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040916h 032217g 060916k65 060615m62 UFOs: UFO documents - FBI Top Secret Files^; SOM 1-01 Classified Army UFO Manual^; Science & Mechanics: Official Guide to UFOs^; UFO: 'Out of the Blue'; Good, Bad and Ugly in UFOlogy; Mass UFO Disclosure CNN; Space Gate Ultra Top Secret UFO Program, 4/5/9; Malibu UFO sighting, 11/24/9; STS75 "Tether Incident" - flightpath/velocity tracking of all unidentified objects; CNN: UFO Disclosure Wanted by High Ranking Officials, 12/5/9; UFOs over nuclear power plant, 12/29/9; "MASSIVE UFO EVENTS TO TAKE PLACE! OUR GOV'T KNOWS ABOUT IT ." EX-NASA OFFICIAL, 7/18/10; Illinois Office Workers Watch Pieces Falling off Hovering Daylight UFO, 7/20/10; Hangzhou UFO Airport Event, 7/22/10; John Podesta writes probing foreword for new book on UFOs, 7/28/10; Winston Churchill 'feared panic' over Second World War RAF incident, 8/5/10; Mass Sightings and UFO Fleets videos; Possible UFO's spotted in Twin Cities, MN, 8/9/10; 1967, The Falcon Lake Landing, Stephen Michalak; UFO Observed on Mission, 9/2/10; Extraterrestrial UFO Are Real : Ben Rich Lockheed CEO Admitted In His Deathbed Confession; UFO Engineering and the Pomare Disk, 9/23/10; UFOs 'Attacked U.S. Nuclear Missile Sites': Retired Air Force Officers to Break Their Silence, 9/27/10; National Press Club Conference on UFO's, 9/27/10; Larry-Carlson-80808087a Full Press Conference UFOs Disabled Nukes, 9/27/10; UFO Promotion Goes Mainstream – Quick Hide!, 10/6/10; UFOs in Worldwide Revelation on Oct 13, 10/6/10; Mystery shiny objects floating over Manhattan spark UFO frenzy, 10/13/10; Mysterious Lights Over East El Paso, News Channel 9, 10/16/10; Ex-USAF officers: UFOs targeted global nukes, 10/22/10; UFOs in El Paso & NYC Seen Side by Side; Top NASA astronaut discloses shuttle encounter with disc UFO; again; UFO over Russia, 12/1/10; New Zealand government releases classified U.F.O/Alien files, 12/22/10; UFO believers glad the files are out there, 12/22/10; Greatest Story Ever Denied; UFO event on Feb 25 1942 at 2:25 am in Los Angeles, 1/18/11; Institute of Frontier Science's Own Stanton T. Friedman Appearing at High Level International Conference on Global Competitiveness; NASA Caught Doctoring Near Sun UFO Image - Red Handed, 2/1/11; Third Reich, the Vril & Gizeh Intelligence, 2/6/11; German UFO Base in Brazil; Ret. Col. Says UFOs Are Real, but Denies Government Cover-Up, 2/23/11; UFO Hiding behind the cloud São Paulo, Brasil Feb 24 2011; UFO Disclosure Song; UFO footage Devon 5th March 2011; Iran builds a flying saucer, 3/20/11; Recent UFO Sightings Near F.E. Warren AFB, 3/26/11; Declassified from the Gemini Project; UFOs: World Government Secrets; Chicago UFO 2011 - UFO sighting Videotaped Over Chicago, USA, 4/3/11; Secret Radar Stations in New Mexico, 4/11/11; Secret memo from FBI Vault on alien landing of 1947, 4/12/11; Fresh set of pictures of UFO alien landing in 1947 from FBI Vault, 4/15/11; Secret memo shows JFK demanded UFO files 10 days before his death, 4/18/11; NSA recent UFO document release more interesting for what it “could” not find, 4/23/11; UFO Footage Over Hawaii: You Won't Believe Your Eyes, 5/3/11; UFO over Berlin, 5/23/11; Dr. Roger Leir Presents the Clearest UFO Photos Known?, 5/28/11; UFO Mass Sighting in Carmichael, CA, 8/20/11; 2 Jets convoy a UFO?, 8/25/11; 'Secret Access: UFOs on the Record', 8/27/11; UFO Alien Evidence The Aliens Are Here, 11/29/11; UFO filmed hovering over Russian protesters, 12/13/11; Is An Unidentified Object On A Flatbed A UFO?, 12/20/11; UFO FLEET December 24th 2011 - Yekaterinburg, Russia, 12/25/11; UFO Sightings Skyrocket Into 2012, 1/10/12; CNN - UFOs Disabling Our Nuclear Weapons, 1/13/12; Ufo Spaceship over egypt - 2012, 2/17/12; Multiple UFOs in low earth orbit NASA 2012, 4/14/12; secret nasa fotos stolen, 5/18/12; GIGANTIC UFO in Moscow Russia, 9/4/12; Mike Wallace Interview With Donald Keyhoe 1958 UFO's Are Real, 9/27/12; REAL UFOS Filmed Making CROP CIRCLES in Wiltshire, England, 