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Net of Jewels 11

                          JewelNet 1   JewelNet 2   JewelNet 3   JewelNet 4
                                      JewelNet 5   JewelNet 6   JewelNet 7
                         JewelNet 8   JewelNet 9   JewelNet 10   JewelNet 11

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j2-73    j4-57    j6-54    j8-49    j10-44

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                          JewelNet 1   JewelNet 2   JewelNet 3   JewelNet 4
                                      JewelNet 5   JewelNet 6   JewelNet 7
                         JewelNet 8   JewelNet 9   JewelNet 10   JewelNet 11

Is there no beginning; no ending; no linear progression - only an unbounded net of jewels each of which reflects and contains the reflection of each of the others?