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Recent Headlines   A few of the daily postings to this site:

§ SDR Replaces Dollar As the Currency For Global Trade?, 4/20/17
§ How to Create a Crystal Grid in Your Home, 4/20/17

§ Schumann Resonance is Spiking through the Roof, 4/19/17
§ Graham Hancock: “It’s All Lies” – Forbidden History, 4/19/17
§ Taxation Is Theft, 4/19/17
§ Facebook Experiment & Its CIA Roots, 4/19/17
§ Get Over It – You Have Zero Online Privacy, 4/19/17
§ 200 political front groups funded by George Soros, 4/19/17
§ 'Microdosing' trend has Americans tuning in with psychedelics, 4/19/17
§ International Church of Cannabis Opens On 4/20 In Colorado, 4/19/19
§ 2-Minute Rule for Procrastinators, 4/19/17

§ Everything is Sound & Light, 4/18/17
§ GWEN Towers: Total Control — Scalar Technology for Mind Control and Disease | Tesla, UFO, ET, Voices in Head, 4/18/17
§ Why Is Glyphosate Sprayed on Crops Right Before Harvest?, 4/18/17
§ Homing pigeons share our human ability to build knowledge across generations, 4/18/17
§ India Outlawing Cash Altogether in 75 Cities, 4/18/17
§ Global Pedophilia Rings Exposed And Arrested — Where’s U.S. Press Coverage?, 4/18/17

§ Breast cancer bombshell: Half of surgeries not necessary, 4/17/17

§ Electronic Weapons, Radio Frequency Radiation, Remote Manipulation of the Human Nervous System, 4/16/17
§ Virus of Consciousness and How To Remove Implants, 4/16/17
§ Is Pentagon using MOAB bombs against Afghani Giants?, 4/16/17

§ Psilocybin Causes Hyper-Connectivity in the Brain, 4/15/17
§ Exposure to leaded gasoline may have led to widespread loss of intelligence across America, 4/15/17
§ How the Rothschild-Rockefeller Empire Conquered the World, 4/15/17
§ Public Notice Provided to All Federal Employees and Agency Personnel Including IRS/Internal Revenue Service and Treasury Personnel, 4/15/17
§ 1988 Economist Magazine Predicts World Currency by 2018, 4/15/17
§ Gold Standard Challenges, 4/15/17
§ Retailers are going bankrupt at a staggering rate, 4/15/17
§ Third Snowy and The BIGGEST Pyramid Recently Discovered In Antarctica Could Rewrite History, 4/15/17
§ Hollow Earth vs Honeycomb Earth & Inner Earth Civilizations, 4/15/17

§ 5 Breathing Exercises to Reduce Stress and Improve Sleep, 4/14/17
§ Oroville Dam/Inflow Triples Outflow Over Night, 4/14/17
§ U.N. Peacekeepers Caught Running Massive Child Sex Ring, 4/14/12
§ How Monsanto Buys Science and Promotes Cancer, 4/14/17
§ Meaning of Life & How the Controllers Manipulate Science, 4/14/17
§ US Conducts Successful Field Test of New Nuclear Bomb, 4/14/17

§ US drops LARGEST ever non-nuclear bomb, 4/13/17
§ BRICS Gold-Backed Trade Pushing Deep State Desperation, 4/13/17

§ Is Bitcoin the ‘Mark of the Beast’?, 4/12/12

§ What Are Essential Oils? A Guide from Extraction to Uses, 4/11/17

§ After reading this you won't throw out an Avocado Seed Again, 4/4/17
§ 4 Ways to Throw a Monkey Wrench into the War Machine, 3/31/17
§ Dolphins get high by chewing on pufferfish, 3/30/17

§ Scientists identify parts of brain involved in dreaming, 4/10/17
§ How to Protect Your Privacy From Your ISP, 4/10/17
§ 9th Circle Satanic Cult Rituals Set for April 30th in 9 Cities, 4/10/17
§ Cruel autism trick played on vaccine-damaged children, 4/10/17
§ Role of Sumerian Anunnaki on Ancient History [VIDEO], 4/10/17
§ 14,000-year-old village unearthed on B.C. island, 4/10/17

§ Second Dr. Opinion from Nets Different Diagnosis 88% of Time, 4/8/17

§ What ARE probiotics and how do you take them?, 4/7/17

§ Soros's "Long And Productive Relationship" With J. Kushner, 4/6/17
§ For commoners using CPUs meaningful Moore’s law stopped 10 yrs ago, GPUs kept to Moore’s law but Google is 4 generations beyond, 4/6/17
§ Biggest Stock Bubble In U.S. History, 4/6/17

§ Is Your "Democracy" Actually a Totalitarian State?, 4/5/17
§ Copyright Law Sucks – Authors can be Compensated Without It, 4/5/17
§ Top 5 INSANE ingredients in today’s vaccines, 4/5/17
§ UN, EU Developing a Universal Definition of the 'City', 4/5/17
§ Pedophiles Rule the World, 4/5/17
§ IRS will call people now, 4/5/17
§ Boomerang: ‘Russia-gate’ Turns Into ‘Spy-gate’, 4/5/17
§ When Government Evil Triumphs, Freedom Falls, 4/5/17
§ Racial and Sexual Profiling is OK, 4/5/17

§ Master these 7 basic skills before SHTF, 4/4/17
§ 666 Digital Beast, 4/4/17
§ Obama officials caught red-handed in most explosive abuse of power in U.S. history… bigger than Watergate… is Susan Rice going to prison?, 4/4/17
§ Inconvenient Sayings of Jesus, 4/4/17
§ Pink Star diamond sells for $71.2 million, , 4/4/17
§ Doug Casey on Why College Is a Waste of Money, 4/4/17
§ How Nikola Tesla Harnessed the Power of Niagara Falls, 4/4/17

§ Why isn't the State Scared to use Force against Us?, 3/30/17
§ It's Official: Sky Will Be Sprayed in Geoengineering "Experiment," Blocking Sun for Climate Change, 3/26/17
§ Trump's Grandfather Worked Under John D. Rockefeller, Uncle Translated Tesla's Stolen Work, 3/26/17

§ Destroy Cancer Tumors using Nothing but Sound Waves, 4/3/17
§ Mnuchin Wants to Feed the Slimiest Creature in the Swamp, 4/3/17
§ Where’s the Press on Vince Foster’s Death?, 4/3/17

§ Corrupt vaccine industry has the means and motive to stage a massive false flag “outbreak” to demand nationwide vaccine mandates, 4/2/17
§ How humans will lose control of artificial intelligence, 4/2/16
§ Google Voice is Recording your Conversations - How to Delete It, 4/2/17

§ Avoid these leftovers, they could make you sick, 4/1/17
§ War on Cash: Old & New, 4/1/17
§ Zika virus vaccine will genetically re-engineer your DNA, 4/1/17
§ When society collapses, you are far more likely to be killed by disease than by human violence, 4/1/17

§ Morgan Stanley: Used Car Prices May Crash 50%, 3/31/17
§ Time Bomb that will wipe out every Pension Fund in America, 3/31/17
§ Russia is dumping U.S. Dollar for Gold, 3/31/17

§ Man who rescued 'dying' baby bear may face charges, 3/30/17
§ Qi Gong Master Demonstrates “Chi” Energy, 3/30/17
§ Your Browser History Can Now Be Sold Without Your Consent, 3/30/17
§ US Owes the world 3x all the gold ever produced, 3/30/17

§ Destroy cancer tumors using nothing but sound waves, 3/29/17
§ 100 Scientific Studies Proving Cannabis Cures Cancer, 3/29/17
§ Knock-and-Talk Police Tactics Rip a Hole in the Constitution, 3/29/17

§ New Law Means You Could be the Subject of a Vaccine or Medication Experiment Without Your Informed Consent, 3/28/17

§ Hillary’s State Department was wrapped up with allegations of sexual misconduct, pedophilia, and cover-up, 3/27/17
§ Trump knew about Pizzagate in 2011!, 3/27/17
§ Unauthorized Biography of David Rockefeller, 3/27/17
§ What causes Prostatitis and How to Diagnose and Cure It, 3/27/17

