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Stephen Lendman

stephen-lendman Political Prisoners In America, 8/9/10; Greatest ever environmental crime, 8/12/10; More than ever, a free and open Internet is threatened, 8/13/10; America plans future wars from space, 9/9/10; Obama renews "continuity of government" coup d'etat authority if implemented - Declares Another National Emergency When None Exists, 9/15/10; Iraq as it was no longer exists, 9/27/10; Constitutional rights are fast eroding, 10/2/10; America is now a police state, 10/8/10; Foreclosuregate is one part of a far greater problem, 10/11/10; Targeting the vulnerable and innocent, a US specialty, 11/5/10; Obama's Robin Hood economics, 11/13/10; Stephen Lendman: More involved than meets the eye, 11/27/10; Enhanced Airport Screening Controvery, 11/27/10; New York Times: What Passes for Journalism in the Newspaper of Record, 11/29/10; Imperial America's End Time, 11/30/10; Obama shamelessly serves wealth and power interests, 12/10/10; December 21 may decide fate of Net Neutrality, 12/19/10; Resisting Tyranny: A Universal Right, 12/25/10; Convincing evidence suggests willful malfeasance, 12/30/10; Israel's Barbaric Solitary Confinement - It amounts to torture, 1/5/11; Electromagnetic Frequency Mind Control Weapons from hell that should be banned, 1/5/11; Millions of college graduates are in permanent debt bondage, 1/7/11; Obama plans further shift right, 1/12/11; Obama Embraces Military Commissions Injustice, 1/25/11; Politics trumped Illinois law, 1/29/11; Change coming won't include democracy, 2/2/11; Stephen Lendman: End Game in Egypt, 2/6/11; Egyptians like others globally yearn for freedom, 2/7/11; George Bush: Preliminary Indictment for Torture, 2/9/11; Washington maneuvering to assure outcome favors its imperial agenda, 2/10/11; Israeli and PA Forces Suppress Solidarity with Egyptians, 2/12/11; Egyptians' liberating struggle just began, 2/13/11; Hold the Celebration: Egypt's Struggle Just Began, 2/14/11; Egypt at Dawn's Early Light, 2/15/11; Egypt's Military Declares Martial Law, 2/16/11; America's Total Surveillance Society, 2/28/11; Major media are promoting war on Libya, 3/2/11; Taking the Cake: Creeping Militarization of the Libyan Crisis, 3/4/11; Waging War on Working Americans, 3/6/11; US forces already in Libya inciting violence to oust Gaddafi, 3/7/11; Out-of-Control Human Rights Abuses in Iraq, 3/7/11; Obama's Lawless Authorization of Military Commissions Injustice, 3/10/11; Nuclear Meltdown in Japan, 3/14/11; Coverup and Denial in Japan, 3/16/11; Armageddon Scenario in Japan, 3/18/11; Torturing Bradley Manning, 3/19/11; Multiples Worse than Chernobyl - Millions will die from painful cancers, 3/20/11; Coverup and denial in Japan and West, 3/21/11; Washington led naked aggression on Libya, 3/22/11; FBI center takes on $1 billion ID project, 3/21/11; Major media actively promoting war, 3/25/11; Israeli crimes of war and against humanity way exceed the worst of Gaddafi's, 3/26/11; Japan's Leaking Water Radiation 100,000 Times Above Normal, 3/30/11; Appalling US political prison abuse, 3/30/11; Naked aggression in Libya, 3/31/11; Japan's Earthquake: Natural or Engineered?, 4/1/11; Japan's Apocalypse, 4/2/11; Japan's Apocalypse: Coverup and denial, 4/3/11; Another political prisoner in America's homeland gulag, 4/3/11; Revisiting Israel's Terror War on Gaza, 4/4/11; Obama's Terror War on Libya, 4/5/11; Growing Fukushima Radiation Dangers are concealed, 4/7/11; Coverup of Japan's nuclear disaster - Fukushima Meltdown Confirmed, 4/9/11; Palestinians deserve sovereignty, 4/9/11; Israel: Spoiling for Another Fight?, 4/10/11; Obama again sells out to wealth and power interests, 4/11/11; Alarming New Fukushima Reports, 4/19/11; Israeli Lobby's Poisonous Influence on US Policy - America acts against its own self-interest, 4/20/11; America's latest imperial war - What Next in Libya?, 4/20/11; Eco-insanity: