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answers ξ  Have questions regarding how to best deal with so-called creditors or debt collectors? See Debt Strategies and/or send an email, including your name and phone# in your message. No legal advice provided, but someone will respond.

120314v wimpy Debt: Debtor's Prison; 7 debts you may not have to pay; US Debt Visualized in $100 Bills; Global Financial Crisis: A World In Debt; In May, 1920, the Federal Reserve Board met and agreed to contract credit for the first time, Cong. Rec. 2/23/23; U.S. Debt Clock; Rod Parsley: Conquering the Spirit of Debt;Culture of Government Debt, 2/3/7; National Debt Road Trip; Crisis of Credit Visualized; Ron Paul: National Debt. To whom do we owe it?, 12/26/7; Biggest Holders of US Government Debt; Rank of Countries from Most Debt Ridden to Most Credit, 8/12/9; So Much For Universal Default Disappearing, 3/4/10; THE Most Important Chart of the CENTURY, 3/20/10; The Money That Is Sold Abroad Is You!; Debt Spreading 'Like a Cancer', 6/10/10; Forget The PIIGS, The U.S. Is The Weakest Sovereign Debtor Of Them All, 6/16/10; National debt soars to highest level since WWII, 6/30/10; A Modest Solution, 7/13/10; U.S. Debt-to-Deficit Difference Hits Fresh Record, As Treasury Continues To Issue 50% More Debt Than Needed To Fund Deficit, 9/13/10; Doug Casey: Exception Among Equities, 9/24/10; Three Horrifying Facts About the US Debt “Situation”, 10/7/10; Scary actual U.S. government debt; Elephant In The Room: Debt Grows Exponentially, While Economies Only Grow In An S-Curve, 10/30/10; $24.5 Trillion In US National Debt, $144 Trillion In Unfunded Liabilities In... 2015, 12/20/10; $2tn debt crisis threatens to bring down 100 US cities, 12/20/10; 111th Congress Added More Debt Than First 100 Congresses Combined: $10,429 Per Person in U.S., 12/27/10; Is the Federal Reserve Really Purchasing Over 60% of 2011’s Fiscal Deficit? In a Word, uh . . . Yeah, 1/4/11; 71% Oppose Raising Debt Ceiling as Congress Prepares to Ignore Supermajority's Wishes Again, 1/12/11; What is Plan B if China dumps its U.S. debt?, 1/18/11; Global Insiders Warned: U.S. Debt Crisis Could Explode at Anytime, 1/25/11; A. True Ott: Bursting Debt Bubble; Great Global Debt Prison, 2/4/11; Future Of Public Debt Is Terrifying, 2/12/11; Total US Debt Hits $14.195 Trillion, $99 Billion Away From Debt Ceiling; Treasury Revises Breach Date To As Soon As April 15, 3/1/11; U.S. Debt Jumped $72 Billion Same Day U.S. House Voted to Cut Spending $6 Billion, 3/16/11; Fears rise that Japan could sell off U.S. debt, 3/24/11; Total US Debt Now Officially Above The Ceiling, 4/18/11; Debt warning rocks US economy, 4/19/11; China Urges US to Protect Creditors After S&P Warning, 4/19/11; Crashing the Debt Ceiling, 4/19/11; US Treasury Tells Lawmakers It Needs $2 Trillion In Debt Capacity, 5/4/11; Selling Gold at Fort Knox Emerges as Next Big Question in Debate on Federal Debt Limit, 5/17/11; Fiscal Sodomy of the American Public and Bankster Holdings of PIIGS Debt, 6/2/11; Global Debt Crisis: How We Got in It and How to Get Out, 6/6/11; Economic Statistic US Elites Keep ‘Hush-Hush’, 6/14/11; "Growing Your Way Out of Debt" Is a Fantasy , 6/22/11; U.S. Treasury Secretly Weighs Options to Avert Default, 7/6/11; China's Debt Monster, 7/7/11; Fun, Fun, Fun, 'Til the market takes our T-bills away, 7/9/11; Debt Ceiling & Repudiation, 7/10/11; Jim Rogers Calls U.S. Debt Ceiling Talks “A Sham”, 7/12/11; Gary North: Baloney, 7/13/11; Larken Rose: Debt Ceiling Silliness, 7/18/11; Economics Professor: "[We’ll Have] a Never-Ending Depression Unless We Repudiate the Debt, Which Never Should Have Been Extended In The First Place", 7/20/11; US is the Largest Debtor Nation in History, 7/27/11; Debt Debate Definitions: Your Guide Through the Current Manufactured Madness, 7/28/11; Playing chicken with the nation: The U.S. debt ceiling fiasco and the total