10/18/12; Mile High Mystery: UFO Sightings Recorded in Sky Over Denver, 11/9/12; UFO filmed by news station in Denver, 11/13/12; Stunning UFO Sightings 2013, 1/19/13; Giant UFO Over RIO- analysis 2 , 2/9/13; uforeveng Breaking News UFO Sighting Novi Michigan, 2/19/13; UFO Over Southern Oregon Caught On Tape, 2/23/13; Did UFO ‘hit’ Russian meteorite blasting it to smithereens? Conspiracy theorists’ extraordinary claim after new footage emerges, 2/28/13; Best UFO Sightings of March 2013, AFO, 4/1/13; Alien Invasion ? - The Best UFO sightings around the world !, 4/5/13; BEST UFO SIGHTINGS MARCH 2013, 4/6/13; UFO mystery: Latest sighting in Siberia, 4/13/12; Citizen Hearing on UFO Disclosure – Will the US Congress act?, 4/29/13; Last UFO Files from UK Gov't Released, 6/21/13; Venezuelan Asylum Achieved, Snowden reveals UFO Documents, 7/5/13; again, 7/9/13; Latest Real UFO Footage by Nasa Most Amazing 2013, 7/29/13; Large black UFOs, patrol the skies inside the Syrian war zone, 8/27/13; 26 Mile Alien Mothership in our Solar System, 9/2/13; Interstellar Mystery Space Machines Caught on Telescope, 9/8/13; China's Radar Cameras Capture Amazing Pictures of UFO's Circling Comet Ison, 10/10/13; Whistleblower exposes Govt. shutdown and FEMA - UFO Coverup 1, 10/20/13; UFO Coverup 2, 10/25/13; Timothy Good: Secrets of UFO Existence, 10/31/13; UFO's on the back side of the moon, 11/1/13; HOW ALIENS TRAVEL HUGE DISTANCES, 11/8/13; One of the most beautiful color displays by a spaceship recorded live by oglobotv in brazil, 11/14/13; Russian Navy Declassifies Underwater UFO Encounters, 11/23/13; James Gilliland (in Mexico): Interdimensional ET/UFOs decloak over Mexico. NWO will implode upon itself?, 12/23/13; UFO sightings reported across California, 1/1/14; ‘UFO’s Attracted to Nuke Military Bases or Gold; Recent Sightings Abnormal,’, 1/2/14; UFO SIGHTINGS ACROSS OREGON, SAME AS CALIFORNIA, FLORIDA, etc., 1/3/13; UFOs Sighted Over Virginia, 1/4/14; Obama appoints UFO Disclosure Advocate into Administration: Signs of something to come?, 1/17/14; Researcher finds image of mysterious triangular object on moon, 1/18/14; Visually Confirmed: Enormous Craft Detected on Moon, 1/20/14; Ibiza holiday jet in near miss with UFO over Reading, 1/23/14; Whistleblower Says They Are Here, 1/24/16; WHAT THE HELL IS THAT! LOOK IN THE CLOUD! IS THAT A UFO?!, 2/22/14; UFO spotted over Korosten, Ukraine On March 6, 2014; U.S. Deploys New “Sky Dreadnought” Over Ukraine; Media Calls it “UFO”, 3/9/14; University Scientists Capture Raw Footage of UFO Showing Up At Their Observatory in Norway, 3/18/14; 3000 Mile Wide Disc Caught By ISS?, 3/29/14; Best UFO Sightings March 2014, 4/4/14; UFOs Descend on Deer in Mississippi Woods, 4/4/14; UFO Being Escorted By Jet Fighters, 4/13/14; New evidence emerges that Monroe planned to reveal JFK saw crashed UFOs, 4/15/14; UFO Over Afghanistan: Fake or Advanced Military Aircraft?, 5/8/14; MASSIVE DEEP UNDERWATER BASE DISCOVERED OFF MALIBU, 5/15/14; Shock Footage: Marine Captures UFO Destroying Taliban Base: “Unlike Any Known U.S. Military Drone”, 5/8/14; LEAKED! SECRET RUSSIAN UFO SATELLITE IMAGES AT SATURN, 5/12/14; NASA Hiding SOHO Image of Giant UFO Near the Sun, 5/19/14; It’s Not That UFO’s Don’t Exist It’s The Fact People Have Been Programmed, 5/22/14; Massive Underwater UFO Base Discovered Off Malibu Coast, 6/2/14; Chile Releases Official Study on UFO Photos, 7/4/14; UFOs Caught By Canadian News Crew During Forest Fire Coverage, 8/17/14; Huge Cloaked UFO Near The Sun, 9/15/14; UFO MOTHERSHIP LANDING AND SHOCKS PEOPLE, 9/21/14; UFO stalks passenger jet near Seattle, 10/7/14; **UNDENIABLE** Proof Of UFO's LIVE On BBC News Oct 8, 2014; UFO Sighting in Amsterdam, October 12 2014; UFOs in West Virginia: 10 witnesses, 4 low-flying UFOs, 3 big as football fields, 10/18/14; Lost Cosmonaut Breaks Silence About UFO’s – Contact, 10/19/14; Bright white UFOs have been seen in Colorado for more than a month, 10/31/14; Are UFOs an Intelligence Psyop?, 