Composite Mars conjunct Composite Pluto

The conjunction of Mars and Pluto is a very powerful aspect to have in the composite chart, for it indicates a strong power drive within the relationship that may express itself in many ways. Recognize that any of the manifestations are possible in a particular relationship and that it is up to you to create the one you want.

The two of you may have come together to accomplish a particular task involving a great deal of effort in order to change certain conditions in your lives or in the lives of those around you. This is an aspect of powerful transformation, which can be either creative or destructive. Together you have the power to transform anything you aim at in your lives. Since it is certain that you will direct this power at something, you should be conscious of it, so that you can choose what you will transform.

If you are not conscious of this energy, it may come out as a power struggle between the two of you, with one trying to dominate the other. "I would like you more if ..." is a common phrase with this aspect. it is possible to transform each other creatively, but that is not likely to happen unless you try to transform out of love, not egotism. This aspect is not egotistical in itself, but such powerful energies are often subverted to purely egotistical ends, because that is where one's energy usually is, no matter how altruistic or spiritual you think you are.

The ego brings out the worst energies of Pluto, so it is best not to put them to the service of the ego. These energies are too great for the ego to handle. Nevertheless, this is precisely what the Mars-Pluto combination signifies. In order to soften the effects of this combination, you must love and accept each other, or you will probably do each other a great deal of injury.

The other way to use these energies productively was mentioned above. You can project it outside of yourselves onto the world and work together to make changes in conditions around you. But even here it is very important that you do so from a position of love and tolerance. Otherwise you will provoke such opposition from others that you may be defeated by outside forces.

Composite Mars conjunct Composite Pluto: Some people find the two of you intense - isn't that true? When you make up your minds to penetrate through an obstacle, nothing in this world can stop you. A passionate response to whatever you become excited about is an easy prediction. Anger tends to build between you until something comes along and ignites it. It's better to be more in the moment with feelings than to hide them. You can influence one another to move hastily toward fulfilling a plan. The trick is to let each other move on your own terms. You don't like being told what to do. Courage in business might increase your cash flow. You both share an industrious nature that will usually find you landing on your feet even if you do take a big risk. Power struggles are lessened by acknowledging your partner's right to be consulted on major decisions.

Composite Mars sextile Composite Pluto

The sextile of composite Pluto and Mars gives the two of you the potential for transforming yourselves through the relationship you create. You will arouse each other's sense of will and purpose in a complementary rather than a competitive way, and this will allow you to express your powers as individuals without getting in each other's way.

At the same time, you will each find that through interacting you will gain greater understanding of how the other works, and this experience will enable you to change.

While this aspect furthers your individual ego-expression, it also allows you to cooperate in gaining whatever you wish to gain together. You are able to work hard together, for you call forth energies in each other that you may not have known you had. The two of you will attack each problem and task competently, because you will thoroughly analyze its nature before you begin. And you will bring all your creative energies to bear upon the task as well.

The greatest task that you face together may be the creative transformation of yourselves. But you will bring the same creative energies to this project that you bring to any other, thereby ensuring that this relationship will be profitable to both of you in many ways.

Composite Mars sextile Composite Pluto: Moving in step together to follow a plan of action probably is easy for you most of the time. You become excited when putting your energies into joint projects, whether or not you agree on the details. Flexibility is good to remember, as you will often see a better way to do something when you get warmed up. People can enjoy the lively way the two of you interact with them. Your connection to each other is based on a loyalty that comes with trust. Encouraging one another to become more skillful in a profession or subject of interest is feasible.

Composite Mars square Composite Pluto

The square of Mars and Pluto in the composite chart requires some care and consideration within a relationship. Ego forces run high between you, because something about your interaction makes you constantly challenge each other. That also means that you each invest a great deal of energy in being right at the other's expense. Consequently this aspect can create the most intense competition between two people, even to the extent of both physical and psychological battles. When the energies of this aspect operate unconsciously within a relationship, they can lead to considerable violence. Obviously it is very important to be conscious of them.