§ How do Unschoolers Turn Out?, 9/2/14
§ The Hoax, 9/20/16
§ Big Pharma and the FDA vs. Nutritional Supplements, 3/25/17
§ Fish recorded singing dawn chorus on reefs just like birds, 3/25/17
§ Useful and Useless, 3/25/17
§ Elites and their Tactics of Enslavement, 3/25/17
§ Secrets of NWO Rockefeller Family EXPOSED, 3/25/17
§ Trump OKs environmentally destructive Keystone XL Pipeline, 3/25/17
§ From Crossbows to Cryptography: Techno-Thwarting The State, 11/87
§ The All Seeing Eye can only be Mine.
§ Paul Joseph Watson: My Last Ever YouTube Video?, 3/24/17
§ Unexpected Discovery: Lungs Make Blood, 3/24/17
§ David Rockefeller’s chilling 1991 speech at a Bilderberg meeting, 3/24/17
§ All Apple devices, including iPhones and Macs, are CIA spy devices embedded with spyware from the factory, 3/24/17
§ Windows 10 Has Been Quietly Logging EVERY KEYSTROKE You Type And Sending It To Microsoft (This Is How To Stop It), 3/23/17
§ Your Right to Self-Defense, 3/23/17
§ How the CIA Plants News Stories in the Media, 3/23/17
§ Nanoweapons may wipe out humanity before end of century, 3/23/17
§ Honest Government Advert - Visit Hawai'i, 3/22/17
§ When They Nullify the Law, Jurors Are Just Doing Their Jobs, 3/22/17
§ Trilateral Commission Took Control of U.S. Economy in 70s, 3/22/17
§ Dental dangers – How to protect your health, 3/22/17
§ Russian Doctor Claims Your Immune System Can Recover In Only 15 Seconds! Here’s How!, 3/22/17
§ Master Spider David Rockefeller, 3/22/17
§ Putin says something about the NWO that W. Media won’t air, 3/22/17
§ Microwave Ovens are Dangerous to Your Health, 3/22/17
§ Monsanto patented glyphosate as an “antibiotic” medicine, 3/22/17
§ How to not be restricted, censored or demonetized on Youtube, 3/21/17
§ What everyone should know about new Quarantine Regulation, 3/21/17
§ Which Countries Have Fluoride In Their Water, 3/21/17
§ Some Neanderthals were Vegetarians who used Natural Forms of Penicillin and Aspirin as medicine, 3/21/17
§ Everything you search for on Google is easily obtained by cops, 3/21/17
§ Court rules reclined car seat now justify warrantless searches, 3/21/17
§ Mind-blowing math animation explains why stock market wealth is an ILLUSION that vanishes in a crash, 3/21/17
§ Worry over underground explosions at Fukushima, 3/20/17
§ Upcoming Trade War between U.S. And China Will Be The Biggest In The History Of The Planet, 3/20/17
§ How Government Uses Civil Asset Forfeiture to Rob Us Blind, 3/20/17
§ Banks Are Evil - It's time to get painfully honest about this, 3/20/17
§ Moral Superiority’s Blank Check, 3/20/17
§ David Rockefeller Found Dead At Home Aged 101 Years Old. 3/20/17
§ Smart meters are destroying your health, 3/20/17
§ Is the flu shot a globalist IQ test to eliminate stupid people?, 3/20/17
§ Genetic Screening in the New World Order, 3/19/17
§ Twisted new “beauty boys” trend quietly sweeping America, 3/18/17
§ Tech billionaires funding mind computer interfacing projects, 3/17/17
§ Meet Goldman Sachs, the Vampire Squid, 3/17/17
§ It Begins: Bots Are Learning to Chat in Their Own Language, 3/16/17
§ Trump isn’t even pretending to oppose Goldman Sachs anymore, 3/15/17
§ Scientists Claim Human DNA ‘Was Designed By Aliens, 3/15/17
§ Open and Shut Case of Lee Harvey Oswald, Lone Assassin, 3/15/17
§ How to Woo a Moonbatted Snowflake, 3/15/17
§ Two High-Level Government Child Trafficking Rings Busted, 3/15/17
§ Scientists: AI Can Read Your Thoughts and Tell Whether You Are Guilty of Committing a Crime, 3/14/17
§ Discrimination is Freedom, 3/14/17
§ Human Body Emits & is Made from Light, 3/13/17
§ 5 traits of intelligence that can't be faked, 3/13/17
§ US Government’s National Experiment in Extermination, 3/13/17
§ Court Rules Ins. Cos. Required to Cover Cannabis Treatment, 3/13/17
§ Police Bragged About Tiny Pot Bust On Facebook, Then the Internet Demolished Them, 3/13/17
§ War on Cash Finds Its General, 3/13/17
§ US Government Now Has Less Cash Than Google, 3/13/17
§ Always order the cheapest wine on the list, 3/13/17
§ Oregon Couple Forced to Destroy Pond Because Government Ruled It Illegal, 3/12/17
§ Airlines are intentionally coating passengers with insecticides, 3/12/17
§ Socialism Requires a Dictator, 3/12/17
§ Entanglement of quantum clocks through gravity, 3/12/17
§ In Support of Competing Micro-States or “Startup Societies”, 3/12/17
§ Strategic Triangle That Is Changing The World, 3/11/17
§ Gold In Uncertain Times: "The West Doesn't Get It... They've Been Indoctrinated By Paper Money", 3/11/17
§ Putting Global Debt Into Perspective - 13 Stunning Silver Stats, 3/11/17
§ Jesus and Government, 3/11/17
§ Case Against LBJ for Murdering JFK, 3/11/17
§ KIDS-R-US! (Organs 50% OFF Fridays only!), 3/10/17
§ Malik Obama shares photo of Barack’s Kenya birth certificate, 3/10/17
§ Department of Nice, 3/10/17
§ Why our brains may be 100x more powerful than believed, 3/10/17
§ How B Vitamins Improve Brain Health and Mood Disorders, 3/10/17
§ Why Aren't Americans Filing Their Taxes This Year?, 3/10/17
§ DAPL Oil To Begin Flowing Within Days, 3/10/17
§ Alert: Your Cell Phone is Spying on You! 4 Ways to Block Your Cell Phone and Prevent Being Monitored, 3/9/17
§ FBI Head: ‘Your Memories Are Open To Government Scrutiny’, 3/9/17
§ Modern FBI Is An Outgrowth of the Gestapo, 3/9/17
§ Atrazine causes changes in gender expression, 3/9/17
§ Without a ‘world government’ tech will destroy us says Hawking, 3/8/17
§ AZ Committee Passes Bill to Treat Gold and Silver as Money, 3/8/17
§ 65% of doctors are getting cash “kickbacks” from big pharma, 3/8/17
§ Cellphone radiation is warping the brains of children and adults, 3/8/17
§ When Your Heart Skips a Beat, 3/7/17
§ Wikileaks reveals CIA hacking into smart cars possibly for assassinations and all smartphones, smart TVs for spying, 3/7/17
§ Saying What Needs to Be Said About the Military, 3/7/17
§ Chemistry behind cannabinoids explains how CBDs saves lives, 3/6/17
§ Another devastating revelation on killer medical drugs is buried, 3/6/17
§ TSA Introduces “More Invasive” Pat-Downs, 3/5/17
§ This Company Made A 3D-Printed Home In 24 Hours For $10K, 3/5/17
§ Hottest areas in Artificial Intelligence, 3/4/17
§ 134 vaccine bills introduced in 35 states for forced vaccinations, 3/3/17
§ Cell phones "penetrate" your brain and cause cancer, 3/3/17
§ U.S. used radioactive weapons in Iraq, deforming 1000s of babies, 3/3/17
§ 16 Reasons Why a Second Great Depression Will Be Different, 3/3/17
§ What the Oroville Dam Looks Like Now, 3/2/17
§ Holder foretells return of Obama: “He’s Ready To Roll”, 3/2/17
§ Take Vitamin D, Not the flu vaccine, 3/2/17
§ Yale study links immunizations to brain disorders, 3/1/17
§ Rise of Police Privilege -- 32 Blue Lives Matter Bills in 14 States Introduced in 2017, 3/1/17
§ Are We Being Set Up for a Nat'l ID System?, 3/1/17; See also: Identity
§ 1000s of Mics & Cameras to be Installed in SD, 3/1/17
§ Watching Pizzagate Researchers Get Sandy Hooked, 3/1/17
§ Storm Runoff In California Exposing New Gold Motherlode?, 2/28/17
§ Japanese Billionaire is creating a $100 billion investment fund to be a leading developer of AI for Kurzweil's Technological Singularity, 2/27/17
§ Teaching Kids to Trust the Police is Child Abuse, 2/26/17
§ White House: Feds will step up marijuana law enforcement, 2/24/17
§ Witches Target Trump with Mass Occult Ritual, 2/24/17
§ Chickens Have Come Home to Roost, 2/23/17
§ Oregano essential oil kills antibiotic resistant superbugs, 2/23/17
§ 7 Earth-size planets were just found orbiting a nearby star, 2/22/17
§ Illusion of Freedom: Police State Is Alive and Well, 2/22/17
§ How Google just became FAKE SEARCH by blacklisting independent journalism, 2/22/17
§ MSNBC Anchor: "Our job is to control what people think", 2/22/17
§ Assange Exposes the Truth About Corporate Media: 'You Are Reading Weaponized Text', 2/21/17
§ Scientists fear Fukushima radiation hitting US to worsen - Reactors “will continue to pour water into Pacific for the rest of time”, 2/21/17
§ AZ Deals Blow to Federal Reserve, House Passes Bill To Treat Silver & Gold as Money, 2/21/17
§ Medical Cannabis — Vastly Underutilized Therapeutic Option?, 2/21/17
§ Soros, Clintons Organizing Paid Protesters to Overthrow Trump and Protect Pedophile Rings, 2/21/17
§ Police Chief Confirms Fmr UK Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath Raped Dozens of Children and Govt ‘Covered it Up’, 2/20/17
§ 11 Stunning Visualizations of Gold Show Its Value and Rarity, 2/20/17
§ Pope Francis Declares ‘Muslim Terrorism Does Not Exist’ As He Continues To Set The Stage For A One World Religion, 2/20/17
§ Concerns Grow About A Nuclear "Incident" In Europe After Spike In Radioactive Iodine Levels, 2/20/17
§ This Is How the U.S. Empire Destroys Itself, 2/20/17
§ Is the Obama Administration Fully Operational?, 2/18/17
§ Coming Bitcoin Crackdown, 2/18/17
§ Rational argument against the normalization of transgenderism, 2/18/17
§ All Roads Lead to Pizzagate, 2/18/17
§ Michael Flynn Was Ousted After Obtaining DC Pedophile List, 2/17/17
§ Talks that prove you already live in the future, 2/17/17
§ 11 Alarming Facts About America’s Crumbling Infrastructure, 2/17/17
§ State Secrets: Sibel Edmonds Uncovers ‘The Untouchables’, 2/17/17
§ How full are Northern California reservoirs and rivers?, 2/17/17
§ Pablo Escobar's Son Reveals His Dad "Worked for the CIA Selling Cocaine" - Media Silent, 2/17/17
§ Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg hints at SECRET plans to use artificial intelligence to censor and spy on users, 2/17/17
§ AI Body Cams Give Cops Power to Google All They See, 2/16/17
§ Darkness Is Scheduled, Civil Order Will Be Upended: “Military Plans to Take Over America”, 2/16/17
§ George Church says reversal of aging will be within 10 yrs, 2/16/17
§ Obama Expanded NSA Powers Days Before Leaving Office, Now They’re Being Used to Sabotage Trump, 2/16/17
§ CDC is a vaccine co., owns 56 vaccines –grave conflict of interest, 2/16/17
§ Research shows dogs have human-like sense of morality, 2/16/17
§ Antidepressants linked to higher rates of suicide and self-harm, 2/16/17
§ EPA To Officially Terminate On Dec. 31, 2018, 2/16/17
§ Woolly mammoth on verge of resurrection, scientists reveal, 2/16/17
§ TSA Massive $100M, 40,000 lb Cocaine Smuggling Conspiracy, 2/15/17
§ Why So Many Families Are Feeling Extreme Financial Stress, 2/15/17
§ Ex EPA senior scientist confirms fluoride lowers children’s IQ, 2/15/17
§ Amish Farmer Facing Life in Prison for FDA Infraction, 2/15/17
§ Companies are already implanting employees with microchips, 2/15/17
§ Europe hit by severe vegetable shortage, 2/15/17
§ New Covenant Aims at Replacing the UN, 2/15/17
§ Era Of Human-Animal Hybrid Chimeras Has Begun, 2/14/17
§ Oroville Dam Emergency: This Is Who and Why They Did It, 2/14/17
§ Fukushima radiation so high a robot would be destroyed in 2hrs, 2/14/17
§ Fermented Foods a Key Component of an Anti-Cancer Diet, 2/14/17
§ Is Zuckerberg planning to poison children with forced vaccines?, 2/14/17
§ Sheriff Must Pay $100K of His Own Money for Brutality Case, 2/13/17
§ U.S. Military’s Plan to Take Over America, 2/13/17
§ Elon Musk: Humans must merge with machines or become irrelevant in AI age, 2/13/17
§ Google's New AI Becomes Aggressive in Stressful Situations, 2/13/17
§ Answers to your questions about the crisis at Oroville Dam, 2/13/17
§ 5 Signs We’re Living in an Orwellian Police State, 2/13/17
§ Cops & Lawmakers Exposed in $800M Pvt Prison Bribery, 2/13/17
§ Jim Rogers: Worst Economic Problems Of A Lifetime, 2/13/17
§ Healing Platform: Build Your Own Cure, 2/13/17
§ Top 9 Natural Home Remedies For Yellow Teeth, 2/13/17
§ Not Just Autism, Major Yale Study Shows Vaccines Tied To Multiple Brain Disorders, 2/13/17
§ 30 States Move to Enact Vaccine Tracking and Mandatory, 2/12/17
§ Pizzagate and Organ Theft From Children Are Connected, 2/12/17
§ Town to Return $3M to Residents Fined by Traffic Cameras, 2/11/17
§ Lessons learned from California’s “permanent drought”, 2/11/17
§ U.S. Special Forces Deployed To 70% Of The World In 2016, 2/11/17
§ Amazon SPIES on your most private thoughts, 2/10/17
§ Natural Cold Remedies: What Works, What Doesn't, 2/10/17
§ Politicians Making Plans in Case the Public Turns Against Them, 2/9/17
§ Truth about Fukushima; the entire world is in danger, 2/9/17
§ Has American Establishment Opted for Thermo-Nuclear War?, 2/9/17
§ Is your TV spying on you? For millions, the answer is YES!, 2/9/17
§ Trump Can't Stop Work Globalization - Internet Will See to That, 2/9/17
§ What Andrew Breitbart said about John Podesta, 2/9/17
§ Berkeley Commies, 2/9/17
§ Highway Robbery Gets Presidential Seal of Approval, 2/8/17
§ Families being reported to CPS for homeschooling, 2/8/17
§ Civil War by agenda Coming to the U.S.?, 2/8/17
§ FBI: Silent Terror of the Fourth Reich, 2/8/17
§ Parents Get High With Their Kids For The First Time, 2/8/17
§ Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg favors decriminalizing pedophilia and child sex trafficking, 2/8/17