11/4/14; Extraterrestrial Truth Documentary : UFO FOOTAGE/ DISCLOSURE/ ET CONTACT, 11/17/14; Following video was leaked from a News room, showing unedited discussion of the Chicago O’Hare Airport UFO case among news broadcasters, 11/21/14; UFO Seen By Multiple Witnesses Over New Hampshire, 11/29/14; UFO or Satellite? ‘Strange Red’ Sphere Appears Over Earth on International Space Station Camera, 12/8/14; A message from our friends up there; Hawaii Telescope records a cylindrical object that enters the Earth’s atmosphere, 12/28/14; CIA admits to being the source of UFO hysteria during Cold War: ‘It was us’, 1/1/15; UFO Sightings 9 Foot Alien Grey Abduction! Florida UFO Invasion! 2015 WOW!, 1/3/15; UFO Sightings NASA Shuts Live Video Feed As Massive UFO Appears!, 1/6/15; Twin Ships Witnessed – Vero Beach FL – January 27, 2015, 2/2/15; Biggest UFO Conspiration Ever, 2/7/15; Film Crew captured purple UFO over Miraflores, Lima in Peru, 2/11/15; John Podesta's top regret on leaving the White House is he didn't reveal the truth about UFOs, 2/13/15; ALERT! UFO Cover-Up Share This Before Its Shut Down! [UFO CRASH], 2/21/15; Armada of UFOs caught in daytime sky in California, 3/11/15; UFO Being Towed in Nevada near Area 51, 3/21/15; UFO Sighting: Remarkable Eyewitness Report, 3/22/15; National UFO Reporting Center Monthly Report Index For 03/15; NASA Confirm UFO Moon Footage, 4/9/15; UFO Filmed On Moon By Apollo 15 , 4/18/15; Dr. Steven Greer - MOST AMAZING UFO FOOTAGE EVER! (NellisAirForceBase) Unraveling the Deception, 5/4/15; UFOs, Angels Or Biological Creatures Seen Leaving The Earth?, 6/21/15; Witness Of Major Texas UFO Cube & Portal Sighting Breaks Silence, 7/1/15; ROBERT DEAN on NEW LEAKED RUSSIAN UFO FOOTAGE! ~ RELEASED 2015, 7/15/15; Aliens ahoy! Massive mothership ‘the size of Idaho’ caught in NASA images, 7/22/15; ‘UFO’ observed overtaking Virgin Atlantic plane at JFK, 8/3/15; Bizarre Sun UFO Anomaly!, 8/14/15; More UFO Lights Seen Over Concord, 9/26/15; Huge see-through object caught hovering in Manipur, 10/8/15; UFOS AND THE DEEP NATIONAL SECURITY STATE, 10/26/15; ISS Nasa live cam cuts after 'suddenly locking on to mystery glowing UFO', 11/3/15; Astronaut Scott Kelly Posts UFO Pic From Space Station: “Large Object With Two Lights On Each End”, 11/21/15; ALERT: "CERN EXPLOSION Accident as UFO Monitors" like NUKE Fire - Scientist Details, 11/23/15; Donut UFOs Seen at Space Station and Over Thailand, 11/28/15; Project Blue Book: 130,000 pages of US Air Force's UFO files declassified, hits the web, 1/20/16; Massive Alien Structures & Cigar UFOs Found On Pluto!, 3/25/16; UFO Crash in Arizona?, 4/8/16; Geomagnetic Storm or UFOs? Multiple Orbs Caught on Camera in Nevada, 4/17/16; Up Close Alien Craft Over Kansas Auto Store, 4/18/16; What Is The Government Hiding About Aliens and UFO's?, 4/24/16; Hidden UFO Invasion & NASA's Logo LINKED To Alien Coverup, 5/9/16; Navy film of near Hawaii UFO, 5/27/16; Google Earth UFOs, Unknowns & Downright Strangeness Revealed!, 7/2/16; NASA shuts down live International Space Station feed as 'mysterious UFO enters Earth's atmosphere', 7/13/16; Jaw Dropping UFO Sighting on Hermosa Beach pier, 7/19/16; Does footage of 'UFOs' hovering near International Space Station prove aliens are monitoring satellite?, 9/1/16; Amazing UFO Destroys Chemtrail, Alien Technology? UFOs protecting Earth?, 9/29/16; Mystery as alien hunters catch bizarre UFO spotted on International Space Station live stream, 10/2/16; 10 Jaw-Dropping UFO Sightings Caught On Camera, 10/27/16; Massive Amount Of UFO's Leaving The Moon?, 11/19/16; Scariest unexplained UFO case ever recorded, 1/4/17; NASA 'cuts live feed from international space station' after mysterious object appears on camera, 1/26/17; Odd UFO Emerges from Volcano in Mexico, 1/30/17; UFO Encounter and what happened afterwards, 2/19/17; Facebooker Records A Crystal Clear Video of Multiple UFOs While Driving Through The Desert In Arizona, 4/14/17; Richard Dolan the Hidden Controllers of UFO Alien Secrecy, 4/18/17

