Composite Mars conjunct Composite Neptune

The conjunction of Mars and Neptune in a composite chart is not an easy aspect, for it signifies the union of two planetary forces that are not readily combined. The problem is that on the level of mundane reality, where most of us operate most of the time, Neptune is confusing, weakening, and debilitating. Mars is the planet of one's own strength, and in a composite chart it symbolizes the ability of the relationship to contribute to each person's ego-expression. With these planets in conjunction, the two of you will find it difficult to derive positive reinforcement from each other.

Often this aspect creates a relationship in which you both feel inferior, unsuccessful, and debilitated. You may feel that as individuals you are becoming weaker than you were before. One of you may become so weak as to be totally dependent on the other. Your feelings of hostility do not usually come out into the open, but are expressed by making your partner feel guilty or by depriving him or her of self-esteem.

On a higher plane, however, Neptune brings spiritual self-awareness. This planet is quite destructive to ordinary awareness, but if the two of you can go beyond your attachment to the everyday world and receive Neptune's message, you may discover a whole new way of dealing with the world. This is the only way to handle this aspect. You must be in a state of consciousness in which you can detach yourself from your ego-drives in dealing with each other This does not mean you should suppress your ego-drives; instead, they should be truly unimportant. if you merely suppress them you will act like a martyr all the time. And martyred behavior is one of the subversive tactics of aggression that this aspect sometimes signifies.

Composite Mars conjunct Composite Neptune: You fuel the romantic imagination in one another without really even trying. A longing to make each other happy is ignited by being together. Pleasing each other all of the time is not going to happen. It is adventurous to put your ideals into action. Your emotions are heightened in this relationship. You can usually sense when one another is angry. Don't deny your feelings. You come closer when being honest, even if it hurts to hear the truth. Watch your shared idealism. It can get you to make promises to others that lead you to go overboard. There is a fiery spirit in you two that seeks passion and the pursuit of happiness. Your faith in your partner can be the catalyst for bold actions. Fighting for your beliefs is a joint tendency.

Composite Mars sextile Composite Neptune

The sextile of Mars and Neptune in the composite chart often denotes that the two of you have come together for some idealistic task or purpose. It is an aspect of friendship, but not ordinary friendship, for you are together not simply to enjoy each other’s company but to accomplish something. It is not very likely that this will be work in the usual physical sense; it is more likely to be spiritual or psychological work. The real task of such a relationship is to alter each other’s conception and experience of reality through what you do together. You will handle your lives differently because you have known each other. The alteration can be either goo bad, so it is up to you to ensure that it is good.

The challenge of this aspect is to keep your intentions clear with regard to each other As with all Neptune aspects. there is a great danger that you will become confused and act wrongly from that confusion. Unlike the hard aspects of Mars and Neptune—the conjunction, square, and opposition—the sextile does not usually indicate that you willfully create confusion or deception. But if you do not make a concerted effort to understand what you are doing with each other, your aims and purposes can become confused.

In its highest manifestation, this aspect indicates that you will be spiritually transformed by your association with each other. Even if events seem strange or confusing, do not fight them. Simply try to understand and accept them until the purpose of the relationship becomes clear.

Composite Mars sextile Composite Neptune: You excite each other to put ideals and imagination into action. A mutual taste in entertainment and in the arts is likely. The two of you know how to energize the romantic in one another. Visiting exotic places does great things for your intimacy. Listening to your partner's dreams can help clarify how to get them initiated. It can feel good to have a companion who understands your inner motivations for actions. You can sense together where to invest your energies to get productive results.

Composite Mars square Composite Neptune

Mars square Neptune in the composite chart can be quite difficult. It indicates that your intentions and the way you interact weaken each other’s effectiveness. Usually one of you acts in such a way as to confuse or delude the other, but also you may have a negative reinforcing effect on each other. It is quite likely that you will act upon each other in turn.

The problem is that you each view the other’s successful self-expression as a threat. One of you may fear that the other will dominate and extinguish your individuality. But this is fear more than actual fact. Also, the relationship may present both of you with issues that you do not know how to face at this time.

The only way to deal with this aspect is to stop playing ego games, which is easier said than done, because such games are usually played out unconsciously. Neither partner is aware of what is going on.

In an extreme case you may be consciously deceitful toward each other. In marriage, this might be done through infidelity; in a friendship, it might be actions that intentionally go against your friend’s interests.

If this is the only area of difficulty between you, the relationship can still be quite rewarding. But if this is one of many problems, it might be best break the relationship off. If it has already begun and you wish to continue it, the only defense is to be completely honest with each other and at the same time reasonably gentle in your honesty.

