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Property Taxes: Property Tax Exemption for Senior Citizens and Disabled Persons; Full List of Property Tax Exemptions By State, 1/5/16; Property Tax Exemption for Seniors, Disabled Persons, Veterans..., 9/15/16

tax-stop Income Taxes: US Fifth Circuit Admits Systematic Misapplication of Income Tax; 15 Countries with No Income Taxes, 12/3/12; Is it possible for Americans to legally stop paying income taxes?, 4/1/16; Notice to DOJ Re: IRS & Taxes, 4/5/16; A Tax on Income Attacks Life Itself, 4/15/16; Public Notice Provided to All Federal Employees and Agency Personnel Including IRS/Internal Revenue Service and Treasury Personnel, 4/15/17

Federal Income Taxes: Hargis: His Especial Sovereign letter to IRS; Exempt from Signing Perjury Statement; Flawed Tax Arguments to Avoid; Galileo Paradigm; Report on the Tax Exempt Nature of Wages & Salaries; Affidavit of Truth; There is No Law Requiring You to Pay Income Tax, 8/10/11; IRS Title 15 Is Their Achilles Heel (Debt Validation) (part1), 11/20/12; IRS Title 15 Is Their Achilles Heel (Debt Validation) (part2), 12/2/12; IRS Title 15 Is Their Achilles Heel (Debt Validation) Part 3, 3/8/13

Internal Revenue Service (IRS): Internal Revenue Service corporate charter (1933); IRS Facts; Mitchell: 31 Questions & Answers about the IRS; Debunking IRS Lies; IRS Organization Blueprint; IRS Pink Papers; IRS Tax Protesters Handbook; Frederick Mann: BEST KEPT SECRETS OF THE IRS; How does the IRS fail? Let us count the ways; '1984: Grace Commission Report under Ronald Reagan showed IRS is a fraud that collects taxes for the Banking Dynasties', 4/7/8; IRS is Not An Agency of the US Government, 3/27/10; IRS (The Weaselry of the Treasury and Its Pirates), 11/10/11

IRS Jurisdiction: Jurisdiction & The Federal Income Tax, 4/1/15; Landmark Supreme Court Brief Destroys IRS Jurisdiction, 6/28/15; Brief; ALERT TO ALL IRS CASES!!! – IRS Lufkin Case proving no Jurisdiction outside of DC, 3/4/16; pdf

Internal Revenue Code: How to Read the Internal Revenue Code: The Search for LIABILITY in the INTERNAL REVENUE CODE, 10/3/10

Individual Master File: MF Decoder; Master File (MF) Decoder software; IMF Decoding; Debunking IMF Translations and Decodes Using NMF codes

State Income Taxes: Oregon Department Of Re-venue Letter (Part 1), 3/22/12; Oregon Department of Re-venue Letter (Pt 2), 3/29/12

Income Tax Withholding or Not: Federal & State Withholding Options for Private Employers; Jack Cohen: Stop Withholding Federal Taxes Legally - A Layman’s Guide to Federal Taxation of Employers and Employees, 2001

Income Tax Court or Hearing: DOJ Criminal Tax Manual; IRS Chief Counsel Criminal Tax Bulletins; Tax Deposition Questions; Jury finds US Citizen INNOCENT after being tried for NOT paying his taxes, 12/19/13

IRS Summons: IRS Summons is Voluntary; Supreme Court rules taxpayer can challenge IRS summons, 6/19/14

Income: What Is Taxed?

