Composite Jupiter in the Composite 1st House

Composite Jupiter in the first house is a generally good placement for any kind of relationship. Jupiter is the planet of growth and development, and the first house position signifies that this relationship will help the two of you to become better and more fulfilled individuals.

But in addition to these general indications, this placement may have a more particular significance. Jupiter is the planet of law, ethics, ideals, religion, and philosophy. The first house position of this planet indicates that one or more of these areas in important to your relationship. At the very least you can expect that together you will be intensely idealistic in some way. This position also creates a kind of optimism that will help you succeed in your expectations. As a couple you put out energies that make it possible to meet idealistic expectations, even if others see them as excessively high.

This relationship should be optimistic, happy, and productive for the two of you. Even if it breaks up, you will not have great feelings of bitterness, because you both know that you have gotten a great deal out of it. You will have grown and increased in your awareness of life, which is more than many couples can claim.

Composite Jupiter in the Composite 1st House: A speedy impulse to walk through a door of opportunity. Does this sound like a tendency you share? There is a knack for sniffing out lucky breaks that enhance your lives. Your self-confidence can accomplish much. You are probably in the habit of diving into something and worrying about the details later. People can fall in love with the big heartedness you both can show. When you believe in someone, you show it in an obvious way.

Exploring other locations keeps the two of you inspired. You are not stay-at-home people. Gypsy spirits will want to be expressed. You are students of life. Teaching the knowledge you grasp is a natural instinct. Expanding the horizons of others is a theme throughout your relationship.

Your belief in one another is an attracting quality. You can be a shining star in each other's eyes. Don't ask your partner to live their life through your own vision. It will cause friction. You both need plenty of leeway in making your decisions. Each of you would rather chance the consequences of your own choices than be guided too much by the rules of others.

This is a romantic liaison rich in personality. You make quite an impression on people. There is an atmosphere of wealth or royalty in your faces no matter the reality of your financial situation. Life seems to click when you spontaneously initiate new directions.

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Composite Jupiter in the Composite 2nd House

Jupiter in the second house of the composite house is excellent for all matters relating to property and possessions within the relationship. It does not necessarily indicate that the two of you will be wealthy, but it does indicate that you will have enough of whatever you want. In other words, resources are not likely to be a source of insecurity with you. Business associations are especially favored by this position of Jupiter.

The only problem to watch out for is that Jupiter here can make people excessively materialistic, both individually and in a relationship. This can cause the two of you to sacrifice matters that are important to your happiness in order to gain wealth.

One of the fortunate attributes of this position is that making money and gaining property are not areas of anxiety, so that you can feel detached from these issues and can express yourselves through material generosity to others.

There may be a danger that you will be careless about money and unwise in its use. However, this will not happen because of unluckiness but because you like to take chances. If you take the time to stop and think, you will know what to do in a situation. Make caution and success in handling money more important than the excitement of gambling.

Composite Jupiter in the Composite 2nd House: Following a hunch to increase your buying power. Does this sound familiar? You have built-in insights to find out ways to increase your wealth. Tapping into knowledge that gives an advantage to your potential for success comes with your being together. You need to exercise sound judgment regarding money. Spending more than you have is a possible temptation. The two of you can feel life will always provide what you need. You may feel lucky in landing good jobs.

You probably value education and learning. Your salary may mean less to you than your potential to grow. It might be hard for either of you to work where your values are in conflict.

Enjoying walks and talks out in natural surroundings are good for you. A life as stress free as possible probably suits you just fine. You may enjoy buying items that promote relaxation. You both may be good chefs. Discovering new recipes together could be fun. Possessions you collect through travel can make special keepsakes. If life starts to get too humdrum, getting out of town could be the answer. Your partner might surprise you with a romantic getaway for two, when you least expect it.

People likely enjoy your fun-loving ways. If you are feeling worried or anxious, you may not like to bother others with your concerns. Be generous to each other and your hearts remain close.

Composite Jupiter in the Composite 3rd House

Composite Jupiter in the third house indicates that this relationship will broaden and expand your consciousness in your everyday life. The third house is the house of the mind in its routine day-to-day functioning, your automatic and unconscious actions. This part of your mind is laden with routine habits and ways of thinking that can prevent you from taking full advantage of opportunities that arise. This relationship will help to change those habits in a very pleasant and helpful way. Jupiter does not usually bring about change through upsets.

Narrow habits of thought and rigid ways of thinking will be expanded by your experience of this relationship. It will open new ways of dealing with everyday matters, so that your handling of them should improve. You may find that together you will become more interested in philosophy and other mind-expanding disciplines. A third house composite Jupiter is a sign of a relationship that will broaden your consciousness.