Afghanistan Vimana: World Leaders Flock To Afghanistan After Mysterious ‘Time Well’ Discovered, 12/21/10; Vimana (UFO) Found In Cave In Afghanistan, 2/12/11; again; 8 US Soldiers Disappear removing 5000 yr old Flying Machine from Afghan Cave, 2/11/16; ANCIENT FLYING VIMANA IN AFGHANISTAN-GIVEN TO HUMANS BY 45 FT. TALL ALIENS, 1/15/17

Black Knight: 13,000 Year Old Alien Satellite?; “Black Knight” Satellite?; Truth About the Black Knight Satellite Mystery, 7/18/13; Is a Mysterious 13,000 Year Old Alien Satellite Orbiting the Earth?, 8/5/13; DARK KNIGHT and The ARK, 2/9/14; Legendary Black Knight 'alien satellite' captured passing ISS AND Moon, 8/26/15

Giant Greenland Artifact: youtube

Roswell, 1947: Test confirms Roswell debris is not from Earth, 7/12/11

Aliens/ ETs

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081013-25 Aliens/ ETs: Alien Races Book; Cosmic Conflict Defined^; Blue Planet Project^; One Man Found a Mysterious Box in a Dumpster – What Was in it Was Absolutely Baffling; Russian Secret Alien Races Book; How Cinema Has Depicted Aliens, From 1902 Until Today; Eisenhower’s 1954 Meeting With Extraterrestrials; Police Chase UFO, 10/31/8; Fastwalkers; United States "Alien" Force?, 6/27/9; CNN: Experts Say Aliens Real! We've been working with them for over 50 years now!, 4/25/10; TAU 9 TREATY; Voyager 2 spacecraft has made contact with aliens near the edge of the solar system, 6/10/10; Exopolitics; Hybrids; UN 'to appoint space ambassador to greet alien visitors', 9/26/10; ET to Washington - No Nukes, 9/29/10; UN official denies she has role representing Earth, 10/5/10; Day Before Disclosure; Scientist declares alien signal sent from extrasolar planet Gliese 581g; Alien Signal Detected?, 10/13/10; Bucegi Mountains Secrets, 11/30/10; Alien Base Inside the Bucegi Mountains, 11/30/10; Hollow Earth Reptilians & Admiral Byrd UFO Alien Encounter, 10/21/13; Space Aliens Intervene in 2014?, 10/26/10; Aliens shot down California missile?, 11/10/10; Alien speech found in NASA's Saturn radio signal?; Obama to announce UFO visits and US contact with ETs in 2011?, 1/1/11; Earth must prepare for close encounter with aliens, say scientists, 1/10/11; Scientists endorse study of societal consequences of extraterrestrial life, 1/10/11; World business leaders to discuss UFOs & extraterrestrial life, 1/13/11; Ancient Aliens: Underground Aliens, 1/14/11; Real Story Behind Aliens, Ufos, Demons, Illuminati & Satanism, 1/15/11; Chinese National TV reporting impending UFO/ET disclosure by Obama government, 1/21/11; Ex-China Foreign Ministry Official says Extraterrestrials live among us, 1/26/11; again, 1/31/11; Alien Invasion? Or Just Another CON?, 2/3/11; Is Dugway, Utah the place where alien bodies are stored?, 2/7/11; Alien Moon, Why NASA Never Returned to the Moon; Egyptian Archaeologist Admits Pyramids Contain Alien Technology, 3/15/11; The memo that 'proves aliens landed at Roswell'... released online by the FBI, 4/9/11; Russia orders missile alert after mysterious ‘vortex’ slams into Germany, 4/11/11; Alien Body Discovered In Buryatia, Russia?, 4/18/11; Whistleblower: WWIII, a war between hostile ETs and humanity, has started, 6/5/11; Ancient Alien 32,000 Year Old City Found The Oldest Yet, 9/8/11; NASA Whistleblower: Alien Moon Cities Exist, 9/13/11; NASA Announces 'Forbidden Zones'...On Moon!, 9/19/11; Mayan film documentary claims proof of aliens, 9/26/11; Top NASA Shuttle Astronaut: Aliens Are Real...I Guarantee It!, 10/3/11; Aliens & Evil Places, 10/19/11; Mass Alien Abduction Experiment in Los Angeles, 10/26/11; Alien Base Found At Chinese Pyramid, 10/27/11; Glowing city lights might reveal E.T. civilizations, 11/15/11; Mysterious, triangle-shaped 'alien skull' found in Peru, 11/18/11; Gale Crater is a city!, 11/28/11; FEMA Guide: Space Aliens Could Attack U.S., 12/24/11; American scientists urge search for ancient ET traces on Moon, 12/27/11; Fran Drescher Believes She Was Abducted By Aliens, 1/26/12; REAL interview with an actual alien?, 2/8/12; Alien Moon Base Captured By Chang'e-2 Orbiter?, 2/14/12; Pharaoh Show; Alien Predators in Human Appearance - Swiss Secret Symbols in Switzerland, 2/19/12; Claim: Alien Technology In Fort Knox, 2/24/12; ALIEN HYBRIDS: THE KEY TO OUR FUTURE, with Sanni, 7/6/12; 300 Million Year Old Machinery Found In Russia, Experts Say Aluminum Gear Not the Result of Natural Forces, May Be Extraterrestrial, 1/19/13; Biggest Secret on Earth, 2/19/13; Pope Francis to announce extraterrestrial savior according to new book, 4/1/13; Is An Alien Message Embedded In Our Genetic Code?, 4/1/13; Proof of extra-terrestrial life may be found in our genetic code, scientists say, 4/9/13; “Wow! signal” of the terrestrial genetic code; It's Time for Next Phase in Search for Alien Life, Scientists Say, 4/19/13; Former Sen. Mike Gravel says White House suppressing evidence of ETs, 5/3/13; Have Humans Been Abducted by Extraterrestrials?, 5/10/13; Secret Space War II, 5/31/13; ASSANGE REVEALS WIKILEAKS LEAKED CABLES —- Confirm EXISTENCE OF EXTRATERRESTRIAL LIFE!, 7/5/13; Alien Beings Visiting Earth and Living in Society, 8/11/13; Steven Greer - "Other Beings & Why They Are Here", 8/24/13; 62 School Children See UFO Land and Alien Beings Come Out, 9/17/13; GIANT STRUCTURES ON THE MOON, 9/25/13; Carl Higdon's Alien Encounter, 10/2/13; Man says 1973 UFO incident turned life upside down, 10/11/13; Are Extraterrestrial Races living with us on Earth, 10/27/13; Mexican Government Releases Proof of E.T.’s and Ancient Space Travel - Giants are part of our history, 12/4/13; Real UFO With Aliens Caught On Camera, 12/6/13; Aliens and UFOs Documentary, 12/6/13; Snowden Documents Proving “US-Alien-Hitler” Link Stun Russia, 1/12/14; Iranian news