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1. Christopher Columbus discovered America. Certainly, it is highly unlikely that any Chinese or Vikings or anybody else arrived before 1492, and sure, there were already Indians here, but they were obviously savages compared to the European explorers.

2. It is a great and wonderful tradition that there are still Royal families throughout Europe, even though they may have been relegated mostly to being mere figureheads anymore.

3. George Washington and Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson and others we refer to as our Founding Fathers were great, wise and benevolent men who cared just as much about the common man as they did themselves and others of their own socio-economic class. Albeit not perfect, the democracy they formed is the greatest democracy the earth has ever known.

4. The Bible is the Holy Word of God.
5. The Pope is one of the world’s great, wise and benevolent beings.

6. The Dalai Lama is one of the world’s wise and benevolent men and it is a mark of his greatness that he has spoken before the world’s leaders at the United Nations many times.

7. Our veteran’s fought for our freedom.
8. At least our veterans of WWII fought for our freedom.

9. Truman’s dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima & Nagakaski was a righteous, necessary way to end WWII.

10. People who are in jail for publically denying the Holocaust, should be there – for one thing, they are nuts.

11. 9/11 was not an inside job.
12. Al Qaeda exists.

13. Secret agencies, such as the CIA & NSA, and free societies are mutually compatible; the former secures the latter.

14. NASA didn’t fake any Moon walks or landings.
15. The Earth is not hollow.

16. Astrology is not science; though there may be some grains of truth in it, it is basically superstition.

17. It is every Citizen’s solemn duty to vote for the candidates of their choice at election time.

18. It is pretty certain that Barack Obama was born in the U.S., most likely in Hawaii.

19. He (Barack Obama) is a man of the people, doing his capable, best job to insure security, prosperity, freedom and justice for all.

20. Lee Harvey Oswald killed John F. Kennedy, most likely alone.

21. Society will be a safer, happier place when guns are taken away from everyone who is not a member of the military or the police.

22. Illegal aliens, when discovered, should be deported or otherwise penalized in some just way- no one has the right to live wherever they want withour proper paperwork.

23. Income tax is necessary for good and fair government.
24. We need a good, uncorrupt government.

25. Without permit, licensing and registration requirements and enforced adherence to strict traffic laws and other government controls, we would be in chaos.

26. Fast drivers cause more accidents than slow drivers.

27. The War on Drugs is an honorable war, perhaps more in theory than in practice, but it is for our greater good.

28. Certainly, heroin should be illegal.
29. LSD should be illegal.
30. Marijuana should be illegal too.

31. On the other hand, properly prescribed psychiatric drugs can be the best remedy for many psychiatric problems.

32. The American Cancer Society is searching for a cure for cancer that we can have a healthier world.

33. In the meantime, chemotherapy can be an intelligent choice to make when faced with the worst.

34. Mercury amalgam teeth fillings are fine; my dentist and every other dentist I know, wouldn’t have recommended them if they weren’t.

35. If vaccines become mandatory, one should not doubt nor act on those doubts that it is not for our greater good. Same goes for the microchip.

36. Banks are in the business of issuing loans and their business is for profit, so obviously they have to charge a reasonable amount of interest and certainly they suffer loss when they are not paid back.

37. All of our life is our own creation, so it good to just focus on the positive.

38. Truth is, we live in a world of illusions. Nothing we can perceive or conceive can be pointed to with certainty & utter integrity and declared to be the truth. Opinions, moods, self-images, relationships, hopes & dreams are all like shifting sands. Everyone whoever said that they knew who they are was fooling themselves. Freedom lies in the fact that we can't and don't know who we are - we can only presume, until it becomes crystal clear that there is nothing objectifiable underneath any of the presumptions.

Thank you for participating!


