Composite Jupiter conjunct Composite Pluto

Jupiter conjunct Pluto in the composite chart indicates that you have come together in order to accomplish something. Jupiter and Pluto combined in this manner are symbolic of a strong drive to succeed and to accomplish important objectives. It can also mean a strong power drive.

Your relationship may have many different goals - love and affection, security, friendship, or whatever- but in any case it exists to do something. This is one of the best aspects for any kind of business relationship, because the two of you are able to work well together and accomplish a great deal of work. It is a strong indication of success and of financial gain, if that is an objective.

Remember, however, that as with any strong Pluto energy, you must use your tactics carefully and avoid all kinds of ruthless behavior. Otherwise you will provoke opposition to your efforts, which could conceivably stop the two of you from accomplishing what you want.

In a love relationship this energy is expressed as an exuberant desire to make changes, to grow, and to expand your world. You will seek to transform each other, and you will be transformed very greatly by this experience. But the nature of this combination is such that your transformations will not make the relationship difficult. The growth you help each other achieve will be positive, as you will recognize from the very beginning.

Composite Jupiter conjunct Composite Pluto: You can show a joint shrewdness in business dealings. This is a partnership that demands your utmost loyalty. Honesty and trust are highlighted. Plunging into the depths of new learning can be a mutual turn on. You can either judge one another for disagreeing, or be more accepting of individual ideologies. The latter will take you further to cooperation and unity. People can be intrigued by your vast awareness of the world. A nose for politics is possible. Someone negotiating against you better be sharp. Be up front about your needs. It makes communication less of a struggle. Give each other enough time to adjust to change. You both like to process your way through key transitions.

Composite Jupiter sextile Composite Pluto

Composite Jupiter square Composite Pluto

The square of Jupiter and Pluto in the composite chart can make it difficult for the two of you to get along, because you see each other's success as a threat to your own. The result is a typical Pluto power struggle, rather than the cooperative relationship you would ideally like to have. Success of one sort or another is a very large issue in this relationship. The Jupiter-Pluto energy represents will and power to grow and expand, to succeed and to get things done. This energy cannot exist passively without trying to affect the world in some way.

This is true for your relationship to each other and to the world outside. You find it difficult to leave things alone, which creates the danger that one of you will turn against the other or that the world will fight back against you both.

You must learn to moderate your ambitions and your will. What you want to accomplish together is not wrong, but you do not have the patience to go about it gradually. This creates a feeling of pressure in other people or in each other, if the energy of this aspect is channeled into your relationship. It is this feeling of pressure that creates problems. If you can learn to be more subtle, you will be better able to get what you want from each other and from the world at large.

Composite Jupiter square Composite Pluto: Words can be powerfully shot through each other's minds. Arguments can be like trying to move two immovable objects. Your minds don't like to be forced into choices. Mastering the art of negotiation will need to be part of your communication. The two of you can create a lucrative life together. Having equal say over how the money is spent takes the heat out of some potentially angry confrontations. You both believe in fighting for your most sacred beliefs. Choose battles wisely. Exposing the darkness in others may scare them. You can share a passion for learning.

Composite Jupiter trine Composite Pluto

The trine of composite Jupiter and Pluto is an excellent aspect for any relationship in which you have to work together on some task or bring about changes in the world around you. This is a success aspect. lt confers luck, not through fate but through the excellent sense of timing that results when two people complement each other’s abilities. This is also an aspect of foresight. The two of you can see developments that may later affect you while they are still in the early stages, before they reach the point at which nothing can be done.

You complement each other’s ambitions in a very creative way. Together you want to make changes in your world, and through your relationship you will gain strength and ability that will enable you to get whatever you seek.

Even if you have difficult times with each other, the energy of this aspect will enable you to pull yourselves back together. This aspect can contribute greatly to the overall stability of a relationship.

Composite Jupiter trine Composite Pluto: Being together rests on a foundation of faith and mutual beliefs. Expanding the borders of each other's thinking is within the realm of your relating. A love of being on the go satisfies a restless inner urge for self-discovery. Taking a gamble or risk that is well thought out can increase your wealth. Confidence comes through the completion of each successful venture. You inspire the teacher and student in one another.

Composite Jupiter quincunx Composite Pluto

Composite Jupiter opposite Composite Pluto

Composite Jupiter opposite Composite Pluto: This combination brings a fatefully determined quality to your relationship and an intense mandate to develop your powers to the fullest. You might feel as if you are reflecting a change-or-die mentality that can create a powerful intensity between you that turns small disagreements into major battles. Your relationship brings out an intuitive, penetrating capacity for insight that helps to make the workings of your dynamic easier to understand, as long as you can avoid the obvious power struggle and begin to truly work together rather and apart from each other. In a romantic relationship, it may help to sort out your conflicting aspirations and sit down together to prioritize them. It may also benefit you to take time to carefully check what drives are motivating you at any given moment. You may see that the inclination to control or to convince the other of your point of view is based on old fears, or the belief that some unseen force out there has it in for you. Once you can work together to uncover the fears that drive your need to control, you may find that this relationship ushers you both into a deep level of surrender and transformation. If you use the gifts of your connection wisely, you can become a model for demonstrating the transformation of a power-over dynamic into a mutually empowered and co-creative process for growth.