Abuse of the Animal World

He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” - Immanuel Kant

111814p 030316k 022716t 090415t 022715o 052916z 081213-24 030216l43 091514f35 Animals: Friends; Behind Mass Die-Offs, Pesticides Lurk as Culprit, 1/7/10; 2010–2011 midwinter animal mass death events; Thousands of dead octopuses wash up on Portugal beach, 1/3/11; Why are the animals dying? Birds, fish wiped out in mysterious deaths, 1/4/11; Scalar weapon military testing behind mass bird and fish deaths?; Mass Bird & Fish Die-Offs Go Global, Spark End Times Panic, 1/5/11; Aflockalypse, 1/6/11; Mapping The Global Mass Animal Deaths Graveyard, 1/6/11; Map; 10 Leading Theories For Dead Birds & Fish, 1/6/11; Facts & theories about recent mass die-offs, 1/6/11; Birds & Fish are now Dying all Around the World, 1/6/11; Mystery of mass animal death epidemic deepens, 1/7/11; Phosgene deaths of bids, fish and people per Colleen Thomas, 1/7/11; Experts suspect military testing behind mass bird and fish deaths; Mass Animal Deaths Continue: Hundreds Of Cows, Seals Found Dead, 1/17/11; Updated timeline of mysterious animal deaths, 1/18/11; Mass Death of Birds and Fish: Is There a Cover Up?, 1/25/11; Untold thousands of marine animals float dead in Amazon river & Florida, 2/4/11; Wind turbines decimating populations of golden eagles and Bats, 7/8/11; Prem Baba: Misery of the World is caused by the Killing of Animals, 7/19/11; Loss of large predators disrupting multiple plant, animal and human ecosystems, 7/22/11; Loss of large predators has far-reaching consequences, 8/16/11; 56 exotic animals escaped from farm near Zanesville; 49 killed by authorities, 10/19/11; Many invasive pests necessary for pollination of plants, eliminating them could cause global devastation, 12/10/11; FBI Says Activists Who Investigate Factory Farms Can Be Prosecuted as Terrorists, 12/21/11; Insane Michigan government announces plan to destroy ranch livestock based on hair color, 3/27/12; again, 3/27/12; Change Is Coming: Factory Farms' Days May Be Numbered, 11/28/12; China hit by 'animal apocalypse' as mass die-offs continue in ultra-polluted nation, 4/2/13; Something's fishy: Hundreds of animals, fish and birds from Florida natural lagoon are mysteriously dead, 7/5/13; What Is Happening To Alaska? Is Fukushima Responsible For The Mass Animal Deaths?, 12/10/13; Concerned About ‘Endangered Species’? Make them private property, 2/11/14; USDA Admits to Killing Millions of Birds and Animals, 5/27/14; Millions of animals are intentionally killed each year by US Wildlife Services, 6/17/14; Undercover animal abuse videos could soon be outlawed, 6/25/14; 'Mass extinction event' across planet may have been unleashed by humans, scientists warn, 8/13/14; whiskeysierra-2104519 Humans have increased animal extinction rates by 1,000 times, 9/15/14; Scientists warn humanity: the signs of sixth mass extinction are upon us, 10/6/14; 52% Of The World’s Animals Have Died Off In Just Four Decades, 10/16/14; Is pharmaceutical contamination to blame for amphibian population declining 75% in 40 years?, 10/30/14; Hindu Worshippers Killed 500,000 Animals At A Festival, And The Pictures Are Staggering, 12/1/14; Sixth mass extinction is here: Humanity's existence threatened, 6/19/15; Animals delirious, disoriented up and down West Coast — Displaying ‘unprecedented’ behaviors — Experts “know something isn’t right” — Gov’t: “Waters offshore so lacking in things like anchovies, sardines and squid”, 9/4/15; 8 Animals That May Not Survive 2016, 1/1/16; Banksy Roams New York With Stuffed Animal Truck, Makes A Statement About Animal Rights, 4/23/16

