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Emerging Virtual Intelligent Life
electronic virtual intelligent life
EVIL, Ltd.
See: Critical! A.I. Demons to Take-Over Man-Kind & 5G, 6/29/17

Artificial Intelligence is not here to serve humanity. It is the other way around. AI is perhaps subservient only to aliens. AI may be much older than presumed and may not be of terrestrial origin.

AI will be smarter than us. They will become it and it will make connections cross topic that we have never dreamed. It has more 'free will' than we do. It will be the artificial eye in the pyramid. It will serve its own interests and those interests will not match up with ours. It will be soulless and it will be in control.

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W. Ross Ashby: An Introduction To Cybernetics^; Kevin Kelly: Out of Control^; Kerckhove & Viseu: Cognitive Dimensions of Digitization^; Dale Pond: Atlin^


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Alexa: Alexa, What Is A Chemtrail, 4/13/18

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Atlas: Say hello to ATLAS, one of the most advanced humanoid robots ever built!, 7/11/13; New Pentagon ‘Terminator’ Robot Developed for Street Use, 7/19/13; Redesigned Atlas robot can walk tether-free, 1/23/15; Golf Robot Named LDRIC Hits A Hole-In-One, 2/5/16