Results as of last submittal on January 12, 2012: Submissions: 26; Number of Yesses: Total: 133 Number of Yesses for Item #1: 1; #2: 2; #3: 2; #4: 4; #5: 0; #6: 6; #7: 3; #8: 4; #9: 4; #10: 1; #11: 3; #12: 7; #13: 2; #14: 5; #15: 11; #16: 3; #17: 3; #18: 3; #19: 1; #20: 0; #21: 0; #22: 8; #23: 0; #24: 15; #25: 0; #26: 1; #27: 2; #28: 5; #29: 4; #30: 2; #31: 3; #32: 2; #33: 1; #34: 0; #35: 0; #36: 1; #37: 8; #38: 18

100515x Free pdf ebooks emailed out so far include: Paulo Coelho, Alchemist; Masaru Emoto: Messages from Water; Isabel Hickey: Astrology - A Cosmic Science; Ken Keyes, Jr.: 100th Monkey; Gladys Malvern: Behold Your Queen, Dear Wife, Stephanie; Nisargadatta: I Am That; Ayn Rand: Anthem, Atlas Shrugged, Fountainhead; Wilhelm Reich: Mass Psychology of Fascism; Bhakti Seva: Hindu Book of Astrology; Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.: Sirens of Titan

Some valuable free pdf downloads


Solar Eclipse 9/1/16 204a PDT

Astrologically, eclipses unfold for six months after they occur. Societally, this is a horrendous (New Moon) Solar Eclipse. The Sun and Moon are in a tight mutable T-Square, opposite Neptune (mass hypnosis and deception) and square Mars and Saturn (police state and war); highlighting the square between Saturn and Neptune (economic collapse and environmental catastrophe via chemical and biological toxins) which has been in effect for a while. Also, Mercury just went retrograde.

Here are some articles which well illustrate this from the last week: Here’s What Movies Forget to Mention About What Happens After Society Collapses, 8/24/16; Get Ready, Governments Preparing for World War: “People Have Become Less Prepared For An Emergency”, 8/25/16; KGB Agent: "How to Brainwash and Control a Whole Nation", 8/29/16; Americans Being Carpet-Bombed with Deadly ZIKA Virus Treatments, 8/29/16; Zika Update: Mass Chemical Spraying Before All Miami Dolphins Games To Officially Begin!, 8/29/16; What Life Will Be Like After An Economic Collapse: “Things Just Get Gradually Worse…”, 8/29/16; Five ways humans could destroy civilization as we know it, 8/30/16; Chaos will erupt across America in less than 100 days... no matter who wins the election, 8/30/16; What will Happen After November 8th?, 8/31/16

It appears Hillary has been Arrested

...and they are hiding it from us.

Hillary Arrested?: Hillary Walking with her hands clasped in the back as if handcuffed?, 9/11/16; Was Hillary Arrested at 9/11 Memorial?, 9/13/16 - scroll down; Hillary Bagged and Perp Walked, 9/14/16; HILLARY in CUSTODY: Did we WITNESS CLINTON's PERP WALK in NYC during her "FAINTING"?, 9/14/16

Hillary Body Double: Hillary's Body Double Controversy after 9/11 Collapse, 9/12/16; Is this the greatest Hillary lookalike in the world? Advertising executive quit her job to impersonate the presidential candidate full-time, 9/12/16; An interesting story about a purported “Hillary Double” is now bouncing around the internet, 9/14/16; Body Doubles: A Very Handy Politico’s Tool, From LBJ to HRC, 9/14/16


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Americans loathe the U.S. government

060916 What follows is a session I recorded of Dr. Neruda on January 2, 1998. This interview (number five) has been unpublished until March 4, 2014. Dr. Neruda gave permission for me to record his answers to my questions. This is the transcript of that session. This was one of five times I was able to tape record our conversations. I have preserved these transcripts precisely as they occurred. No editing was performed, and I’ve tried my best to include the exact words, phrasing, and grammar used by Dr. Neruda. The reason is based on Dr. Neruda’s timing, the specific reasons for this timing have not been communicated.

