honest confrontation that would clear the air and release the negative energies that build up in a relationship.

Another result of this aspect in a sexual relationship is that one of you is always "hot" while the other is "cold." One feels loving while the other feels distant. A long term relationship can survive this problem, but you will have to learn to live with the situation of being out of phase with each other.

With this aspect, what is most difficult to do is the very thing that must be done. You must let each other be and give each other room to breathe. It is particularly important to avoid unconstructive criticism, especially the kind that masquerades as being constructive. And you must be tolerant of each other's ups and downs, even if you cannot gear your own moods to coincide with them. be prepared for these mood changes, and do not take them too personally.

Composite Mars conjunct Composite Saturn: Working together takes patience. The first step is sometimes the most difficult. Each of you might have your own way of approaching a project. Agreeing on a plan of action is a good place to start. When you do get your ducks in a row, it is satisfying. A willingness to make the effort now, for gratification later can yield profitable results. Fighting to be the leader is exhausting. Neither of you wants to be given orders. Allow for an open dialogue to minimize the tension. It is better to be direct than to disguise your true feelings. You are a result-oriented couple. This means you expect your actions to lead to success--in many instances they do! Your careers and roles that energize you have a large impact on your happiness together.

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Composite Mars sextile Composite Saturn

The sextile between Mars and Saturn in the composite chart is not very easy to deal with. But it does have some strengths, particularly in a professional relationship in which some particularly exacting and painstaking work must be performed.

In a personal relationship there is a great danger that the two of you will get locked into behavioral ruts that are difficult to get out of. Every time one of you acts in a certain way, the other can be counted on to react in a certain, set manner that never changes. This aspect signifies habits, and as far as relationships are concerned, not very positive ones. Often the habits have very little to do with you as individuals; you probably behave quite differently with other people. But there is something in this relationship that makes you both behave strangely. Neither of you permits the other to be himself or herself. These little negative rituals develop so that you can handle being together on a daily basis.

The only way to deal with this aspect successfully is for both of you to become c of what you do that triggers your partner's responses. It is possible to solve this problem, for this aspect is by no means fatal to a relationship. All it takes is effort. Fortunately, one of the beneficial effects of this transit is that you will have quite a bit of patience in dealing with each other.

Composite Mars sextile Composite Saturn: There is a great capacity to cooperate on projects. Managing your schedules with a minimum of stress is more the norm than not. Respecting each other's abilities is reassuring. You find it easy to honor each other's leadership abilities. If you tend to skip from one plan to another too much, a little focus will get you back on target. Excitement in witnessing the results of your labor is likely. You can motivate each other to be successful.

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Composite Mars square Composite Saturn

Even in an otherwise favorable composite chart, the square of Mars and Saturn is quite difficult, for it indicates that the two of you are working at cross purposes. At its worst, this aspect will make you get in each other's way to such an insufferable degree that you cannot get along at all. At best, there will be friction because one of you is always in a different state of mind from the other. But this aspect does not often give rise to open warfare. Usually it produces negative feelings that seethe below the surface without ever coming out into the open. Occasionally your feelings will go past the boiling point, however, and there will be a big explosion of angry words between you.

With this aspect in your composite chart, you obviously have work to do. First of all, you must open the channels of communication between you. You will tend to hide your anger even when it is not good to do so. Learn to let it out and get it over with. It is better to blow off steam more often and less intensely than to hold back your anger for a long time. Say exactly what is on your mind and try not to express irritation in little cutting remarks.

In a sexual relationship, this aspect often creates differences of timing. One of you will always be in a different mood from the other, and both of you will insist on what you want when you want it. Obviously someone has to give, and that will be difficult in this case. But if you each can decide, at least occasionally, to give in without a fuss, it will improve your relationship immeasurably.

Composite Mars square Composite Saturn: How do you avoid collisions regarding control and territorial needs? Turf wars result from undermining each other's capabilities. Find ways to build upon the strengths you already have. Letting each other lead is sensible. You can be a motivating force in your partner's life. Going beyond fears to discover true potentials is a bonus in being together. Argument results when one of you gets frustrated with rigid attitudes exhibited by the other. Don't fear friction. Learn how to put your energies to better use. A first successful step can lead to many more. Authority figures may not thrill either of you. There may be a tendency for you both to challenge the leadership of others. Serious ambitions fuel your passion for each other and life in general.