abandonment of leadership in Washington, 7/29/11; Debt-Ceiling-Debacle: The Surprising Way a Default or Downgrade Could Crush the Global Economy, 7/29/11; Debt Ceiling Roulette - Class War, 7/30/11; Next Week's Adventure in Sovereign Debt, 7/31/11; Truth About The Debt Deal: It’s Pretty Much Meaningless, 8/1/11; Seven startling things most people still don't know about the national debt, banking and the money supply, 8/2/11; Rep. Paul introduces bill to cancel $1.6T in debt held by Federal Reserve, 8/2/11; Debt Crisis Is A Trojan Horse To Cause The Fall of America, 8/2/11; Mullen Reiterates: Debt ‘Biggest Threat’ to National Security, 8/2/11; Bipartisan Debt Deal Betrayal, 8/3/11; Debt Impasse: Fake and Real, 8/3/11; Th-th-th-That's all folks - Barack Obama and Porky Pig, 8/3/11; U.S. Eats Up 60% of Debt Limit in One Day, 8/3/11; US borrowing tops 100% of GDP: Treasury, 8/4/11; Debt ceiling deal does little to cut real spending, 8/5/11; U.S. debt crisis worsens as borrowing tops 100% of GDP, 8/10/11; Next Federal Government Budget Crisis Hits September 30th, 2011, 8/12/11; What is Debt? – An Interview with Economic Anthropologist David Graeber, 8/26/11; Deja Vu All Over Again: Total US Debt Passes Debt Ceiling... In Under One Month Since Extension, 9/2/11; Big (Stupid) Idea: Universal Personal Bankruptcy to Save America's Economy, 9/14/11; Debt-Serfdom Is Now The New American Norm, 10/18/11; In Debt Up To Our Eyeballs, 10/18/11; US States Are Facing Total Debt of Over $4 Trillion, 10/24/11; Federal debt tops $15 trillion, 11/16/11; $52.5 Billion In Virtually Free US Bank Debt Due Next Month, 11/21/11; Jim Rogers: It's going to get worse and worse, it is ludicrous to think too much debt can be solved by more debt, 12/10/11; Obama to ask for debt limit hike, 12/27/11; US Closes 2011 With Record $15.22 Trillion In Debt, Officially At 100.3% Debt/GDP, $14 Billion From Breaching Debt Ceiling, 1/3/12; 34 Shocking Facts About U.S. Debt That Should Set America On Fire With Anger, 1/10/12; Debt Slavery: 30 Facts About Debt In America That Will Blow Your Mind, 2/11/12; Chained and Naked – Loans and Privacy Disclosure Policies, 2/20/12; Exploding debt under Obama policies, 3/17/12; One Nation Under Debt With Endless Debt Slavery For All, 4/21/12; Debt Up $1.59T Under GOP House—More in 15 Months Than First 97 Congresses Combined, 6/1/12; 27 Things That Every American Should Know About the National Debt, 7/16/12; U.S. Government's Foreign Debt Hits Record $5.29 Trillion, 8/16/12; Obama's real legacy - $10 trillion in new federal debt over just four years, 8/28/12; Personal Debt Implications of an Economic Collapse, 8/29/12; What $11.38 Trillion In Household Debt Looks Like, 8/29/12; Too Much Government Debt Hurts the Economy, but Too Much Private Debt Kills It, 9/9/12; In Prosecutors, Debt Collectors Find a Partner, 9/15/12; For Every $1 Added to the Economy, Obama Added More Than $3 in Debt, 9/17/12; How to tackle U.S. debt: Just do it, 9/18/12; 55 Facts About The Debt And U.S. Government Finances That Every American Voter Should Know, 10/18/12; 10 Filthy-Rich, Tax-Dodging Hypocrites Pushing Disastrous Austerity on America, 10/29/12; U.S. Per Person Debt Now 35 Percent Higher than that of Greece, 11/5/12; Treasury Quietly Warns: 'Expect Debt Limit to Be Reached Near End of 2012', 11/6/12; Economic IQ test: If the national debt doesn’t matter, then why are we still paying federal income taxes?, 11/23/12; indebtwetrust Black Friday: Treasury Borrowed $211.69 Per U.S. Household on Day After Thanksgiving, 11/26/12; Geithner: Raise U.S. debt limit to infinity, 12/1/12; Foreign holdings of US debt hit record $5.48T, 12/17/12; What If All the World’s Debt Just Went Away, 12/20/12; Money Is A Form Of Social Control And Most Americans Are Debt Slaves, 2/19/13; Surprising Way Debt Collectors Know Where You Work, 3/6/13; Total US Debt To GDP: 105%, 4/26/13; BANCORRUPTCY, 