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universe_speaks_frequency Frequency; Quantum entanglement; Radionics; Royal Rife; Rife machine; Hulda Clark; Spooky2

030917d 072913h Frequency: If all matter is vibration, what does actually vibrate? [closed]; Universal Energy of Vibrations, 7/98; Frequency, Vibration and Oscillation – The Energy Patterns That Affect Your Wellbeing, 6/10/14; Creative Power of Frequency and Vibration, 11/1/14; Universal Energy of Frequency and Vibration, 3/4/15; Sonic Geometry : Language of Frequency and Form (in High Definition), 9/21/15; Frequency and Vibration: How They Create the Structures of Matter and Life, 5/15/16

Light: Light; Ultimate Mystery - What is Light?; Biophotons: The Human Body Emits, Communicates With And Is Made From Light, 3/13/17

030917e 022717e62 022717d56 022717g42 022717f37 Quantum entanglement: wikipedia; Quantum Mechanics; Wormholes; Quantum Entanglement Made Simple; Physicists prove Einstein's 'spooky' quantum entanglement; For the First Time, Humans See Quantum Entanglement With the Naked Eye, 4/29/11; World record for the entanglement of twisted light quanta, 11/5/12; How Quantum Entanglement Works, 4/8/13; Harnessing Quantum Entanglement Is Humanity’s Secret Weapon, 7/9/13; Quantum Entanglement & Spooky Action at a Distance, 1/12/15; Quantum Entanglement: Love on a Subatomic Scale, 2/14/16; Entanglement of quantum clocks through gravity, 3/12/17

Radionics: wikipedia; What is Radionics; Radionics | Energy Healing through Vibrational Medicine; RADIONICS - The Light Party; Radionics Subtle Energy and Vibrational Medicine; Spooky2 Radionics; Spooky Action at a Distance: Strange Science of Radionics, 10/28/15
Ruggero Moretto: Basic Course of Radionics and Radiesthesia^; Advanced Course^

Albert Abrams: wikipedia

royal_rife_front_page_news Royal Rife: wikipedia; Royal Raymond Rife and the Cancer Cure that Worked; A Brief History of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife (May 16, 1888 - August 11, 1971); Royal Raymond Rife, 10/9/0; Royal Rife: Cancer Cure Genius Silenced by Medical Mafia, 9/26/9; Royal Raymond Rife, the rise and fall, one of most brilliant scientist in medical history, 5/27/16; Royal Raymond Rife interview 1960 - what happened?, 6/2/16

Rife Machine: Rife Machine History videos; Barry Lynes: Cancer Cure that Worked; Tom Bearden: Novel Principles in the Rife Microscope, 10/12/03; Life Frequencies Essentials and Rife Pro X2; Cancer cure discovered – in 1934, 5/24/11; This Device Cured Cancer But Big Pharma Destroyed It, 1/6/14; Frontpage; Rife Machines – Holistic Cancer Research, 3/14/14; Researchers Demonstrate How Cancer Cells Are Obliterated By Resonant Frequencies, 1/26/16; Did Royal Rife Invent A Cancer Curing Machine?, 7/29/16

Rife Frequencies: Rife Frequencies; Frequency List; Experimenting with One Frequency, 9/19/16; Frequencies of Rifing Book/Kindle, 12/5/16; Rife Frequency Sources, 2/14/17; Why do we use Low Frequencies and not High ones?, 2/20/17; Understanding Rife Times [forum], 2/23/17

Hulda-Regehr-Clark Hulda Clark: wikipedia; Cure for All Cancers^; Cure for All Diseases^; website; Dr. Hulda Clark Passed Away Sep. 3, 2009; Tony Brown interviews Dr. Hulda Clark, 1/11/15; Hulda Clark Cured 20,000 People from Cancer: Her Best Kept Secret is Now REVEALED!, 9/17/15