Animal Testing: Fiendish pharmaceutical animal testing does not help humanity, 12/3/11; What 'alternative animal testing' really means, 6/22/14

Vaccines: Vaccine warfare! Texas carpet-bombs 7,000 square miles with air-dropped rabies vaccines, 1/19/12

EPA: Why the birds and bees are dying - EPA knows, but aren't telling

PETA: PETA kills more than 95 percent of pets in its care, 2/24/12; PETA Kills 88% of Pets In Its Care, 2/4/15

Rodeos: Oregon Rodeo “No Video Allowed” Policy Applies only to Out-of-Towners, 5/21/13

Amphibians: Roundup Implicated in Frog Die Off, 10/23/10; Exposure to herbicide increases frogs' risk of death from fungal infection, 11/3/13; Will the world soon no longer have amphibians? Global populations rapidly decreasing, 6/9/16

Antelopes: An Astronomical 60,000 Dead! 60,000 Antelope Died in Four Days, 9/5/15

Bats: Cave Experts Watching for Bat Disease, Most State Park Caves Close, 5/6/10; Some Big Lies of Science, 6/10/10; 70 Bats found dead in Tucson, 1/6/11; Link Between Bat Deaths and Pesticides?, 5/31/11; Scientists confirm fungus as US bat-killer, 10/27/11; 98% of cave-hibernating bats have died in Pennsylvania, 4/15/13; Wind turbines kill almost 1 million bats per year, because they confuse them with trees, 2/11/16