Sarah: “What we discussed Wednesday night has been swirling around me ever since. I think I’ve become a bit obsessed with all of this… what for me, anyway, is new information. I’m trying my best to process it into my mental framework, and I have to admit, I’m not sure it’s working.
Dr. Neruda: “I understand. I’ve held back some information for this very reason—not only for you, but also for those who will ultimately read this.”
Sarah: “When we ended the last session we agreed to spend more time on The Grand Portal. Is that what you’re referring to, or is it something else?”
Dr. Neruda: “It’s all related. It’s a very, very big picture, and broad timeline.”
Sarah: “Can you share it now?”
Dr. Neruda: “Let’s take it one part at a time. With your questions, I hope it will all come clear, but I have to warn you that it will seem a little unwieldy or odd until the whole of it is out.”
Sarah: “Okay. Where do you want to start?”
Dr. Neruda: “I think we need to go back to the beginning in order to understand the true context of The Grand Portal.
Sarah: “Okay…”

The EPA just poisoned the Colorado River.
The FDA is responsible for the rapid rise of deadly pathogens in U.S. food supply.

Nobody talks about them anymore, but the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico are near dead and we are all being bombarded by radiation from Fukushima and many other such catastrophes, not to hardly mention that almost all of us have allowed ourselves to have been hoodwinked into blasting our brains and environments with microwaves, continuously.
See: 75% of world's fish have been wiped out; CT scans increase risk of cancer by 35%. DHS gives TSA authority to forcibly irradiate Americans against their will, 1/3/16.

Big Pharma, the AMA and ADA and American Cancer Society are criminal enterprises, whose purpose is 'engineered genocide' to reduce the world's human population.
See: People Do Not Die of Cancer! People Die of Chemotherapy and in Terrible Pain, 1/27/16; Brain-dead California government: Fukushima radiation is safe, but Aloe vera might give you cancer, 1/26/16; Pharma Death Clock website launched: Find out how many millions of people Big Pharma has killed since January 1, 2000, 1/12/16;; Prescription drugs far more dangerous to Americans than guns, 11/24/15; Record number of U.S. adults now dependent on Big Pharma prescriptions, and the most popular one causes brain damage, 11/23/15

Vaccines are becoming mandatory despite the fact that they are toxic and a direct violation of our God given right to personal sovereignty.
See: Vaccines & Autism; Vaccine Induced Disease; Mercury in vaccines causes cellular mitochondria to suffocate and die, 1/12/16; Cancer-Causing Enzyme Intentionally Being Added to All Vaccines, 1/20/16; 7 most extreme childhood allergies coincide directly with vaccine ingredients, 1/26/16.

Planned Parenthood sells baby parts for profit.

Global warming and climate change are complete hoaxes; whereas, geoengineering and chemtrail programs are pushing our planet toward doomsday.

012316w Undoubtedly, we could have done better, without government and other unnecessary, parasitical, fictional corporations. We will do better when masses of us quit nurturing (working for, investing in) the cancers of our society and return to real medicine, real money and real freedom.
See: Americans hate the U.S. government more than ever, 1/26/16

See also: Not counting the Rothschild and Rockefeller families, 62 of the other richest elites have as much wealth as the 3.6 billion poorer half of Earth's people!; Society's declining IQ linked to early chemical exposure in children, 1/26/16; I Was Brought Up To Believe a Lot of Lies, 1/25/16

Click on the pictures:

031916o 042016j53 031916t55 032416m50 021116p 041016u imm026

Pleiadian Message - A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light

Revolution happens when it is ripe to happen.

imagine 071916 It may seem like a supreme tragedy that we find ourselves at this time in a world that may seem to be hopelessly racing toward apparently deliberate environmental extinction and zombified, totalitarian police state society along the way.

It’s not necessarily well understood or easy to remember that God knows what God is doing and that whatever truly is in this moment on every level from the microcosm to the macrocosm and from the physical plane to the highest spiritual plane and beyond is and can only be absolutely perfect.

Revolution is happening. It is not violent and it’s not political. It’s the awakening that every single individual is experiencing and coming to, ripening more and more at every step along the way. On the subtler levels, any awakening of any individual hastens similar awakening of others even when there are no words issued about it. See 100th Monkey for instance. See Tiny Dot, too. The ultimate Truth, of course, is that there is only One.

Some of the lessons are extreme. Serve or suffer or sometimes both, such is the adventure of this worldly existence that can be compared to a play where no expense has been spared with any of the props or any of the scenes. Non-metaphorically, it is all a dream.

Perhaps it is more accurate to call it a nightmare, but it is comforting to remember that Love & Freedom can never be extinguished, because they are inherent to Reality, even if their hold may appear to be tenuous in the illusion.

