Composite Mars conjunct Composite Jupiter

The conjunction of Mars and Jupiter in the composite chart denotes a relationship that has a great deal of energy, either physical or psychological. You like to be active and to do things together. Some couples may work this energy out by participating in sports together, and others may do so by sharing work. one thing is clear; whatever you do together will be successful. This is an aspect of luck, or at least that is how others will see it. What actually happens is that the two of you have a good sense of timing in your activities together, so that you get the best possible results. Also, you approach whatever you do together with optimism and the expectation of success, which aids you in accomplishing your objectives.

The Mars-Jupiter conjunction creates a relationship that favors ego expression, that is, you can do what you really want to do, and you each can be the kind of person you really want to be. This aspect also helps to ensure that the end results of your efforts will be good for all concerned.

In a sexual relationship, this aspect helps to make the physical expression of your love good and satisfying. Sexual expression acts as a solid basis for the whole relationship, and yet it does not remain the only positive quality. Your success in that area becomes the foundation for an overall success that others may well envy. It seems as though everything you do together works out for the best.

Composite Mars conjunct Composite Jupiter: Adventurous doesn't begin to describe you! New learning opportunities excite you both. An enterprising streak runs through your being together. Be careful in impulsively rushing into a situation that may be more trouble than it is worth. Fighting for your principles takes little encouragement. You are inspirational forces for one another. Good luck might be the result of great self-confidence. Initiating growth-promoting experiences happens spontaneously. You may not like to follow schedules. Arguments can occur due to defending your positions. Be accepting of differences as it ensures more flowing communication. Risk excites you.

Composite Mars sextile Composite Jupiter

Mars sextile Jupiter in the composite chart is a good indication that your ego drives are harmoniously related within the relationship. That is, each of you can do what you want and be what you want without getting in the way of your relationship. In fact, this aspect usually signifies that being together helps you both to be yourselves and do what you want.

The symbolism of the Mars-Jupiter combination is fortunate action. You work well together, think well together, and have the happy facility of wanting the same things at the same time or of seeking objectives that you can pursue together. And all these activities cement your relationship. If you are friends, this aspect will help you to be good friends. If you are lovers, you will also be friends, which is quite unusual in a love affair.

This aspect confers a rare quality of optimism on a relationship. You expect things to work, and that expectation somehow makes it happen. As a couple you will set high goals for yourselves, and they will be within your grasp. Sometimes the effort you expend, although real, will not even be apparent. It simply comes so easily that you are not aware of the effort at the time. This aspect can be instrumental in making a relationship successful, regardless of its purpose.

Composite Mars sextile Composite Jupiter: Few dull moments rain down upon you. Self-motivation is at your fingertips. You like fast minds and moving things that have speed. Both of you probably have your own pet subjects of interest. Sharing what you have learned with your partner can be fun. Going to your favorite places to get away from stress is a mutual desire. People probably perceive you as a couple who takes things in stride. Optimism helps you ride above stormy weather.

Composite Mars square Composite Jupiter

Unlike most squares, the square of Mars and Jupiter in the composite chart is not all that hard to deal with. It gives the two of you a great deal of energy and makes you fond of doing things together. In fact, it is essential that you accustom yourselves to working together, for there is an underlying element of friendly competition between you that you have to understand if your relationship is to work out positively.

In the early stages, you may be irritated by each other's friendly kidding and goading, until you realize that it is harmless. As you become more familiar with your style as a couple, you will find that you make each other put out more effort and get more done than you could separately. The ego conflicts that arise somehow become the source of more energy.

On the other hand, if you do not try to work together and share your activities, this energy will still be present. But then it is likely to become a disruptive element and a source of bickering and conflict. It may not seriously undermine your feelings for each other, but it will be an unnecessary irritant. The more you work together, the more usefully this energy will be expended. The two of you cannot afford to stare lovingly into each other's eyes, or if you are friends, to sit around and meditate together. This relationship requires action.