Tax Filing or Not: Law Does Not Require Filing; Govt. atty. not aware that not filing is a crime; Bill Conklin: Why No One is Required to File Income Taxes; U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Admits No 'Failure To File' IncomeTax Law Exists, 1/14/16; Watchman post, 1/14/16

1099s: Basics of 1099s, 2/23/11
1099-OID: Explanation

Frivolous Filing: One might conditionally accept their offer upon proof of claim that anything was actually "filed" so as to constitute a "frivolous filing"; Internal Revenue Bulletin: 2010-17 Frivolous Positions (Official list), 4/26/10; 25.25.10 Frivolous Return Program (Fake list); See #44 in each list. That is the heart of their scam! "FRVPNARG44" or "ARGUMENT 44" or "fvpnarg#44" or "arg 44 no response" or simply "Arg 44" Have You Been Harassed By "Frivolous" Threats? Don't stand for it; it's time for some suing; It's Time To Demand An End To This "Frivolous" Nonsense; Parsing Frivolous Fictions; On Frivolous Dodges And Filing Lawsuits

IRS Liens & Levies: How to Prevent IRS Levy Action; Remedy 3 Common Cause; IRS levies and Seizures: The Truth!, 3/12/00; Will bankruptcy help in getting the IRS to release a levy or seizure?, 9/11/10

Response Templates: irszoom; IRS Tax Letter, 9/16/11

Tax Freedom Teachers: Tax Protester Dossiers

Joseph R. Banister: Investigating the Federal Income Tax^; Alex Jones Interview; IRS Agent Joe Banister Acquitted, 12/16/10; Former IRS Agent Admits: "Personal Income Tax is Actually Illegal", 4/16/16

Chris Hansen: Great IRS Hoax^; SEDM Form & Publication Index

Peter Hendrickson: Lost Horizons; FAQs; Cracking the Code; another; Review of the Book: 'Cracking the Code - The Fascinating Truth About Taxation in America', 7/19/16; An Exposé of Judicial & Executive Fraud in Administration of the Income Tax; Cracking the Code by Pete Hendrickson, 7/19/17
Doreen Hendrickson: An Outrageous Assault On The Constitution In An Effort To Conceal A Key State-Restraining Truth From The American People; Can a court order you to swear under oath that Trump is Jesus returned? Yes, they can! and --- they can JAIL you for years if you don't comply!
W-2s and 1099s: Regarding 1099's and W-2's; Information Returns” Are NEVER Sufficient Evidence Of “Income”; A Public Service Announcement In The Interest Of Domestic Tranquility; U.S. Tax Court Ruling Offers A Nice Summary

Sherry Peel Jackson: Ex IRS agent tells it like it is, 1/29/7; again

Karl Lentz: IRS Remedies, 7/22/14

Jennifer Long: Testimony

Robb Ryder:How I will handle an IRS issue, 4/14/13

Thomas Scambos, Jr.: How to Beat the IRS; IRS Fraud Exposed

Irwin Schiff: Biggest Con^; Federal Mafia^; Social Security Swindle: How Anyone Can Drop Out; Euro Pacific Capital's Peter Schiff Defends His Tax Protesting Father Irwin Schiff, 12/15/13; Irwin Schiff, RIP, 10/17/15; Death of My Father who was a Political Prisoner, 10/20/15; Life and Times of Irwin Schiff, 10/20/15; Devvy Kidd On The Passing of Irwin Schiff: "America is populated with dead souls", 10/20/15; Irwin Schiff Remembered, 11/10/16

Bob Schulz: OBAMACARE "TAX" IS UN-APPORTIONED, Therefore, It’s Constitutionally Prohibited, 7/22/12

Marc Stevens: IRS Attorney/Prosecutor Interview; No Witnesses, No Verification – No Problem with the California FTB, 12/3/11; ADVENTURES IN LEGAL LAND, 7/4/12

Judge Anna von Reitz: ALERT TO ALL IRS CASES!!! – IRS Lufkin Case proving no Jurisdiction outside of DC, 3/4/16; pdf; Truth About Larry Becraft and the Federal Income Tax, 4/12/17

Eldon Warman: Detax Canada

answers ξ  Have questions regarding right to livelihood and taxes? How best to deal with the IRS or the State Tax Board? Send an email, including your name and phone# in your message. No legal advice provided, but someone will respond.


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