Composite Jupiter in the Composite 3rd House: An eagerness to move in multiple directions. Does this sound like the two of you? New ideas are constantly going through your minds. You influence your partner to think in terms of greater possibilities. Options are forever in front of your eyes. Worrying about yesterday is probably not much of a problem. The two of you can quickly reinvent a new vision for your future to better match your latest insights. Expanding your mental horizons is a challenge you likely take personally. You are a very convincing couple when it comes to promoting your concepts. You can talk people into getting interested in your beliefs. Even sales is a possible vehicle for your communication talents. Though you must truly believe in what you are offering for others to be moved to buy.

You don't mind talking about morals or justice. Being avid readers and keeping up with current events gives you plenty of ammunition in which to discuss most subjects. Watch the bragging. You might find yourselves exaggerating just how good you both are at doing something. Arguing with each other to prove you are right will produce no winner. Conversation goes better between you when you allow for differing perspectives. You can find plenty of shared philosophic territory to explore together.

You are naturally optimistic. It is your mental self-assuredness that creates new opportunities. People warm up to your genuine interest in them.

Composite Jupiter in the Composite 4th House

Jupiter in the fourth house of the composite chart indicates that if this is a marriage or a love relationship, the home is very important as a center of security and comfort. In concrete terms, both of you will be happiest in a large home where you can entertain extensively and have lots of company. In such a setting you would be extremely generous and hospitable, and yet you would always have enough for anyone who came along. this position of Jupiter symbolizes protecting and nurturing people through sharing.

In psychological terms, this relationship will reinforce both of you and give you a feeling of security and safety as you approach the outside world. You may not understand exactly how this happens, but rest assured that you do help each other in this way. Whatever difficulties the two of you may encounter in the world, you will be able to turn to each other for sustenance. this is an extremely supportive relationship.

If you own land together, Jupiter in the fourth signifies that you may have such property in abundance and that it is likely to be a major source of wealth.

Composite Jupiter in the Composite 4th House: Acting and talking with great emotion when you feel excited or anticipating change. Does this ring a bell? You both get restless if life gets too ordinary. You enjoy a sense of security but eventually like to tempt fate to find a new challenge or two. Knowing your partner cares is an inspirational force. You might even find it endearing to receive guidance from each other. Unsolicited advice will not be as welcomed as it cramps your space.

You could grow impatient with your partner for either being too conservative or reckless when it comes to taking chances. It is possible that you will need to balance your enterprising impulse with common sense. You can create successful ventures together. When you communicate clearly there is more of a chance to get results.

Finding a comfortable living space is a big item on your need list. Your home plays a big part in your being happy with each other. You both need to be in reach of mental stimulation. Living in an area of the world that has access to free thinking people makes you feel more at ease. A nomadic life or one that involves a few moves is possible. You are a high spirited couple that likes to have solitude, and yet enjoys the company of uplifting individuals.

You two like to stay in touch with old friends and family members. There is a tendency to remember those who have been good to you. Your loyalty goes out to the people closest to you. Others will find your generosity touching. You attract support due to your giving spirit.

Composite Jupiter in the Composite 5th House

Composite Jupiter in the fifth house is a generally positive indication for the success of any kind of relationship, but especially for friendship or a love relationship. The basic meaning of this placement is that being together will allow both of you to grow and become happier human beings, simply by being yourselves. It is a position of benevolent self-expression. You should be able to relax and enjoy each other's company to the fullest, and each of you will feel that the other supports you for what you are. You will express your affection for each other warmly and easily. There will be a minimum of negative challenges and efforts to tear your partner down, even when you are having difficulties.

At the same time, you will be quite idealistic about this relationship, feeling that you should maintain the highest standards of ethics with each other. Honor will be a significant issue, and you will not relate in such a way as to diminish each other's importance.

It is possible that this relationship may have come about because of a mutual interest in religion, philosophy, metaphysics, or the law. But whatever your initial reasons for coming together, you should have a more than ordinarily satisfactory relationship.

Composite Jupiter in the Composite 5th House: Life is meant to be lived for today. Is this a theme in your relationship? You make a confident duo. There is probably little restraint when it comes to pursuing happiness. Your minds can enjoy frequenting the same information highways. It is obvious to others that you think a lot of each other. Your opinions are hard to hide. Sensitive individuals may feel their toes stepped on by your blunt honesty. You may need to temper your passion for the truth with diplomacy to spare the feelings of some people. Your egos could clash, but you are not likely to harbor much resentment.

Your investments can benefit you both. Knowing how to play the stock market or good business sense can take you far. Financial gain is a great potential in your relationship. You may not always agree on how to get the best results, but for the most part you work well together.

Journeys to adventurous and fun-filled places lift your spirits. Both of you like to meet new acquaintances. You may even be accused of never meeting a stranger. Foreign experiences turn you on.

You can make luck happen by the faith you put into your actions. The counselor and advisor in each of you are highlighted. The knowledge you possess pays dividends in money and creative fulfillment. You are able to promote the talents of your partner. It is gratifying to be each other's cheerleader.