Spooky2; John White; Spooky2 Guides; Spooky2 Hardware; Spooky2 Software; Spooky2 Rife Treatment; Spooky2 Rife Treatment Protocols; Spooky2 colloidal silver

spooky2-ghos Spooky2: Quantum entanglement squared. The only genuine Rife machine on planet Earth.
Home; Blog; Products; Support; Forum; videos; Dr Royal Raymond Rife and his therapy with Spooky 2

john_white_interview John White interviews & seminars: Health Revolution # 14 - John White on the Spooky2 Rife Machine - Interviewed by Clive de Carle, 5/8/14; SPOOKY CENTRAL. THE HEALTH REVOLUTION. John White & Clive de Carle, 1/4/16; What is Rife?, 11/14/16; Spooky2 Ireland Conference, 1/19/17

Spooky2 Guides: Beginners Guide; Spooky2 FAQ; Spooky2 User's Guide, 3/8/17; Installing a Spooky2 for idiots like me, 2/11/17; A personal Startup Guide for the Spooky2; Spooky2 Ask Me Anything, 3/2/17

Spooky2 Hardware

spooky_central_and_Phanotron_Plasma_Tube Spooky2 Hardware: Setup Guide; What Order Should I Power Things On and Off, 11/23/16; Connecting Spooky2 Accessories, 1/16/16; Installing Spooky Central and Spooky2 Generators, 7/6/16; How to Connect Spooky Central Accessories, 12/16/16; How to load drivers and perform signal test, 1/8/17
Spooky Central: Spooky Central Instructions; Connecting Spooky Central; Connecting Spooky Central, 1/6/16; Using Spooky Central; Using Spooky Central, 1/16/16; Running Spooky Central, 1/21/16; A Top 10 best Invention ever, The Spooky Central Rife Machine, 1/25/16; What are the Advantages of Spooky Central?, 2/7/17; What are the Advantages of Spooky Central, 2/9/17
Generator: Heart of Spooky2. How to Set Up Multiple Generators; Why Two Rife Machines Are Better Than One; Why Multiple Generators Are Suggested for Certain Diseases; Using the Spooky2 Frequency Generator with the PA3 or the SPA4 Amplifier; How to Test Generator's Output Using Spooky Remote, 9/1/16; What Would Happen to Your Generators When Encountering Power Outage, 10/31/16; Spooky2 Generator Coil Hardware Connection and Software Operation, 11/17/16; Spooky Central Dedication Settings, 11/22/16; An Example of a Spooky2 5 Generator Rig Setup, 12/1/16; Spooky 2 RIFE Machine, DEDICATED Generator and LAPTOP, 1/17/17; Frequency Shown On XM Doesn't Change With Program [forum], 3/10/17; What do you do with multiple generators? Just run the same programs on all but with different contact points?, 3/14/17
Radionics: Berkana Labs
Spooky Audio: How to Connect Spooky Audio with Generator, 12/26/16
Spooky Boost v3.0: Increases generator power and connects accessories. It provides safe contact sessions and can make colloidal silver. Connecting Spooky Boost v3.0