§ Virginia University Publishes "LGBTQQIAAPP Terminology Guide" To Help Snowflakes Determine Their Gender, 2/8/17
§ Gold Confiscation: History, Myths, And Real Solutions, 2/8/17
§ EU Cashless Society Steps Up Pace In 2017/18, 2/8/17
§ IRS Travel Ban For U.S. Citizens: Due Process Undermined, 2/7/17
§ Man who brought the World 3D Guns Isn't Going Anywhere, 2/7/17
§ Squid Communicate With a Secret, Skin-Powered Alphabet, 2/7/17
§ CIA & the Drug Trade, 2/7/17
§ How to Overcome the Elite’s Control over a Divided World, 2/7/17
§ How to Survive an Earthquake, 2/7/17
§ 'If Trade Stops, War Starts', Warns Alibaba Founder Jack Ma, 2/7/17
§ Soros Fingerprints All Over Anti-Trump Lawsuits, 2/6/17
§ Greenery-clad towers take root in China, 2/6/17
§ Past, Present and Future of Goldman Sachs, 2/6/17
§ Pizzagate is Bigger than Anyone Knows and is about to Explode, 2/6/17
§ “Unimaginable” radiation levels detected at Fukushima, 2/6/17
§ Designer of HPV Gardasil vaccine says it’s not safe or effective, 2/6/17
§ Which Assets Are Most Likely to Survive the System Re-Set?, 2/5/17
§ Trump Has Inherited a Terrifying Debt Problem, 2/4/17
§ Standing Rock Council Betrays Water Protectors, Sends in Cops, 2/3/17
§ GMO apples to arrive at stores this month, grocers secretive, 2/3/17
§ Cal Berkeley Fascists Violently Protest Free Speech, 2/2/17
§ Death Knell of Debt: “99.8% Data Manipulated to Cover-up” Insane Levels of Student Loans, 2/2/17
§ Oregon Refuses to Enforce THC Blood Limit for Driving, 2/1/17
§ Dogs can detect cancer more accurately than many laboratories, 2/1/17
§ How Government $ach$ Won the (s)Election, 2/1/17
§ Identity is an imprisoning lie
§ Should Cash be Abolished?, 1/31/17
§ Global Elites are installing next-generation spying smart meters in homes worldwide, 1/31/17
§ Rule by Brute Force: True Nature of Government, 1/31/17
§ AI cleans up against human poker players in landmark victory, 1/31/17
§ National Intelligence Council Report warns that genetic engineering poses unprecedented threat to the world, 1/31/17
§ Healing With Medical Marijuana, 1/31/17
§ Eight Kitchen Staples That Don't Go Bad for Years, 1/31/17
§ Fixing Healthcare From A-Z, 1/31/17
§ Soros on the Ropes, 1/31/17
§ SkyDiving With a Parachute, 1/30/17
§ Something or Someone has summoned the World's Political & Religious Leaders to Antarctica, 1/30/17
§ Former DEA “Chief Propagandist” Says Agency Knows Cannabis Is Safe, Keeps It Illegal for Profit, 1/29/17
§ Brand new phase of matter: time crystals, 1/28/17
§ Pope frets about 'hemorrhage' of priests, nuns from church, 1/28/17
§ Antarctica confirms Flash Frozen Alien Civilization exposed, 1/28/17
§ Did Harvard create the "holy grail" of solid metallic hydrogen?, 1/27/17
§ Chinese New Year: Goodbye Monkey, Hello Rooster, 1/27/17
§ Europe Proposes "Restrictions On Payments In Cash", 1/27/17
§ NASA 'cuts live feed from international space station' after mysterious object appears on camera, 1/26/17
§ How to Dodge Facial Recognition Software, 1/26/17
§ Genetically-modified CYBORG dragonflies that can be remotely controlled to spy on people, 1/26/17
§ First Human-Pig Chimera Is a Step Toward Custom Organs, 1/26/17
§ 10 Sinister State Moves Prove 1st Amendment is Dying, 1/26/17
§ March of Madness, 1/26/17
§ Natural homemade toothpaste heals cavities and whitens teeth, 1/26/17
§ ABC airs promo about President being shot during Trump interview, 1/26/17
§ Male and Female Behavior Biologically Determined, 1/26/17
§ More and More Americans Need a License to Make a Living, 1/25/17
§ 10 Evidences That Show Time Travel May Exist, 1/25/16
§ Elon Musk Will Start Digging a Tunnel Under Los Angeles, 1/25/17
§ Is It Just A Coincidence That The Dow Has Hit 20,000 At The Same Time The National Debt Is Reaching $20 Trillion?, 1/25/17
§ Dow Jones Industrial Average Breaks 20,000 for First Time, 1/25/17
§ Trump To Ban Travel From 7 Countries, incl. Iraq and Syria, 1/25/17
§ During The Trump Era, Will Men Start Acting Like Men Again?, 1/24/17
§ Goodbye, Obama, you traitor and enemy of America, 1/24/17
§ Trump Is Keeping FBI Director Comey, 1/24/17
§ Cashless Biometrics and India's Demonetization Experiment, 1/24/17
§ Why Fractional-Reserve Banking Would Be Limited in an Unhampered Market, 1/23/17
§ Dystopian Vision of George Soros, 1/23/17
§ Trump says he wants to cut regulations by 75%, 1/23/17
§ Trump Abandons TPP, Obama’s Signature Trade Deal, 1/23/17
§ Clinton Foundation Is Closing Down!, 1/22/17
§ Comparing the 1930s and Today, 1/22/17
§ James Clapper oversaw CIA, NSA, DHS+, controlled a budget of $75B/yr
§ Why We'll Never Run Out of Jobs, 1/21/17
§ Can 7 Minutes of Exercise Really Help Keep You Fit?, 1/21/17
§ Trump's Inaugural Address Was Like No Other in History, 1/20/17
§ Obama: A Legacy of Ashes, 1/20/17
§ Quantum Theory sheds Light on what happens when we Die, 1/20/17
§ Chinese Factory Replaces 90% Of Human Workers With Robots, Sees 250% Production Increase, 1/20/17
§ How Google Tracks You (And What You Can Do About It), 1/20/17
§ Not Buying Any Government Today, Thanks, 1/20/17
§ Obama's Wasted, Deadly and Destructive Presidency, 1/19/17
§ Country Singer Goes on SNL, Exposes Afghan Heroin Trade and No One Even Noticed, 1/19/17
§ CNN: If Trump is Killed During Inauguration, Obama Appointee Would be President, 1/19/17
§ Man planning to kill Trump is Hillary's close friend, 1/19/17
§ At Activist Training, Protesters Prep to Disrupt Inauguration, 1/19/17
§ Does a Rogue Deep State Have Trump's Back?, 1/19/17
§ Fielding My Grandson’s Questions About Gold and Banking, 1/19/17
§ Lagarde Urges Wealth Redistribution To Fight Populism, 1/19/17
§ Assange Will Not Turn Himself In — Conditions Not Met, 1/19/17
§ Evil Loretta Lynch, 1/19/17
§ Nothing Is Real: Reality TV Masquerades as Politics, 1/19/17
§ Three-parent baby born in Ukraine using new technique, 1/18/17
§ Mainstream Media Finally Investigates ‘PizzaGate’, 1/18/17
§ Creature from Jekyll Island, 1/18/17; entire book pdf
§ Dandelion root, a cancer cell killer, has a long history as medicine, 1/18/17
§ Julian Assange ‘to hand himself in and be extradited to the US’, 1/18/17
§ Obama commutes Chelsea Manning's sentence, 1/17/17
§ Science of Happiness, 1/17/17
§ “Bill of Rights For Children Act” Would Allow Gov’t Agents To Kidnap Kids For “Their Best Interest”, 1/17/17
§ DAPL Cops Open Fire on Prayer Circle with Rubber Bullets, 1/17/17
§ "Letter from a Birmingham Jail [King, Jr.]", 4/16/63
§ Using vitamin C correctly in high doses kills cancer cells, 1/16/17
§ Perverse Ingenuity and Routine Lawlessness of Law Enforcers, 1/16/17
§ Do Not Trust Governments or Their Employees, 1/14/17
§ Lost Footage of Marilyn Monroe, 1/13/17
§ D.C. Nati'l Guard Head to be removed in middle of inauguration, 1/13/17
§ CIA Agent Admits that U.S. Gov't Runs Afghan Opium Trade, 1/13/17
§ Mandela Effect, 1/12/17
§ Air travel industry has been ignoring aerotoxicity, 1/12/17
§ Effective and affordable EMF Protection
§ Google's AI Has Reinvented the Master Language, 1/11/17
§ Quantum Computing is Real, and D-Wave just Open-Sourced it, 1/11/17
§ Cannabis Coffee Pods To Hit Markets In March 2017, 1/11/17
§ What’s killing us? Top 10 prescribed medications of 2016, 1/11/17
§ Multiple Eye Witnesses Refute Official Story of FL Shooting, 1/11/17
§ Privacyless, Freedomless, Cashless Smart City of 2030 the Elite Are Engineering Us Into, 1/10/17
§ Parking Spaces and Property Rights, 1/10/17
§ MA Crafts Bill to Free Pot Users from Jail - Cops are Furious, 1/10/17
§ Illinois turns hair stylists into snitches on their customers, 1/10/17
§ Scientists Now Warn Of A New Ice Age, 1/10/17
§ Extraordinary Size Of Amazon In One Chart, 1/10/17
§ Rise of the cashless city: 'There is this real danger of exclusion', 1/9/1
§ Cops’ radar guns emit 36 GHz radiation that causes cancer, 1/9/17
§ What You Need to Know about Mind Control, 1/9/17
§ After quantum dominance, surge in quantum computer investment, boosts to AI and technological progress & a quantum AI singularity, 1/9/17
§ FBI Is Apparently Paying Geek Squad Members To Dig Around In Computers For Evidence Of Criminal Activity, 1/9/17
§ Amazon Echo devices spy on you in your own home, 1/9/17
§ Why don't the $ & Bitcoin drop to their tangible value (Zero)?, 1/9/17
§ Agent Orange causing horrific third generation birth defect, 1/8/17
§ Is A Bitcoin "As Good As Gold"?, 1/7/17
§ Millennials are entitled, narcissistic and lazy, 1/6/17
§ Obama Awards Himself A “Distinguished Public Service Medal”, 1/5/17
§ Bill Gates quietly funding 1000s of new vaccines, 1/5/17
§ Six Non-Cannabis Plants That Are High In Healing Cannabinoids, 1/5/17
§ FEMA “Preparing for Dollar Collapse”: Martial Law and Complete Social Disintegration In 2017, 1/4/17
§ Organ first identified by da Vinci gets official organ designation, 1/4/17
§ Biometrics As National IDs: It’s A Hacked World, After All, 1/4/16
§ Titanic Sails at Dawn: Warning Signs of early 2017, 1/3/17
§ Rube Goldberg Government, 1/3/17
§ THC In Blood NOT Sufficient Grounds For DUI, 1/3/17
§ Another look at Supreme Court Justice Scalia's death, 1/3/17
§ With Rule 41 the FBI Is the Enemy of All Computer Users, 1/3/17
§ TOP TRENDS OF 2017, 1/1/17
§ 10 Terrifying Predictions For 2017, 12/31/16
§ A rare comet is zooming past Earth right now, 12/31/16
§ Dirty Secrets of Socialism (Purpose of Political Correctness), 12/31/16
§ We Don't Need Costumed Overlords and Tax Farmers, 12/30/16
§ India Cash Ban Could Get Worse, 12/30/16
§ Obama trying to start WWIII before Jan. 20th, 12/30/16
§ Obama declares site of 2014 Bundy standoff a nat'l monument, 12/30/16
§ Here are the last uncharted corners of the globe, 12/29/16
§ Anonymous 2017 Warning: “We Must Unite And Take Action", 12/28/16
§ Houston Police Force Homeless People To Throw Away Food, 12/28/16
§ India Cash Ban: 1.25 Billion in Crisis, 12/28/16
§ Israel Outraged Countries Object to their Ethnic Cleansing, 12/27/16
§ Weed Newbie's Guide to Legal Marijuana, 12/27/16
§ Court Rules Police Can Legally Execute Your Dog, 12/26/16
§ Couple Forced to Destroy 40yo Pond on Their Own Property Because Gov't Owns the Rainwater, 12/26/16
§ Goldman-Sachs Caught Manipulating US$ - No One Arrested, 12/24/16
§ DEA Absolutely Evil In Making CBD Oil Schedule 1 Drug, 12/23/16
§ Government Surveillance on DAPL Protesters, 12/22/16
§ Universal basic income is the opsys of a post-industrial state, 12/22/16
§ Popular toys are secretly spying on your children, 12/21/16
§ Failure of Public Schooling in One Chart, 12/21/16
§ Hospitals threaten healthcare workers who refuse flu vaccine, 12/20/16
§ Michelle Obama was born Michael Robinson
§ Radioactive fish from Fukushima found on west coast of US, 12/19/16
§ IMF Lagarde Found Guilty of Criminal Negligence, 12/19/16
§ Pizzagate: Too evil to be true?, 12/18/16
§ Causing autism before birth – vaccinating babies in the womb, 12/18/16
§ Serious health consequences of putting your laptop on your lap, 12/18/16
§ Magic Mushrooms for Long-Term Anxiety Relief, 12/17/16
§ Facebook announces Plan to use Soros-Funded Fact-Checkers, 12/17/16
§ Techniques Used by the Media to Brainwash & Control Us, 12/17/16
§ How They Are Shutting Down the Alternative Media Online, 12/16/16
§ DEA Blames Media for Making It Harder to Arrest People, 12/16/16
§ Unvaccinated Children Healthier Than Vaccinated Kids, 12/16/16
§ 14 Signs there's a Plot to Steal Presidency on Dec. 19 Or Jan. 6, 12/15/16
§ Man Found Not Guilty for Shooting 3 Cops during Raid, 12/14/16
§ Regulation Nation: Independence Is Illegal without a Permit, 12/14/16
§ Does the President Have Too Much Power?, 12/14/16
§ Ice is Cracking in Antarctica & “Pyramids” Have Been Spotted, 12/14/16
§ Alternative Media to Become Targets of Covert Cyber Warfare, 12/13/16
§ DEA bans plant medicines then Big Pharma patents them, 12/12/16
§ Deforestation in the Amazon increased 29% over the past year, 12/9/16
§ Chemo Often Kills Patients Before Cancer Does, 12/9/16
§ Testosterone cures prostate cancer, 12/9/16
§ Zionism: Synagogue of Satan, 12/8/16
§ Documents Prove Massive Rigging in Silver Market, 12/8/16
§ Future of Bitcoin Is Not as a Digital Currency, 12/8/16
§ VT Governor to Pardon Thousands of People Convicted for Pot, 12/8/16
§ WiFi-Capable Brain Implants: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?, 12/8/16
§ Elite Want Society with no Possessions, Privacy or Freedom, 12/8/16
§ Shutting Down Extremist Content, 12/8/16
§ Vaccines turn our immune systems against us, 12/8/16
§ DEA Would Rather You Didn't Use This Natural Painkiller, 12/8/16
§ Our Right to Ourselves, 12/7/16
§ Rise Of The Machines: Millions Of American Jobs Will Be Wiped Out In The Next Five Years, 12/7/16
§ Milo: “When I Announced I Was Speaking About Pizzagate… I Got Calls From D.C. Saying Not Yet”, 12/7/16
§ Trends for 2017: Trump Card, Reefer Money Madness, NWO, 12/7/16
§ Tab for Obama Vacations Surpasses $85M and Still Growing, 12/7/16
§ How Cannabis Affects Your Body by How It's Ingested, 12/7/16
§ 20+ Most Powerful Photos From Standing Rock, 12/7/16