Composite Jupiter in the Composite 6th House

Composite Jupiter in the sixth house indicates a relationship in which serving others has become an ideal. You both feel obligated to help humanity, and you will take on this obligation willingly and with dignity. This is probably not a burden imposed on you from without; but if it is, you accept it gladly.

In a business or professional relationship, this placement of Jupiter means that the two of you will do whatever is necessary to make the relationship successful, without feeling put upon. For this reason you are likely to be successful, regardless of your objective.

In any relationship, this placement signifies that you are unusually willing to help and be of service to each other. Needless to say, this can only help you.

One factor should be kept in mind, however. The symbolism of Jupiter demands that whatever is given be given freely. If one of you tries to impose on the other more duties than that partner is willing to take on, there may be considerable trouble. The one who is restricted will feel that all freedom has been destroyed, and he or she will begin to look elsewhere for freedom of self-expression. Otherwise, this placement should be a source of strength for both of you.

Composite Jupiter in the Composite 6th House: A positive attitude toward work and improving your skills. Does this sound like the two of you? Your optimism in finding meaningful employment helps you land the right kind of job. Each of you is more devoted to a career if your heart is in it. Working for a paycheck will not cut it if you don't believe in what you are doing. Support your partner's quest for serious life pursuits, and you will be especially close.

Staying in shape is probably a mutual interest. Watching your weight and overall health captures your interest. You thrive on active lives. It is not good for either of you to grow too complacent with your everyday activities. Some routine is centering; too much dulls your minds. Keep your minds active through new learning, as it will find you churning out more positive thinking.

You are a devoted pair when it comes to causes and heartfelt missions. A desire to put your principles and beliefs into practical use is a strong motivation. Your enthusiasm can get others to roll up their sleeves to work side by side with you. Mixing business and pleasure is a must. You can put many hours into making a living. An escape from stress is wise. Indulge in a fun pastime.

You may not always like to plan ahead. If you live too loose, it could be difficult to stay organized. You might find a little organization will keep life less frustrating. There is a drive in you both to achieve great things together. Enjoy the journey as much as the end results!

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Composite Jupiter in the Composite 7th House

Jupiter in the seventh house of a composite chart is very favorable for most relationships. It means that the two of you are likely to feel that being together is your most important means of growth. You feel that you both can grow faster through the relationship than without it. In fact you probably idealize your relationship, but not to the extent that it becomes impossible to live up to the ideal.

Even though you idealize being together, you are not totally possessive; you know enough to give each other room to breathe. In fact, the only possible problem with this placement is that under certain conditions one of you may demand more freedom than the other is willing to give. However, in such a situation, if the restrictive partner can give the other that freedom in some particular instance, it will work out all right.

Normally this placement of Jupiter will be very favorable. You may demand high standards of behavior from each other, but you are also likely to get what you demand in that regard.

Composite Jupiter in the Composite 7th House: An endless curiosity about the belief systems of others. Does this sound like the two of you? Social interactions are on fire! It is where you as a couple dance freely, showing a gift in relating to diverse types of minds. You can be just as at home amongst friends as with new associations. There is luck in meeting people with influence that can improve your chances of success.

You raise each other's self-confidence more than you undercut it. Just be careful with unfounded overconfidence. Don't allow your generosity to be taken advantage of by others. Be aware of one other tendency. This is promising more than you can deliver to each other, or to those making demands on you. Be reasonable in your expectations. It is okay to say no, or to limit what you can do.

People probably find you an uplifting twosome. Your self-confidence enhances the well being of those you know. Some individuals may believe you bring them luck. You appreciate people with integrity and vision. Exchanging philosophical ideas with friends and new acquaintances is stimulating. There needs to be the freedom to spend time with your own personally favorite peers.

Composite Jupiter in the Composite 8th House

Jupiter in the eighth house of the composite chart, the house of major transformations in life and of joint property, signifies that both of these areas will be areas of growth. In this relationship you will never cease to grow and change. Both of you will experience continual transformation through the experience of being together. Even if you grow apart, as can happen to any couple, you will part without much difficulty, knowing that the relationship has been good, even if not permanent.

This placement of Jupiter may also have the effect of making you quite successful in your dealings with property and resources in general, so long as you work together. This is a very good placement in the chart of a business or professional relationship, particularly one that must rely on outside financing to any extent.

If this is a marriage, you may receive bequests or other financial assistance from others. At any rate, you should have little trouble borrowing money jointly whenever you need it.

In a sexual relationship, this placement helps to ensure that sex is a source of reinforcement for both of you, even if there are problems at times.

This placement will neither make or break a relationship, but it can help smooth over bad times by making it easier to meet your material needs.