5/31/13; U.S. Government Will Borrow Close To 4 Trillion Dollars This Year, 7/18/13; Debt Levels Are Skyrocketing To Extremely Dangerous Levels – How Long Can This Possibly Keep Going?, 7/24/13; Is the Ponzi Scheme Over? Government Defaults on Debt, then Hides the Truth from the Public, 8/14/13; Treasury Ran $98 Billion Deficit in July--But Debt Stayed Exactly $16,699,396,000,000, 8/14/13; 100 Days: Treasury Has Kept Debt Frozen at $16,699,396,000,000, 8/26/13; Cooked Books: The Technical Bankruptcy of the Government Is Kicked Out Another Six Weeks, 8/28/13; Stay Away From Bankers, 8/29/13; Debt ceiling 'X date' could hit Oct. 18, 9/10/13; 12 Very Ominous Warnings About What A U.S. Debt Default Would Mean For The Global Economy, 10/7/13; Power Mad Obama Offers Two Choices: Unconditional Surrender Or Default, 10/9/13; Repudiating the National Debt, 10/9/13; Fed Could Simply CANCEL $2 Trillion of Government Debt, 10/12/13; WORLD BANK: The US Is 'Days Away From A Very Dangerous Moment' On The Debt Ceiling, 10/12/13; Debt Ceiling: China Calls for World to Be 'De-Americanised', 10/13/13; Debt Ceiling: How Much Is $16.699 Trillion?, 10/14/13; In 4 Sentences, The S&P Ratings Committee Chairman Explains The Absurdity Of The Debt Ceiling, 10/16/13; Importance of October 17, 10/16/13; President authorized to now raise debt ceiling on own, 10/16/13; What The Three Month Can-Kicking "Deal" Looks Like, 10/16/13; Debt and Destruction, 10/17/13; Before he leaves office, Obama will have single-handedly doubled the nation's total debt, 10/22/13; Debt Ceiling Deal: DC Wins, Americans Lose, 10/22/13; Your share of the national debt is now $1.1 million, 10/29/13; Debt Limit Parody, 10/29/13; Why the True U.S. Government Debt is $205 Trillion, 11/11/13; Federal Reserve Is Monetizing A Staggering Amount Of U.S. Government Debt, 11/14/13; Unfunded Federal Liabilities, 2013: $205 Trillion, 11/16/13; Treasury Forced to Issue $1T in New Debt in First 6 Weeks of FY14, 11/18/13; As U.S. default threatened, banks took extraordinary steps, 11/19/13; Today’s Wealth Destruction Is Hidden by Government Debt, 11/21/13; Global Debt Exceeds $100 Trillion as Governments Binge, BIS Says, 3/9/14; Bye-Bye Debt Limit, 3/11/14; United States Of Debt: Total Debt In America Hits A New Record High Of Nearly 60 Trillion Dollars, 6/15/14; Whopping 35% Have Debt in Collection! Delinquent Debt in America: By Region and Metro Area, Where Is It?, 7/29/14; Sovereign debt for territory: A new global elite swap strategy, 8/12/14; U.S. Government Is Borrowing About 8 Trillion Dollars A Year, 9/29/14; New data shows it will take 398,879,561 years to pay off the debt, 10/22/14; It Will Take 6.25 BILLION “Man Years” To Pay Off Federal Government Liabilities: “A Mathematical Impossibility”, 10/31/14; Ponzi: Treasury Issues $1T in New Debt in 8 Weeks—To Pay Old Debt, 11/28/14; 5 Complete Lies About America's New $18 Trillion Debt Level, 12/2/14; HOLY SH*T: U.S. National Debt Has Officially Hit $18 Trillion, 12/8/14; Paying Down The Debt Is Now Almost Mathematically Impossible, 12/12/14; US Debt Soars By $100 Billion On Last Day Of 2014, Hits Record $18.14 Trillion, 1/2/15; US government is out of options - You’re not, 9/16/15; Is The National Debt A Hoax?, 10/20/15; Gov’t Gone Wild! Obama Signs Budget “Deal” That Suspends Debt Limit And Lifts Spending Caps, 11/2/15; Ex-GAO head: US debt is three times more than you think, 11/7/15; Something Big Is Brewing -Debt Markets No Longer Make Sense, 11/18/15; After 1,428 years here’s what brought down the world’s oldest business, 2/8/16; United States Of Insolvency, 4/16/16; Here's How the Government Is Turning the Entire United States into a Debt Prison, 9/28/16; Total Amount Of Debt In The World Just Hit A Record $152,000,000,000,000 (152 Trillion), 10/11/16; Is It Just a Coincidence that the Dow has Hit 20,000 at the Same Time the National Debt is Reaching $20 Trillion?, 1/25/17