agency says the U.S. is secretly run by Nazi space aliens. Really, 1/13/14; again, 1/13/14; Giant Beings Seen Rapidly Climbing Mexican Volcano, 1/13/15; Snowden Documents Proving "Alien/Extraterrestrial Intelligence Agenda" is Driving US Gov Since 1945 , 1/24/14; Uncovered! Scientists Secretly Release Top Secret Government Programs, 4/6/14; Nikola Tesla re-started Earth's Exopolitical communications with an intelligent civilization on Mars in 1901, 4/27/14; 16 Images Of Aliens In Art History, 6/23/14; Aliens On The Moon The Truth Exposed 2014, 7/31/14; MARY BARR & STEVE REICHMUTH: Aliens Answer. Demonstration of an Hypnotic Induction Communication with an Extraterrestrial Being, 8/21/14; Alien Cryptid Photographed at CONTACT in the DESERT!, 9/7/14; Russian Cosmonaut Reveals UFO and Alien Truth, 9/21/14; NASA Brings Scientists & Theologians Together To Prepare World For Extraterrestrial Contact, 9/26/14; Labour Councillor Simon Parkes On Being Brought Up By Aliens, 10/2/14; DO NOT TRUST ANY KIND OF ALIENS : It’s not “aliens.” It’s MKULTRA, 10/12/14; Something Major is Being Hidden From the Public A Must Know Secret, 10/17/14; Alien Message to Mankind: "Do You Wish That We Show Up?", 10/21/14; Mexican Government Disclose Alien Artifacts, 11/17/14; University of California Scientists: ‘Camouflaged’ Aliens Live Among Us, 11/20/14; Aliens On The Moon: The Truth Exposed 2014 New SyFy Documentary, 11/21/14; Alien Technology – Full Film Hosted by Stacy Keach, 12/1/14; Vatican Is Making Radical Changes In Preparation For Disclosure, 12/7/14; Alien Base And Flying Saucer Found In Antarctica?, 12/22/14; Giant Beings Seen Rapidly Climbing Mexican Volcano, 1/3/15; Alien Races - Over 82 Species On Earth!, 1/6/15; Russia Orders Obama: TELL THE WORLD ABOUT ALIENS, Or We Will, 2/11/15; Alien Agenda XIX: High-tech Soul-snatching and the long planned Final Solution, 2/17/15; ETs have IQs Above 450, 2/19/15; 9 Foot Alien Spotted In Space Shuttle Cargo Bay in 1991, 3/2/15; Secret Apollo 20 Mission and the Alien Girl, 3/12/15; Meeting Between Tall Alien and Astronauts Witnessed by Retired NASA Employee, 4/2/15; Proof of aliens? Amazing unaltered slides from the 1940s, 5/7/15; Alien Figure Hidden In Leonardo Da Vinci Mona Lisa?, 5/22/15; HERE LIES A DEAD ALIEN? DO YOU BELIEVE THE PLACARD?, 5/29/15; On June 5th, Pope Francis Will Announce the Catholic Church Is Preparing For Alien Contact, 5/31/15; Pope To Declare “The Aliens Are Coming” on June 5th 2015? | Is This Part of A Spin Campaign For Disclosure?, 6/2/15; Vatican Vault Spilled! Pope to Announce Church Preparations For Alien Contact June 2015? Former Chief Council For Jesuit Order Shares All, 6/4/15; Fermi's phony paradox: Humans too arrogant and stupid to solve 'missing aliens' question, 6/11/15; FBI Acknowledges Visits by Beings from Other Dimensions – Declassified Document, 6/15/15; George Noory: The Coming Staged Alien Invasion, 6/16/15; 6 Alien Species Currently Fighting for Control Over Earth, 6/21/15; Ancient Alien Astronaut Found In Egypt?, 7/6/15; Transcript of Classified Alien Visitation Tape Recording Made at Camp David, Maryland, March 1981, 7/11/15; Stan Romanek Alien Footage: UFO Contact Documentary | New UFO Sightings 2015 HD, 7/12/15; Unsealed Alien Files S02E07 Aliens and Civilizations, 7/16/15; Hybrid Alien Species on Earth Right Now, 8/6/14; 5 Most Believable Encounters People Have Had With Extraterrestrials, 8/14/15; Snowden Suggests We Arent Getting Alien Transmissions Because They Are Using Encryption, 9/21/15; ET ORIGINS – SECRETS OF THE STAR PEOPLE - The Movie - Tribal Elders Speak Out, 10/7/15; Shocking comments of highly ranked individuals confirm Extraterrestrials exist!, 10/28/15; Wikileaks cable: MAYOR MEETS AMBASSADOR, CONFIRMS EXTRATERRESTRIAL LIFE, 10/28/15; Chemtrails, ET’s & Alien Technology – The Covert Conquest of a Dying Planet, 11/18/15; Exploring Advanced Ancient Life and Aliens In Peru, 11/22/15; Russia Orders Obama: Tell World About Aliens, Or We Will, 11/25/15; American Fantasyland – Down here on the farm, 12/21/15; Time Travel Wars of Aliens and Men, ISIS & Galactic Awakening with Andrew Bartzis, 12/25/15; CERN re "Alien SKULLS & Artifacts" DISCOVERED in Caucasus Mts!, 1/12/16; CERN FUKASHIMA CONNECTION, 1/2/16; Ancient Alien Races who Contacted Earth new 2016 FULL, 1/30/16; BE READY FOR ANYTHING... CERN, VATICAN & THE COMING DISCLOSURE, 2/9/16; 5 Space Discoveries & Mysteries That Could Prove Alien Life Exists, 3/26/16; SCIENTIST CONFIRM THE EXISTENCE OF INVISIBLE ALIEN ENTITIES 2016!, 4/16/16; WARNED OFF? Alien BASES On Dark Side of The Moon Exposed, 4/16/16; Alien Movements On The Moon Up Close Footage, 4/26/16; 3 Most SHOCKING Alien Sightings You've Never Heard Of, 4/28/16; NO DENYING! Alien Base Complex on the Moon & More, 5/3/16; Has NASA Discovered An Alien Civilization?, 5/3/16; 10 Ancient Pictures of UFOs & Aliens, 5/5/16; 5 Mysterious Ancient Clues That Could Prove Aliens Exist, 5/7/16; Alien Species - Known Extraterrestrial Species On Earth (Documentary), 5/11/16; Complete KGB Agent Record of Alien Races [Leaked], 6/13/16; Jean-Claude Juncker Declares He Talked With Extraterrestrials About Brexit, 7/5/16; Alien Interview | Secrets of Universe Revealed | Project Blue Book, 7/6/16; Is the Pope About to Make an ET Disclosure at World Religion Unification Conference?, 8/25/16; NASA Admits It Has Known About Alien Life For Years, Just Forgot To Mention It, 9/21/16; NASA Openly Admits Alien Life Exists: Get Ready for Disclosure, 9/28/16; 500,000,000 Chinese believe in the existence of aliens, 11/10/16; "Imminent" Alien Invasion Revealed By NASA Administrator?, 4/24/17; ‘Star People’ and ‘Flying Shields’ Are Familiar Notions Inside Native American Tribes, 5/5/17