The two of you have very different aims in life, and if you choose to get in each other's way, you will certainly succeed in doing so. You will be able to get along with each other only by recognizing that there is plenty of room in the world for each of you to do what you want. Not only is there plenty of room in the world, but if you are willing you can also find room within your relationship for your separate aims. But both of you must be willing to make an effort, or you can't complain when the relationship blows up in your faces. This aspect does not make for getting along easily and spontaneously; you have to make it happen.

Composite Mars square Composite Pluto: Wow! This is a huge reservoir of energy that can be released to put you on the map of success. Of course, there are a few things to consider. It is helpful to be working together rather than always competing. You will challenge each other if you feel your turf is being too invaded. Also, avoiding hidden agendas makes for a clearer understanding of what you both want. Passion is stronger when you let each other feel their personal power. You have the strength to make any business or career objectives work to your advantage. You like your partner to show they love you through being generous with all of their resources. You may be demanding of each other occasionally, but it's nothing you can't handle!

Composite Mars trine Composite Pluto

The trine of Mars and Pluto in the composite chart is an indication of much powerful energy within the relationship, which can change both of your lives if you choose to let it. First of all, if you have to do any kind of work together, you will be able to cooperate and get the job done. As a couple, You may find that you have more perseverance than you have as individuals. Also, something about the way you interact makes you both more desirous of changing conditions around you and affecting your world. In some relationships this may take the form of stimulating business or professional ambitions.

In a sexual relationship this aspect is favorable to strong expression of your physical drives. Direct physical expression of your love will be very important to you both; you are not likely to be of the quiet, ethereal, and romantic school of lovemaking. However, along with the physical expression is the need for your love relationship to be a transcendental experience in which you are transported out of ordinary reality by the intensity of your feelings.

Whatever kind of relationship you have, it will probably transform both of you. One expression of this will be a mutual interest in the study of various forms of healing and regeneration- particularly yoga, because it concerns the physical body- and psychotherapy.

Composite Mars trine Composite Pluto: Your fiery natures can coexist with a minimum of conflict. Agreeing on the big picture is part of your overall compatibility. Adjusting the speed of your actions to pace yourselves can be done better than most. Challenges are needed on occasion to maintain your competitive edge. You can show courage in helping loved ones. Cheering each other on makes you want to put out more energy to make a plan work.

Composite Mars quincunx Composite Pluto

Composite Mars opposite Composite Pluto

With the opposition of Mars and Pluto in the composite chart it will be difficult for the two of you to avoid conflict and power struggles in any kind of relationship. In extreme cases there could be physical violence.

The reasons for the extreme effects of this aspect are as follows. Mars has a great deal to do with the ego-drive, whereby one becomes a fully self-expressive individual. Pluto, being one of the outer planets beyond Saturn, has to do with factors in the universe that are outside of normal c but that have a strong conditioning effect upon it. Pluto represents the energy of intense and fundamental transformations. When Mars and Pluto are opposed, this energy is combined inharmoniously with the ego-drives. or to put it in less philosophical terms, a cosmic power is subjected to purely personal and selfish drives. While one should not necessarily equate ego-drives with personal and selfish aims, that is how it most commonly works out.

In order to deal with this energy constructively, it is necessary to reverse the roles of Pluto and Mars, so that the ego-drives are transformed by the cosmic power of Pluto. Unless you both do this, the experience will be very unpleasant. You must let this relationship change and transform you without resistance. Do not worry that your partner is getting away with something, for that will only create conflict and power struggles, which can be quite intense. Give up trying to make an impact on each other, but agree that you will let each other have an impact. That is, don't make it happen; let it happen.

Composite Mars opposite Composite Pluto: When the two of you decide to embark on a course of action, your energies can be launched decisively. Make sure both of your hearts are in a joint project before taking the plunge. There are times when it will be in the middle of the dive you realize it was, or wasn't, a mistake. Cut a little slack as you both like your elbow room. Your love for one another can lead you to create successful ventures. It's hard to mask your true feelings from your partner, even if you can fool everyone else. Getting angry is a better choice than running away from conflict. Be direct with each other and show your sensitive side at least once in a while. You are often closer in what you want than it might seem. Give each other a chance to process any new enterprises either of you presents. It will go smoother in the long run, even if it slows down the short one. You can be protective of each other in a loving way.