Composite Jupiter in the Composite 8th House: An intense desire to demystify life together. Does this sound like you two? You do make great investigators. You may enjoy figuring out the hidden motives behinds the actions of people. The unknown doesn't easily intimidate you both. A challenge makes you try that much harder to be successful. There is a psychological toughness displayed that may bother those out to bargain with you. Your business instincts are well seasoned. You learn in the real world very fast. Knowledge that has been tested impresses you more than only theory.

People will invest their money in your ability. You have talents that are highly marketable. It is true that you must believe in yourselves. You can turn a small investment into a big profit with a slow and steady effort. When the two of you find mutual trust, great things manifest. You may keep your beliefs private from others. There is a tendency to hold back information until someone proves their trustworthiness. When you share your greatest secrets with one another, your bond deepens.

You can't force your partner to agree with some of your decisions. Holding unspoken resentments will keep you apart. Having the faith that each of you can deal with conflict makes you a stronger couple.

Spiritual or religious affiliations could be an interest you have in common. You might show an intense devotion to a particular group or way of thinking. Your principles will never be sacrificed to please others.

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Composite Jupiter in the Composite 9th House

Jupiter in the ninth house of the composite chart is in many ways "at home." That is, this is the house most naturally suited to the meaning of Jupiter. The ninth is the house of higher c, expanded awareness, philosophy, and one's overall view of life, as well as of long journeys. These are also the concerns of Jupiter.

This placement indicates a relationship that will expand your awareness in many ways by presenting you with new perspectives and new experiences. It may be that at some time you will travel extensively together. However, it is far more likely that the influence will come out as strong intellectual interests in common. At the same time you will evolve a world-view in which honor and ethics play a very important part. Your ideals will be very strong, and you are likely to work hard together to change conditions to what you think they should ideally be.

Most important in terms of your immediate experience is that this will be a growth relationship. Regardless of what happens, you both will become more complete human beings than you were before. While Jupiter in the ninth house is no guarantee that a relationship will be long-lasting, it does mean that it will have a great value for both of you.

In particular, this position favors any association that deals with intellectual or educational concerns.

Composite Jupiter in the Composite 9th House: A love of learning, and expanding your mental worlds. Does this sound like you? The two of you have an endless need to drink from the waters of various branches of knowledge. You might view life as a journey through which you can find greater self-discovery.

You will not always see eye to eye on what direction to explore. There is a chance you will be comfortable going it alone, and meeting up at various places. You both want to see and do more than most. It may feel like a sacrifice to compromise your individual passions for the good of being together. You could create the best of both worlds. Having your partner in one, and your most unique goals in the other. There are mutual paths that can be of benefit to you as a couple. Some open communication can help you plot a course of action together.

Your value systems are more than likely quite compatible. A sense of humor keeps life between you relaxed. Your opinions can clash but don't necessarily interfere with the ecstasy you seek in this adventurous relationship.

Imagination is constantly pumping through your restless minds. You have a forceful, positive approach that can move problems out of your way. Don't let your judgment of each other grow unreasonable. Be fair. You can love the way your partner understands you no matter what you are going through.

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Composite Jupiter in the Composite 10th House

Jupiter in the tenth house of the composite chart has a number of possible effects, depending on the nature of your association.

In a personal relationship, it indicates a strong concern with goals and status. The relationship will revolve around some sense of purpose, which may range from both mundane to very high-minded. In a marriage, for example, you both may have an inordinate concern for getting ahead in societ- in other words, social climbing. Or it can indicate that the two of you will have a high social status without any effort on your part.

There will also be an emphasis on integrit and honesty. At least ou will consider these values important. However, in some charts there will be a more negative effect from Jupiter, resulting in an attitude of haughtiness and arrogance toward others that will not serve you well. It can also create an attitude of hypocracy, a pretense that somehow you are morally better than you really are. Jupiter makes you aware of moral issues even when you cannot live up to its moral criteria.

In a professional relationship this placement of Jupiter can be a very strong indication of success, particularly in fields pertaining to law, religion, philosophy, higher education, or foreign interests. In almost any other field of endeavor this is also a good indication of success. In addition, this placement indicates that the work ou do together will be carried out with a high degree of integrity and honesty, which will help immeasurably in your eventual success. Your achievements will not be the result of accident or luck.

Composite Jupiter in the Composite 10th House: Eagerness to grow and expand in your chosen ambitions. Does this seem like a familiar theme in your relationship? The two of you are energized by the hope of satisfying your most serious plans. You may not always stick to the agreed way to get a job finished. However, you have a sincere need to honor your commitments. You both like the freedom to choose what is best for you as individuals. This seems to help when it comes to making decisions that effect you both.

Your reputation as people taking a stand for principles will often precede you. Others will sense they can put their trust in you. Success in business or career is accentuated. You need to know it is possible to realize your highest potential in any field you pursue. People in high places may lend their support. A sharp ability to mentor or train others can be exhibited. One or both of your jobs could involve extensive travel.