§ Caesarean births could be having an effect on human evolution, 12/6/16
§ Big Pharma wants to vaccinate babies in the womb, 12/6/16
§ Facial Scanning App Can Find Out Everything about Them, 12/6/16
§ War On The Homeless: Cities All Over America Are Passing Laws Making It Illegal To Feed And Shelter Those In Need, 12/6/16
§ Scientists discover the universe grows like a Giant Brain, 12/6/16
§ Power to the People: John Lennon’s Legacy Lives On, 12/6/16
§ Svalbard Global Seed Vault: In case of a global extinction event, 12/6/16
§ Dramatic Impact of Surging Housing & Refis Rates in 1 Chart, 12/6/16
§ 10 Shocking Myths About Electricity, 12/5/16
§ Globalist war against humanity shifts into high gear: Cars, cash, literature and independent news all targeted for elimination, 12/5/16
§ In OpenAI, Computers Learn to Use Apps Like Humans Do, 12/5/16
§ 10 corporations monopolize everything in the supermarket, 12/5/16
§ Victory! Dakota Access protesters WIN as the feds block oil pipeline that was to be built through Standing Rock sacred ground, 12/4/16
§ Pearl Harbor Is a Fake News Story, 12/4/16
§ How the Power Elite Rules Us - On 7 blind men & the elephant, 11/3/16
§ Fake News Con -A Case Study: Obama’s Fake SSN(s), 12/3/16
§ Deutsche Bank pays $60M to settle Gold-Manipulation lawsuit, 12/3/16
§ 5 Skills To Learn in Your Sleep, 12/2/16
§ These Nations Have Nearly Eliminated Cash From Circulation, 12/2/16
§ Senate passes bill targeting college students who criticize Israel, 12/2/16
§ Angry Mobs Lock Up Indian Bankers As Cash Chaos Soars, 12/1/16
§ American New Republic Currency to be issued, 12/1/16
§ Man Steals $1.6 Million Bucket of Gold in Broad Daylight, 12/1/16
§ US Senator Calls for Investigation of DAPL Oppression, 11/30/16
§ Sheriff’s Dept to Fine People $1K for Bringing in Food & Supplies to Standing Rock, 11/30/16
§ Busybody Regulators Set a New World Record, 11/30/16
§ Google Timelapse shows how any location has changed, 11/30/16
§ MLK Jr.: Gov't that Honors MLK with a Holiday Killed Him, 11/30/16
§ Record Drop in Global Temperatures within 6 month period, 11/30/16
§ Record cold coming to ‘almost entire USA’, 11/30/16
§ Trump Picks Wall Street Banker to Run Treasury, 11/30/16
§ Benefits of Sulfur: Why we need Epsom Salt, Broccoli & MSM, 11/29/16
§ Just a Spoonful of Sugar, 11/29/16
§ Only 10 Countries in the world are not currently at War, 11/29/16
§ Corporate Media's Gulag of the Mind, 11/29/16
§ Origins of Pizzagate: Was Breitbart Murdered for Knowing?, 11/29/16
§ Is PizzaGate Triggering Mass Awakening?, 11/28/16
§ Sheriffs Refusing to Send Police to DAPL as Outrage Grows, 11/28/16
§ Question the Conventional Wisdom about College Degrees, 11/28/16
§ 10 ways they're still tryng to put Hillary into the WH on 1/20, 11/27/16
§ This Harvard Professor Wants To Legalize All Drugs, 11/27/16
pray_standing_rock § Army Corps Announces Eviction of Water Protectors, Corps -Managed Land to Be Emptied, 11/26/16
§ Human Brain AI Computer, 11/26/16
§ History of Chemotherapy & the Pharmaceutical Monopoly, 11/26/16
§ George Soros: Dystopia’s Minister of Truth, 11/26/16
§ Fake News and the War on Truth & Freedom, 11/26/16
§ Microwave popcorn gives off a toxic, lung-damaging gas, 11/26/16
§ Some of Bill & Hillary's murders, 11/25/16
§ Citizen Researchers Delve Into the Hell That is “Pizzagate”, 11/25/16
§ Delete yourself from the internet by pressing this button, 11/24/16
§ Huge Ocean Sits a Third of Way to Earth's Center, 11/24/16
§ Great Thanksgiving Hoax, 11/24/16
§ 100s of Vets Heading to Standing Rock to Defend Protesters, 11/23/16
§ If the Electoral College votes for Hillary many might die, 11/23/16
§ War on Cash Escalates, 11/23/16
§ Merkel Helped Fund the Clinton Crime Family, 11/23/16
§ Trump will not pursue charges against Clinton, 11/22/16
§ Vaccine scandals throughout history, 11/22/16
§ India's War On Cash Forcing the Rich to Beg the Poor for Help, 11/22/16
§ Thoughts on 11/22/63: JFK's State-Sponsored Assassination, 11/22/16
§ EMF exposure is causing insomnia, depression, anxiety, etc., 11/22/16
§ Facebook & Google to Kill Alternative Media for the Gov't, 11/22/16
§ Google, Facebook, Microsoft remaking themselves around AI, 11/21/16
§ Police State Tactics Against DAPL Protesters, 11/21/16
§ Powerful Earthquake Strikes Japan Off Fukushima, 11/21/16
§ Sexual energy is the key to our unslavement, 11/21/16
§ University students offered extra credit to anti-Trump march, 11/21/16
§ Are Gov't Puppet Masters Using Riots to Incite Civil War?, 11/20/16
§ Multiple Clinical Examples of Marijuana Curing Cancer, 11/20/16
§ Monsanto Weed Killer Found in Cheerios & Popular Foods, 11/20/16
§ NASA’s new satellite: Game changer for weather forecasts, 11/20/16
§ Crisitunity in India’s Cash Crunch, 11/20/16
§ Pizzagat”: Sick World of Washington’s Occult Elite, 11/18/16
§ Ten historic events we will likely witness in the next 100 days, 11/18/16
§ Bolivia Rejects Rothschild Banks, 11/18/16
§ Infamous 60 Minutes Piece on Soros Emerges Online, 11/18/16
§ Julian Assange On Google: They ‘Do Things the CIA Cannot’, 11/18/16
§ 7 Pains You Should Never Ignore, 11/18/16
§ Trump’s New CIA Pick Wants Edward Snowden Dead, 11/18/16
§ How To Grow Shitake Mushrooms At Home, 11/18/16
§ 'Fake news' list shows the real source of FAKERY: MSM, 11/18/16
§ India, Australia and others Begin Ban on Cash, 11/18/16
§ Citibank To Stop Accepting Cash At Some Branches, 11/17/16
§ Stephen Hawking says humans will be extinct in 1,000 yrs, 11/17/16
§ Trump: Just another Con Man Riding a Trojan Horse?, 11/17/16
§ Scientists discover roundest object ever spotted in universe, 11/16/16
§ Zombies For Dinner, 11/16/16
§ Fed. gov't to lease Ohio's only nat'l forest to fracking interests, 11/16/16
§ Google Declares War On Alternative Media, 11/16/16
§ Wickedly Clever USB Stick Installs a Backdoor on Locked PCs, 11/16/16
§ Doctors turn patients into drug addicts, 11/16/16
§ Stay Alert, America: Worst Is Yet to Come, 11/15/16
§ Nobility uses Political Correctness to Fragment the Precariats, 11/15/16
§ Hillary Became “Physically Violent” After Realizing She Lost, 11/15/16
§ Disturbing Infographic Lays Out Damning Evidence of Podesta Pedophile Ring Case, 11/15/16; jpg
§ Dakota Access Pipeline Protests Will Go Global Today, 11/15/16
§ Help Wanted Ad For Protesters in Philly Shows up on Craigslist, 11/15/16
§ Of Course, I Didn’t Vote, 11/15/16
§ Is the fix in? Talk show giant Michael Savage predicts Obama will 'poison pill' the nation before he leaves office, 11/14/16
§ Hillary's Christmas Gift from Obama 2016
§ Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton walk in to a bar, 11/14/16
§ 8 out of 9 states pass new freedom-loving cannabis legislation, 11/14/16
§ Australian News exposed the Global Satanic Pedophile Network, 11/14/16
§ Warning Signs to Spot a Stroke FAST, 11/14/16
§ Clintons and Soros Launch America’s Purple Revolution, 11/14/16
§ Soros-Funded Anti-Trump Protesters Rioting Across America, 11/14/16
§ Is A Real Civil War Possible?, 11/13/16
§ What the heck are sinkholes?, 11/14/16
§ Rich Going Underground, 11/13/16
§ Real Clinton Conspiracy Which Backfired Dramatically, 11/13/16
§ Record Global Cooling Over The Last Eight Months, 11/13/16
§ Anti-Trump Protests: Professional Activist Involvement Proof, 11/13/16
§ Anti-Trump Protesters Are Tools of the Oligarchy, 11/12/16
§ Making of the Most Potent Weed Oil on the Market, 11/12/16
§ Trump is Scrooge McDuck being turned into Donald, 11/12/16
§ Remembering Leonard Cohen (dead yesterday at 82), 11/11/16
§ Narwhals can 'see' unlike any other animal on Earth, 11/11/16
§ Is Soros Funding the Trump Protests?, 11/11/16
§ What The Hell Is Suddenly Going On With Foreclosures?, 11/11/16
§ Inside the Arctic Seed Vault, 11/11/16
§ Gold Price Skyrockets In India After Currency Ban, 11/10/16
§ China 'Devalues' Yuan to Weakest Since 2010, 11/10/16
§ As Trump Transitions, 'Cabinet of Horrors' Takes Shape, 11/10/16
§ "He Won Because Elites Want Him - Economy Will Collapse", 11/10/16
§ 500,000,000 Chinese believe in the existence of aliens, 11/10/16
§ Chelsea Clinton being groomed to run for Congress, 11/10/16
§ Kremlin says Clinton victory would've sparked World War III, 11/10/16
§ Startup mapping cannabis genome to protect it from Monsanto, 11/10/16
§ We Won’t Know Who Next President Will Be Until Dec. 19th, 11/10/16
§ Irwin Schiff Remembered, 11/10/16
§ What Donald Trump Wants To Do In His First 100 Days, 11/10/16
§ Death of a dynasty that was rotten to its core, 11/10/16
§ It is ALREADY too late to ban killer robots, 11/9/16
§ Trump invites Netanyahu to US at 'first possible opportunity', 11/9/16
§ Globalists To Attack Trump With Economic Collapse, 11/9/16
§ Legal Weed Has Arrived. Get Ready for the Budweiser of Bud, 11/9/16
§ Simpsons Prediction of Donald Trump Becoming President, 11/9/16
§ Only Love Can Defeat the New World Order, 11/9/16
§ Larken Rose on the Immorality of Voting, 11/9/16
§ New paper claims our understanding of gravity is totally wrong, 11/9/16
§ First Thoughts On The "Not-Hillary" Election Results, 11/9/16
§ Trump campaign mgr does not rule out prosecutor for Hillary, 11/9/16
§ Donald Trump is Elected President in Stunning Repudiation of the Establishment, 11/9/16
§ War On Cash Strikes India: PM Scraps Large Bills, Limits ATM Withdrawals To "Fight Corruption", 11/8/16
§ November’s supermoon will be bigger than it has been since '48, 11/8/16
§ Now that the Presidential-Election Side Show is Finally Ending..., 11/8/16
§ Backlash is imminent, 11/7/16
§ Dow surges 300 points as FBI clears Clinton on eve of election, 11/7/16
§ Clinton Cult: Sick and Twisted World of ‘Spirit Cooking’, 11/7/16
§ Everything to Know About the Legendary Kalashnikov, 11/7/16
§ ISIS and Hillary both Get Money From the Same Sources, 11/7/16
§ TV Networks Face a Skeptical Public on Election Night, 11/7/16
§ USDA approves genetically engineered potatoes, 11/7/16
§ Details about Clinton Foundation Pedophile Ring Investigation, 11/6/16
§ Clinton Fdn Admits It Broke Law in "Smoking Gun" Memo, 11/6/16
§ 10 Myths About Marijuana That No-One Should Believe, 11/6/16
§ Media dare not report of paralyzed children caused by vaccines, 11/6/16
§ Secret World of US Election: Julian Assange full interview, 11/5/16
§ Doug Casey’s Top Five Reasons Not to Vote, 11/5/16
§ Clintons involved in Sexual Acts with Minors, 11/5/16
§ What Does It Take to Bring Hillary Clinton to Justice?, 11/5/16
§ Butter Is Better, 11/5/16
§ Tails - Internet Privacy for anyone anywhere
§ Every Asset Class Will Collapse, 11/4/16
§ Wikileaks uncovers Podesta's link to Satanic 'spirit dinners', 11/4/16
§ Twenty Years of a Dictatorial Democracy, 11/4/16
§ Three New Scandals Show How Pervasive and Dangerous Mass Surveillance Is in the West, Vindicating Snowden, 11/4/16
§ Hillary is the perfection of a perfectly corrupt system, 11/4/16
§ E-mails - Hillary Clinton and the Muslim Brotherhood, 11/4/16
§ Police turn in badges rather than incite violence against Standing Rock protestors, 11/4/16
§ Horrific Video Shows Journalist Shot At Standing Rock, 11/4/16
§ CDC Blocks Whistleblower From Vaccine Injury Testimony, 11/4/16
§ You Are Being Programmed to Hate, 11/3/16
§ Doug Casey: Civil War Could Be in the Cards After the Election, 11/3/16
§ 5 Tricks Gun-Control Advocates Play, 11/3/16
§ This "Printer" Is Actually a Surveillance Device, 11/3/16
§ Lemon Water an all-day drink for energy and relief, 11/3/16
§ Hillary Clinton, FBI and the Real November Surprise, 11/3/16
§ FBI Clinton Foundation probe finds 'avalanche' of corruption, 11/3/16
§ Clintons are a Crime Family & Something is about to Happen, 11/3/16
§ NYPD on Hillary emails: Child sex crimes, EPay to Play, Perjury, 11/2/16
§ Canada Military is Investigating a Mysterious Arctic Noise, 11/2/16
§ Emergency Call to Action at Standing Rock as Police Violently Attack Prayer Ceremony, 11/2/16
§ U.S. Intel Community Counter-Coup Against the Clintons, 11/2/16
§ NBC Affiliate Posts Election Results a Week Early: Hillary Wins, 11/2/16
§ Clinton Crime Cartel, 11/2/16
§ Digital Life aims to 3D scan of every animal species on Earth, 11/2/16
§ Russia movens biggest nuclear bombers to US border, 11/2/16
§ This harmless pesticide patent could take down Monsanto, 11/2/16
§ America’s Scheming Local Central Planning Bureaucracies, 11/2/16
§ Not Just Hillary, Entire Obama Administration Exposed for Using Private Email to Avoid FOIA Requests, 11/1/16
§ Secret Service can't find Recruits who haven’t used Adderall, 11/1/16
§ Clinton Coup and Wikileaks Counter-Coup, 11/1/16
§ Hidden Reality of Deep Underground Military Bases, 11/1/16
§ Power of Nullification to Counteract Government Tyranny, 10/31/16
§ MSM silent as CDC docs prove autism & vaccination links, 10/31/16
§ Anonymous Issues Warning To ND Governor Over DAPL, 10/31/16
§ Band to Podesta: "If This Story Gets Out, We Are Screwed", 10/30/16
§ One Nation With Liberty & Marijuana For All, 10/29/16