Human/ Alien Hybrids: Bases in America 2017 Barbara Lamb ‘Meet The Hybrids’, 4/17/17

Chimera Group: Intel on the Chimera Group, from Mr.Ed, 9/18/14

Pleiadians: Pleiadian Message - A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light, 1/24/16

Atacama Skeleton: UFO documentary Sirius reveals "humanoid of unknown classification, 4/4/13; UFO film promises proof of pint-size aliens, 4/9/13; ‘Sirius,’ Steven Greer’s Film, Claims To Unveil Tiny ‘Alien’ Humanoid, 4/10/13; Atacama Humanoid; Mysterious Human-like Skeleton Is Just Six Inches Long, 5/1/13; Best available evidence; Stanford University Examines Biological Entity Found In Atacama Desert, 7/8/13

Andromeda Council: Removing Reptilian undersea bases from Middle East & China, 10/26/11; 5.0 Gulf of Aden quake: Andromeda Council sonic beam destroys reptilian base, 10/31/11

010117a Reptilians: Credo Mutwa on Alien Abduction & Reptilians, 9/30/99; aka: Reptoids, Anunnaki, Nephilim, Sons of God; Reptilian humanoid; Reptilian Race; Reptoids Research Center; Lacerta Files, Pt.1, 11/3/11; Pt.2, 11/4/11; Andromeda Council: East China Sea 6.9 quake - undersea reptilian base destroyed, 11/8/11; Reptilian EVP and Reverse speech - Peggy Kane Volume One 23 of 24, 11/11/11; Reptilian EVP and Reverse speech - Peggy Kane Volume One 24 of 24, 11/11/11; "Nancy" interview FULL reptilian Aliens UFOS abductions, 1/27/12; Austrian Cave Encounter With Reptoids, 2/13/12; Jesse Ventura: Reptilian Agenda, 11/9/12; New (Reptilian) World Order, 11/10/12; Reptilian Humanoid Startles Bikers in the Sonoran Desert, 2/13/14; Reptilian Baby Just Born In India!!??, 5/23/14; Reptilian Makes Appearance On The Dr. Phil Show?, 10/25/14; Reptilians Among Us - The Alien Race 'Here' On Earth - Viewer Discretion, 10/29/14; Reptilians Among Us - The Best Kept Secret Seeping Out To The Public, 12/10/14; Did Putin Just Out The World’s Ruling Class As Reptilians?, 4/9/16; Putin Just Called The World’s Ruling Class "Reptilians", 4/11/16; Putin reveals Alien Hybrids (Reptilians) are the Ruling Class, 4/15/16