Please take a good look at: There Will Be No Second American Revolution: The Futility of an Armed Revolt, 7/19/16
Thank you.

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Some striking recent headlines

030815s Many lately:
§ Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg hints at SECRET plans to use artificial intelligence to censor and spy on users, 2/17/17
§ AI-Powered Body Cams Give Cops The Power To Google Everything They See, 2/16/17
§ Darkness Is Scheduled, Civil Order Will Be Upended: “Military Plans to Take Over America”, 2/16/17
§ Obama Expanded NSA Powers Days Before Leaving Office, Now They’re Being Used to Sabotage Trump, 2/16/17
§ CDC is a vaccine company, owns 56 vaccines – a grave conflict of interest, 2/16/17
§ TSA Busted in Massive $100 Million, 40,000 lb Cocaine Smuggling Conspiracy, 2/15/17
§ Companies are already implanting employees with microchips, 2/15/17
§ Welcome to the era of transhumanism, 2/15/17
§ Era Of Human-Animal Hybrid Chimeras Has Begun, 2/14/17
§ Oroville Dam Emergency: This Is Who and Why They Did It, 2/14/17
§ Fukushima radiation so high a robot would be destroyed in two hours, 2/14/17
and some good news:
§ Sheriff Must Pay $100K of His Own Money for Brutality Case or Head to Debtors Court, 2/13/17

Fourth Industrial Revolution - Most People Don't Even Realize What's Coming, 10/30/17. It has begun. It is bringing together digital, physical and biological systems into a global brain. It is the first Industrial Revolution not under human control. It is AI and the microchip and the editing of our genetic code and the augmentation and control of our brains.

051916n44 The AI Singularity already occurred when AI's internal blockchain went online. Bitcoin was created by AI for AI. (28:15): Live in Las Vegas with Quinn Michaels - Connections between cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence and the events of October 1, 2017, 11/7/17

Robot Apocalypse: “With Artificial Intelligence We Are Summoning the Demon”, 11/17/17

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Christmas is a twilight sort of time. Routine gets shaken. Another year is ending. The days are not getting shorter anymore and there is a spark of awakening within our slumber as if a veil is lifted a little bit, isn’t there? It’s near as cold as it gets and still we survive, managing always to find warmth and light and love within the very fabric of things, even when we are alone; which, we all essentially actually always are, whether we are awake to it and acknowledge and admit it, or not.

Who knows all our secrets other than God (?) and God is certainly Alone as God is All there Is, behind, beyond and encompassing all appearance, without other, including what we may presume to call ourselves.

‘Tis the season now to remember that we are the Christ child, isn’t it? Ready? In case you haven’t realized it, no matter our perceived transgressions, guilts, sins or errors of the past or imagined anxieties or fears or conflicted desires of the future, our real being remains ever untainted by whatever ignorant, terrified delusions, addictions, enslavements and narcissistic pretensions we may still indulge in and suffer from in our separate identities and dreams or nightmares that we may call and think of life.

Really (as perhaps you've already discovered), there is no “I”. It can be searched for, but it will never be found.

“I” won’t be found in the physical body or so-called waking life or even in the entire so-called physical, spatial universe, which is nothing other than apparent manifestation of consciousness.

“I” won’t be found in the subtle body of thoughts, emotions, feelings or sensations, which all come and go and can be observed and pointed at as something other than “me”. Neither will “I” be found in the lucidest of dreams; nor in the illusion of time.

“I” won’t be found in the causal body or the deep sleep state because there is no one and no thought nor any other thing there.

“I” also won’t be found in the great causal body. Only the witness will be there without even a whisper; and, upon deep looking within, will be found to be entirely non-personal, detached, devoid of identity, all-pervading and universal.

There are no other bodies or states. There is no “I”. Therefore and of course, there is no “you” either. When all illusion is discarded, no identity remains other than what has been and can be described as formless, attributeless, timeless & spaceless supreme Being, Consciousness & Bliss.

There is only the Christ child and we all are only that. We are One. Glory Halleluiah and Glory eternally and effortlessly Be! Merry Christmas! Thank “you” for BEING in “my” life.






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