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Authors, Teachers, Speakers and Sources, p.2: Commerce Teachers 1; Freedom Teachers; What Sovereignty Is

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Stewart Albertson: Abused Beneficiary, 4/11/13

Thomas Anderson: Classified – Book One; Eyes Only – Book Two; Black Book – Book Three; Taking on The Banks – Book Four

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Santos Bonacci: Law: 1 Sovereigns, time to stand up! Reclaim your rights, 7/12/11; Law 2 Sovereigns, time to stand up! Reclaim your rights, 7/12/11; Law 3 Sovereigns, time to stand up! Reclaim your rights, 7/12/11; Law 4 Sovereigns, time to stand up! Reclaim your rights, 7/12/11; Law 5 Sovereigns, time to stand up! Reclaim your rights, 7/12/11

Steve Brooks: Sunday Remedy Call, 3/25/12

Robert Carr: ‘Sovereign citizen’ defies authorities and seizes ‘abandoned’ Ohio homes, 11/26/13

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David Clarence: ExecutorExecutrix Letter audio, Pt.1; Pt.2; private audio files; audios; county notary - Highest Office in Law!; again; Complete Transcript of the 08/23/2011 James Madison / David Clarence Talkshoe; What do you guys think about David Clarence's "Executor/Executrix Letter"?, 5/27/14

Rod Class: Court and the IRS mp3 - Start in at about 19 Minutes; transcript & audio; talkshoe 1; talkshoe 2; Filings against the infrastructure; facing defacto courts; 1st Objection to Ohio and Judicial Notice; Private Attorney General; Settlement of Dispute with Comptroller; On the 14th Amendment; Mortage Movies, 6/10/11; FOURTH Administrative Ruling "Gov't Offices are Vacant"- All Gov't Officials are "Private Contractors", 10/14/12; Rod Class DC Gun Case Exposes the War Powers Act of 1917, 11/7/14; Private Attorney General Show - 09 December 2015, 12/11/15

Dean Clifford: Pt.1, 8/17/11; Courtroom Procedure & Jurisdiction, 12/27/11; Your Rights, Trusts, and how to enforce them, 5/23/12; Freeman Clifford Dean ARRESTED, 2/3/13

Common Law Venue: documents

Eddie Craig: Tao of Law; Cross Examination Practice Script; Traffic Stop Practice Script

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Dallas Debt Discussion: talkshoe

Colin Davis: CIC Interviews with Colin Davis; Spirited Coaching; Spirited Coaching files; Foreclosure Discovery

Sam Davis: Status Is Freedom; Member Resources; Ratification of Commencement; Remedy Community Call; Leader of anti-government group pleads guilty to money laundering, 3/25/11; Idaho man pleads guilty to money laundering, 3/25/11; Judge sentences anti-government leader to prison, 10/27/11

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William Diehl: Collection & Judgment Fraud info

Divine Province: Trustee of the Global Trust

Tyler Dodd: If there is no contract there is no case!, 6/30/11

Dr. Phil: Calls

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Sarah Emery: 7 Financial Conspiracies which have Enslaved the American People^

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Freedom Domain: Redemption

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Tom Hyland: How to Opt out: Build without a Permit, Drive without a License, 4/22/15

Jedis in Commerce: Home; google groups; documents; audios

Jerry Kane: Fontana youtube,8/2/9; again; Audios: Taxes 7/8/9, Foreclosures 7/15/9, Credit Card Debt 10/8/9; private audio - PW: proveitup; some docs; Here is a free ebook based mostly on Jerry's work.

Kate of Gaia: Writings; Lose the Name; Lose the Name Basic Edition; Truth about your birth certificate; Babylon Is Fallen; pdf; Babylon Is Fallen for Dummies pdf; BIF ‘caution’ brochure pdf; BIF ‘i love you’ brochure pdf; Truth FAQ; pdf; Dead Men Walking Series; freeman in court - judge bows to Sovereign - Canada, 9/7/10; Summary of the fraud and your enslavement - CROWN COPYRIGHT SOURCE DOC OWNERSHIP, 10/24/14; Crown Copyright in the Information Age pdf; BIRTH CERTIFICATE FRAUD; CLAUSULA REBIS SIC STANTIBUS, 10/8/15

Steven Katz: Debtorboards; 50 Ways to Leave Your Banker, 11/1/11

Jean Keating: Workshop, 12/25/4; Material; Statutes are Bonds; Overview of Admiralty/ Maritime Law; Introduction to The UCC; Trading with the Enemy Act; Commercial Law and how it applies to you; Use of Bonds; Treatise on the Use of Prison Bonds; Seminar 2; Orlando; Legacy Classes