Poisoning Mother Earth: America's Gulf and Fukushima, 4/23/11; BP is a crime organization - Stonewalling Compensation to Gulf Residents, 4/26/11; US gulag prison system injustice, 4/27/11; [Fascist] Supreme Court Lets Corporations Ban Class Actions, 4/29/11; Bin Laden died of kidney failure in December 2001, 5/4/11; An analysis of Gerald Celente's work, 5/4/11; Media Lies and Misinformation on Bin Laden, 5/5/11; New Israeli Racist Laws, 5/5/11; Staged Bin Laden Killing Hokum, 5/7/11; False Flags: An American Tradition, 5/8/11; Washington rigged Haiti's elections, 5/11/11; Exploiting migrants for profit - Human Trafficking in Israel, 5/13/11; Fukushima is by far the worst ever environmental disaster - Nuclear Meltdown Confirmed, 5/15/11; America's Appalling Human Rights Record, 5/19/11; Stealing Palestinian Land Dunam by Dunam, 5/20/11; America's Student Loan Racket: Soaring Default Rates - Robbing students to enrich financial interests, 5/20/11; Police state America - Extending Key Patriot Act Provisions, 5/24/11; Alleged Obama, Netanyahu Rift - US, Israeli relations are rock solid, 5/24/11; Obama supports Israeli repression, 5/25/11; Obama Plans Gutting Regulations for Corporate Favorites, 6/1/11; Memorial and Veterans Day Hypocrisy, 6/1/11; Israeli state terrorism - Netanyahu's War on Gaza, 6/2/11; Israeli state terrorism - Forty-Four Years of Occupation, 6/4/11; Naksa Day Commemorates Decades of Israeli State Terror, 6/7/11; Lawless US imperialism - America's Imperial War on Libya, 6/8/11; Remote Control Killing Like Sport, 6/15/11; Politics of Cancer, 6/17/11; America's Barbaric Death Penalty, 6/23/11; America's permanent war agenda - The Business of America is War, 6/30/11; Financial Terrorism - Meaner Tougher IMF with Lagarde, 7/1/11; Independence Day Hypocrisy, 7/5/11; NATO Using Nuclear Weapons in Libya, 7/8/11; Federal Boot on the Throat of the World - Business of America Is War, 7/11/11; America's Dirty War on Islam, 7/12/11; A Decade of US War Costs, 7/15/11; Nato and Rebel Atrocities in Libya, 7/15/11; Murdoch's World: Demagoguery, Propaganda, Scandal, Sleaze, and Warmongering, 7/18/11; Chicago's War Criminal/Anti-Labor Mayor, 7/20/11; Israel Terrorizing Palestinians Lawlessly, 7/20/11; Israeli lawlessness - Denying Palestinian Children Education, 7/21/11; Social & Economic Inequality in Israel, 7/22/11; Leonard Peltier: Victimized by Criminal Injustice, 7/22/11; Michele Bachmann: Way Out There in the Blue, 7/23/11; Much more to Oslo attacks than a lone bomber/gunman, 7/25/11; Evidence suggest Israeli connection to Oslo Attacks, 7/26/11; Brutally Isolating Detainees in Israeli Prisons, 7/26/11; Oslo Attacks: More False Flag Evidence, 7/27/11; America: Heading for Tyranny and Impoverishment, 7/28/11; Israeli Home Demolition Terrorism, 7/29/11; Debt Ceiling Roulette - Class War, 7/30/11; Libya: What America's Media Won't Report, 8/2/11; Bipartisan Debt Deal Betrayal, 8/3/11; Israel: Rogue State Land of Inequality, 8/3/11; Filling Prison Beds for Profit, 8/6/11; Main Street America in protracted Depression, 8/7/11; Vilifying Muslims in America, 8/8/11; NY Times Opposition to Palestinian Sovereignty, 8/10/11; Global Depression, 8/10/10; Growing Israeli Tyranny - Police state laws, 8/11/11; Corrupt major media - New York Times Support for Imperial Wars, 8/13/11; Police states - Repression in Israel and Bahrain, 8/13/11; Class war - Riots Across Britain: Perhaps More than Meets the Eye, 8/14/11; Congressional Junkets to Israel - Power of the Israeli Lobby, 8/14/11; Class war - Dire State of of America's Children, 8/15/11; Israeli Persecution of Palestinian Children, 8/15/11; Falsified Major Media Reports on Libya, 8/18/11; Daily Rogue State Israeli Lawlessness, 8/18/11; Rick Perry: Extremist White America's Evangelical Hope, 8/19/11; Eretz Yisrael: Lawless, Corrupt and Dysfunctional, 8/20/11; RIP: America's Anti-War Movement, 8/20/11; Another Israeli