Composite Mars square Composite Neptune: You fuel each other's idealism! The warrior in you coaxes the romantic to move forward with great intensity. Conflict might arise when the two of you can't decide which foot to put forward first. You might feel the need to pull away from each other to pursue a personal dream. Do it! There is no need to let guilt or extreme sacrifice confuse you. There will be plenty of times when working together will occur. You don't care to hear about life's limitations. Be careful in rushing into situations where the odds are stacked against you, like General Custer at Little Big Horn. You inspire one another to seek truth and to be true to your highest values. One of you will get angry if there is not enough romance happening. You will fight to preserve your unity. A shared drive to find fulfillment, love and possibly even fame is in the stars.

Composite Mars trine Composite Neptune

The trine of Mars and Neptune in the composite chart can indicate a relationship that is motivated by the desire to attain an ideal, or it can mean simply that you are unclear about what is to be done. Lack of clarity about your aims can lead each of you to act in ways that are likely to be misunderstood by the other, or even to work inadvertently against each other or the relationship. It is therefore necessary to be unusually clear about what you are doing together.

It is often the case that the two of you are seeking a spiritual goal. However, you must not let your search for the spiritual ideal obscure your practical needs in a relationship, regardless of what kind of relationship it is.

At its most successful, this aspect can help you attain your ideals, if the two of you are very aware. You may find that being together furthers your highest form of self-expression and that you gain new insights into the world through your experiences together. At its least successful, this aspect may cause you to have cloudy objectives, so that neither of you will concentrate enough on the practical problems of making the relationship work. You will have to work out which way it will go between you.

Composite Mars trine Composite Neptune: A dreamy side of you is revealed here. It might be part of your relationship others may not even know about. Who cares? Just so you have fun with it! You can capture each other's romantic imagination in a heartbeat. Treating one another to special nights on the town creates romantic moments. A shared hobby or mission gives you a great sense of closeness. You probably even argue in an agreeable tone. Don't be afraid to make a mistake. The two of you enjoy acting as natural as you possibly can.

Composite Mars quincunx Composite Neptune

Composite Mars opposite Composite Neptune

Mars opposite Neptune in the composite chart indicates the need for great clarity and total honesty between the two of you. In this relationship the actions and words that with other couples pass for little white lies have effects out of all proportion to the intentions behind them. And if the intentions are destructive, the consequences will be even worse. For at its worst, this aspect is a symbol of mutual weakening; that is, unless you both try to modify your behavior, you will cause each other to become confused, unclear, and uncertain about almost everything you have built up between you. This weakening effect will spill over into other areas and make both of you less effective in your own lives.

At its most extreme, this aspect indicates a relationship in which one of you deceives and works surreptitiously against the best interests of your partner, who goes on believing that everything is all right. On the other hand, the two of you may simply react upon each other in such a way as to weaken self-confidence on both sides and make it harder to assert yourselves. Sometimes this aspect indicates a drug or liquor problem that is somehow reinforced by the relationship.

If you really want to get out of the difficulties caused by this aspect, there is only one way to do it. But be sure that you really do want to solve this problem, for the negative effects of this combination often come about because two people want to be caught up in this kind of relationship.

Part of the nature of Mars is that you feel you must always be right and that it is not necessary to condemn yourself if you are wrong. That is what is really meant by asserting yourself. Neptune is basically antithetical to Mars, for it relates to a level of existence in which there is no need or opportunity to protect one's ego game. Asserting yourself merely creates the resistance that is manifested as the "bad" effects of the Mars-Neptune combination.

To deal with this aspect, you must become more concerned with knowing the truth about what is going on in your relationship, regardless of whether it may seem to you "right" or "wrong." You need to know the truth, but being "right" is only something you think you need in order to feel better. It will not help solve your problems. If you recognize this principle in your relationship, you will go a long way toward mitigating the effects of this aspect.

Composite Mars opposite Composite Neptune: Falling in love is as simple as gazing into each other's eyes. You captured each other's heart almost instantaneously. Believing in one another encourages you to try things you may never have done on your own. Stay realistic in the endeavors you choose. Your follow through might not always match your idealism. You light a fire in your partner's creative imagination. A shared love for the arts is possible. Romantic impulses are in alignment most of the time. Conflict may worry you too much. Everything doesn't have to be in a state of constant peace between you. Getting angry can still mean you care. Talking helps clarify your thoughts and feelings. Fighting for each other's causes or the ones you share is likely. People can see you as a theatrical duo with a magical way of getting life to respond in the ways you need.