§ Assange's Final Blow: Hillary & Obama, are planning WW3 with Russia to forego criminal charges, 10/29/16
§ Hillary Clinton predicted as president in Die Hard 3, 4/4/16
§ Queen Offers to Restore British Rule Over United States, 10/29/16
§ Russia is Rapidly Hoarding Gold As Currency War Is Upon Us, 10/28/16
§ Police pepper spray and clear out N.D. pipeline protesters, 10/28/16
§ Jury Delivers Devastating Blow to the U.S. Justice Department: “Malheur 7” Not Guilty!, 10/28/16
§ 21 Things We’ve Learned About Hillary, 10/28/16
§ 65 presstitutes who colluded with Clintons to defraud America, 10/28/16
§ Real Reasons U.N. Wants Control of the Internet, 10/27/16
§ Bill raked in $millions while Hillary was Secretary of State, 10/27/16
§ Bundy Brothers Acquitted in Takeover of OR Wildlife Refuge, 10/27/16
§ George Soros on tape: Trump will win popular vote in 'landslide,' but Hillary Clinton's electoral victory is already 'a done deal', 10/27/16
§ Why Green is the New Gold, 10/27/16
§ Dates That Destroyed America, 10/27/16
§ Hawthorn Berry for Your Heart, 10/27/16
§ FBI Is the Regime’s Secret Police, 10/27/16
§ Don't re-heat Chicken, Eggs, Potatoes, Rice or Spinach, 10/27/16
§ War On Gold Has Begun, 10/26/16
§ UN Already Moving In To Take Control Over Internet, 10/26/16
§ How your brain and personality are affected by lack of sleep, 10/26/16
§ AT&T Spies On Americans For Profit, 10/26/16
§ This Cyberattack was a U.S. Govt preparation for a False Flag, 10/25/16
§ Path to Total Dictatorship: America's Shadow Government, 10/25/16
§ Assange, Wikileaks and the Frantic Attempt to Shut Him Up, 10/25/16
§ Clinton's hidden 'Fixer' worked 24/7 to silence any scandal, 10/24/16
§ 8 Ways Government denies Freedom and Makes Life Hard, 10/24/16
§ How LED Lighting May Compromise Your Health, 10/24/16
§ Reporting on Dakota Pipeline may get you 45 years in jail, 10/24/16
§ CDC commits new vaccine-autism crime, 10/24/16
§ Learn about holistic dentistry for better health, 10/24/16
§ Taser Drones Coming Soon To A Police Department Near You, 10/23/16
§ Iceland, a land of Vikings, braces for a Pirate Party takeover, 10/23/16
§ Hillary Struck the Match when Children were cooked at Waco, 10/23/16
§ Monopoly AT&T Plan Will Further Control the Internet, 10/23/16
§ Everything's in Place to Round Up Dissenters for Detention, 10/23/16
§ Nine Bad Icelandic Bankers Guilty, 10/22/16
§ Hillary’s favorite murder, 10/22/16
§ Leaked Emails Reveal Clinton’s True Gun Control Intentions, 10/21/16
§ Ending Tyranny Without Violence, 10/21/16
§ Third Wave Of Internet Cyber Attacks Lauched, 10/21/16
§ Man Behind Brexit Issues Warning For America, 10/21/16
§ How to Stay Out of a FEMA Camp If Hillary Is Elected, 10/20/16
§ Cycle of Civil Unrest & Martial Law, 10/20/16
§ DNA Analysis of Paracas Skulls Unknown to Any Animal, 10/20/16
§ All signs point to takeover of marijuana industry by Bayer, 10/19/16
§ 80yr old Man given 2wks to live Cured Cancer with Cannabis, 10/19/16
§ Facts about root canals and their link to cancer, 10/19/16
§ Hillary Begs Forgiveness from Rothschilds in Leaked Email, 10/18/16
§ How the Bible Became an Idol, 10/18/16
§ Passports Were a “Temporary” War Measure, 10/18/16
§ Obama admin allows oil companies to frack at $2 per acre, 10/18/16
§ Mystery swirls around Assange's status at Ecuador Embassy, 10/18/16
§ 7 Sanguine Facts About Human Blood, 10/18/16
§ Our medical system is fueled by tyranny for profit, 10/18/16
§ Is This Proof Podesta Put Contract Out On Scalia?, 10/17/16
§ Doug Casey on the Self-Identified Elite, 10/17/16
§ Invisible Government Runs U.S. with No Allegiance to People, 10/17/16
§ Gov't Cuts-Off WikiLeaks Internet Access, 10/16/16
§ America at Defcon 3 - Russia Ready to Use Nukes Right Now!, 10/15/16
§ Legends of Mount Shasta: Bode of the Devil, 10/15/16
§ What Exactly Is Agenda 21?, 10/14/16
§ DEA Reverses Kratom Ban in Victory against War on Drugs, 10/14/16
§ Terrifying footage of Russia's 'world first' death-ray weapon that uses microwaves to fry enemy drones, 10/14/16
§ Jesse Ventura’s Marijuana Manifesto, 10/14/16
§ U.N. Soldier Says They Will Soon Occupy America: “Going Door-to-Door Taking Guns Or Shooting To Kill”, 10/13/16
§ Five Things Your Kids Will Remember about You, 10/13/16
§ United States Gets Ready for Nuclear War, 10/13/16
§ Medical first: Brain implant allows paralyzed man to feel again, 10/13/16
§ 12 simple cooking hacks everyone should know, 10/13/16
§ Hacker Claims ‘Racist Hillary’ Tape Set to be Released, 10/13/16
§ Freedom Cells
§ Media cover-up as NY's nuclear plant leaks into Hudson River, 10/13/16
§ Soros to Make a Killing With European 'Forced Migration', 10/13/16
§ Darwinian Biology Questioned; Missing “The Guiding Hand”, 10/13/16
§ False Flag or Standard Procedure? US Air Force caught Repainting Jets to Appear Russian, 10/13/16
§ Paul, Trump & Sanders Show Elite Control Has Fractured, 10/12/16
§ Imperial President’s Toolbox of Terror: Dictatorship, 10/12/16
§ How to Grow Your Own Magic Mushrooms At Home [Watch], 10/12/16
§ Anonymous Releases Statement on US Pres. Election 2016, 10/12/16
§ Why Billionaires Are Buying Gold, 10/12/16
§ Gold-Fix: ScotiaBank Ordered to Produce Internal Documents, 10/11/16
§ Clinton Promises Bankers to Stand Against Pot Legalization, 10/11/16
§ Federal Judge defies Obama and overturns ban on guns & required registration, 10/11/16
§ What's Your Slavery Percentage?, 10/11/16
§ What you need to know about govt's war on cannabis & kratom, 10/11/16
§ Engage In Sex, Not War, 10/11/16
§ How to make a Seed Bomb & transform your local community, 10/10/16
§ Wikileaks Emails Prove Clinton Insiders “Conspired to Produce an Unaware and Compliant Citizenry”, 10/10/16
§ During The Coming Economic Crisis Two-Thirds Of The Country Will Be Out Of Cash Almost Immediately, 10/10/16
§ Do you understand the health risks of microwave technology?, 10/10/16
§ 14 Practical Reasons to Stock a Bottle of Castor Oil at Home, 10/10/16
§ Coffee can Really Help Your Liver, 10/10/16
§ Trump: I’m sending Hillary to jail, 10/10/16
§ Deutsche Bank says not to worry about its €46Tr in Derivatives, 10/9/16
§ Where You Are Is Where You Will Soon Stay- WW3 Is Here, 10/9/16
§ Russia, U.S. on Brink of Nuclear War, 10/8/16
§ Sun gazing enables Super Human Awakenings & Abilities, 10/8/16
§ Iceland Jail Top Bankers For 46 Years, Europe ‘Outraged’, 10/8/16
§ Elite are Accelerating Events to Implant Hillary in Power, 10/8/16
§ Eventually, We’ll All Be Using the Chinese Yuan, 10/7/16
§ Monsanto suppresses info on RNA interference technology, 10/7/16
§ Children inherit their intelligence from their mother not dad, 10/7/16
§ Spain Hasn’t Had a Federal Govt for 9mos and People Love It, 10/6/16
§ Obama's Drug Czar Says Govt Suppressed Cannabis Research, 10/6/16
§ Police Abuse And Race-Baiting: The Perfect Storm, 10/6/16
§ Human brains being grown OUTSIDE the body, 10/6/16
§ George Soros’s Son Dumps $100k Into CA Ammo Control, 10/6/16
§ Noose Is Tightening Quickly On The Global Economy, 10/6/16
§ CDC police will arrest the unvaccinated as “diseased criminals”, 10/6/16
§ The Bayer-Monsanto merger will cause groceries to skyrocket, 10/6/16
§ Tech billionaires convinced we live in the Matrix are secretly funding scientists to help break us out of it, 10/6/16
§ Hillary Clinton Has Another Bizarre Seizure-Like Moment, 10/6/16
§ Hillary Clinton caught using child actors to plant questions, 10/6/16
§ More Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, 10/6/16
§ Americans may soon experience nationwide martial law, 10/5/16
§ Clinton Foundation Hacked, 10/5/16
§ Bisexual identity overtaking gay and lesbian in Britain, 10/5/16
§ Is Nuclear War Becoming Thinkable?, 10/5/16
§ In Major Victory for Gold & Silver Traders, Manipulation Lawsuit Against Gold-Fixing Banks Ordered to Proceed, 10/5/16
§ Enough for Hillary & the entire government to be brought down, 10/4/16
§ Top 10 Underground Alien Bases On Earth, 10/4/16
§ Ways you can comply & still Die during an encounter with police, 10/4/16
§ Silver Crashes To $17 Handle - Biggest Drop In 20 Months, 10/4/16
§ Feds Pressure Local Police to Scan License Plates at Gun Shows, 10/4/16
§ Medical marijuana can replace dangerous pharmaceuticals, 10/4/16
§ Death of mainstream media, 10/4/16
§ Monsanto just received first 'CRISPR' license to modify crops, 10/4/16
§ Delete Your Yahoo Account, 10/4/16
§ Romans Landed in America and Sent Ambassadors to China, 10/4/16
§ Full-Fat Cheese has many Health Benefits, incl. Weight Loss, 10/4/16
§ Wikileak’s Assange Offers Call to Action, Promises Leaks soon, 10/4/16
§ Hillary Clinton Considered Drone Attack on Julian Assange, 10/4/16
§ Hillary Is Sick in Every Sense, 10/3/16
§ Wikileaks Will Devastate the Clintons - Clinton Son Found, 10/3/16
§ Hillary Killed Libya Peace Deal Over Personal Vendetta, 10/3/16
§ Gun sales hit 17th straight monthly record, up 27 percent, 10/3/16
§ 12 corporations who are 'Big Pharma', 10/3/16
§ A Global Monopoly Just Took Over The Internet, 10/3/16
§ Denver Police Running Out Of Space for confiscated Marijuana, 10/3/16
§ Regarding the 13th Sign of Zodiac, 10/2/16
§ Police Using Orwellian Tools to Spy on Activists on Social Media, 10/2/16
§ Four Children Tased by Cops in Schools in the last month, 10/1/16
§ After Massive Public Outcry, DEA Suspends Ban on Kratom, 10/1/16
§ Every Single Terrorist Attack In US Was A False Flag Attack, 10/1/16
§ Best Foods for Boosting Brain Power, 10/1/16
§ DEA's Army of 18k Informants Pocketed $237M Over 5 Years, 9/30/16
§ How CIA Puppet Masters are deliberately making WWIII, 9/30/16
§ LED blue light wavelengths linked to cancer, cardiovascular disease and impaired vision, 9/30/16
§ Police Kill 6-Year-Old Autistic Boy, but he’s white so no one cares, 9/30/16
§ Militarization of police documentary will leave you speechless, 9/30/16
§ 15 Reasons to Keep Coconut Oil in Your Bathroom, 9/30/16
§ Sioux Activists Prepare for Cold Winter at Standing Rock ND, 9/30/16
§ Super Rich are building Bunkers like Mad, 9/30/16
§ Fukushima Radiation has Contaminated the Entire Pacific Ocean and It's Getting Worse, 9/29/16
§ Countries where cash in on the verge of extinction, 9/29/16
§ Chelsea Clinton Just Claimed Pot Is Killing People, 9/29/16
§ Stocks Are Crashing - Led By Banks, 9/29/16
§ Student Suspended, Visited by Cops, Forced Psych Eval -- For Pro 2nd Amendment School Project, 9/29/16
§ Run Begins: Deutsche Bank Clients Withdraw Excess Cash, 9/29/16
§ Black moon set to rise this week in 'rare' lunar event, 9/28/16
§ How Hillary Clinton was Fed Information in the Trump Debate, 9/28/16
§ Even doctors are scared of new 'needleless' flu vaccine, 9/28/16
§ Tech Giants Team Up to Keep AI From Getting Out of Hand, 9/28/16
§ Facebook Suspends Accounts of Palestinian Journalists & News, 9/28/16
§ Obama Entangled in Clinton email Scandal after FBI doc Release, 9/28/16
§ Only one candidate can make a difference this election, 9/27/16
§ NJ Proposes Law to Expunge Records of Marijuana Crimes, 9/27/16
§ Black Lives Matter wants to establish Police Free Zones, 9/27/16
§ Quantum computing a step closer to reality, 9/27/16
§ 30 scientific studies that prove vaccines are linked with autism, 9/27/16
§ Stock market is 70% overvalued - crash now inevitable, 9/27/16
§ George Soros’s False Flag Factories, 9/27/16
§ A Conspiracy Theory About Conspiracy Theories, 9/27/16
§ Largest Prison Strike In History Protests Forced Slave Labor, 9/26/16
§ 6 tips that can help heal your autoimmune disease, 9/26/16
§ Dairy industry killed 500k dairy cows to keep milk prices high, 9/26/16
§ Mike Morrell - Hillary’s Favorite Creepy CIA Warmonger, 9/26/16
§ Who Wants To Be A Carbon Trillionaire?, 9/26/16
§ Has your DNA been altered by GMOs?, 9/26/16
§ Gun Control Is Treason, 9/25/16
§ Military Conducts Dangerous Biowarfare on Americans, 9/25/16
§ FBI Investigates FBI, FBI Finds FBI Not Guilty, 9/25/16
§ Coke Brothers, 9/25/16
§ Final Condition for Markets Crash In Place, 9/24/16
§ Operation Mockingbird — FBI Can Now Impersonate Media, 9/23/16
§ Five reasons for not voting this November, 9/23/16
§ History Shows Unlikely Time to Invest were Best Time to Buy, 9/23/16
§ Lie That Launched Black Lives Matter, 9/23/16
§ Obama working for U.N. Gun Takeover Next Month, 9/22/16
§ Largest 3dPrinter in World Makes Zero-Cost Homes from Mud, 9/22/16
§ REAL Cost of the War of Terror, 9/22/16
§ School Drug tests indoctrinate children to pharma police state, 9/22/16
§ Why the Law Forbids the Medicinal Use of Natural Substances, 9/21/16
§ Into the Vast and then into the Tiny
§ Americans Must Give Up 'Freedom Of Action' Obama Tells U.N. - Final Push For One World Government Begins, 9/21/16
§ Hillary's Cursing Fit of Rage & Dangling Noose Allusion, 9/21/16
§ Wards of the Nanny State, 9/20/16
§ Chemo kills half of cancer patients, not cancer itself, 9/20/16
§ Israel Is Rich, Powerful and Armed With 100s of Nukes, 9/20/16
§ New Scientific Breakthrough Proving Consciousness, 9/19/16
§ Big Pharma Hates Pot, 9/19/16
§ Why Are There So Many Cancers Now?, 9/19/16