Showing faith in each other, or those you love, stimulates great effort. Your liaison generates a tremendous shared confidence. Self-centeredness can be the source of anger. You need to pay attention to what one another sees as top priority. Respect each other's most heartfelt needs and life together is more flowing.

Open your eyes and mind wide before taking on joint major projects. Your enthusiasm will wane if you bite off more than you can chew. You both glow in situations that demonstrate your uplifting optimism, and show off your insightfulness.

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Composite Jupiter in the Composite 11th House

Jupiter in the eleventh house of the composite chart is an excellent placement for any relationship. It indicates that there are good feelings between you and that you will give each other opportunities to grow and become more evolved human beings. You stimulate each other's idealism greatly, and you will work very hard to realize your ideals. The eleventh is the house of your ideals and hopes or, in a composite chart, the ideals that the two of you share.

Since the eleventh house represents friendship, Jupiter here is an especially good indication of warm friendly feelings between you. The relationship will have excellent overall consequences for both of you. a love affair or marriage with this position will be in excellent condition. Not only are there good feelings between you, but you are likely to be lucky in a material way. This is because you are very optimistic in each other's company, which generates the kind of positive thinking that helps bring good fortune. As a couple you will have good friends among the people you know, and circumstances in your environment will be favorable to your relationship.

Composite Jupiter in the Composite 11th House: Excitement in hearing about new discoveries or trends in your favorite subjects of interest. Does this sound like you? You both get energized when it comes to futuristic ideas. Your minds are constantly on the lookout for unique avenues to travel. Peers can find you unusually stimulating.

Group affiliations could be diverse. You might share a political or sociological awareness that is fun to discuss. You are lost without inspiring goals. The future must look bright if you two are going to act swiftly. You lose interest in plans that don't get air born quickly.

Your principles and beliefs are cut from a rare mold. People can easily see that your companionship is authentic. You both can see through false pretense. Your friends are likely to be interesting individuals and full of life.

Be careful with getting sarcastic with each other. Supporting each other's most important aims makes you wonderful confidantes. A robust sense of humor helps you maintain calm perspective. You like surprises. The unpredictable dimensions of life excite your intellects. A mutual philosophy about the meaning of life is a common bond.

Composite Jupiter in the Composite 12th House

Jupiter in the twelfth house of the composite chart has to do with several areas of your relationship. The twelfth house rules the forces that are working unconsciously and their influence on the success or failure of the relationship. It also rules the actions that each of you may take that can affect your future as a couple. These are usually unconscious actions or actions that you refuse to acknowledge unless you are forced to.

Fortunately, Jupiter in this house is an indication that unc actions are less of a problem than in most relationships. You are not destroying your relationship in the manner that so many are destroyed. Although you may have troubles at times, at least you can bring your problems out into the open. In fact, one effect of Jupiter is that the two of you are able to get at problems that most couples keep buried. Such problems can cause great difficulty in a relationship precisely because they are unacknowledged.

The twelfth house is also the house of secret enemies, that is, people whom you inadvertantly alienate simply by being yourselves. But the presence of Jupiter also helps prevent this from being a problem. It makes you c of your actions so that you don't alienate people in the first place. Quite a few of the problems that can occur in a relationship are alleviated by this placement of Jupiter.

Composite Jupiter in the Composite 12th House: Suddenly dropping everything to take a romantic and adventurous excursion. Is this a statement about the two of you? Life may seem mysterious and meant to be lived like a fairy tale. There is a tendency to see the good in others. You both must watch out how generous you are when first meeting people. Your first impulse is to look for the best. Faith in one another can feel like it massages your confidence. Your relationship is not easy to classify--why try?

Satisfying your idealistic impulses is a great longing. A particular cause may attract you both. Artistic pursuits can be mutually meaningful. Service professions may express your compassion and desire to be needed. You probably enjoy much of the same types of entertainment.

Travel is a good way to become more positive about the past, present and future. You are two very sensitive people. Be sure that you don't do things for one another due to guilt. Talk straight on a regular basis.

You make good teachers. Your way of making others feel accepted gets them to want to learn. Capturing the imagination of the young and old is within your grasp. You make each other always feel young. It is the innocence with which you gaze at life that brings in new enriching experiences.

Composite Jupiter in the 12th House: Composite Jupiter in the twelfth house gives you a quiet and unassuming relationship that grows very powerfully with emotional tending. You value being good and kind, and these values are magnified by your relationship with each other. You also tend to be considerate, friendly and easy-going in the context of this relationship. If you are business partners, you likely need to feel an emotional sympathy in order for your work to be satisfying to you. Together, you have your own personal code of conduct to which you are true, no matter what public opinion may be, or convention may dictate. In a romantic connection, as a couple you are likely to be fond of cinema, or other imaginative flights of fancy. There is some danger of escapism. As a partnership you tend to work behind the scenes, and do not seek personal glorification from your actions, but are content to do what you do because it is helpful to other people. You may jointly suffer from being overly sensitive to the needs of others, or seek to retire with each other from the casual cruelties of the world at large.