Archons: Hidden Rulers Through the Ages; TRUE ANARCHY OF LIFE ON EARTH - Human Role in Sophia's Correction; Who Wrote the Reptilian Agenda? - Origin of the Annunaki Script, 3/5; Trickster Pack: At the End of Deception – A Gnostic View of Disclosure, 6/15/14; Monsanto Eerily Mimics Archon Behavior Depicted in Nag Hammadi Gnostic Texts, 9/28/14; Archons, Enki’s Empire and the Coming Energy Wave that may end Human Slavery, 5/13/17

111516q 103116f 090314d 122813-01 071715p59 Greys: Greys; additional; Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy Alien Interview; Sealand Skull Photo Released, 9/18/10; EBE 1 footage alien Zeta Reticuli survivor crash KGB, 4/7/12; Grey ETs: A round table discussion with Lisa M. Harrison, Alfred Webre of Exopolitics.com, Mary Rodwell of ACERM and Suzanne Hansen of UFOCUS NZ, 5/31/12; "Skinny Bob" Roswell-Type ET: Original Leaker Discloses Incredible New Information, 9/7/14

Starchild Skull: Starchild Skull DNA Work Reveals Alien or Unknown DNA and Human Mother, 10/28/10; DNA "not similar" to anything on Earth, 2/23/11; Conjecture, 3/29/11; DNA PROOF THAT THE STARCHILD SKULL IS ALIEN

UFO & Alien Sources

George Adamski: Inside the Space Ships (1955)
William Baldwin: CE-VI Close Encounters of the Possession Kind^
William Binney: Highest Ranking NSA Whistle-Blower Of All Time Addresses The UFO Question – See What He Had To Say, 9/5/14
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Valdemar Valerian: Matrix I - Understanding Aspects of Covert Interaction with Alien Culture^; Matrix II - Abduction and Manipulation of Humans Using Advanced Technology^; Matrix III - Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological & Electromagnetic Manipulation of Human Consciousness, v1^ & v2^; MatrixIV - Equivideum^

Erich von Däniken: Chariots of the Gods

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121614e56 060715r56 051916b54 020416e49 052216r49 072115b49 122014z49

070115n70 090716m42 052215p42 Underwater: Bases and Vehicles; Diego Garcia: Not just an underwater base but a underwater city!, 4/7/14

122813-03 010513u 101416e 012416h 070513_2 042815u31 050816r25 Underground: Subterranean Tunnels, Underground Alien Bases; Bases & Tunnels; Egyptian Citadel in the Grand Canyon; Ancient Tunnels, underlying an historical site in New Zealand. Tunnels into a Faerie mound?; Phil Schneider lecture, 11/95; Phil Schneider Story; SECRET UNDERGROUND TUNNELS IN AMERICA, 9/1/9; Underground cities aren't for dummies, 9/4/9; Tunnels under the USA; 200 Underground Cities; Deep Underground Military Bases; again; Underground Bases; again; Deep Bases; JJ Hurtak's Stunning Discoveries of Ancient Underground Tunnels; Underground Bases; Tunnel Boring Machine; A million library books to be sent down the mines, 1/29/10; Underground cities aren't for dummies; PROOF OF SECRET MULTI LEVEL UNDERGROUND BASES, 9/4/10; Underground base in UK. Mind Controll, Greys, Reptilians and Hybrids, 11/15/10; Richard Sauder: Fukushima Nuclear Disaster, Deep Underground Military Bases, 4/11/11; Shadow Government Bunkers: Security Heightened at Underground Storage Facilities, 5/13/11; Experts Baffled by Mysterious Underground Chambers, 7/22/11; Going underground: The massive European network of Stone Age tunnels that weaves from Scotland to Turkey, 8/8/11; Anomalous Ground Holes: Natural or Ultraterrestrial?, 9/15/11; Tunnels to at least 13 underground bases being sealed off, 9/23/11; 'Doomsday Shelter' Being Built Below Kansas Prairie Where Millionaires Will be Able To Sit Out the Apocalypse in Style, 4/11/12; Jesse Ventura: Ozark Conspiracy Theory, 11/26/12; Steven D. Kelley - Underground City at the Getty Museum, 3/2/13; New Command Center for the NWO: Truck Driver Confirms Underground City Beneath US, 3/3/13; Extensive Ancient Underground Network Discovered From Scotland to Turkey, 6/11/13; Extensive Ancient Underground Network Discovered From Scotland to Turkey, 6/13/13; Kansas caverns could preserve human race, 6/20/13; Myth, Underground Bases & The Extraterrestrial Presence, 6/29/13; Shin-Au-Av Secret Ancient Underground City Hidden Beneath Death Valley, 6/7/14; Underground Bases, Tunnels And Ancient Civilizations - Who And What Lies Below Us And What Are They Doing Down There?, 9/19/14; Mystery And Conspiracy Surrounding Underground Military Bases, 9/19/14; U.S. Underground tunnel map, 4/19/15; youtube, 4/19/15; Secret Nightlife of Tunnel-Boring Machines, 4/22/15; Secret Mountain Our Spies Will Hide In When Washington Is Destroyed, 5/3/15; 'The ultimate doomsday escape': California entrepreneur builds $1billion bunker for millionaires in German village in event of an apocalypse - and where survivors can live a year without leaving, 6/14/15; Peru's Ancient Cave Of Dangerous Energies, 7/19/15; More Possible Underground & Military Structures in Desert (Cairo) Egypt (Google Earth) - FindingUFO, 4/11/16; Snowden Documents Reveal that More Intelligent Beings Exist Underground, 4/14/16; Deep Underground Military Bases? California Hit By Mysterious Clockwork "Booms" Daily For Years, 7/24/16; Another Deep Underground Military Base? Google Maps shows something hidden under the Gulf of California, 7/28/16; City Found 360 Feet Below Missouri City, Giant Human Skeleton Found, 9/18/16; Top 10 Underground Alien Bases On Earth, 10/4/16; Right Beneath Your Feet: The Hidden Reality of Deep Underground Military Bases, 11/1/16
Richard Sauder: Underground Bases And Tunnels: What Is The Government Trying To Hide

