Composite Jupiter conjunct Composite Neptune

The conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in the composite chart indicates that your primary concerns are not of this world. This will be a somewhat unusual relationship, with a strong spiritual component. The two of you may feel that you have come together to find out about your innermost soul. This belief is not necessarily a delusion, but you should try to keep in touch with reality. Even though you may believe that the mundane world is not your concern, ignoring such matters can have a seriously negative effect on your relationship. On the other hand, do not ignore your sense of spiritual communion. At its highest level of manifestation, this aspect can bring about a great and positive learning experience.

This aspect can also have a completely different effect. The principle of combined Jupiter-Neptune also rules gambling, not only in the literal Las Vegas sense, but also in the more general sense of taking risks. It produces a sense of well-being that may make the two of you feel that you cannot lose. Unfortunately, if you trust this energy so blindly, you can indeed lose. Be optimistic and positive but not foolish. Keep your sense of reality and don't let the joyful idealism of this relationship take away your understanding of what is real. This advice is especially important in any relationship that involves making money.

Let the effects of this aspect add spice to your world, but do not let them obscure your vision.

Composite Jupiter conjunct Composite Neptune: Ideals are important in this relationship. You can share big dreams that energize your growth potentials. Faith in one another is expected. You will not always have the answers that each other needs. There are no perfect people. Remember this and you will be happier. You represent the romantic myth each seeks. It can be fun traveling to places that expand your horizons. You excite imagination in your partner. Your beliefs are a source of strength. A love of the arts in all of its forms can be a common interest.

Composite Jupiter sextile Composite Neptune

Composite Jupiter square Composite Neptune

The square of Jupiter and Neptune in a composite chart makes it very important that you know where you are with respect to each other and that you don't indulge excessively in idealistic fantasies. Keep matters straight between you. One writer has described this combination as "false or seeming happiness," with the clear warning that just when your relationship seems most beautiful, its illusory nature becomes clear, and there is great disappointment. The danger of this happening is greatest in a love affair, which is so vulnerable to illusions.

However, you should not be constantly suspicious of what appears to be a happy relationship. This aspect simply indicates that you should acknowledge the truth when it appears. It is not that the energy of this aspect obscures reality but that you are unwilling to face it, even when you know in your heart what it is. The problem is not really "illusion" in the sense used above. it is reluctance to handle things that are unpleasant and reluctance to deal with the real world.

Your happiness will not be false with this aspect; if you have a sense of happiness, it is real. But try to recognize whether you really feel it. If you are aware of lurking problems and unacknowledged fears, then deal with them, for they will not go away by themselves.

But remember that even the square between these planets has an optimistic quality, which will enable you to handle the difficult periods, once you decide to deal with them.

Composite Jupiter square Composite Neptune: Trying to please each other will get tiring if expectations are unreasonable. You influence great idealism and imagination in one another. A fondness for similar causes brings you closer in philosophy. Tolerance for separate paths of inspiration must be a clause written into your relationship agreement. You can lift each other to creative heights. Together you can convince others to believe in you, no matter the odds you face. Your greatest attributes may be easier to notice when the waves are high and acting unpredictably. Try to see good things when the seas are calm.

Composite Jupiter trine Composite Neptune

Like all Jupiter-Neptune aspects, the trine is idealistic, and here the spiritual side of the combination is brought out most strongly. You feel that you have come together to learn. There may even be a conscious teacher-student rerlationship between you that holds you together. However, in the best manifestation of this aspect, you will alternate roles; the same partner will not always play the same role. But that cannot be done consciously; it must just happen.

Even in a love affair, this spiritual component will be evident, which may cause the relationship to be platonic rather than physical. But even in a sexual relationship, sex will be experienced in a very spiritual way.

You both will be very optimistic about your lives together, although other people may not see why you should be. They may think you are living in a fool's paradise and not dealing with the real world at all. There may be some truth in that view. You will have to strike a balance between everyday matters and your idealism. Try to stay in touch with reality, even though this relationship allows you to have experiences that are quite removed from the ordinary physical world and that help you appreciate this world. Most people are too wrapped up in their own lives to see what is just beyond the range of their vision that would give them so much more to live for. These things you should learn through this relationship.

Composite Jupiter trine Composite Neptune: You have little trouble agreeing on what is important in life. Your beliefs orbit around many of the same symbols and ideals. Getting away from stress doesn't take much encouragement. You awaken faith in each other and in those that you encounter. Be careful where you put your devotion that those causes are truly worth your time. You can be allies for one another with an unquestioning allegiance. Seeing your partner happy is gratifying.

Composite Jupiter trine Composite Neptune: This aspect between composite Jupiter and Neptune brings a highly imaginative and deeply spiritual quality to your relationship. You tend to bring out a friendly and unassuming energy in each other, and make a practice of kindness and consideration of others. You may find yourselves together naturally falling into the role of spiritual leaders in your larger community although you also prefer to do your work behind the scenes, not seeking personal glorification from your actions. You do what you do because it is helpful to others, and because it feels good to do it. As a partnership you are inclined to the mystical, seeing life in visionary and poetic terms rather than in the practical. When you enjoy your shared sense of imagination without letting it cloud your powers of judgment, you benefit as your relationship moves to a more practical and reality-based center.

Composite Jupiter quincunx Composite Neptune

You will both see the big picture, but you may not take in the details because you tend to see the world in terms of an optimistic philosophy rather than in real terms. There can be too much idealism within the relationship, especially in the beginning. You can be a generous pair of marks if either of you fall into the wrong hands. Be deliberate in discerning facts and in reading the fine print.

Composite Jupiter opposite Composite Neptune

With the opposition of Jupiter and Neptune in your composite chart, you must ask yourselves whether you really know what your relationship is about. You are very likely to idealize each other and your relationship rather than dealing with the facts as they are. This aspect does not indicate that the facts are anything to be afraid of, but you are reluctant to face them anyway. It may be that you don’t find the truth interesting enough to be concerned about, but you ought to. Otherwise it is possible to build up false sense of security and well-being, and when your illusions come tumbling down, as they often do in such a situation, you will be very disillusioned.

Disillusion and disappointment are not inevitable with this aspect, but you do not deal with the truth, they are much more likely. Do not play games with each other, for you will only deceive and hurt each other when you do. And again, avoid idealizing each other. Your partner is a real person with real faults and strengths, which you must learn to accept. Idealism has its place, and the naturally idealistic quality of your relationship will not be destroyed by truth, even though you fear that. Your optimism and idealism will carry you both through difficult times, if you know yourselves and what you have together. If you do not have this understanding, you will only be disappointed.

Composite Jupiter opposite Composite Neptune: You can see great things in each other and believe being together is a gift. Your idealism is great. The highest values you possess fill you with inspiration. Traveling to the deepest recesses of your inner beings, or to the most exotic places on earth, are equally plausible. A vivid intuitive awareness can lead you through doors of opportunity. Your luck may seem magical to others. You can't expect your partner to always save you from life's trials and tribulations. However, it's a relief to have this person as a confidante. You activate the romantic in one another through a touch of adventurous imagination.