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Composite Jupiter in Aries

You seek inspiration through bold new enterprises. There are few things the two of you are afraid to try. It is important that your interest is captured quickly, or you will soon move on to more stimulating activities. You are not a couple that likes to wait for others to make up their minds. They better get on your train fast, as it is usually leaving a few minutes earlier than scheduled. Your heads can get together speedily on decisions. People may wonder why you are so lucky. It's probably more true that your swift intensity simply makes people and circumstances respond to you favorably. You like to make your mark on life just as a cat does to claim its territory.

Legal smarts are something you may share. The two of you are going to fight for your beliefs. The falsifying of truth by unscrupulous individuals angers you both. Each of you takes your principles and ethics quite personally. You may even argue with each other about the rights and wrongs of society. You expect your partner to show faith in you--don't you?

Travel adds a spark of excitement to your lives. It might be your favorite form of relaxation and entertainment. You need this at certain times to keep your adventurous spirits tuned up. A sense of happiness and expansive growth comes through knowing each of you is free to satisfy your own unique quest for learning. You won't spar as much if you honor your partner's right to make choices. There is a no turning back attitude in your hearts when it comes to looking a new challenge in the whites of its eyes!

Composite Jupiter in Taurus

You seek inspiration through enhancing your chances for greater ownership and wealth. The two of you have a vast potential to make your finances grow. You can have a luxurious way of showing each other you are valued. A business know-how can take you far. It is essential that you have a positive attitude regarding abundance. You influence each other to slow down and take life one day at a time. Your principles are a unifying factor. Your philosophy about life might be "keep it simple".

Travel has a way of soothing your souls. It is good for your relationship to create a surprise or two. Candlelight dinners and romantic cruises do wonders for your being together. The two of you may be fond of the same types of cuisine. Be careful in tempting one another to overly indulge in experiences that are not good for you. There is a tendency to sometimes overdo eating or other pleasures. You both can accomplish a great deal when you are focused and disciplined. You are popular with your friends. They probably find you easy going and generous. You can go the extra mile for people you really care about. There is an affection you can receive from your partner that may be hard to find. It is what warms your heart.

A sense of happiness and expansive growth occur when you both are content with life. You do better when relaxed as it allows you to deliberately focus your energies. You are a couple that gets satisfaction from being able to show what your life together has created.

Composite Jupiter in Gemini

You seek inspiration through learning in any way, shape or form. There is a joy in exchanging ideas. Your views about morals and principles make for lively conversation. Restlessness is part of your being together. Staying mentally stimulated is a constant need. Travel lifts your imagination to new heights. One or both of you might display writing or speaking skills. The two of you can easily teach a class together. Nothing will stop either one of you from furthering your education. Correspondence courses may be possible. You influence each other to think more positively.

People will find you an upbeat pair. You may even be perceived as bringing others luck. Your eyes will always be looking for paths that lead to greater growth. Through brainstorming with each other or friends, you may think of ways to increase your finances.

It all sounds wonderful. What is the challenge? To follow through on what you set out to do! There is an immense wandering nature that you bring out in your partner. Your minds can suddenly grow weary of current projects. An "all roads lead to Rome" philosophy might keep you from never choosing one that will get you to your destination. The up side to this is that life together will never be boring! You have a way of making one another think young.

A sense of happiness and expansive growth is what you live and breathe when filling your minds with new insights. This is a relationship that is never down for long. A lively sense of humor is probably a close companion.

Composite Jupiter in Cancer

You seek inspiration through emotionally exhilarating experiences. The two of you know just how to make each other feel special. Supporting your partner's new enterprises makes you popular. You like to know you can think as individuals, and yet join forces as a couple to make your mark on the world. Your relationship is based on an impeccable loyalty. Trust will take time. There are likely strong feelings about what you see as societal rights and wrongs.

Your residence may be far from where either of you was born. There is a need to live in a city or country that has a promise of promoting the creative spirit in each of you. The way you define home could be complicated. You might feel homesick when on the road. Yet you could get claustrophobic if not getting out of the house, or out of town enough. Keeping this trend in balance is possibly important. There must be enough rooms so each of you has their own space. You might enjoy visiting or living in places of high altitude. A loft in your home is comforting.

Family members or relatives will look to you both for encouragement. Your friends need to understand your love of their closeness, but at the same time need to honor your privacy needs. Clingy individuals drain you. You prefer people be self-reliant more often than not.

A sense of happiness and expansive growth happens when you establish roots together. When your shared vision of the future feels secure, the result is a bond hard to break. The more you build together materially and emotionally, the greater the intimacy.