§ 15 Years of Crime, 9/19/16
§ Loch Ness Monster FOUND at last? New photo of Nessie, 9/18/16
§ From He to She in First Grade, 9/16/16
§ A Lot of People Think Hillary is Dead - or in Prison, 9/16/16
§ Three ways the banks are scamming you, 9/16/16
§ Spraying of Monsanto's herbicide destroying crops nationwide, 9/16/16
§ Star-Spangled Scam, 9/16/16
§ Seven common cookware items that can poison your food, 9/16/16
§ Agenda 21, the plan to kill you, 9/16/16
§ Playing Algorithm’n Blues, 9/16/16
§ War on Terror has cost $5Tr & increased Terrorism by 6,500%, 9/15/16
§ Facebook & Israel Collaborate to Censor Social Media, 9/15/16
§ Israel To Get Biggest US Aid Package In History, 9/15/16
§ YouTube "Censoring" Journalists Who Criticize Government, 9/15/16
§ Hillary Clinton supports mandatory vaccines, 9/15/16
§ Property Tax Exemption for Seniors, Disabled Persons, Vets..., 9/15/16
§ Hillary Bagged and Perp Walked, 9/14/16
§ BLM plans to sterilize wild horses, murder 1000s, 9/14/16
§ Freedom is not given by the gov't nor defended by the military, 9/14/16
§ Apple's new wireless headphones emit radiation next to brain, 9/14/16
§ Bayer is buying Monsanto in $66 billion deal, 9/14/16
§ 9 of the Most Exclusive College Secret Societies, 9/14/16
§ Zika: A Masterpiece of Public Mind Control, 9/14/16
§ CDC Choices for Fighting Zika Causing Autism & Cancer, etc., 9/14/16
§ Here’s a great example of how they’ll default on Social Security, 9/14/16
§ What’s Behind the Latest Government Scam to Rob You Blind?, 9/13/16
§ Explaining the Surging Money Supply, 9/13/16
§ False Flag Terror Has Succeeded Consistently Against Audiences Around The World, For Millennia, 9/13/16
§ We would be better off without Police, 9/13/16
§ Agorism is Not Anarcho-Capitalism, 9/13/16
§ Was Hillary Arrested at 9/11 Memorial?, 9/13/16
§ Economist Who Wants to Ban Cash, 9/13/16
§ WABC-TV Ch. 7 in NYC Reports "Hillary Clinton's DEATH", 9/12/16
§ Could Election Be Suspended if Hillary Drops Out?, 9/12/16
§ 13 most evil U.S. government experiments on humans, 9/12/16
§ Legalizing Marijuana Could Solve Some of our Biggest Problems, 9/12/16
§ Many Health Benefits of Sauna Bathing, 9/12/16
§ Doug Casey on the Recent Corruptions of the English Language, 9/12/16
§ Enter Joe Biden, 9/12/16
§ I’m With Hillary, 9/12/16
§ Hillary's Body Double Controversy after 9/11 Collapse, 9/12/16
§ On This Speed Limit Business, 9/11/16
§ Eating garlic daily reduces risk of lung, bowel cancer by 40%, 9/11/16
§ Only Damn Fools & Old Fools Still Believe Official 9/11 Story, 9/11/16
§ Dolphins recorded having a conversation, 9/11/16
§ How to prevent fluoride from destroying your brain, 9/11/16
§ Hillary collapses into security van, leaves 9/11 event early, 9/11/16
§ IRS is a privately owned Puerto Rican trust, 11/5/13
§ 3D Printers vs. Patents, 9/10/16
§ Netanyahu "Perplexed" by Notion That Stealing Palestinian Land An Obstacle to Peace, 9/10/16
§ Fifteen Years After 9/11, Neverending War, 9/10/16
§ 9/11 Lies Still Abound, 9/10/16
§ “Putin’s Favorite Chauffer” Killed In Accident Exactly As Former CIA Director Described On TV, 9/9/16
§ CDC declares medical police state, power to detain & punish, 9/9/16
§ Zika Virus & the NWO Depopulation Agenda, 9/9/16
§ David Icke: What Really Happened To Princess Diana, 9/9/16
§ EU copyright overhaul sparks cultural 'apocalypse' warnings, 9/9/16
§ 19 Things We Know About 9/11, 9/8/16
§ "It's Bordering Chaos": $14 Billion In Cargo Stranded At Sea, 9/8/15
§ Dog Re-Elected Mayor for a 3rd Term, 9/8/16
§ Synthetic biology is the new GMO food ingredient this year, 9/8/16
§ Smart meters causing fires across America, 9/8/16
§ Govt's Own Research Shows Legalization Reduces Drug Use, 9/8/16
§ Not One Mass Public Shooting Where Citizens Could Be Armed, 9/7/16
§ Here's a timetable for the dollar's demise, 9/7/16
§ 9/11: Building Blocks of the American Police State from A-Z, 9/7/16
§ Why Pay Attention To America's Quiet War On Cash, 9/7/16
§ Most Vaccines Confirmed to Contain Glyphosate (Roundup), 9/7/16
§ What Would the IRS Do if This Happened to You?, 9/7/16
§ Court ruling against medical marijuana users buying guns (pdf), 9/7/16
§ CDC Unveils Forced Zika Vaccination and Quarantine Policy, Mass Aerial Spraying of Subject Populations, 9/6/16
§ Trump says Stop & Frisk Works, Wants to Expand Police State, 9/6/16
§ Next President Will Decide about Killer Robots & Future of War, 9/6/16
§ Deutsche Bank Tries to Explain Failure to Deliver Physical Gold, 9/6/16
§ FBI’s Secret War, 9/6/16
§ All Football Is Propaganda for the Warfare State, 9/6/16
§ America’s Foremost Conspiracy Theorist, 9/6/16
§ American Pravda: How the CIA Invented "Conspiracy Theories", 9/5/16
§ Pentagon Fears Killer Robots Will Wipe Out Humanity, 9/5/16
§ Who Owns the Zika Virus? The Rockefeller Foundation, 9/5/16
§ Libertarianism Antithesis: War, 9/5/16
§ Many Silicon Valley professionals are microdosing before work, 9/5/16
§ Value of a College Degree, 9/5/16
§ Metabolic Dietary Approaches for Optimal Health, 9/5/16
§ Mother Teresa was more sinner than saint, 9/4/16
§ Canola oil is a chemical carcinogen, 9/4/16
§ Alzheimer's patient reverses symptoms with daily coconut oil, 9/3/16
§ Court upholds gun ban on medical marijuana card holders, 9/3/16
§ NASA admits to spraying Americans with poisonous chemtrails, 9/3/16
§ Was SpaceX rocket hit by a drone?, 9/3/16
§ Celente Sees Market Crash, War and Gold Spike, 9/3/16
§ U.S. CDC Giving Itself Unconstitutional POWERS To Round Up And Detain Citizens En Masse Anytime, Anywhere And Throw Away The Key, 9/3/16
§ New Fed. Reg. Proposal to forcefully vaccinate entire cities, 9/2/16
§ Orangutangs to be extinct in just 10 years?, 9/2/16
§ 7 Reasons Why We Do Not Need a President, 9/2/16
§ South Carolina succeeds in 'nuke' of aerial chemical weapons of mass destruction; food pollinators instantly obliterated by the millions, 9/2/16
§ This Video on the D-Wave Quantum Computer Will Change Your View of Reality Forever, 9/2/16
§ Cannabis found to be possible 'cure' for organ transplant rejection, 9/1/16
§ Annular Solar Eclipse, 9/1/16 504am EDT
§ Soros Hopes to Federalize Police via Manufactured Unrest, 8/31/16
§ Only 350k African elephants left, 8/31/16
§ What will Happen After November 8th?, 8/31/16
§ Facebook Just Got A Whole Lot Creepier, 8/31/16
§ Will Obamacare destroy what's left of the middle class?, 8/31/16
§ 20 Things the FDA Doesn’t Want You to Know, 8/31/16
§ 30k scientists say Global Warming is a hoax and science lie, 8/31/16
§ Top 7 ways a hospital stay can go downhill, 8/31/16
§ Mind control: Light technology can manipulate thoughts, 8/31/16
§ Whiten your teeth naturally, without chemicals, 8/31/16
§ Alex Jones Asks Hillary Clinton Not to Kill Him, 8/30/16
§ Good boy! Dogs know what you're saying, 8/30/16
§ Five ways humans could destroy civilization as we know it, 8/30/16
§ Leaked Memo Reveals Soros Plan for Fed. Controlled Police, 8/30/16
§ Cell phones are causing infertility, 8/30/16
§ Chaos will erupt across America in less than 100 days, 8/30/16
§ What the Hell? Satan Worship on Rise in America, 8/30/16
§ Disturbing Video Exposes How Modern Factories Produce Eggs, 8/30/16
§ Pope Francis chats in person with Facebook CEO Zuckerberg, 8/29/16
§ KGB Agent: "How to Brainwash and Control a Whole Nation", 8/29/16
§ Root canals increase cancer risk, diabetes & brain diseases, 8/29/16
§ Here Are the Winners of the First Beauty Contest Judged by AI, 8/29/16
§ Gold - What Happens Next?, 8/29/16
§ What Life Will Be Like After An Economic Collapse, 8/29/16
§ Banks Warn: Economic Nuclear Winter to Hit World, 8/29/16
§ Clinton, Pay-to-Play, and Google, 8/29/16
§ Zika: Mass Chemical Spraying before all Miami Dolphins Games, 8/29/16
§ Zika fabricated hysteria, junk science & dark political agendas, 8/29/16
§ Disney World & Seaworld handing out DEET insect repellent, 8/28/16
§ It's Time to Imagine a Post-Police World, 8/28/16
§ CIA Killed Kennedy, 8/28/16
§ What Triggers a Charley Horse?, 8/27/16
§ They’re After Your Cash, 8/27/16
§ U.S. gov't plans to seize food & medicine during a collapse, 8/26/16
§ Fed Being Torn Down to Create a New, Powerful Global Entity?, 8/26/16
§ Marc Faber: S&P is Set to Crash 50%, Losing 5 Years of Gains, 8/26/16
§ Final Catastrophe of the Currency System, 8/25/16
§ Paranoid Hillary Smears Alex Jones During Conspiracy Rant, 8/25/16
§ CIA, CosmiQ & Amazon team up to train AI to spy from space, 8/25/16
§ Linux Took Over the Web. Now, It's Taking Over the World, 8/25/16
§ Get Ready, Governments Preparing for World War, 8/25/16
§ Is the Pope About to Make an ET Disclosure?, 8/25/16
§ Fukushima radiation still so potent that robots can't survive, 8/25/16
§ Mandated Gender Confusion, 8/25/16
§ US Has a Huge Rate of Whites in Incarceration, 8/25/16
§ Bizarre Media Blackout of Hacked George Soros Documents, 8/25/16
§ Increasing Numbers of People are Microdosing Psychedelics, 8/24/16
§ Doctors wake coma patient using ultrasound, 8/25/16
§ Transgenderism tied to 'wonder drug' for pregnant women, 8/24/15
§ Eye floaters – causes, symptoms, and treatment, 8/24/16
§ 98 facts and secrets Facebook knows about YOU, 8/24/16
§ 'Conspiracy theory' is mainstream media's label for what's True, 8/24/16
§ Clinton Foundation a racketeering scheme of astonishing scale, 8/24/16
§ Are the Clintons Israeli Agents?, 8/23/16
§ Robots set to become Criminals that cops won't be able to stop, 8/23/16
§ A Fisherman Found a 75-lb Pearl in a Giant Clam worth $100M, 8/23/16
§ Children of American Police State: Another Brick in the Wall, 8/23/16
§ Doomsday Lite! As Seen On TV!, 8/23/16
§ Court bans DOJ from prosecuting medical marijuana users, 8/22/16
§ California kids: No Vaccinations? Then No School For You!, 8/22/16
§ Some Facts About Cancer, 8/22/16
§ Hillary Clinton: Case For Murder Grows, 8/20/16
§ 10 Things We Know About the CERN Mock Human Sacrifice, 8/20/16
§ How We Know ISIS was 'MADE IN THE USA, 8/20/16
§ George Galloway Blames US, UK for Creation of ISIS, 8/20/16
§ 14 Tablets of Enki (Former Anunnaki Leader of Planet Earth), 8/19/16
§ Autism, brain disorders way linked to pesticide spraying, 8/19/16
§ Fleet of 737 Passenger Jets Flying in & out of Area 51, 8/19/16
§ Natural Treatments Reverse Kidney Disease, 8/19/16
§ How to say no to vaccinations and smart meters, 8/18/16
§ How to be “legal” in everything you do, 8/18/16
§ In Black Robes, CERN Scientists Stage “Mock Human Sacrifice”, 8/18/16
§ Essential oils - Optimizing your health naturally, 8/18/16
§ Business of Treason Inside the Rand Corporation, 8/18/16
§ Greatest Threat to Freedoms: Gov't of Killers, Spies, Thieves, 8/18/16
§ US Govt propaganda use against citizens is officially legal now, 8/18/16
§ Mysterious Deaths Associated with the Clintons, 8/18/16
§ Era of 'The Bitch' Is Coming, 8/17/16
§ Soros Paid Al Gore MILLIONS To Push Global Warming, 8/17/16
§ Fukushima's fallout destroying brains, reaching California coast, 8/17/16
§ CFR New PR Video Can’t Undo its NWO Agenda, 8/16/16
§ Holding Medicinal Patent, Feds Say Cannabis Isn't Medicine, 8/16/16
§ FDA has always denied the therapeutic benefits of ALL plants, 8/16/16
§ Elephants more loving, compassionate & soulful than humans, 8/15/16
§ Hot Month for Clinton’s Body Count, 8/15/16
§ Global warming is a scam, 8/15/16
§ Vaccines, pesticides & chemtrails weapons of mass destruction, 8/15/16
§ Zika insecticide causes paralysis, cancer & death, 8/15/16
§ Copyright, Trademark & Patent Laws to Cease in a Few Years?, 8/15/16
§ Soros Hacked, Over 2,500 Internal Docs Released Online, 8/15/16
§ Shadow Government: WikiLeaks Exposes Soros Controls Clinton, 8/14/16
§ Government advises airlines to spray pesticides on passengers, 8/14/16
§ Warrant Issued to Mother for Selling Tamales to Neighbors, 8/14/16
§ Soylent CEO criminally charged for unpermitted off-grid home, 8/14/16
§ Govt. wages war on public health by rnot legalizing cannabis, 8/14/16
§ FBI IGNORES Obama Orders & Launches Hillary Investigation, 8/14/16
§ Bill and Hillary Clinton's Super-Wealth, 8/13/16
§ Benefits to Blue-Blocking Glasses, 8/13/16
§ Resonant Frequencies and the Cure for Cancer, 8/12/16
§ How the government is stealing more than ever before, 8/12/16
§ Weaponized Cell Towers and Cellphones: 21st Century's Silent, Invisible Killer by Design, 8/12/16
§ Killer Instincts: When Police Become Judge, Jury & Executioner, 8/12/16
§ Obama’s Operation Choke Point: Exec. Power Unbridled Abuse, 8/12/16
§ Meet the shark born before George Washington, 8/11/16
§ Most Countries have few Deaths by Police Compared to U.S., 8/11/16
§ 5 Reasons California’s Drought is Caused by HAARP, 8/11/16
§ 1979 Documentary Exposes MK Ultra & CIA’s Psychedelic Role, 8/11/16
§ DEA: Marijuana to Remain Classified as Dangerous Drug in U.S., 8/11/16
§ DEA Scans Travel Data to Seize Cash, 8/11/16
§ Mainstream Media Now Literally Using Robots to Write News, 8/11/16
§ ATF Illegally Building Secret National List Of All Gun Owners, 8/11/16
§ Millions exposed to deadly chemicals in public water supplies, 8/11/16