False Flag?, 8/22/11; Palestinian Right of Self-Defense, 8/23/11; Obama's Wars on Humanity, 8/25/11; NATO's Libya War: One of history's greatest crimes, 8/26/11; Rape of Libya, 8/29/11; Israeli efforts to disrupt new Palestinian state, 9/1/11; HR 2829 Targets Palestinian Statehood, 9/2/11; How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War (new book, 9/5/11; Plundering Libya, 9/5/11; Is Syria Next?, 9/7/11; Media Manipulation of 9/11 Truth, 9/7/11; America's Sick Economy, 9/8/11; Daily Israeli state terror, 9/8/11; 9/11 Truth, 9/9/11; Palestinian Statehood: Now's the Time, 9/11/11; Obama Style Stimulus - handouts to the rich plan, 9/11/11; Anti-Israeli Rage in Egypt, 9/13/11; 9/11: Echoes of the Big Lie, 9/13/11; Implications of Palestinian Statehood, 9/14/11; Palestine's right to statehood, 9/17/11; No Peace or Justice in Our Time with Netanyahu, 9/25/11; Netanyahu & Obama choose conflict over peace, 9/26/11; Effort to prevent Palestinian statehood, 9/27/11; Palestinian Statehood chances are nil, 9/28/11; Rage Against Wall Street, 10/1/11; America's Prison Hell Homeland Gulag, 10/2/11; Congressional hard-liners want to end Internet freedom, 10/3/11; Police State America, 10/4/11; Israel and Washington won't tolerate peace, 10/5/11; Global economies are cratering, 10/5/11; Wall Street Runs America, 10/8/11; Stop The Machine Occupies Washington, 10/9/11; The 2 Most Dominant Finance Capital Institutions few have heard of, 10/11/11; Social Justice Protests Head Everywhere, 10/11/11; Iran bashing, 10/15/11; Pushing the Envelope for Confrontation with Iran, 10/16/11; America's Multi-Headed Monster, 10/18/11; Class war rages in America, 10/22/11; No confirmation of Gaddafi's death, 10/22/11; Mixed Messages on Gaddafi, 10/25/11; Israel and Washington won't allow a viable Palestinian state, 10/25/11; Hazardous Hydrofracking in America, 10/28/11; Why Libya Was Attacked, 10/28/11; ADL is notorious for being racist and Islamophobic, 10/29/11; Libya: War Without End, 10/31/11; Eurozone Bailout Deal: Hold the Cheers, 10/31/11; Netanyahu Threatens Gazans with Death, 11/1/11; Living Under Israel's Boot, 11/1/11; Obama's Legacy of Shame - Permanent war and grand theft define his agenda, 11/3/11; Washington and Israel: Partners in State Terror, 11/3/11; Israel is the Biggest Threat to World Peace, 11/4/11; Internet Freedom Threatened, 11/7/11; America's Imperial Arrogance, 11/7/11; Targeting Iran, 11/9/11; America's Media War on Iran, 11/12/11; All wars are lies, 11/13/11; Financial Tyranny Rules Eurozone, 11/13/11; America's New World Order Agenda, 11/13/11; Deepening Economy Depression, 11/18/11; Criminalizing OWS Protesters, 11/19/11; America's Media War on OWS, 11/20/11; America's Lifetime Student Loan Debt Bondage, 11/20/11; OWS: Too Big to Fail, 11/21/11; Crumbling Eurozone economies, 11/21/11; Israel Steps Up Police State Crackdowns, 11/22/11; Thanksgiving Hypocrisy, 11/25/11; Indefinite Domestic Military Detentions, 11/29/11; International Solidarity Day with Palestine, 12/2/11; America is lurching toward full-blown tyranny, 12/6/11; Denying Palestinians Fair Access to Water, 12/8/11; Stephen Lendman Receives Journalists Club of Mexico International Journalism Award, 12/10/11; Treating Palestinians Lawlessly, 12/13/11; Wrecking Europe to Fix It, 12/13/11; Legislating Tyranny in America, 12/15/11; Lawless Israeli Oppression in Palestine, 12/15/11; Illegal FBI Spying on Community Groups, 12/16/11; Banker Occupation and Europain, 12/17/11; Obama Approves Draconian Police State Law, 12/17/11; Israel's slow-motion genocide solution for Palestine, 12/18/11; Political Washington Abolishes Due Process Protections, 12/18/11; Growing Hunger and Homelessness in America, 12/21/11; Money Power World Rule, 12/21/11; Deepening Global Financial Trouble, 12/24/11; Plans to destroy Medicare, 12/24/11; Holiday Season Hypocrisy, 12/25/11; Wrecking America's Postal Service, 