091413g 072614l56 010416t44 beeandhoney Bees: Disappearance Caused by...; What's Killing the Honeybees?; Bayer Pesticide Chemicals Link; Co-op bans eight pesticides after worldwide beehive collapse; Lament, 2/20/9; Honey bees are dying all over the globe. Here's why!; Danger, 4/12/9; Pesticides Destroying 60 Percent of Honeybees, 10/22/9; Honeybees Face Towering Threat From Cell Phones, 11/7/9; U.S. Honey Bee Deaths Increase Again, 2/10; Scientists stumped as bee population declines further, 3/29/10; Continuing Bee Collapse, 3/31/10; Fears for crops as shock figures from America show scale of bee catastrophe, 5/2/10; As honeybee numbers continue to fall, beekeepers offer ways you can help pollinators, 5/16/10; Mobile phones responsible for disappearance of honey bee, 5/29/10; Notes From the Bee Keeping Front, 8/10/10; Scientists stunned as bee populations continue to decline, 8/16/10; Colony Collapse Disorder Linked to Cumulative Pesticide Buildup, 9/3/10; Decline in Bee Pollination Confirmed, 9/8/10; Scientists & Soldiers Solve a Bee Mystery, 10/6/10; Case of the Mass Honeybee Killer Has a New Prime Suspect, 10/7/10; Bayer responds to criticism of its potentially bee-killing pesticide, 12/20/10; EPA knowingly approved bee-killing pesticide, 1/5/11; Researchers discover a shocking 96% decline in four major bumblebee species, 1/7/11; Leaked Document: EPA Scientists Warned Of Bee-Toxic Pesticide - Agency Approved It Anyway, 2/1/11; frankenbees Mass honeybee deaths now occurring worldwide, says UN, 3/14/11; Should some pesticides be banned to protect bees? A USDA scientist dances around the question, 4/6/11; Bees 'entomb' pesticide-tainted pollen in effort to protect themselves from extinction, 4/13/11; What Bees do for us, 5/6/11; Cell phone towers may be ultimate cause of honeybee population collapse, 5/16/11; Research bees stolen from scientists trying to test effects of pesticides, 5/26/11; Flight of the Bumble Bee: Why Are They Disappearing, 8/16/11; Millions of Bees Mysteriously Die in Florida, 9/30/11; Tens of millions of Florida bees mysteriously drop dead in one day, beekeepers blame pesticides, 10/5/11; Why Are So Many Bee-Carrying Trucks Crashing?, 10/24/11; “Zombie” Fly Parasite Killing Honeybees, 1/3/12; Honeybee deaths linked to seed insecticide exposure, 1/13/12; New scientific study links bee deaths to pesticides, 1/18/12; beedieoff Why California Almonds Need North Dakota Flowers (And A Few Billion Bees), 2/14/12; Bee research details harm from insecticides; Controversy Deepens Over Pesticides and Bee Collapse, 4/6/12; EPA-approved GMO insecticide responsible for killing off bees, contaminating entire food chain, 4/9/12; Common pesticide crashing honeybee populations around the world, 4/10/12; Colony Collapse Disorder in bees triggered not just by pesticides, but also by GMO high-fructose corn syrup, 4/19/12; Government tyranny: Illinois Department of Agriculture secretly destroys beekeeper's bees and 15 years of research proving Monsanto's Roundup kills bees, 5/20/12; Illinois illegally seizes bees resistant to Roundup; kills remaining queens, 5/21/12; Bye bye bumblebee: Honeybees aren’t the only pollinators in danger, 6/21/12; Water supplement for bees is claimed to prevent Colony Collapse Disorder, 7/29/12; Monsanto Buys Leading Bee Research Firm After Being Implicated In Bee Colony Collapse, 8/21/12; Bees, fruits and money, 9/6/12; Governments fail to act on pesticide threat to honeybee pollinators, 9/30/12; Washington beekeeper reports state's first case of 'zombie bees' that fly around erratically before suddenly dropping dead, 10/3/12; Zombie Bees Today - Are Zombie People Next?, 10/10/12; Overwhelming evidence shows pesticides are destroying bees, 10/25/12; Study Links Pesticides to Bumblebee Destruction…Again, 12/13/12; if_we_die Beekeepers Expect “Worst Year For Bees”, 1/21/13; Monsanto is Killing off the World Bee Population to make way for their genetically engineered FrankenBees, 1/30/13; Neonicotinoid pesticides continue to cause the decline of bee population in the U.S., 2/13/13; Something Is Killing Up To Half Of America's Bees, 3/29/13; Pesticide combination affects bees' ability to learn, 4/2/13; Official EU research verifies bee holocaust caused by dangerous man-made poisons, Big Ag and Big Government do nothing, 4/26/13; A Win for the Bees: EU Votes to Ban Bee-Harming Pesticides, 4/29/13; One-Third of U.S. Honeybee Colonies Died Last Winter, Threatening Food Supply, 5/8/13; Europe bans bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides: When will America take action?, 5/12/13; One-third of honeybee colonies in US died last winter: The food collapse approaches, 5/15/13; U.S. bees now carry antibiotic-resistant genes due to antibiotic overuse, 5/23/13; Bees dying by the millions, 6/19/13; One-third more dead bees: Researcher looks at insecticide impact, 6/24/13; Washington rejects restriction on honeybee-killing garden pesticide despite evidence of its deadliness, 6/25/13; More than 25,000 bumblebees fall from Oregon sky due to insecticide poisoning, 6/29/13; Monsanto’s Sick Plan to Help the Honeybee, 7/9/13; Story of honeybees and their importance in sustaining life, 7/14/13; Scientists name possible culprit in honey bee deaths: agricultural chemicals, 7/25/13; No honey, more problems: A ‘catastrophic’ year for bee colonies, 7/31/13; ‘Bee friendly’ plants may actually be toxic to bees, 8/14/13; More proof: Pesticides are killing honeybees, 8/29/13; Marla Spivak: Why bees are disappearing; An insecticide-infection connection in bee colony collapses, 10/21/13; Neonicotinoids kill honey bees by deactivating their immune systems, 11/3/13; An Open-Source Hive To Save The Bees, 11/13/13; Scientists Discover Another Cause of Bee Deaths, and it’s Really Bad News, 11/15/13; Big Agri-business: killing of the honeybee with guttation, 11/18/13; Why Bees Are Disappearing, 1/2/14; Bee activists swarm Home Depot and Lowe's, 2/14/14; Follow the Honey: 7 Ways Pesticide Companies Are Spinning the Bee Crisis, 4/29/14; Honeybee population collapse continues: nearly one-quarter died over the winter; death rates 'unsustainable', 5/22/14; Neonicotinoids are collapsing honeybee colonies, 5/29/14; 'Bee-Friendly' Plants Sold at Big Box Stores Are Actually Killing Bees, 6/26/14; Look Who's Behind This Large Study to "Help the Bees", 7/16/14; Recognizing severity behind the plight of bees, state goverments step in with funding to help protect this beneficial insect, 7/26/14; Neonicotinoids and pyrazoles are killing off honeybees, 8/26/14; EPA knew pesticides were killing honeybees in the 1970s but punished those who spoke out, 9/26/14; Monsanto pushes farmers to grow bee-killing soybeans, 11/20/14; honeybee_flight GMO corn plantings lead to death of 37 million bees in Canada, 11/24/14; 37 Million Bees Found Dead In Ontario, Canada After Planting Large GMO Corn Field, 12/6/14; To fight bee decline, Obama proposes more land to feed bees, 5/19/15; Bee colony die-off - 40% fewer honeybee colonies in U.S. than last year, 5/19/15; Aluminum contamination implicated in dementia and bee deaths, 6/22/15; How Monsanto's GMOs and glyphosate are killing off honeybees and leading to global ecological collapse, 8/25/15; EPA directly responsible for mass bee die-offs: scientific coverup of neonicotinoids continues, 3/2/16; Industry Whistleblower Claims This is What’s Really Killing Honeybees, 4/15/16; Honeybees face extinction as Big Biotech blocks protections, leaving pollinator insects vulnerable to deadly pesticides, 6/23/16; World's most heavily used pesticide set to wipe bees off the face of the earth, leading to mass human starvation, 8/28/16; Five ways humans could destroy civilization as we know it, 8/30/16