Credit Ratings

Credit-rating agencies: Credit-rating agencies draw fresh scrutiny, 11/17/11; 3 agencies with the power to make or break economies, 2/28/14; Experian Lapse Allowed ID Theft Service Access to 200 Million Consumer Records, 3/11/14

Global Credit Rating: Citi Expects Only These Two Places In The World Will Have AAA Ratings In The Long Run, 8/22/12; S&P downgrades world's oldest bank to junk status, 12/5/12

US Credit Rating: US debt rating downgraded for first time in history, 8/5/11; Coming Monday: Domino Ratings Downgrades, 8/6/11; Day of Reckoning, 8/10/11; Totalitarianism of the Progressive Mindset, 8/10/11; Comedy video: Robert Reich on the US with a B+ credit rating! Funny until..., 8/21/11; S&P: S&P downgrades U.S. credit rating for first time, 8/5/11; S&P Downgrades Debt of United States Government, 8/5/11; S&P Downgrades US To AA+, Outlook Negative - Full Text, 8/5/11; US loses AAA credit rating after S&P downgrade, 8/6/11; On the S&P ratings move, 8/6/11; S&P head: Agency may downgrade U.S. again, 8/7/11; What the S&P Downgrade Really Means, 8/9/11; Government probe of Standard and Poor's, 8/17/11; S&P and the Bilderbergers: All Part of the Plan?, 8/19/11; After downgrading U.S., S&P gives top rating to sub-prime mortgages, 8/31/11; Fitch: Fitch affirms U.S. AAA rating, disagrees with S&P, 8/16/11; Fitch again warns U.S. debt burden threatens AAA rating, 12/21/11; Moody's: Moody's: Neither debt plan protects the nation's AAA rating, 7/29/11; MOODY'S ANALYST BREAKS SILENCE: Says Ratings Agency Rotten To Core With Conflicts, Corruption, And Greed, 8/19/11; Moody's managers pressured analysts: ex-staffer, 8/19/11; Moody’s expects to cut US rating without deal to lower debt/GDP ratio, 9/11/12

State & Local Credit Ratings: Moody's warns state and local governments could see credit downgrades, 8/11/11

answers ξ  Have questions regarding how to best deal with so-called creditors or debt collectors? See Debt Strategies and/or send an email, including your name and phone# in your message. No legal advice provided, but someone will respond.