Composite Jupiter in Leo

You seek inspiration through fun-filled adventures. The two of you can exhibit a let's live for today attitude. You make each other feel important. Bragging about your partner's talents is likely. People enjoy the way you make them laugh. Your outgoing natures gets people to respond to whatever you put into motion. You are not a couple that likes to sit around and react to life. Others may be jealous of your carefree lifestyle and overt love for each other. You may be an open book regarding your principles and beliefs.

There can be fun in imitating each other's personalities and daily rituals. You could easily be accused of being a dramatic pair. Performing together on stage is not out of the question. Your voices can probably be heard over others at a social gathering. Your love of entertainment is something you very much have in common. Recreational activities relieve your stress.

Be careful in letting pride get you in over your head. If you realize you have entered a bad business deal, admit your mistake and get creative in getting out fast. The two of you may be too generous in helping others. You are big hearted toward those you love. Wealth can come through your knowing the ins and outs of a business, or the economy. Saving a nest egg may not be a natural tendency, but worth considering.

A sense of happiness and expansive growth comes through the creative power at the core of your relationship. When you are sure about taking a course of action, your momentum will stay strong to the end. You benefit when applauding each other's performances.

Composite Jupiter in Virgo

You seek inspiration through putting your principles and highest values into practice. You look for sound reasoning in yourselves or in your closest acquaintances. The two of you might prefer to take few risks. Trying out already tested theories suits you better than exploring uncharted territory. You are picky about your morals. People probably need to exhibit behaviors that fit into your belief system in order for you to feel comfortable around them. You do respect individuals who are willing to work hard to make their beliefs come true.

Business instincts are everywhere to be found in your relationship. Your sense of knowing how to get a job done in the most efficient manner can impress others. You might not enjoy working with or for each other, as much as playing together. It is easy to fall into a trap of all work and no play. You must make time for both to keep the peace. Keep a sense of humor.

There might be a mutual interest in health and fitness. Reading books and watching videos about these subjects can be stimulating. A desire to be active in service organizations may be shown. Your willingness to help people in need is indicated. A sense of happiness and expansive growth are felt when the two of you feel unified in your beliefs. You find life extra meaningful when you are performing the roles you love acting out. A show of faith in your partner through actions is more powerful than by words alone.

Composite Jupiter in Libra

You seek inspiration through the many people you encounter. Your relationship attracts a lot of interesting individuals. People probably find the two of you fun to be around. Your social instincts have built-in radar to say the right thing, at just the right time. Political activity is possible as is being very busy in any type of public relations. Entertaining others is a snap. The two of you make a great team in being masters of ceremonies for any event. Your friends probably share your views about honesty. You may have strong beliefs concerning fairness and justice.

There might be a tendency to talk one another out of decisions. This could get frustrating if you feel precious time being wasted. The pressure of a deadline may be the best thing as it forces you to be more decisive. Compromise and diplomacy are tools of the trade in your relationship.

You are both romantics at heart. It is fun to shower your partner with affection and attention. Going to beautiful places and indulging in special romantic atmospheres are enjoyable ways to be together. It may be appealing to vacation with another couple. A sense of happiness and expansive growth occurs when you are enjoying the fruits of your most sincere efforts. You both find your hearts open wide when you help each other unlock doors that lead to fulfillment. Your faith in one another elevates your confidence to higher levels.

Composite Jupiter in Scorpio

You seek inspiration through a shared plumbing into the depths of your favorite subjects. Even areas of interest your society has labeled with a no trespassing sign, are not off limits. The two of you don't scare easily when you want to know the real scoop about a situation. Secrets are not easily kept from each other. The blunt honesty in your tongues can send shock waves through each other, and the people you meet. Your words and beliefs have a lasting impact on others. You have little respect for hypocrisy.

The researchers in you lead your minds to master an area of interest. When your attention is captured, your concentration is intense. Psychology, metaphysics, and even the world economy can be regular topics of discussion.

Your dependable trust for one another can be profound. Friends and loved ones respect your ability to give sound advice. Your knowledge comes more from experience than a book. Be tolerant of the differences in your personal belief systems. Accepting opposing viewpoints only serves to deepen your connection. It will be difficult to really change each other's most cherished ideas!

Travel allows your two minds to process your individual and joint paths. The intensity with which you approach life together needs to be mixed with plain good-old-fashioned fun. A sense of happiness and expansive growth occur when you make your partner feel materially and psychologically secure. There is a desire to pursue the best life has to offer. Your faith in each other can help get you through any challenge.

Composite Jupiter in Sagittarius

You seek inspiration through acting spontaneously on your beliefs. Being world travelers is a natural tendency. There is a love of learning. You bring out the philosopher and student in one another. People with limited thinking probably test your patience. Honesty and principles are highly valued. Your spiritual makeups can be a solidifying force. The faith you possess together can find you unafraid of new challenges.