Bucegi Mountains in Romania: Bucegi Mountain Secrets & Evidence; pdf 2013; Cosmic Convergence: The Greatest Secret Of The Millennium: Bucegi Mountain Alien Base And Tunnel System, 1/6/15

012015m49 012015y48 Derinkuyu+ in Turkey: This Guy Knocked Down A Wall In His House. He Never Expected This To Behind It. WOAH!; Absolutely INCREDIBLE DISCOVERY, 6/26/9; Ancient Underground City in Turkey 300 feet deep, Reptilians, 5/27/14; Man Discovers Ancient City Under His Home, 11/20/14; Archaeologists Unearth More—a Lot More—of a Massive Underground City, 2/5/16

Dulce, Area 51: Extra-Terrestrial Installation; Dulce Base Conference Ends: Full Report, 4/1/9; video; Interview: 1/6/10; Official name for Dulce, New Mexico underground base disclosed!; Former Area 51 Employee Ed Fouche, 9/25/10; Dulce Battle Report, 9/14/11; Area 51 Builds Massive Alien Pyramid, 2/24/12; Jesse Ventura breaks open the decades long government conspiracy of Area 51, 3/10/12; Dying Ex-CIA Worker Comes Forward About Area 51 & Aleins, 5/23/13; 25 Demystifying Facts About Area 51 The Government Probably Doesn't Want You To Know, 8/7/15; Government Now Admits There's an 'Area 51', 8/15/13; Area 51 Confirmed, But Sorry, Guys, No Aliens, 8/15/13; Truth Is Out There: The Real Cover-Up At Area 51, 8/21/13; UFO LEAKED 2014 – The New Area 51, 12/4/14; Feds Threaten to Kick Miners Off Land to Expand Area 51, 9/9/15; Area 51 Mystery: Fleet of 737 Passenger Jets Flying in & out of Secretive Base, 8/19/16; "WOW" UNEXPLAINED UFO MILITARY QUANTUM ENERGY TEST!? TOP SECRET INSIDER EXPLAINS!, 9/10/16; LOOK AT THIS CRAZY FUTURISTIC HANGAR THEY SPENT TWO DECADES BUILDING IN AREA 51, 12/5/16; Fleets Of 737 Passenger Jets Fly In And Out Of Area 51, 5/6/17
Branton: Dulce Book
Boyd Bushman: Deathbed Disclosure, 10/24/14; Lockheed Martin senior scientist tells all, before he dies. Incredible!, 10/24/15

Dugway, Area 52: Utah Project- Area 52 Utah- UTTR Lakeside Part 1 - E1S2, 2/1/14; Utah Project- Area 52 Utah- UTTR- Dugway Range Part 1 - E3S2, 2/22/14

Denver International Airport: Denver Airport Conspiracy, 2/23/10; Murals Explanation; Facts Behind the Denver Airport Conspiracy; Conspiracy Theory: A Documentary, 12/31/10; Nibiru Elenin Jesse Ventura - Secret Underground 2012 Base at Denver Airport, 8/21/11; Obama going to Denver Airport late Sept, 2011; Government's Secret Doomsday Bunker?, 10/4/11; Denver International Airport Whistleblower: Continuity of Government Plans Exposed, 5/11/13; Secret underground base beneath Denver International Airport now revealed by whistle-blower, 6/30/14; Denver International Airport finally admits role as secret elite bunker, 4/1/15

Mt. Shasta: Hidden secrets and destiny of Mount Shasta, 5/24/13; Inner earth beings appeared to me at Mt Shasta, 10/5/13






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