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Composite Mars trine Composite Saturn

The trine of composite Mars and Saturn is not one of the easier trines to deal with. It tends to lock the two of you into patterns of self-expression that continue to operate even when most inappropriate. Like the sextile, this aspect indicates habits in a relationship. You tend to develop set ways of thinking that are very difficult to get away from, and therefore you find it hard to see matters as they really are.

You both must learn to be more flexible in your thinking about the relationship and avoid responding to each other in automatic ways. However much you are tempted to respond as you have in the past, try to look at your partner as if you had never seen him or her before. You will find that each new situation, which you have been handling in the same old set way, is actually quite different and should be dealt with in a very distinct manner. Apply this idea to yourselves also. Watch your behavior and try to avoid doing the same things you have always done before. Only by looking at yourselves will you be able to do this.

In any personal relationship, but especially in a sexual one, it is important to give each other room to be what you are. If you can accept each other only on certain conditions, you should get out of the relationship. If you can each grant freedom of expression to the other, many of the ill-effects of this aspect will be overcome.

Composite Mars trine Composite Saturn: Working together without stepping on each other's toes is very probable. You can influence your partner to try new things that otherwise might go unexplored. Playing it safe might occasionally need an injection of a risk. Sharing the lead is not that difficult for the two of you. Being advocates for each other's ability promotes loyalty. You can be a stabilizing force for your partner. Generating the confidence and energy to lead eventful lives is a perk in being together.

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Composite Mars quincunx Composite Saturn

In addition to whatever success this relationship holds, there will be some frustration as well. One or both of you may feel that you cannot do what you want, or that you are constantly being checked, watched, and judged. Projects you undertake together may seem like a great strain, a constant battle, a grind, a struggle against overwhelming odds. A certain grimness and pessimism can permeate your interactions. However, all is not for naught, and the constant effort may eventually lead to an important accomplishment.

If you are expecting this friendship to be a casual, light happy acquaintance, then you are mistaken. This relationship can lead to success in a joint effort, but only after much hard work and effort.

Most importantly, refrain from being excessively critical of each other or cynical towards one another. Even a little joking can turn bitter, and things said in jest between you can have a biting edge that was not originally intended. If you truly respect each other and give each other recognition for achievements and contributions, much of the negative potential described above can be avoided.

Composite Mars opposite Composite Saturn

The opposition of Mars and Saturn in the composite chart indicates a severe conflict between your lifestyles. It presents quite a few obstacles for your relationship to overcome. Most commonly the conflict takes the form of one-sidedness, so that one of you has all the emotions. Or the two of you may alternate your roles. One of you will like the other very much, while that person is feeling "cool," and then the cool one will suddenly turn on, just when the first partner turns off. Even more important in a sexual relationship, this aspect indicates differences in rhythm and timing.

A relationship may go on for some time with one partner being very affectionate and the other responding only with increased demands, giving very little in return. In such a case, communication will be very poor between you, for both of you are afraid that your partner will reject you or not let you be what you are. Because of these fears, important issues that you ought to face directly are not faced at all. When the situation gets tense, as happens in any relationship, but especially here, stony silence reigns. Neither of you will say anything, as if every word were too painful to utter. Yet both of you are seething with frustration and anguish, unable to give it any vent.

The obvious cures for this problem are for both of you to let each other be and allow any difficulties that arise between you to be expressed openly. Do not hold it in. It is better to blow up occasionally then to blow out. Give each other room and confine your criticism to real issues. In any relationship some ego conflict is inevitable, but here there will be more than usual. You must allow for this conflict and expect it, but when it comes, don't take it as seriously as you may be inclined to.

Composite Mars opposite Composite Saturn: It is thrilling when you agree on an agenda or plan. It can be frustrating when you don't. Choose your battles wisely. You will have your differences; as sure as there is a sunrise and sunset. Do you need to have the same opinion on everything? No! You might push one another to new heights. Fighting for success or recognition is a possible need in the two of you. When you argue, stay on the new business without bring in all of the old. It makes resolving issues easier. You can show remarkable follow through on a plan. Thinking through your strategies together saves time and energy. Some spontaneity will be needed to take advantage of a sudden, enterprising impulse. Be open to each other's desire to try a new role or career. It adds spice to your mix.