12/29/11; Gaza war: One of history's great crimes, 12/29/11; Obama's itching for more war, 12/30/11; Grim 2012 Economic Outlook, 12/30/11; Israel v. Palestine in 2012, 12/31/11; Obama's America: Tyranny and Permanent War, 1/3/12; Targeting Journalists Covering OWS Protests, 1/9/12; Freedom: An Endangered Species in America, 1/10/12; Unaccountable: Private Military Contractor Abuses, 1/12/12; Haiti remains devastated two years after its disastrous earthquake, 1/13/12; Waging Covert War on Iran, 1/14/12; Criminalizing Dissent in America, 1/16/11; The business of Israel is war, 1/19/12; Protesting Internet Censorship, 1/20/12; NPR and PBS both serve state and corporate interests, 1/24/12; America's Great Divide Between Rich and Poor, 1/24/12; Main Street Americans and Europeans face protracted Depression, 1/26/12; Obama and those around him should be in prison, not the White House; Selling War, 1/28/12; Dispelling the big 9/11 lie, 2/1/12; Say No to War, 2/5/12; Political Prisoners in America's Gulag, 2/21/12; ACTA 2.0: Free expression on the line, 2/25/12; Goldman Sachs: Making Money by Stealing It , 3/18/12; Imagining the Unthinkable - Possible nuclear war, 4/1/12; Gunter Grass Addresses Israel's Nuclear Threat, 4/6/12; Draconian Cybersecurity Bills, 4/7/12; Scoundrels Attack Gunter Grass Truths - Israel is nuclear armed and dangerous, 4/11/12; America's Gulf a crime scene, 4/22/12; Occupy Wall Street's Act II, 5/7/12; Israel: Profile of a Police State, 5/11/12; Murder, Inc: Official Obama Policy, 6/3/12; Grand theft: America's Student Loan Racket, 6/9/12; Olympiad Readiness: Militarized London Total Policing, 7/19/12; Dying for Justice in Israel, 7/23/12; Lawless Domestic Spying, 7/27/12; Goldman Sachs Free to Keep Stealing, 8/15/12; Agent Orange: A Deadly Legacy, 8/21/12; Lawless National Security Letters, 8/23/12; Netanyahu: The Mouth that Roars, 9/6/12; Lakota Sioux Nation Leaves America, 10/2/12; Remembering Russell Means, 10/25/12; Obama Rejects Palestinian Statehood, 10/31/12; Netanyahu Says War is Peace, 11/5/12; Public Banking Works, 11/6/12; America and Israel Wage War on Humanity, 12/14/12; Aaron Swartz's Suspicious Death, 1/16/13; Internet Freedom and Copyright Reform: Aaron Swartz’s Suspicious Death, 1/17/13; Aaron Swartz: Suicide or Murder?, 1/18/13; Obama Killed Chavez, 3/15/13; Monsanto Protection Act, 4/3/13; Public Banking: What Better Time Than Now, 4/5/13; Exploiting Holocaust Remembrance Day, 4/10/13; Secret FDIC Plan to Loot Bank Accounts, 4/10/13; Creating a North Korean Threat, 4/15/13; Gold Drops the Most it has in 30 Years, 4/17/13; Anti-Zionism Not Anti-Semitism, 4/18/13; Anatomy of a False Flag, 4/22/13; FBI Responsibility for US Terror Plots, 4/27/13; Bilderberg June 6 - 9 Conference, 5/31/13; Murder, Inc: Official US Policy, 6/2/13; Evidence of Israeli Mass Murder Discovered, 6/4/13; We're All Bradley Manning, 6/6/13; 'High Priests of Globalization': Bilderberg Conference Convenes, 6/8/13; America's Student Loan Racket: Stiffer Debt Bondage Coming, 6/11/13; Texas: America's State-Sponsored Execution Capital, 7/1/13; Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Wrongfully Indicted, 7/2/13; America's Independence Day Hypocrisy, 7/5/13; Helen Thomas: Dead at 92, 7/21/13; Bradley Manning: Guilty of Doing the Right Thing, 8/1/13; NSA Conspires with Israel Against Americans, 9/14/13; War on Terror Advocate to Head Homeland Security, 10/20/13; Israel: Major International Cocaine Trafficking Hub, 10/23/13; Billionaire Mayor Wins Genesis Prize, 10/23/13; Anti-Defamation League's Top 10 Anti-Israeli Groups, 11/1/13; Israel Killed Arafat, 11/9/13; Healthcare Professionals Involvement in US Torture, 11/9/13; Veterans Day Hypocrisy, 11/12/13; Obamacare Restricts Choice of Hospitals and Doctors, 11/25/13; Mandela's Disturbing Legacy, 12/8/13; Federal Judge Rules Against Mass Surveillance, 12/19/13; The Fed: 100 Years of Financial Terrorism, 12/24/13