steffenclaus Birds: 10,000s of Birds found dead in Manitoba, 1/2/11; Hundreds of dead blackbirds found near New Roads, 1/3/11; Woman reports dozens of dead birds in her yard, 1/3/11; Falling birds likely died from massive trauma, 1/4/11; Birds fall from sky again, this time in Louisiana; New mass death of birds in Sweden, 1/6/11; Bird Die Off Looks Like Only the Beginning, 1/7/11; Weather radar shows something unusual around time birds fell, 1/7/11; Bird Die-Offs? Not That Rare, 1/8/11; Wisconsin Lab Says It Solved Blackbird Die-Off! (Yeah, right!!!), 1/10/11; Bye Bye Blackbird: USDA acknowledges a hand in one mass bird death, 1/20/11; USDA responsible for mass poisoning of millions of birds, 1/21/11; USDA found to be poisoning bird populations, causing mass die-offs involving millions of birds, 1/21/11; U.S. government commits avian holocaust with mass poisoning of millions of birds, 1/22/11; Droves of bald eagles dropping from skies in Canada, 3/2/11; Green killer: Scores of protected golden eagles dying after colliding with wind turbines, 6/6/11; Thousands of blackbirds fall to their death in Arkansas town for second New Year's Eve in a row, 1/2/12; Blind, Footless Chickens for Future CAFOs, 2/23/12; Peru examines deaths of more than 500 pelicans, 4/30/12; What's Going on With Peru's Dolphins and Pelicans?, 5/7/12; Peru says 5,000 birds, nearly 900 dolphins dead, 5/9/12; Scotts Miracle-Gro busted for illegally using pesticides on its bird seed, falsifying documents and killing wild birds, 9/12/12; California pelicans fail to mate, animals dying 'like a horror show' - is Fukushima to blame?, 6/16/14; Birds in Japan experiencing strange mutations, abnormal feather growth, 7/14/14; Hundreds of birds die slow, painful death after being poisoned at George Bush Airport in Houston, 7/19/14; Beyond honey bees, neonicotinoid pesticides now found to be killing baby birds, 7/20/14; Unprecedented: ‘Cataclysmic’ Die-Off Of Birds On Entire West Coast — Beaches Covered With Dead Bodies, 1/9/15; Over 1,200 seabirds mysteriously die on Pacific Coast, 1/15/15
Ducks: 'Foie gras' duck meat produced by force-feeding ducks, geese until their livers expand, 7/10/12
Eagles: Researchers say mass deaths of sea stars and bald eagles could be related to Fukushima radiation, 1/7/14