Composite Mars square Composite Jupiter: Hasty judgments can cause friction with each other. You are a feisty pair. It is important that you both feel free to speak your minds. You can champion the causes that capture your devotion. Your restless tendencies need creative outlets. Neither of you deals well with boredom. Make sure your lives stay plenty active. Travel and seeking knowledge elevate your energy levels. Fun-loving ways might need moderation. You can distract each other from being disciplined. This is a relationship featuring your eagerness to enjoy life to the utmost. You activate a drive to go beyond limiting circumstances. Hearing the word impossible challenges you to be competitive. Figuring out clear directions is the challenge. Risk-taking is a constant temptation.

Composite Mars trine Composite Jupiter

Mars trine Jupiter is one of the best trines to have in a composite chart, for it indicates that there is harmony between you. You like to be together and to do things together, which contributes to a greater understanding of yourselves and each other. This is a growth relationship. Both of you will find that you can be yourselves in each other's presence without apology or explanation. When one of you is down, your partner cheers you up, and happiness permeates everything you do together.

Your optimism and exuberance extend to your activities, as if you had a Midas touch that turns everything to gold. This is not really luck, although others will think it is, but a sense of timing and a knowledge of your own abilities that develops as you learn about yourselves from each other. You do not expect things to go wrong, and they do not.

In a marriage, this aspect will help make child raising a positive experience. You are very likely to have children, and you will cherish them as the fruits of your relationship. In fact, this aspect makes any fruits of a relationship turn out well, no matter what they are.

Composite Mars trine Composite Jupiter: Seeing the good in one another is your first impulse. Your partner usually knows what to suggest to make you feel better. Travel and learning are both valued by you. The enthusiasm sparked in being together is contagious. Others can be moved by your faith in them. Your get up and go doesn't need much encouragement. Putting your beliefs into action is gratifying. You possess a persuasive talent that is hard for others to resist. An occasional risk makes life more interesting.

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Composite Mars quincunx Composite Jupiter

As a team you will have to balance a certain tendency to over-estimate your resources and capacities. Somehow you foster in one another an unrealistic belief in your powers, prowess, or potential for success. You will generate a lot of positive energy and expectations which can then dissipate due to poor timing or becoming discouraged over having bitten off more than you could chew. Like the minor league player who will never feel successful unless he makes it to the major league, you will need to be satisfied with what you can do or achieve or create, rather than comparing yourselves to a rather grandiose standard. Eventually the two of you can succeed in your dreams but it will take a lot more patience and hard work than may seem to be the case when you first embark on a joint project or endeavor.

Composite Mars opposite Composite Jupiter

This aspect between Mars and Jupiter in the composite chart is one of the easiest oppositions to work with. It does create within a relationship a great deal of energy that must be given some kind of outlet. if the energy is bottled up, it can create problems.

To use the energy of this aspect, it is necessary for the two of you to be active together. Whenever practical you must do things jointly and pool your resources. If you do, you will find that together you can perform tasks that you could never do as separate individuals. You arouse physical energy in each other.

But if you do not find an outlet by working together, the energy can create a competitiveness that will tend to break up rather than cement the relationship. Mars-Jupiter energy is very physical, and often is best expressed in athletic activities, such as playing together in sports. Also, sports provide an expression for the naturally competitive nature of the aspect. You will spur each other on to action in a light-hearted and friendly way. You may tease and make fun of each other, but this competitiveness will not become destructive unless you try to suppress it.

If you work together cooperatively, the best of this aspect's energies will be brought out in your relationship.

Composite Mars opposite Composite Jupiter: You are a couple who can win any argument. People are wise to agree with you. Your friends can appreciate your confidence in them. Key social contacts can point you directly toward your greatest potentials. Seeing the lighter side of life helps you both maintain a clear perspective. You could detest hypocrisy. Honesty with each other is expected. Your beliefs might join forces to rally behind a common purpose. The momentum you share can increase your wealth in knowledge and money. Think logically before taking on big projects to avoid wasteful actions. Being together is invigorating.

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