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"As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen."

fanny_by_matmoon The starting point of the investigation into reality is the acknowledgement that “I am”.
Nothing can be honestly addressed without first acknowledging this; nothing can be gotten to the bottom of until this is.

I am. It is immediately obvious that I exist.
Being as nothing can be presumed, the first question can only be: Who or what am I?

Am I my body? my name? my memories? my likes? my dislikes? my hopes? my fears? my desires?
Nope, obviously, I'm not. Those things are all separate from me.
By themselves they change over time and I am the observer of them.
I am before those things; behind those things; primary to those things; prerequisite to all those things.

Here & now there is no room for thoughts & things; they exist only in the illusion of space & time & mind.
Here & now, there is no room for anything; yet, still, I Am.
Nothing personal, but it is absolutely evident and certain that I Am all there is;
I Am all that ever was or will be; all that ever could or can be. I Am all that Is.

You are too.