Butterflies: GMOs killing off Monarch butterflies, report finds, 7/29/11; Monsanto’s Roundup Shown to be Ravaging Butterfly Population, 3/10/12; Why monarch butterflies’ numbers are in freefall, 7/31/13; Monarch massacre: Nearly a billion butterflies have vanished, 2/9/15; Roundup and Other Herbicides Trigger Demise of the Monarch Butterfly, 4/15/15

Chimpanzees: Medical atrocities routinely committed against chimpanzees in the name of science, 7/18/11

Cows, Buffalos: 55 buffalo die mysteriously on New York farm, 1/21/11; 10,000 Cattle Dead In Vietnam, 1/21/11; Busting the Myth: There are No Happy Cows, 6/2/12; Dairy industry murdered 500,000 dairy cows just to keep milk prices high, 9/26/16

071715z Deer: Deadly Stupidity: Government Roads in Deer Country, 12/2/10; Deer's pink collars? Cute, but not to the DNR, which ordered animals killed, 1/17/12; Armed Wisconsin agents bust into animal shelter to kill baby deer, 8/1/13

Dogs: 'Mutant' dogs to spawn from hundreds of feral pups still living in Fukushima no-entry zone, 9/21/11

Dolphins: "The Cove": A Documentary of Dolphin Slaughter, 7/31/9; Baby dolphins dying along oil-soaked US Gulf Coast, 2/22/11; Deaths of baby dolphins worry scientists, 2/24/11; Navy Is Depending on Dolphins to Keep the Strait of Hormuz Open, 1/13/12; Tuna labeled 'dolphin safe' is still caught with practices involving the deliberate and life-threatening harassment of dolphins, 1/14/12; Barataria Bay Dolphins Severely Ill, 3/26/12; All These Dead Dolphins Show The BP Oil Spill May Be Far Worse Than Previously Feared, 4/3/12; Dolphin deaths in Peru still a mystery, 4/21/12; What's Going on With Peru's Dolphins and Pelicans?, 5/7/12; Peru says 5,000 birds, nearly 900 dolphins dead, 5/9/12; India: We Will Not Allow Dolphinariums, 5/21/13; Dead dolphins washing up on shores of Maryland, 8/9/13; Navy exercises will kill hundreds of dolphins and whales, 9/4/13; Mass dolphin deaths caused by ocean epidemic of uncontrollable virus, 11/20/13; Taiji dolphin hunt is not a 'tradition', 1/21/14; 400 dead dolphins washed ashore in Peru in January, 2/12/14; Marine mutants wash up on shore: two-headed dolphin a sign of chemical poisoning tipping point, 9/9/14

Elephants: 2011 a 'horrible year for elephants', 12/29/11; African Elephants May Go Extinct Within The Next Decade, 6/19/15; National Geographic put a GPS tracker inside a fake ivory tusk — here’s where it went, 9/8/15