Spooky2 Software

Spooky2 Software: Brain of Spooky2. Software and documents downloads; How to Install Spooky2 Software; August 2016 Simple Start Instructions, 8/3/16; How to Install Spooky2 Software, 9/12/16; First Time Users, 1/3/16; 5 Steps to Run Spooky2, 3/1/16; Spooky2 Software: Loading Programs, 8/10/16; October 2016 version of Spooky, 10/1/16; Spooky2 Software (Free) - Brief Introduction, 11/18/16; Download the 10-21-16 Spooky2 Software and User's Guide, 11/18/16; Unzip the 10-21-16 Spooky2 Zipped Folders, 11/18/16; Spooky2 User's Guide and User Preset, 11/21/16; How to Change Settings When the Program is Running, 11/22/16; Allow Generator Overwrites First, 11/23/16; What is New in the December 1 2016 Spooky2 Software, 12/1/16; Installing the Spooky2 Software and Drivers for the First Time, 12/1/16; Synopsis of Dec 2016 Spooky2 User's Guide for New Users, 12/9/16; Features of the Spooky2 Software Dec 1, 2016 Version, 12/11/16; Spooky2 Software: February 2017 version of Spooky, 1/29/17; How to Use Load Programs, 2/17/17; Spooky2 20170308 Uploaded, 3/9/17; Basics of Spooky2 Software, 3/22/17
Windows: Recommended Windows Settings for Spooky2, 9/1/16; Modify the Power Settings and Windows Update Settings, 11/18/16; Screenshot Feature and Post to FB, 11/22/16
Keywords: How to Choose Keywords when Searching in Spooky2 Software; How to Choose Keywords When Searching in Spooky2 Software, 11/25/16
Chain Editor: How to Install Chain Editor, 1/19/17; How To Use Chain Editor, 1/19/17; How To Use Preset Chain, 1/21/17
Presets: How to Make Your Own Presets Out of Shell Presets - 1, 9/19/16; How to Build Your Own Preset from a Shell Empty Preset, 11/21/16; Understanding Presets Factory, Shell and User, 11/22/16; How to Run A Preset Program, 11/23/16; How to Create Easy Access to Your Favorite Presets, 12/11/16; Golden Ratio Presets Explained, 2/27/17
Databases: How to Install A Database, 11/21/16;
Base Pair Database: How to Use the Base Pair Database, 2/10/17; BP frequency questions [forum], 2/20/17
Molecular Weight Database: Install the Molecular Weight Database, 11/18/16; How to Run Molecular Weight Frequencies in the Spooky2 Database, 12/12/16; How to run Molecular weight programs with other programs in one generator, 1/12/17; How long should I run the experimental Molecular weight frequencies (vitamins, minerals) everyday to be effective?, 2/27/17; A Few Cautions on Running Vitamin Molecular Weight Programs, 3/10/17
Scans: Spooky2 Scanning, 11/30/13; Spooky Spectrum Sweep, 3/11/16
How to Transfer Your Scan Results from One Computer to Another, 12/29/16; How to Filter Your Scan Results, 2/9/17; How to Reload Scan Results, 2/24/17; Remote Frequency Sweeps [forum], 2/24/17; How to reload scan results?, 3/1/17; How to Do A Grade Program Scan, 3/6/17; How to Do An Optimize Scan, 3/6/17; Can you use Grade & Optimize preset/scans for Programs/Freqs in the Spooky DB?, 3/16/17
Quick Scan: How to Perform a Quick Scan Grade Program, 11/21/16
Biofeedback Scan: Spooky2 Biofeedback Explained, 11/5/16; Tips for the Personal Biofeedback Scanning, 11/22/16; Biofeedback Scan Tips, 11/30/16; Run a Saved Biofeedback Scan Results Program using Max BPM Setting, 12/1/16; Biofeedback Using BPM and HRV Values, 12/19/16; How to Filter Your Scan Results, 2/9/17; How to Reload Scan Results, 2/23/17; When I do ALL Biofeedback Scan- DB, it doesn't automatically stop, 3/8/17
Reverse Lookup: How to Perform a Reverse Lookup, 11/21/16; What is Reverse Lookup for, 11/22/16
Frequency: A Simple Question on Spooky2 Software Frequency [forum], 2/25/17; High frequency numbers different on generator [forum], 3/3/17; How do I set up a 3.3MHz carrier [forum], 3/5/17
Frequency Sets: Create Customized Frequency Set, 11/22/16
Frequency Wobbles: General Rules on Frequency Wobbles and Feathering, 10/12/16; Frequency Wobbles, 12/1/16

Spooky2 Rife Treatment

Spooky2 Rife Treatment: The only genuine Rife machine on Earth. Golden Rule of Rifing; Not Everyone Feels Worse At the Start of Treatments, But If You Do...; Importance of Drinking Lemon Water; Is there any way to restart/resume the program in the middle if it gets interrupted?, 11/1/16; Fasting for treating [forum], 2/24/17; When a program only works for a few days [forum}, 2/27/17; Anatomy of Spooky2 Rife System, 3/10/17; Hacking the Matrix, Rife Way [forum], 3/11/17
Herx reaction: Herxheimer Reaction - Feeling worse before feeling better; What can I do to reduce herx reaction?, 3/3/17
Healing vs. Killing: How to Distinguish Healing and Killing Frequency; What is the Difference between Healing and Killing?; Choosing Healing or Killing [forum], 2/20/17
Waveforms: Which Waveform to Use in Rife?; What is the Square H Bomb?, 2/13/17
Treatment Modes: Differences between Remote, Contact and Plasma Modes, 9/1/16; Using PLASMA & CONTACT mode together, 1/10/17