Student Loans

030216a72 Student Loans: Gateway Drug to Debt Slavery; Privateers of education – How banks collude with the government to inflate college costs; Student loan debt now surpasses total credit card debt; Debt That Won't Go Away, 12/20/10; 16 Shocking Facts About the Student Loan Debt Bubble and the Great College Education Scam, 12/22/10; 16 Shocking Facts About Student Debt & the Great College Education Scam, 12/26/10; Millions of college graduates are in permanent debt bondage, 1/7/11; Student Loan Debt Bubble, 1/11/11; Students: You Are Exploited Debt-Serfs, 4/12/11; Alternatives to $100K in Student Debt?, 4/14/11; "Education Bubble"; Student Loan Debt Passes Credit Card Debt, Expected to Hit $1 Trillion, 4/18/11; Bad Education, 4/25/11; Student loan shark industry – total revolving debt contracts during recession while student loan debt increases by a stunning 80 percent on an annual basis. A college degree for working at McDonald’s?, 4/27/11; Student Loan Debt Hell: 21 Statistics That Will Make You Think Twice About Going To College, 4/30/11; America's Student Loan Racket: Soaring Default Rates - Robbing students to enrich financial interests, 5/20/11; Serfdom via student loans; Home Raided By SWAT for Student Loans, 6/9/11; A Little Over the Top?: SWAT Team Launch Dawn Raid on Family Home to Collect Unpaid Student Loans, 6/9/11; Student Loans and DOE S.W.A.T. Teams, 6/10/11; Debtucation, 6/20/11; Student debt is a good reason to avoid university, 8/19/11; Best way to stay out of student loan debt and boost your resume, 8/30/11; Default Rates on Student Loans Soar to 15%, 9/16/11; Higher Education Bubble, 10/15/11; Student loan debt now over $1 trillion, 10/19/11; Student Loan Racket: Ron Paul Right Again, 10/24/11; Don’t Let Your Kids Grow Up To Be Debt Slaves, 10/25/11; Peter Schiff: Obama Announces Plan To Boost College Tuitions, 10/27/11; Penn State Pricks the Student Loan Bubble, 11/15/11; America's Lifetime Student Loan Debt Bondage, 11/20/11; Student Occupiers: It's the Debt, Stupid, 11/23/11; Majoring in Debt, Minoring in College, 1/11/12; Student-Loan Debt Tops $1 Trillion, 3/22/12; Students Protest Debt as Student Loan Debt Collectors Make a Billion, 3/26/12; Senior citizens continue to bear burden of student loans, 4/1/12; Help For The Economy? Not From Debt-Bound Grads, 4/28/12; Interesting Facts About the Student Loan Debt Bubble, 4/30/12; Subprime Student Loan Bubble, 6/6/12; US Government's Single Largest Asset Is STUDENT LOANS, 6/8/12; Grand theft: America's Student Loan Racket, 6/9/12; Peter Schiff: Why the Government Should Not Be in the Student Loan Business, 7/13/12; Lax Student Loan Standards Created Debt Crisis, 7/23/12; Feds Are Cutting Social Security Benefits From Retirees Who Can't Pay Back Student Loans, 8/20/12; Student Loan Debt Bubble Is Creating Millions Of Modern Day Serfs, 9/11/12; again, 9/13/12; Actually You CAN Escape Student Loans Through Bankruptcy, 9/17/12; America's New College Graduates Are In For A World Of Hurt, 10/8/12; Student Loan Racketeering: Congress Critter Introduces a Bill to Make Student Loan Payments a Payroll Tax Deduction, 12/8/12; Student Loans: Uncle Sam's Largest Asset, 12/11/12; Student Loan Consequences: Real, Costly, and Personal, 1/29/13; Developing Student Loan Crisis, 3/2/13; Class