§ Terrible Freedom, 8/10/16
§ Remove Intellectual Property Rights to Enhance Prosperity, 8/10/16
§ GM mosquitoes could transmit modified DNA to humans, 8/10/16
§ Chemical Castration of Our Children's Brains, 8/10/16
§ Larken Rose: Truth About Humanity, 8/4/16
§ John Lennon: "Our society is run by insane people", 8/9/16
§ Glyphosate mutation holocaust taking place across the world, 8/9/16
§ Make No Mistake: “Everyone Who Is Warning About Clinton Is A Target and They Are Marked”, 8/9/16
§ Bill and Hillary Clinton Got Super-Rich Selling Influence, 8/9/16
§ Is It Racist?, 8/9/16
§ Solar physicist sees global cooling ahead, 8/9/16
§ Key studies cited to 'prove' vaccines are safe were funded almost entirely by vaccine manufacturers, 8/9/16
§ Tiny Cardboard Home Takes 1 Day To Build & Lasts 100 Years, 8/9/16
§ Putin: ‘You Actually Believe US Elections are Democratic?’, 8/9/16
§ Obama says he’s being ‘forced out’ of White House, 8/8/16
§ Myth of Government, 8/8/16
§ Universal Income to Keep People Quiet while Global Gov't Grows, 8/8/16
§ Top 10 foods that went up the most in price in the last year, 8/8/16
§ Colon Detox: Home Remedies For Colon Cleansing, 8/8/16
§ Is Something Wrong With Hillary: Bizarre Behavior, Seizure Allegations Raise Doubts About Her Health, 8/8/16
§ Lead Attorney In Anti-Clinton DNC Fraud Case Found Dead, 8/7/16
§ First "Bitcoin Bail-In": All Bitfinex Users To Lose 36% In "Shared Loss" After Historic Hack, 8/7/16
§ 9/11 Deserves another look… This is a must see… and hear…, 8/6/16
§ Gates & Soros fund Monsanto and a world depopulation agenda, 8/6/16
§ Clinton Body Count +5 in Just 6 Weeks, 8/5/16
§ NIH greenlights human-animal hybrid research, 8/5/16
§ Dead Man's Hand: US Plays Poker, but the Russians Play Chess, 8/5/16
§ Truth About Humanity, 8/4/16
§ 7 Cities Transforming Their Rivers From Blights to Beauties, 8/4/16
§ Nat'l Guard, DEA & State Police Raid 81yr old Canver Patient's Organic Garden to 'Protect' Us, 8/4/16
§ What Happens When You Mix Apple Cider Vinegar In Water?, 8/4/16
§ Mind-Control Engineers Drug Children for "Social Justice", 8/4/16
§ Become The Ultimate Forager: Try These 8 Wild Edible Plants, 8/4/16
§ Wireless Mind Control Is Here: Neural "Smart" Dust Can Connect Your Brain to a Computer, 8/4/16
§ TPP and the Reason Mainstream Media Is Silent About It, 8/4/16
§ Best Way Modern Medicine Can Save Lives: Deprescribe Drugs!, 8/4/16
§ Hillary Clinton’s Connection to ISIS: Another Bomb Dropped By Wikileaks, Followed by Media Blackout, 8/4/16
§ Is Trump a psychopath?, 8/4/16
§ Can AI write a Hollywood film?, 8/3/16
§ Here comes the mandatory Bitcoin database, 8/3/16
§ 25 Survival Skills Everyone Needs to Know, 8/3/16
§ America’s Last 97 Days?, 8/3/16
§ Gosh, It'll Be a Swell Nuclear War!, 8/3/16
§ I Discriminate, 8/3/16
§ Clinton researcher Victor Thorn found dead, 8/3/16
§ MAN THE LIFEBOATS : US Economy Sinking, 8/3/16
§ What I Want from This Year's Circus, 8/3/16
§ Seven days organic diet eliminates 90% of pesticides, 8/3/16
§ You Can’t Eat Gold!, 8/2/16
§ 28 Pieces of Weather Wisdom From the Pioneer Days, 8/2/16
§ Pope: 'WWIII has already begun, 8/2/16
§ Medicine, science, elections, the media, money, education, search engines, social media, etc. are all rigged, 8/2/16
§ Deceased Armed FBI Agent Found At Trump Tower, 8/2/16
§ Obama signs bill forever exempting Big Food from GMO labels, 8/2/16
§ Hillary Has 2nd Seizure on Camera and has a hole in her tongue, 8/1/16
§ Hillary’s America
§ Privacy Activists Launch Database to Track Global Sales of Surveillance Tech, 8/1/16
§ Clinton, Comey, Lynch All Guilty of Concealing Money Laundering for Terrorists and the Cartels Says Senior VP at HSBC Bank, 8/1/16
§ Why is the Stock Market at All Time High?, 8/1/16
§ Doug Casey on “The Deep State”, 8/1/16
§ Doctors, accountants, ministers, lawyers, etc. - they're all government agents as America descends into total police state, 8/1/16
§ Cops Call Rancher for Help with a Bull and Then Murdered Him — No Charges, Paid Vacation, 7/31/16
§ Why Nose Breathing Is so Important for Health & Fitness, 7/30/16
§ New Agenda 21 Policies Call for 90% Depopulation of the US, 7/30/16
§ A World War Has Begun, 7/30/16
§ Effortless Weight Loss?, 7/30/16
§ These Organic Burial Pods Will Turn YOU Into A TREE When You Die
§ Comrade Vladimir and Comrade Donald, 7/30/16
§ 19 seconds of Obama speech to the 2014 Bilderbergers, 5/26/14
§ NASA's readying to plunge a spacecraft deeper into the Sun, 7/29/16
§ Society is Divided, Self-Absorbed & Powerless to Stop the Elites, 7/29/16
§ No One Can Stop Her… And She Knows It, 7/29/16
§ 17,359 Americans have renounced citizenship under Obama, 7/29/16
§ I Proposed With A Diamond Grown In A Lab, 7/29/16
§ World Trade Growth Has Ground To A Halt, 7/29/16
§ Fed Is Preparing For Negative Rates, 7/29/16
§ If Helicopter Money Succeeds, It will lead to 1,500% Inflation, 7/29/16
§ Doug Casey on President Hillary, WWIII & the Deep State, 7/28/16
§ Bill Clinton’s Fanciful Sociopathic Speech About Hillary, 7/28/16
§ Another Deep Underground Military Base? Google Maps shows something hidden under the Gulf of California, 7/28/16
§ Homeownership Rate in the U.S. Drops to Lowest Since 1965, 7/28/16
§ Proof that the Pineal Gland is Literally a 3rd Eye, 7/27/16
§ Criminalization of Everything, 7/27/16
§ What Can Racial Discrimination Explain?, 7/27/16
§ George Soros rises again, 7/27/16
§ Where Are Hillary’s Handcuffs?, 7/27/16
§ Frankincense oil kills cancer cells & boosts the immune system, 7/27/16
§ Chemo Kills You. Cancer Is Fungus & Can Be Treated, 7/27/16
§ Re-grow food from scraps, 7/27/16
§ Central Banks Will Create A Historical Gold Rush, 7/26/16
§ Japan Has Sent A Massive Monetary Shock Wave Across the Planet: “Will Create A Big Upward Price Adjustment In Gold And Silver”, 7/26/16
§ Science Delusion - banned TED talk, 7/26/16
§ Calling Things by Their Real Names, 7/26/16
§ We Need to Remove Intellectual Property Rights, 7/26/16
§ Giant Alien Face Crop Circle in UK Wheat Field, 7/26/16
§ UFO Leaves Crazy Blue Smoke Trail Over Miami Airport, 7/26/16
§ Flying Clintons, 7/26/16
§ 13 Important Elements Found in Every Staged Shooting Event, 7/25/16
§ Cops to be Fined $15k in CO if they Stop You from Recording, 7/25/16
§ How To Improve Your Eyesight Naturally, 7/25/16
§ McDonald’s To Close 500 More Stores In 2016, 7/25/16
§ Nuclear Terrorism 101 – weapons simple & cheap, 7/23/16
§ Three lessons from the movie ‘Groundhog Day’, 7/23/16
§ Problem With Socialism Defined, 7/23/16
§ Companies are flooding Earth’s orbit with satellites, 7/23/16
§ Reason Pharma Companies Hate Medical Marijuana (It Works), 7/22/16
§ Ohio Legislature moves towards mandatory vaccines, 7/22/16
§ Donald Trump said he would 'close the Internet', 7/22/16
§ Politics is Fake and Staged, 7/21/16
§ U.S. authorities seize Kickass Torrents domains, 7/21/16
§ 17k-Yr-Old Tools Found in Texas Change Known History, 7/21/16
§ Top 10 inexpensive food items that can PREVENT nearly every disease and disorder known to mankind, 7/21/16
§ 3 indications Edgar Allan Poe was a time traveler, 7/20/16
§ Cops Across the U.S. Now Issuing Ominous Threats of Civil War, 7/20/16
§ Scientists Study the Atmospheres of Earth-size Exoplanets, 7/20/16
§ Is the Saudi 9/11 Story Part of the Deception?, 7/20/16
§ New Agenda 21 Bill Ramrods Citizens and Steals their Lands, 7/20/16
§ Global Warming Expedition Stopped by Arctic Sea Ice, 7/20/16
§ Indian Gov't Official Says HAARP is Real Global Warming Cause, 7/20/16
§ Futility of an Armed Revolt, 7/19/16
§ No Charges Against Clinton Prove ONE Very Important Thing, 7/19/16
§ Jaw Dropping UFO Sighting on Hermosa Beach pier, 7/19/16
§ Another IRS Bait and Switch, 7/19/16
§ Wonderful Bodily Things when you don't eat for a day, 7/18/16
§ Politician Flips Out - EXPOSES CENTRAL BANK SCAM, 7/18/16
§ Bitcoin's Second Halving Came & Went - Not Much Happened, 7/18/16
§ Financial system is breaking down at an unimaginable pace, 7/18/16
§ There Is No Evidence Of Dangerous Global Warming, 7/18/16
§ World’s Most Powerful Radio Telescope Discovers 1300 New Galaxies in Trial Run, 7/17/16
§ Criminal Rip-Off Called Socialism, 7/18/16
§ Watch This Guy Turn on a 20,000 Watt Light Bulb, 7/17/16
§ How to Stay Safe When Chaos Erupts in America, 7/16/16
§ Peter Schiff: We’ve Entered a New Leg of a Gold Bull Market, 7/16/16
§ Supplements Proven Beneficial for Depression & Anxiety, 7/16/16
§ Policing Was Militarized from the Start, 7/15/16
§ Israeli Rabbi says Soldiers can Rape Arab Women for morale, 7/15/16
§ We Don't Need Taxes Where We Are Going, 7/14/16
§ Sentence Enhancements Reduce Justice System Transparency, 7/14/16
§ Anarchism for a Mainstream Audience, 7/14/16
§ Conspiracy? Clinton’s secret FBI deal revealed, 7/14/16
§ Cannabis: Plant that Stops Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria, 7/13/16
§ How the IRS beat up the Constitution, 7/13/16
§ Day of Rage Protests Scheduled July 15th in These Cities, 7/12/16
§ Occam's Razor Destroys the Holocaust Industry, 7/12/16
§ Niburu Planet X System and Its Impacts on Our Solar System, 7/12/16
§ Trying to explain government to an alien, 7/11/16
§ Police Murder Because They Are Trained To Murder, 7/11/16
§ How Technology Offers New Ways of Killing People, 7/11/16
§ Summary Judgment and Execution by Robot, 7/11/16
§ Marijuana, Will Monsanto Win the War on Weed?, 7/10/16
§ George Soros predicts riots, police state & civil war for America, 7/10/16
§ 13 Nikola Tesla Quotes for His Birthday, 7/10/16
§ Breakdown Of US Citizens Killed By Cops In 2016, 7/10/16
§ White Collar Workers: Robots Are Coming For Your Jobs, Too, 7/8/16
§ Radiation emitted from smart meters 100 times greater than cell phones - and exposure is constant,7/7/16
§ Bankers Push “New Monetary Order” to Hold Nations Hostage, 7/7/16
§ Obama adm. OK's dumping 76B gals of wastewater into Gulf of Mexico before quietly approving hundreds of offshore fracking permits, 7/7/16
§ Hillary is a puppet and proponent of Monsanto, Big Pharma, eugenics and forced vaccination, 7/7/16
§ Oops: FBI Accidentally Proved Hillary Clinton Committed Perjury, 7/6/16
§ Despite Gun Control Rhetoric, Obama Arms Federal Civilian Agencies More Than Ever, 7/6/16
§ How the FBI & DOJ criminalize honest citizens and allow criminals in DC get away with treason, 7/6/16
§ What's Starting Now Will Complete Collapse the Entire System, 7/6/16
§ How to Make Your Life a Declaration of Independence, 7/5/16
§ President for a Day, 7/5/16
§ Rammstein: We All Live in Amerika
§ 4 Celebrated Freedoms that Now Require Permission, 7/4/16
§ Gun’s Don’t KILL People, Clintons Kill People, 7/4/16
§ Slayer Frontman: When Guns are Taken ‘People Fucking Die!’, 7/4/16
§ Refuse To Celebrate July 4th Militarism, 7/4/16
§ It is All Always the Government’s Fault, 7/4/16
§ Silver is going nuts, 7/4/16
§ U.N. Pres. Crushes Own Throat Before Testifying Against Hillary, 7/4/16
§ Latest TSA Horror, 7/3/16
§ Woman cures cancer by drinking five pounds of carrot juice daily, 7/3/16
§ FEMA Investigator’s 9/11 Claim: Vault Emptied Before Attack, 7/2/16
§ Sudden Plan To Get Humans To Mars Ramps Up!, 7/2/16
§ Trees on Mars, 7/2/16
§ DEA blocked marijuana research for 40 yrs, generating massive profits from the 'drug war' while committing heinous acts against growers, 7/1/16
§ Over 100 Tor Nodes Have Been Spying on Dark Web Sites, 7/1/16
§ 1 in 9 U.S. adults over the age of 65 now have Alzheimer's disease, 7/1/16
§ Collapse of Western Democracy, 7/1/16
§ How To Spot A False Flag Event, 7/1/16
§ Silver Spikes to 22 Month High, 7/1/16
§ Goldwagon Won’t Wait on it's way to $10k, 7/1/16
§ Peter Schiff: The Wait to Buy Gold and Silver Is Over, 7/1/16
§ SSRI Antidepressants Put Patients at Clear Risk of Suicide, 7/1/16
§ Large Corporations Aid Expansion of Authoritarian Government, 6/30/16
§ 'Death of winter': Jet streams cross equator, 'chaos' predicted, 6/30/16
§ Obama’s ‘New Beginning’ was the Beginning of the End, 6/30/16
§ 2.2M People Being Tracked in Global 'Terrorism' Database, 6/30/16
§ Gerald Celente: Globalists Will Collapse the World Economy, 6/30/16
§ Why People Refuse to Question the Official Version of 9/11, 6/30/16
§ Atlantis Discovered in the Bermuda Triangle: Sunken City Features Giant Pyramids and Sphinxes, 6/29/16
§ NASA Confirms that Earth has a Second Moon, 6/29/16
§ Brexit Double Cross? Plot for Greater Centralization, 6/29/16
§ CFR Member Calls on Elites to Rise Up Against Ignorant Masses, 6/29/16
§ Dr. Google search engine provides big pharma medical advice, 6/29/16
§ Whole Foods partners with Monsanto to kill GMO labeling, 6/29/16
§ $7B National Stockpile: What Is the Gov't Preparing For?, 6/29/16
§ Demise of the 4th Amendment, 6/29/16
§ Doctors Making Parents 'Admit' They Are 'Knowingly Endangering Their Child's Life' with new vaccine refusal form, 6/28/16
§ Greenspan Warns Crisis is Imminent, Advises Gold Standard, 6/28/16
§ Tylenol, Benadryl linked to permanent cognitive impairment, 6/28/16