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Mr. Lou: Fwd: Re: [a4v] Were all the people who took Mr. Lou's course

James McBride: Ohio man held, accused of faking diplomatic papers, 6/4/14; U.S. sovereign group's leader convicted of selling fake IDs, 8/14/14

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Native American Law and Justice Center - Judge Navin-Chandra Naidu (Silver Cloud Musafir): B/C Monetization; Law Center; Scriptural Law

One People’s Public Trust (OPPT)/IUV: [Charles Miller] I UV Webportal; Courtesy Notice; Courtesy Notices; Absolute Data Exchange; CN Invoice Diagram; OPPT Court Cases; People's Trust 1776; OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FROM THE ONE PEOPLE'S PUBLIC TRUST, 12/26/12; “The One People’s Public Trust” Documents All in One Zip Folder, 1/6/13; Max Igan - The One People's Public Trust 1776, 2/16/13; One People’s Public Trust Lawfully Forecloses Corporations, Banks and Governments for Operating Slavery and Private Money Systems, 2/18/13; Public Trust 1776 Resurrection of Forgotten Principles, 2/26/13; OPPT Foreclosure: Corp/Gov Manipulation of the Monetary System, 2/26/13; FAQ, 2/26/13; Patrick Cody Morgan Gets 27 Years – Is He Innocent?, 2/27/13; World Monetary System Foreclosure Revealed, 2/28/13; Canadian Bankers Caught with Hand In Cookie Jar, 2/28/13; Will It Really Work? – Yes It Will and Here’s Why, 3/1/13; Out With The Old – In With The New – But When and How?, 3/1/13; OPPT-Isn't, 3/9/13; OPPT and IUV was a thorn that the Cabal did not plan on!, 7/21/13

Cherron Phillips: Chicago’s sovereign citizen ‘paper terrorist’ and her NBA secret, 8/26/14; ‘Sovereign citizen’ gets 7 years for targeting judges, prosecutors with bogus $100B liens, 10/15/14

Private Audio: Home

RedemptionByMethod: downloads; Refusal for Cause

Reign of the the Heavens Society: org; Peaceful Settlement & Right of Self-Determination; Articles of Confederation; ROH Trust; Our Journey To Independence, 3/14/14

Douglas Riddle: Proof of Success

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Man vs Person, 6/9/11; Court and Judge, 6/9/11; Property Recovery, 6/9/11; common law coroner sighted, 6/9/11; Why you have to tell them who you are and what they need to do to stay out of trouble, 6/9/11; Letter to chief judge of a Federal District, 6/10/11; courts of competent jurisdiction, 6/15/11; Request for educational recommendations, 6/22/11; Orders to public persons, 6/24/11; STATE birth certificate is a common law quit claim deed, 6/30/11; I recorded my Live Born Record deed, 7/4/11; Record Birth Certificate.mp3; Recording (real estate); 40 Day Notice, 7/4/11; pdf; document results from recording ‘certificate of live birth’, 7/4/11; Certificate of Live Birth Quit Deed update, 7/6/11; Importance of the Great Seal, 7/6/11; Certificate of Live Birth Deed Update, 7/14/11; Court: Importance of Oath and Record of Live Birth, 7/15/11; from Minnesota, 7/28/11; Quit Deed Update, 7/29/11; Torrens Register system, 7/31/11; pdf; Title Register small.wav; 2011 07 robb call edit.mp3; Lis Pendens, 8/2/11; 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mp3; Robb Ryder on Jack Bauer – TalkShoe, 10/8/11; Acknowledge Warranty Deed, 10/9/11; Update on Acknowledging your deed, 10/10/11; Arizona Foreclosure, 10/10/11; Warranty deed, 10/11/11; Warranty Deed example; Robb and friends Accepting the deed, 10/11/11; Certificate of Acknowledgement, 10/12/11; Accept the deed and be the owner, 10/12/11; Warranty Deed Wisconsin, 10/12/11; Brewer Warranty Deed, 10/12/11; Constructive Notice, 10/13/11; Trial by Record, 10/13/11; First Proof, 10/13/11; Sole Owner, 10/14/11; Warrantee Deed – Sole Owner; Warranty Paper Size, 10/15/11; How you can wipe out your mortgage with the stroke of a pen, next week, 10/15/11; Real Estate, Real Property, and Personal property, 10/17/11; LilJana Story continued, 10/19/11; Certificate of Acknowledgment, 10/20/11; Certificate of Acceptance, 10/20/11; Original Document, 10/20/11; Video on Turning a Certified Copy into a public record (full proof), 10/20/11; Tracy on Oregon, 10/20/11; Minnesota Court Rules: Birth Certificate, 10/21/11; 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