Remote: Gentle quantum entanglement scanner transmission and its association through distance. Frequencies applied to the DNA sample (human, animal, plant) are mirrored in the body it came from. Use separate tape for each DNA sample when treating multiple in one remote with one program. Remote Treatment; Proof that Spooky REMOTE Rife Works, 5/5/14; Important Consideration when using Remote Rife Spooky2, 10/20/14; First Preset To Run, 8/3/16; Set Up for Remote Mode Transmission, 12/2/16; Remote Mode Software Instruction, 2/28/17
Suitable DNA samples can be tiny and include: fingernail clipping (30 days certainly and forever subtly no doubt), saliva (dried on paper), blood or diseased or infected part, secured in tape, each person separately, named and dated. How to Put DNA Samples in the Spooky Remote; How to Insert DNA Sample into Spooky2 Remotes, 2/28/17

Plasma (Helium Phanotron Tube): Most powerful way to apply a broad range of frequencies. Plasma introduces harmonics to the frequencies. Near field is within a foot and most effective. Far field can treat multiple people and such projects as eradicating mold. Spooky Phanotron Tube Instructions; How Spooky Plasma works, 1/14/16; Spooky2 NEW Menu, Healing, Killing Microbes with Rife Plasma, 8/22/16; Spooky2 PLASMA, the Magic of Sideband Frequencies, 9/15/16; Difference between the phanotron tube and the straight plasma tube, 12/16/16; How Can I Use Phanotron or Plasma Tube Overnight?, 3/3/17; Can Phanotron Tube Be Used for the Whole Body?, 3/13/17; Maximum Frequency Range for Plasma Mode [forum], 3/18/17; Phanotron Tube Blink Rate [forum], 3/19/17
Ultrasonic: Best to use in conjunction with the plasma. Spooky Ultrasonic Instructions

Contact: Contact Mode Instructions; How to Add A Dynamic Carrier for Contact Mode, 12/8/16; Using Spooky Central Contact Mode Only, Very Easy, 1/16/17; Spooky Central CONTACT Mode, Experience and Testimonial, 1/18/17; What is the difference between silver gloves, silver socks, sandals and hand cylinders?, 2/22/17; People with metal in their body should not use contacts, 3/7/17; Best not to run contact through the High Power port on spooky boost and PEMF from Colloidal Silver port at the same time, 3/13/17
Pulsed EMF Coil: PEMF Coil; Spooky Central PEMF Coil Instructions; PEMF Coil, Cold Laser and Q&A, 3/17/17; Spooky PEMF Coil Q&A, 3/21/17
Spooky2 Cold Laser: Spooky Cold Laser Instructions; Spooky2 Cold Laser for ENERGY Boost, 9/12/16; Determining the program for the laser [forum], 2/14/17; Can I use the Cold Laser and PEMF Coil at the same time in one generator?, 2/15/17
Spooky2 Pulse (Biofeedback): Reveals which frequencies are most beneficial within a personal program. Manual; Spooky Pulse Training; Using Spooky2 as a Frequency Meter; Spooky Pulse Test, 1/26/17; How To Test Pulse, 2/9/17; Biofeedback Results [forum], 3/16/17
Tens Pads: Apply where there is little hair but some muscle tissue and always below the neck. Pad placement is always left foot and right hand to keep as much current away from the heart area as possible. Fleshy areas are best. Tens Pads Placement, 12/18/16; Spooky Tens Internal Electrode Instructions, 2/16/17; Why shouldn't I put the tens pads above the shoulders?, 3/1/17