of 2013: Most Indebted Ever, 5/18/13; New College Grads Are Waking Up To A Huge Debt Hangover, 5/22/13; Student Loan Delinquency Rate In The United States Has Hit A Brand New Record High, 5/29/13; College Industrial Complex, 6/1/13; America's Student Loan Racket: Stiffer Debt Bondage Coming, 6/11/13; Uncle Sam’s Growing Ownership of Student Loans, 6/18/13; How Government Uses Accounting Tricks To Hide The Student-Loan Swindle, 6/20/13; Student Loan Rates Double Today, 7/1/13; America eats its young, 8/26/13; What to Consider Before Consolidating, 10/2/13; I’m sorry, 10/8/13; Federal Student Loans Surpass $1 Trillion; Delinquency Rate Soars To All Time High, 11/14/13; Federal government books $41.3 billion in profits on student loans, 11/26/13; What The Fed Won't Tell You About Student Debt, 5/17/14; Starting Today Interest On New Student Loans Rises By 20%, 7/5/14; American Bankers Association and the Quiet War on Students, 9/5/14; John Oliver: Student Debt Is Like An STD, 'Will Follow You For The Rest Of Your Life', 9/8/14; 18 Sobering Facts About The Unprecedented Student Loan Debt Crisis In The United States, 10/8/14; Student Debt By Major: What Not To Study To Avoid A Lifetime Of Debt Slavery, 11/24/14; Every Young Person should See the Fed’s Startling Numbers on Student Debt, 3/31/15; Federal Report: The College Debt Bubble Is Collapsing Now: 33% Of All Student Loans Are Delinquent On Repayments, 3/31/15; Is The Student Debt Bubble About To Witness Its 2007 Moment?, 4/17/15; Student Debt Accounts For Nearly Half Of US Government "Assets", 4/19/15; Overeducated Writer Explains Why He Defaulted On His Student Loans, Asks "If He Is A Deadbeat", 6/7/15; How Student Loans Create Demand for Useless Degrees, 7/17/15; Washington is freaking out over student debt, and this chart shows why, 9/11/15; Owned: How Student Loan Debt Is “Producing a Perpetual Serf Class”, 10/7/15; This Court Case Could Unshackle Americans From Student Debt, 10/8/15; Watch the Student Debt Time Bomb Tick, 11/11/15; U.S. Marshals Service Sending SWAT Teams Out to Arrest People for Unpaid Student Loans, 2/16/16; US Marshals Forcefully Arrest Man Over $1,500 in Student Loan Debt, 2/18/16; Barely Half of Student Loans Are Being Repaid, 3/23/16; Student Loan Forgiveness Program Takes Effect in 2017, Are You Ready?, 3/29/16; For-Profit College Students Have Huge Debts And Lower Incomes, 6/4/16; Cancer? Murdered? Not Even Death Will Help You Avoid Paying Back Student Loans, 7/5/16; Death Knell of Debt: “99.8% Data Manipulated to Cover-up” Insane Levels of Student Loans, 2/2/17

College Tuition: 8 Reasons College Tuition Is the Next Bubble to Burst, 6/8/10; India, and the Economic Folly of a College Degree, 4/16/11; Why America's College Bubble Is Next To Burst, 5/8/11; NIA releases "College Conspiracy" - the value of a college degree in relation to the cost of college; College Education: Largest Scam in U.S. History, 5/17/11

Day Care Loans: Forget Student Loans…Introducing Day Care Loans, 8/13/13

answers ξ  Have questions regarding how to best deal with so-called creditors or debt collectors? See Debt Strategies and/or send an email, including your name and phone# in your message. No legal advice provided, but someone will respond.




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