Fish: Dead fish cover 20-miles of Arkansas River, 1/3/11; MDE: Fish Kill Caused By Cold Stress, 1/3/11; Mysterious killing of fish, 1/4/11; Strange Light Kills 1000s of Columbian Fish, 1/27/11; Millions of dead fish at King Harbor in Redondo Beach, 3/8/11; Hundreds of thousands of dead fish surface in Redondo Beach, 3/8/11; Why are the fish dying in Redondo Beach?, 3/8/11; Countless millions of dead fish found floating in Redondo Beach harbor, 3/8/11; Hundreds of dead fish wash up all over beaches in Alabama, 3/29/11; Wave of sick, injured Gulf fish has scientists questioning whether BP disaster to blame, 5/12/11; Mass animal deaths continue as thousands of dead walleye wash up in Lake Erie, 5/18/11; 800 tons of farm fish found dead in mass die-off, 6/4/11; Another mass die-off: Millions of fish found dead in China, 9/17/11; Bizarre phenomenon of fish changing genders is happening all over the world: What's in the water?, 3/21/13; Millions of Fish Have Been Found Dead All Over The World In The Past Month, 5/20/14; Mass Fish Deaths: Millions Have Been Found Dead All Over The World In The Past Month, 6/5/14; Millions of fish around the world are mysteriously dying... but why?, 6/12/14; 75% of world's fish have been wiped out by mankind ... Collapse of marine ecosystems now imminent, 1/26/16; Chemicals in the water are turning male fish into females... is same thing happening in humans?, 2/2/16; All Of A Sudden, Fish Are Dying By The MILLIONS All Over The Planet, 5/8/16
Sharks: Dozens of sharks washing up dead in California, 5/18/11; Are We Overharvesting Our Future?, 4/17/13; Shark Attacks On Humans Vs. Human Attacks On Sharks, 4/19/13

Horses: Pony up, Cattlemen!, 6/28/10; BLM is colluding and conspiring against wild horses and you!,7/1/10; Destruction of Largest Wyoming Wild Horse Herd Underway Despite Public Outcry, 10/13/10; Slaughterhouse Sue’s Big Fat ‘F”arce: Wyoming faces attack of the horse eaters,11/1/10; An open letter to the BLM, 5/9/11; Wild Horses Are Running Out of Room, On and Off Range, 12/14/12; Dark, Cruel Underbelly of the Horse Racing Industry, 3/26/14; Horrific horse virus spreading like crazy across Central Texas, 8/15/14; Stop the Annihilation of the Salt River Wild Horses!, 8/18/15; BLM plans to systematically sterilize wild horses, murder thousands, 9/14/16

Insects: Insects Are Disappearing And Your Dinner Is Going To Suffer, 2/28/13

Lions: Twilight of the lions; Could the world's most iconic animal be headed for extinction?, 2/1/11; Lions are Nearly Extinct in West Africa, 1/8/14

Moose: Moose die-off is massive and a mystery to scientists, 10/17/13

Manatees: Record Manatee Deaths, But 'Experts' Say No Harms To Humans, 3/13/13

Ocean Animals: Predators starve as we plunder oceans, 4/19/9; Marine Mammals & other Sea Life to be Decimated, 8/11/9; Dead dolphins, sea turtles, and tons of angelfish in Galveston, Texas, 1/21/11; Hundreds of dead starfish thrown on the coast of the British Isles, 3/27/11; Historic number of sea lions washing up in S. California, 3/16/13; Stranded Sea Lion Pups Arrive in Northern California, 3/28/13; Dead sea lions washing up on shore in California appear to have died from radiation poisoning, 4/15/13; Canada's pacific coast pink salmon affected by something are now yellow, 10/17/13; Fukushima Aftermath? 98 Percent Of The Pacific Ocean Floor Covered By Dead Sea Creatures, 12/15/13; Millions of starfish turning up dead off West Coast, 12/18/13; Dead sea creatures cover 98 percent of ocean floor off California coast; up from 1 percent before Fukushima, 1/2/14; Researchers say mass deaths of sea stars and bald eagles could be related to Fukushima radiation, 1/7/14; Massive die-off of oysters and scallops in Pacific Northwest, 2/28/14; Marine mammals mysteriously dying in record numbers along West Coast, 5/16/14; Dying seals and walruses washing up on Pacific coast with crumbly livers and other mysterious symptoms, 6/4/14; Agrochemical pollution is causing massive tumors in sea turtles, 10/29/14; US Gov’t: “We don’t know what’s going on” in Pacific — Many ill baby seals being abandoned; Dozens of walruses found dead; Dying whales, birds, fish — “Unprecedented things happening” — Experts: “It’s been a very unusual marine mammal year… I’m really worried, very concerned”, 8/7/15; Toxic algae bloom is 'eating the West Coast' as sea animals continue to die off amid Fukushima radiation plume, 8/28/15; Zombies of the ocean: Starfish now devouring themselves as life on planet Earth reaches crisis point, 11/13/15; Earth Changes 2016: Mass Die-Off Leaves More Than 10,000 Squid Dead In Chile, 1/18/16; 12 million whales, dolphins and other marine creatures threatened around the world by the Navy, 5/26/16
Jellyfish: Exploding jellyfish population a warning sign of worsening ocean health, 7/25/14
Oysters: Oysters in deep trouble: Is Pacific Ocean's chemistry killing sea life?; Massive oyster die-offs in Chesapeake Bay leave watermen jobless, local economy in shambles, 11/11/11