Spooky2 Rife Treatment Protocols

Spooky2 Rife Treatment Protocols: Spooky2 Programs A to Z; Spooky2 Program List; Detox & Frequency Fatigue (Energy Medicine), 5/12/14; Any good program suggestion to use when you aren't sure and can't use the biofeedback scan?, 3/2/17; Frequency database [forum], 3/11/17
Back Pain: Back Pain Relief [forum], 3/1/17; Why Can't I Find the Program Used Before?, 3/14/17
Bowels: Blocked Colon [forum], 2/16/17; Treating small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, 3/7/17
Cancer: Cancer Protocol Using 4 Frequency Generators; Spooky2 using 2 Generators For Cancers v1.0 By David Bourke The Problem With Cancer, Lyme, Morgellon, 4/19/15; Cancer My Experience With Spooky2 by Johann Stegmann (cancer, chemo, lyme, morgellons. cold, flu), 6/10/16; pdf; Cancer Full Presets, 9/21/16; How to Edit Your Cancer Preset in Cancer Protocol, 12/26/16; How to Run DB Cancer Protocol in Plasma Mode, 1/5/17; How to Run DB Cancer Protocol in Contact Mode, 1/8/17; In Spooky2 there are 6 different Breast Cancer programs, 2/15/17; Is Your Biological Clock A Factor in Progression of Cancer?, 2/28/17
Cold/ Flu: What's the most effective sweep frequency range and settings to deal with cough /bronchitis sinusitis /swollen throat?, 2/23/17
Dental: Dental & Jawbone Infections Spooky2 Testimonial, 4/27/15; Preset For RL - Teeth and Mouth [forum], 3/14/17; Cavitation of the jaw bone due to root canal or tooth extraction - looking to destroy the anaerobic bacteria, 3/15/17
Detox: First Preset To Run, 8/3/16
Eyesight: Eyesight Rife Frequencies, 9/27/16
HPV: Does anybody have any info about effectiveness of HPV (human papillomavirus) frequencies?, 3/8/17
Kidneys: Terrain
Lyme disease: Advice on late stage Lyme disease and organ failure, 3/9/17
Mercury Detox: Using Spooky2 Rife Machine for Mercury Detox, 12/12/16
Mold: Test Cases for Killing Mold Using Plasma Tube, 3/23/17
Morgellons: Can I Run Morgellons protocol for non morgellons?, 2/7/17
Morgellons & Lyme: How to run Morgellons and Lyme Protocol with Spooky2 remote, 12/15/16; How to run Morgellons and Lyme Protocol with Spooky2 plasma and remote, 12/15/16; How to add your scan results to the Morgellons and Lyme protocol, 12/15/16; How to run Morgellons and Lyme Protocol with Spooky2 contact and remote, 12/15/16; Running other stuff in between/during M&Lyme presets [forum], 3/7/17
Parasites: Two Bacteria involved in Prostatitis and other Ailments [forum], 2/14/17; Parasites are active during the full moon, 2/16/17; How long would you need to run the Spooky to kill parasites, 3/7/17
Pets and Mold: Protocol
Schizophrenia & Depression: How to Use Schizophrenia and Depression Preset in Spooky2 Software, 2/9/17
STDs: Can 'Incurable' STD's be Cured?, 1/13/17
Terrain: What is terrain protocol?, 8/26/16; Terrain Protocol Presets, 9/19/16; Using Terrain Protocol, 11/21/16; How to Resume Terrain Protocol, 11/21/16; Time Lapse of Remote Mode Terrain Protocol, 11/22/16; Am I supposed to feel anything when running the terrain protocol?, 2/28/17; How to Run Terrain Protocol BY in Remote Mode Using One Generator, 3/15/17; What is Terrain Protocol, 3/16/17; How to Run Terrain Protocol BY Using One Generator, 3/16/17; How to Run Terrain Protocol Using Two Generators, 3/16/17; How to Run Terrain Protocol BY, 3/17/17

Spooky2 Colloidal Silver

Spooky2 colloidal silver: Colloidal Silver User's Manual; Little Known Uses for Nano Silver Water; How to Make Colloidal Silver Using Spooky2 Software, 11/14/16; Optimal shape of silver rods for CS production? [forum], 3/3/17

Spooky2; John White; Spooky2 Guides; Spooky2 Hardware; Spooky2 Software; Spooky2 Rife Treatment; Spooky2 Rife Treatment Protocols; Spooky2 colloidal silver; Frequency; Quantum entanglement; Radionics; Royal Rife; Rife machine; Hulda Clark


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