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no-confidence Statism: See Anarchism; Cult of Government; Biggest Government Lie in All of Human History; Statism is Dead, 11/18/8; Opiate of Frightened Masses, 4/22/10; Statism and Myth as a Statist Tool of Survival and Perpetuation, 6/11/10; Six Stages of the Creation of the State; Loyalty Oaths; How and Why the State Destroys Society; Are you an Authoritarian?, 12/10/10; An Unfalsifiable Religion, 12/21/10; Murray Rothbard: Rise of Statism; Narrowing Legitimacy of the State, 3/23/11; Libertarianism versus Statism, 5/20/11; Political Doctrine of Statism, 5/26/11; Why TSA, Wars, State Defined Diets, Seat-Belt Laws, the War On Drugs, Police Brutality, and Efforts to Control the Internet, Are Essential to the State, 6/9/11; Conversation at a Grocery Store, 6/20/11; Robert LeFevre: A Way To Be Free; How Statism Is a Sickness, and Not Just a Destructive Political System, 8/13/11; Rothbard destroys a common statist argument, 9/3/11; Public State Worship, 9/6/11; Don't Believe the 10 Myths of the State, 9/9/11; Top 10 Reasons Why the Mafia is Better than the State, 11/10/11; Rolling Back the Myth of Good Government, 11/14/11; How the State Subverts Responsibility, 11/7/12; The State Is the Sheeple's Church, 12/24/12; Legends Supporting the American Religion, 1/2/13; There Is No Such Thing As A Do-Good State, 4/25/14; Jimmy Stewart Explains Statism, 9/10/14; State is Our Chief Enemy and Enemy-maker, 9/12/14; Nations By Consent: Decomposing the Nation-State, 9/19/14; State has Become our God, 10/22/14; Civilization Precedes the State, 11/5/14; Police Power Is The Foundation Of The State, 11/14/14; Society Without the State, 11/27/14; Inoculating Children Against the Disease of Statism, 1/9/15; State Is Crime - While the vast majority of the “crimes” it enforces against us are anything but, 1/12/15; 25 statist propaganda phrases and how to rebut them, 3/9/15; Why We Should Abandon the State, 8/7/15; If You Are Devastated At Trump Presidency “It Might Be A Sign That You Rely On Or Worship The State Just A Bit Too Much”, 1/25/17

no_difference. 043015d 123115b 072614h63 Political Parties: Roger Williams campaign ad; Two Democrats stuck on an escalator, 4/24/11; Fear & Greed: The Real Political Parties of the State, 1/17/12; Three Party System: Left, Right, and Reality, 5/9/13; 2 party Mafia's 'good cop, bad cop' tactic, 9/5/14; Ron Paul: 2-party US Political System in Reality a Monopoly, 11/6/14; Independents Will Soon Outnumber Republicans and Democrats Combined, 7/7/15; Republicans and Democrats have MERGED: It's all one big, police state party of insanity now!, 12/23/15; A Voter’s Guide to Where the Political Parties Stand on Everything from Abortion to Guns, 5/10/16; Two-Party-System Implodes As Top Republicans Formally Support Democrat, 8/4/16