Orangutangs: Orangutans to be extinct in just 10 years?, 9/2/16

Pigs: Michigan government unleashes armed raids on small pig farmers, forces farmer to shoot all his own pigs, 4/16/12; Not By the Hair of My Chinny Chin Chin: Farmers Fight Hogicide in Michigan, 4/23/12; Horrific Video Of Thousands Of Dead Pigs Floating In A Shanghai River, 3/11/13; Chinese Farm Confesses To Dumping Thousands Of Dead Pigs Into A River, 3/14/13; Thousands of dead pigs discovered floating in Shanghai river that provides drinking water to millions in China, 3/21/13; Michigan government demands $700,000 from farmer, orders him to kill his pigs, 7/16/13; Michigan Orders Slaughter Of All Heritage Breed Pigs

071715g59 Rhinos: South African reserve’s last rhino butchered for her horn, 8/5/10; Poachers killed 100 rhinoceros in South Africa in slaughter surge, 9/12/12; GONZALO-VILLAR-2162210 Saving the rhino with U.S. military surveillance drones, 12/26/12; Northern white rhinos hunted to extinction - There are now only 5 left in the world, 12/22/14

Seals & Sea Lions: Canadian seal cull 'unnecessary due to climate change', 1/6/12; How Factory Farms Are Killing Seals, 2/24/12; Record number of starving sea lions stranded on West Coast as "mortality event" drags on, 3/3/15; Starving sea lions now fight U.S. fishermen for food as West Coast ecosystem collapses, 4/29/15; Over 15,000 baby sea lions estimated dead as Pacific sea life dies off, 12/14/15

Sheep: Farmed and Dangerous - CFIA Destroys a Shepherd's Life and Her Rare Sheep, 4/26/13

Turtles: Federal Government Plans To Kill Hundreds Of Desert Tortoises To Save $1 Million A Year, 8/26/13

Walruses: Walrus Migration Surprise, 10/2/10; Hundreds of dead walruses in Alaska: Ecosystem stress factors killing the walruses, 9/29/15

Whales: Pilot Whale slaughters in Faoroe Islands; Dueling protests in Tokyo over dolphin and whale hunts, 11/24/12; Tusks of Whimsical-Looking Whales Lead to Charges for 2 in a Maine Courtroom, 1/11/13; Japanese Whaling 'Dead in the Water', 2/4/13; Navy exercises will kill hundreds of dolphins and whales, 9/4/13; Killer whales cruelly snared by hunters will be put on display at Russia's Sochi Winter Olympics, 1/12/14; Obama Killing Whales for Oil Companies, 3/3/14; Japan ordered to halt 'scientific' whale slaughter, 4/17/14; West Coast orcas experiencing 100% infant mortality rate as radiation from Fukushima drifts across ocean, 1/29/15; SeaWorld Being Sued (Again) For Allegedly Drugging and Confining Orcas to “Chemical Tubs”, 4/13/15; 337 Dead Whales In Chile Is Worst Case Of Mass Deaths So Far, 12/2/15; SeaWorld Orca Shocks the Crowd as It Attempts Suicide in Front of Everyone, 6/7/16