The freedom to roam the ranges of your individual paths to growth, is as great a need as the air you breathe. You never will be able to make rules for one another. Each of you prefers to determine this for yourself. When the two of you honor each other's code of ethics, a special closeness forms.

Focusing ability will allude the two of you occasionally. It's because options are more like food for your mind, body and soul. You don't like to be pinned down in a particular direction for too long. The more you complete tasks together, the easier it will get. Surrendering to discipline is easier when you both enjoy and see meaning in the purpose of your actions.

A sense of happiness and expansive growth occur when you share your life with others. You are more citizens of the world than any country or nationality. People are moved by the confidence exuded by your relationship.

Composite Jupiter in Capricorn

You seek inspiration through making your beliefs come true. There is a serious atmosphere about you two when you decide to get a job done. Success in business through sheer effort is predictable. You will give your best effort to work. Your integrity and reputation are sensitive concerns. Your ambitious streak attracts attention.

You might feel more comfortable with each other when your commitment has some flexibility. People likely see you as a couple with their feet clearly on the ground. There could be allegiance to certain traditional beliefs. Each of you may need to show acceptance of your partner's cultural influences. You need to tread carefully when discussing each other's highest values. There is tenacity in you both to hold onto your faith no matter what you are facing together. The more openly you share your wealth and time with one another, the more love you will feel for each other.

A sense of happiness and expansive growth will occur with letting go of doubts. Show faith in your joint choices as it deepens your trust. You are two people that don't like to compromise their principles. It is when you are determined to succeed, in spite of the odds against you, that you both smile with a look of complete satisfaction.

Composite Jupiter in Aquarius

You seek inspiration through your shared love for surprises. Unexpected occurrences may shock and delight you simultaneously. The two of you don't really care to follow in the footsteps of someone else's beliefs. Your inventive sides will electrify the imagination of some, and probably scare others. If life were always predictable, it is doubtful it would seem worth living to either of you. Your confidence about the future is never out of sight. When conversing with you, people likely find your ideas refreshing. A rules were made to be broken attitude is possible. You will be annoyed with your partner if either of you acts either too distant, or intellectually superior.

Your friends may share much of your philosophical outlook. You stimulate each other to see the ironies in each day. Political satire and humor could delight you. Groups benefit from your membership, even if it is only for a brief period. There is a tendency to move through experiences quickly, when you feel you have learned enough.

Unconventional education might appeal to each of you. Your unorthodox perceptions will question institutions and authority figures in a heartbeat. You will seem eccentric to individuals not understanding you, and brilliant to those on the same page. A sense of happiness and expansive growth is accelerated through leaving the safe shores of caution behind. You like to fly above the clouds of humdrum reality. Enjoy the new doors that you encourage one another to knock on. It is even more fun when you walk on through to the other side!

Composite Jupiter in Pisces

You seek inspiration through the stuff that weaves dreams. There is a tremendous vision of hope and faith that you bring to one another. Go slow. Your intuition is apt to be far out in front of your reality. Be patient in creating a relationship together that represents each of you. Your love for each other might have felt like it was already there. It's almost as though everyday life needs to catch up with you both. Travel to exotic places keeps you close in mind, body and spirit.

Your principles and ideals are merged. Aesthetic talent is rich in your companionship. Performing for others is rewarding. People forget about their troubles when in your presence. It may get confusing at times in being able to know where your partner's world starts and your own begins. On the one hand, this shows a great unity. On the other, your individual identities may get water logged. Let each other fulfill their personal needs and all goes well.

Your devotional energies are strong. Choose your causes wisely. You can care greatly for the welfare of one another. Helping each other find the roads to true fulfillment is a heartfelt urge. You can display a shared passion to want to educate others.

A sense of happiness and expansive growth occurs through following your innermost impulses. Life may seem like a magical mystery tour in your partner's presence. Walk with one of your eyes looking at reality, while the other eagerly searches for uplifting experiences that satisfy your imagination.

Composite Jupiter in Pisces: Composite Jupiter in Pisces gives you a quiet and unassuming relationship that grows very powerfully with emotional tending. You value being good and kind, and these values are magnified by your relationship with each other. You also tend to be considerate, friendly and easy-going in the context of this relationship. If you are business partners, you likely need to feel an emotional sympathy in order for your work to be satisfying to you. Together, you have your own personal code of conduct to which you are true, no matter what public opinion may be, or convention may dictate. In a romantic connection, as a couple you are likely to be fond of cinema, or other imaginative flights of fancy. There is some danger of escapism. As a partnership you tend to work behind the scenes, and do not seek personal glorification from your actions, but are content to do what you do because it is helpful to other people. You may jointly suffer from being overly sensitive to the needs of others, or seek to retire with each other from the casual cruelties of the world at large.