Libertarians: What Libertarians Want from Government, 9/13/16

092616d 021116g 110614n Elections: Election Night Projections Cover For Vote Rigging Since 1964?, 9/23/2; Obama & McCain: Pawns of the Global Elite; Jon Stewart: AIPAC Decides; Michael Rozeff: Why I Do Not Vote; Presidential Debates Are a Scam; Monsanto candidates win election, 11/8/10; Results Are In – Monsanto Wins Elections by a Landslide!, 11/9/10; Programmer under oath admits computers rig elections, 4/18/11; candidate's_debate Washington rigged Haiti's elections, 5/11/11; Collective Boob-Hustling, 9/25/12; Election predictions: The candidate in favor of GMOs, bankster bailouts and corporate domination will win!, 11/3/12; Did These Hidden Forces 'Elect' the President?, 2/16/13; Remember, remember the 6th of November. Your votes fan the embers of fascist offenders. Both lying pretenders are bailout defenders, death-by-drone senders and liberty enders. - Wm. Deburgh; A Visualization of the Most Invisible and Influential part of Political Campaigns, 11/6/12; Election 2012: How The Winner Will Destroy America, 11/6/12; A Princeton Neuroscientist PERFECTLY Nailed The Popular Vote, 11/7/12; Voter turnout shaping up to be lower than 2008, 11/7/12; americans_have_spoken Obama re-election puts America on trajectory toward financial mega-disaster, 11/8/12; Say Hello to the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss, 11/8/12; 19,605 to zero is statistical proof of outright vote fraud in 2012 presidential election, 11/14/12; Nobody Won - Let Nobody Serve, 11/23/12; Statist Dogs Chasing Their Tails, 1/9/14; Why I Could Never Be Elected to Office, 11/4/14; Actual election turnout far lower than reported, 11/5/14; Google’s search algorithms could alter Presidential elections, 8/10/15; Insider: Obama Plans to Cancel Election, 9/2/15; Real Issues You Won't Hear from the 2016 Presidential Candidates This Election Year, 11/6/15; What It Takes to Be President of the American Police State: Anti-Big Money, Anti-War, Pro-Constitution, Freedom-Loving Candidates Need Not Apply, 5/23/16; What I Want from This Year's Circus, 8/3/16; A Dog Is Re-Elected Mayor for a Third Term, Proving Politicians Are Useless, 9/8/16; Could Election Be Suspended if Hillary Drops Out?, 9/12/16; A Few Uncomfortable Truths You Won’t Hear from the 2016 Presidential Candidates, 9/26/16; Wake up Call, America: the Real Reason People Are Voting for Hillary and Trump, 9/27/16; Signaled and Triggered RiggedDebate, 9/27/16; Engage In Sex, Not War, 10/11/16; Anonymous Releases Statement on US Presidential Election 2016, 10/12/16; Voter Fraud Is Real. Here’s The Proof, 10/13/16; Fix Is In: NBC Affiliate Accidentally Posts Election Results A Week Early: Hillary Wins Presidency 42% to Trump’s 40%, 11/2/16; Secret World of US Election: Julian Assange talks to John Pilger (FULL INTERVIEW), 11/5/16; NEWSWEEK ALREADY HAS THE CLINTON VICTORY SPECIAL EDITION IN BOXES READY TO SHIP, 11/5/16; Will The Election End America’s Torment?, 11/5/16; Shocked CNN Admits Clinton Has Dropped Below 270 On Electoral Map, 11/5/16; Establishment Will Get Its "F**K You" No Matter Who Wins, 11/7/16; nobody_won Can the Oligarchy Still Steal the Presidential Election? You betcha, 11/7/16; Military Told to "STAND DOWN" - Hillary to be installed as President, 11/7/16; Julian Assange Issues Statement On The US Election, 11/8/16; Now That The Presidential-Election Side Show Is Finally Ending..., 11/8/16; First Thoughts On The "Not-Hillary" Election Results, 11/9/16; Sky Fell on Half of America, 11/10/16; No Matter What Happens, We Won’t Know Who The Next President Will Be Until December 19th, 11/10/16; Why a challenged election could backfire on Clinton, 11/11/16; Actually, 'Nobody' Won the 2016 Presidential Election -- and It Was a Landslide, 11/11/16; If the Electoral College votes for Hillary many could die, 11/23/16; Hillary Lawyer Calls On NC GOP Governor To Stop Recount Despite Tighter Race Than WI, MI & PA, 11/29/16; Proof Foreign Governments Did Interfere In Election - to Help Hillary!, 12/13/16; 14 Signs That There Is A Plot To Use Russia As An Excuse To Steal The Presidency From Trump On December 19th Or January 6th, 12/15/16; Trump argument bolstered: Clinton could have received 800,000 votes from noncitizens, 1/26/17; At Least 25 Million Dead and Fraudulent “Registered Voters” in 2016, 1/27/17



Larken Rose: Ya Gotta Vote!
Oct 5, 2013

080916n 072916g 062816f55 080714v54 111015l41 Voting: Why I Refuse to Register (To Vote or Pay Taxes), 10/9; Should the Mice Vote for the Cats?; Voter Registration attachment; George Carlin Doesn't Vote, 8/29/8; Truth About Voting, 10/28/8; Principled Nonvoting: Beginning of Disengaging from the State, 9/15/10; Remember, Don’t Vote in November, 9/23/10 ; On Underwriting an Evil; Christine Smith: Voting is Evil, 3/26/11; 'God' That Failed!, 6/14/11; Politics is a Scam – Why I Will Never Vote Again, 6/26/11; voting-once-more Diebold accidently leaks 2012 election results, 1/22/12; How To Avoid Voting For A Globalist Puppet, 1/24/12; What Blackjack Players and Voters Have in Common, 3/2/12; Only Choice on November 6th, 8/15/12; If You Vote, You Consent to be Governed, 8/31/12; Nov. 6th: Public Burnings of Voter Registration Cards, 8/31/12; 'Lesser Evil' Voters: Stop Enabling Your Abusers, 9/4/12; Continuing political sucker-game, 9/11/12; Vote, If..., 9/14/12; Vote for Nobody campaign; Remembering 100 Years of Conquered Rule. 10/2/12; Lesser of Two Evils, 10/10/12; Voting: A Fool’s Game!, 10/16/12; Vote for Liberty by Not Voting, 10/16/12; A Reason Not to Vote, 10/18/12; voting-slaves When Will the Voters Learn?, 10/19/12; Libertarians Should Vote for… No One, 10/22/12; Myth of Voter Choice in a Two-Party Tyranny, 10/23/12; Trick Questions to Obama Voters, 10/25/12; Tired of Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney, 10/30/12; Obama and Romney: brothers of the same imperial lodge, 10/31/12; Americans Proudly Voting for Evil, 11/1/12; Larken Rose: Ya Gotta Vote!, 11/2/12; Chris Rock: Message For White Voters, 11/3/12; Teacher tells student - "You only have 2 choices", 11/3/12; Voting Is Violence, 11/5/12; A Good Sign: Voter Turnout Plunges Throughout the Western World, 11/8/12; Sociophysicists Discover Universal Pattern of Voting Behaviour, 12/12/12; Rationally Misinformed Voter, 1/3/13; Illusion of Choice, 1/11/13; I'm not voting anymore, 12/17/13; Larken Rose: Message to the Voting Cattle, 7/9/14; Voters are Tied to the Streetcar Tracks, 8/25/14; Why I won't vote this year – or any year, 10/14/14; Was I Wrong About Voting?, 11/3/14; Obama Broaches the Idea of 'Mandatory Voting', 3/20/15; Voters Are Just Dirt on Congress’s Shoes, 5/20/15; Debunking the Lesser-of-Two-Evils Voting Theory, 2/5/16; Followers: Republican/Democrat (2016 Documentary), 2/6/16; My Vote - why there’s one clear choice, 3/2/16; By All Means, Vote, 4/4/16; Does Voting Even Matter? Top 3 Reasons Why It Does Not, 4/12/16; Still-Voting What If the Empire Held an Election and Nobody Came?, 4/16/16; Voting is not only a childish abdication of individual responsibility but a declaration of war on your neighbor, 5/21/16; And Now, a Condescending Message from Hollywood, 9/21/16; Five reasons for not voting this November, 9/23/16; There’s only one candidate that can make a difference this election, 9/27/16; 2016 -- The Year America Realized the Inevitable Result of Constantly Choosing the Lesser of Two Evils, 10/10/16; Doug Casey’s Top Five Reasons Not to Vote, 11/5/16; 17 Reasons Why Your Vote Not Only Doesn't Count, But is Part of the Problem, 11/8/16; Voting is the Problem -Here's the Solution, 11/8/16; Larken Rose on the Immorality of Voting, 11/9/16; Of Course, I Didn’t Vote, 11/15/16


080316s Nationalism: Doug Stanhope on nationalism, 7/21/19

Patriotism: Loyalty Day; Memorial Day; Independence Day; Veteran's Day; Patriotism: A Mental Disorder, 5/25/11; Reflexive Patriotism, Last Refuge of a Scoundrel Nation, 5/27/11; A Letter to the Neighborhood Flag Freaks, 7/10/12; Why Is Patriotism Thought To Be Blind Loyalty To The Government Rather Than To The Principles Of Liberty?, 12/13/12; Today, I was "This Guy", 12/16/12; Patriotism, defined, 11/21/14; 7 Doublethink Rules of Patriotism, 7/4/15; Patriotism Isn’t Love of Government, 2/17/16; Lie of Patriotism, 4/3/16; American 'Free Society' is of course really a Militaristic Slave Society, 5/10/16; Patriotism: The Most Primitive of Superstitions, 9/21/16

121214m pledge Pledge of Allegiance: But Allegiance to What?, 6/8/13; Fla. teacher suspended for forcing 4th-grader to participate in Pledge of Allegiance, 11/6/13; Do you Pledge Allegiance to the flag?, 11/14/15; Bellamy Salute, 9/16/16; I Pledge Allegiance to the Fraud, 9/18/16

Star Spangled Banner: Star-Spangled Scam, 9/16/16

071815l49 "Our Troops": Our Troops do NOT Protect Our Freedom and We Should Stop Thanking Them for Doing So, 8/7/11; Support Our Troops?, 11/1/11; Oo-rah, 11/1/11; What It Really Means To Support the Troops, 11/11/11; Thank You for Your Service?, 4/21/12; Were Nazi Soldiers Heroes?, 5/30/12; Military Hero Myth, 4/15/13; Should We Honor Vietnam Veterans?, 4/29/13; Erasmus on the Wickedness of Soldiers, 11/27/13; Don’t Walk in a Soldier’s Shoes, 2/11/14; Pray for the Troops?, 2/28/14; Josie The Outlaw: Supporting the Troops Video, 3/13/14; Here's some freedoms 'our troops' aren't fighting for, 8/5/14; You don’t protect my freedom: Our childish insistence on calling soldiers heroes deadens real democracy, 11/9/14; Jesse Ventura: Military doesn't 'fight for our freedom', 11/11/14; Joining the military doesn’t make you a hero, 12/7/14; Remember the Service of Our Heroes This Christmas Season, 12/24/14; Troops Are Destroying Our Country, 1/22/15; Please stop fighting for my 'freedom', 2/7/15; Military’s “Heroes” and the Scourge of Nationalism, 5/20/15; Don’t Honor the Troops, 6/15/15; Governments Don’t Kill, People Do, 9/29/15; It’s Time to Stop “Supporting Our Troops”, 12/14/15; Who Can Stop the Drive to War?, 12/15/15; Don’t Thank Killers for Their Service - Hail the draft dodging heroes like Muhammad Ali, 6/14/16; Freedom is not given by the government nor defended by the military, 9/14/16; Are Soldiers Culpable?, 10/11/16

Larken Rose: Truth About Humanity
August 4, 2016