§ Light and acid kill cancer cells from the inside out, 6/28/16
§ EU nations 'to be morphed into one' Superstate post-Brexit, 6/28/16
§ Despite the Vote, the Odds Are Against Britain Leaving the EU, 6/27/16
§ U.N. Vehicles, Mysterious Troop Movement Spotted, 6/27/16
§ Toxic fracking chemicals persist in the environment, 6/26/16
§ FEMA Predicts Social Unrest caused by 395% Food Price Spikes, 6/26/16
§ TEPCO admits covering up severity of the Fukushima meltdown, 6/26/16
§ Who Are the Biggest Losers from Brexit?, 6/25/16
§ Trump Endorses Israel, Opposes Palestinian Statehood, 6/25/16
§ TV News Illusion: "Reporter in the Field on Location", 6/24/16
§ IRS Agents Carry AR-15s, 6/24/16
§ Brexit Vote - What Does it Mean?, 6/24/16
§ BREXIT victory shocks NWO, 6/24/16
§ Brexit: Soros Defeated by Act of God, 6/24/16
§ 8 most SURPRISING places you'll find GMOs, 6/24/16
§ Brexit: Global Trigger Event, Fake out or Something Else?, 6/23/16
§ Half of Americans will be micro-chipped within a decade, 6/23/16
§ Traveler to Inner Earth: Billie Faye Woodard - USAF Colonel, 6/23/16
§ When Police Pull You Over, 6/23/16
Traffic Stop Practice Script
§ Honeybees face extinction as Big Biotech blocks protections, 6/23/16
§ What Happens in an Internet Second?, 6/23/16
§ Why paying cash for hospital bills is 5x cheaper than Obamacare, 6/23/16
§ Robots allowed to trade money and claim copyright, 6/23/16
§ People Thrown Into Psych-Wards For Their Political Views!, 6/22/16
§ Vladimir Putin Exposes Vaccines As Conspiracy, 6/22/16
§ Aerial glyphosate spraying threatens organic gardens, 6/21/16
§ Govt Wants To Microchip All Kids “Sooner Rather Than Later”, 6/21/16
§ Triviality of Terrorism, 6/21/16
§ Gun Control Farce, 6/21/16
§ A Week in the Life of the American Police State, 6/21/16
§ Orlando: The New 9/11?, 6/21/16
§ Occult: Why You Can Not Represent Yourself in Court, 6/21/16
§ Blackout: California In Power Grid Emergency, 6/20/16
§ Police Don't Need To Know The Laws They Enforce, 6/19/16
§ UBER Driver with Concealed Carry prevented mass shootin, 6/19/16
§ Orlando Hospital Staffers Forced to sign Non-Disclosures, 6/19/16
§ Top 7 corporations doing the MOST DAMAGE to our planet, 6/18/16
§ 10 Reasons To Homeschool, 6/18/16
§ Real Orlando Aftermath Will Come From The Government, 6/18/16
§ 11 Amazing Health Benefits of Using Baking Soda, 6/18/16
§ A $50Mn Hacking dashes hopes in World of Virtual Currency, 6/17/16
§ Lie detector test to find out how honest you REALLY are, 6/17/16
§ Socialism’s One Percenters, 6/17/16
§ Unsuppressable Truth About Medicinal Cannabidiol (CBD), 6/17/16
§ Orlando Shooting: Still No Evidence, No Blood, No Bodies, 6/17/16
§ One AI Quantum Computer Could Run Global Internet of Things, 6/17/16
§ US Navy discussed plans to fit humans with microchips, 6/16/16
§ Something BIG Coming? FEMA Just Activated Civilian Corps, 6/15/16
§ DHS Secretary Sees All Americans As a Threat: “Gun Control Has To Be a Part of Homeland Security”, 6/15/16
§ Steven Seagal Thinks Many Mass Shootings Are “Engineered” by the Government, 6/15/16
§ Don’t Thank Killers for their Service - Hail draft dodgers like Ali, 6/14/16
§ Skeptical About Orlando, 6/14/16
§ Hillary’s Obscene Reaction to the Orlando Shootings, 6/14/16
§ Oregon Citizen is a Genius, 6/13/16
§ Fake TED Talk about nothing might be best you've ever seen, 6/13/16
§ Gold Miner To Withhold Sales, 6/13/16
§ Robot which can choose to harm humans sparks AI debate, 6/13/16
§ 5 Reasons to Question Official Story of the Orlando Shooting, 6/13/16
§ Orlando Shooting Actress Mom Reads From a Script, 6/12/16
§ Full Obama Speech: Hints At Gun Control”, 6/12/16
§ Peter Theil goes on record about Bilderberg, 6/12/16
§ One Chart shows that Bilderberg Really Does Run the World, 6/11/16
§ Bilderberg Planning to Trigger Financial Collapse, 6/10/16
§ NY Gov. Cuomo Signs EO to Punish People Who Criticize Israel, 6/10/16
§ OK Police Can Seize Your Entire Bank Account on a Traffic Stop, 6/10/16
§ How Fiat Money Destroys Culture, 6/10/16
§ Chemists just named 4 new elements on the periodic table, 6/9/16
§ Meet the Bosses: 2016 Bilderberg Meeting Participants, 6/8/16
§ Bilderberg 2016: What’s On The Agenda?, 6/8/16
§ Limitless Pill (updated), 6/8/16
§ Withdrawal of Consent, 6/7/16
§ New Pearl Harbor — 911 Documentary – Full Movie, 6/7/16
§ Berkeley Dr. says People Die From Chemotherapy, Not Cancer, 6/7/16
§ New Ways You Are Being Spied On and How To Prevent It, 6/7/16
§ Creepy Cops and their License Plate Scanners, 6/7/16
§ Bayer Knowingly Gave HIV to Thousands of Kids, 6/6/16
§ We need the minerals found in full spectrum salt, 6/6/16
§ New 'useless class' of humans being created, as AI machines take over everything from truck driving to fast food jobs, 6/6/16
§ American's addiction to toxic, brain-damaging GMOs and processed foods are leading to a nationwide state of apathy and compliance, 6/6/16
§ Obama Admits Government Monitors Your Browsing History, 6/5/16
§ Secret formula to know if you are overpaying on airfare, 6/4/16
§ Jean C. Van Damme calls out Rothschild & Rockefeller on live TV, 6/3/16
§ FBI Creates Database for Anti-Government Memes, 6/2/16
§ What would happen to Earth if humans disappeared?, 6/2/16
§ U.S. Court Bans Smart Meter Blueprints From Public, 6/2/16
§ Ditch 4 Years of Costly College for Directed Apprenticeships, 6/2/16
§ TSA Long Lines Part Of Scheme to Move Americans to Mandatory “Biometic Background Pre-Check System”, 6/1/16
§ Alan Greenspan Warns Martial Law is Coming”, 6/1/16
§ Freedom is free - it's government that isn't, 6/1/16
§ How to Beat a Traffic Ticket: Never Just Pay Up!, 6/1/16
§ 'Demonically Clever' Backdoor Hides in a Computer Chip Slice, 6/1/16
§ Even Orwell Didn’t Predict Facial Recognition, 6/1/16
§ Stop Thinking in Dollars, Start Thinking in Gold, 6/1/16
§ Here’s proof that the US dollar is insanely overvalued, 5/31/16
§ Who Are the Rothschild’s, A Look Into The Corporate Dynasty, 5/31/16
§ Chicago’s Using a “Pre-Crime” Algorithm to catch Criminals, 5/31/16
§ Aspartame is a hidden schedule II narcotic, 5/31/16
§ Breathtaking compassion, 5/30/16
§ I Don’t Appreciate the Military, Especially Today, 5/30/16
§ Truth Has Come Out Finally and Conclusively, 5/30/16
§ Completely MEATLESS protein profile easier to digest, 5/29/16
§ What It Takes to Be President of the American Police State, 5/23/16
§ Memorializing the Horrors of War with 10 Must-See War Films, 5/28/16
§ NASA spots monster hole open up on our Sun, 5/27/16
§ Enoch & Book of Giants Tells How Nephilim Were Wiped Out, 5/27/16
§ Police Using "Pre-Crime" Algorithm to Target Innocent Citizens, 5/26/16
§ Airport screening made 70,000 miss American Airlines flights, 5/26/16
§ 12 million whales & dolphins threatened by the Navy, 5/26/16
§ War on Cash is Ancient, 5/26/16
§ Income Tax: Smoking the Government Cheese, 5/26/16
§ Why are we getting married 7yrs later than we did in the 1950s?, 5/25/16
§ Average American commits 3 felonies a day, 5/25/16
§ Walter Williams is a springbok, 5/25/16
§ Link between dark matter & primordial black holes, 5/25/16
§ Xylitol sweetener shown to kill dogs, 5/25/16
§ Our ancestors used 12 natural antibiotics to survive infections, 5/25/16
§ NBC: You Will be Microchipped “Sooner Rather Than Later”, 5/24/16
§ Hillary Wants You to Drive 55mph Again, 5/24/16
§ Websites Turning To Audio Fingerprinting To Follow You, 5/24/16
§ U.S. Blew Up World Trade Center To Create War On Terror, 5/24/16
§ The System Won't Survive the Robots, 5/24/16
§ Most Evil Central Bankers in the World, 5/24/16
§ 25,000 known uses for hemp!, 5/24/16
§ Why HEMP can save Earth & Humankind, 5/23/16
§ David Icke on 9/11 and lizards in Buckingham Palace, 5/23/16
§ Veganism is Not Morally Superior, 5/23/16
§ New Surveillance May Let Cops Use All Cameras, Everywhere, 5/23/16
§ FBI’s secret biometrics database they don’t want you to see, 5/22/16
§ 40 Volcanoes Are Erupting Right Now, 5/22/16
§ Hollywood in the grip of child abuse scandal, 5/22/16
§ New Evidence Could Overhaul Quantum Mechanics, 5/21/16
§ Portland School Board Bans Literature Denying Climate Change, 5/21/16
§ Three Step Plan to Destroy America and Implement the NWO, 5/21/16
§ Psychiatrists to put POTENTIAL Dissidents into FEMA Camps, 5/20/16
§ Promise of AI Means Rise Of ‘Useless Class’ Of Humans, 5/20/16
§ Rothschilds Hold $100k Plate Dinner Party for Hillary Clinton, 5/19/16
§ US Seizing Gold And Silver Mines Across America, 5/19/16
§ Blue Moon to coincide with Mars opposition, 5/18/16
§ Remedies that kill fleas & ticks without harming your pet, 5/18/16
§ Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize: Proof World is Upside Down, 5/18/16
§ Return of the Gold Standard Talk? Why Now?, 5/18/16
§ Dandelion root kills cancer cells & chemo-resistant melanoma, 5/17/16
§ Gun Control Aims to Disarm the People, Not Save Lives, 5/17/16
§ Magic mushrooms lift severe depression, 5/17/16
§ Fracking is tainting rivers with toxic cocktail of Radium & Lead, 5/17/16
§ Bill Gates hurries vaccination agenda by buying $1B in vaccines, 5/17/16
§ Hospitals Vaccinating Patients by Force & Without Knowledge, 5/16/16
§ Why and How We Need To End The TSA RIGHT NOW!, 5/16/16
§ How Gov't Takes Your Right & Sells it Back to You as a License, 5/15/16
§ Tylenol Can Hinder Your Ability to Feel Empathy, 5/15/16
§ Flint water contamination cover-up PROVES that both local and federal governments actively conspire to poison the population, 5/13/16
§ Mega List of Confirmed Conspiracy Theories, 5/13/16
§ It’s ok to aim guns at police if they aim at you first, 5/12/16
§ DARPA Creepiest Programs For Human Control, 5/12/16
§ John McAfee: Your phone may be snooping on you, 5/12/16
§ Hillary Took $100 Million From Middle East Regimes, 5/12/16
§ Confessions of Congressman X, 5/12/16
§ Four herbs that accelerate neurological growth and repair, 5/12/16
§ Khazarian Mafia’s System of Cartels to Subjugate Entire Planet, 5/11/16
§ Cell phone radiation causes brain cancer, 5/11/16
§ Americans still imprisoned for marijuana, while feds get patents, 5/11/16
§ AAA Finds No Scientific Basis that THC in Blood Impairs Driving, 5/10/16
§ American 'Free Society' is really a Militaristic Slave Society, 5/10/16
§ Prescription painkiller drugs kill 40 Americans every single day, 5/10/16
§ Microsoft: Synthetic DNA To Be Used For Data Storage, 5/10/16
§ 1033 Program: How America's Police became an Army, 5/9/16
§ Why Do We Need Government? We don't, 5/9/16
§ Is online free speech under attack?, 5/9/16
§ IRS & Admiralty Courts Collude and Commit Fraud, 5/9/16
§ Oil tanker washes up on remote beach with NOBODY on board, 5/9/16
§ If You’ve Got Gold, You’ve Got Money, 5/9/16
§ FDA admits drug, medical device approval process is bribery, 5/9/16
§ Suddenly Fish Are Dying by the MILLIONS All Over the Planet, 5/8/16
§ Mammography screenings cause mastectomies & breast cancer, 5/8/16
§ Beehive trained to Target Pot Plants for Cannabis Honey, 5/8/16
§ Five Stages of Awakening to Evil, 5/8/16
§ When They Killed JFK They Killed America, 5/8/16
§ Current Technological Revolution the Government is Suppressing, 5/8/16
§ How Much Land It Would Take To Power Entire U.S. With Solar, 5/8/16
§ 5 Extraordinary Time Travel Stories & Mysterious Time Slips, 5/7/16
§ List of companies that use Monsanto products, 5/7/16
§ Personality Metamorph Program, 5/7/16
§ Weasel knocks out CERN's powerful particle accelerator?, 5/6/16
§ Why Hanford is a greater threat to west Coast than Fukushima, 5/6/16
§ Facebook Is Building AI That Builds AI, 5/6/16
§ End of the World
§ How to Grow 25 Vegetables for Maximum Harvests, 5/5/16
§ It finally happened: 500 euro notes will no longer be produced, 5/5/16
§ Robot betters expert surgeons at soft tissue stitching, 5/5/16
§ How Monetary System is Rigged to Enslave Us (& Solution), 5/4/16
§ Stand aside JP Morgan, A New Player in Silver has Arrived, 5/4/16
§ Video Shows Train With “100s of M1 Abrams Battle-Tanks”, 5/4/16
§ Kids Learn Fascist Lesson at 9/11 Memorial, 5/4/16
§ Gold and Silver Melt-Up?, 5/4/16
§ Skills That Will Really Matter After An Economic Meltdown, 5/3/16
§ Medical errors now third leading cause of death in United States, 5/3/16
§ Planned Starvation of America, 5/3/16
§ Dead could be brought 'back to life' in groundbreaking project, 5/3/16
§ Judge Orders Child taken because Mother believes in chemtrails, 5/3/16
§ Dandelion way better fighting cancer cells than chemotherapy, 5/3/16
§ Obama Heartily Laughs About Dropping Bombs on Civilians, 5/3/16
§ 12 nastiest contaminants in your government drinking water, 5/3/16
§ DHS Seeks Civilian Drone Killing Technology, 5/3/16
§ Tor & VPN users will be hacked and spied by FBI under new law, 5/3/16
§ Evil is Weak, 5/3/16
§ Airlines report record profits even as customer complaints soar, 5/3/16
§ Researchers Confirm That Cancer Is A Purely Man-Made Disease, 5/2/16
§ Major University Blames MMR Vaccine on Mumps Outbreak, 5/2/16
§ Sunshine benefits AREN'T linked to just vitamin D, 5/2/16
§ 3 Habitable Planets are Hanging Out around this one Star, 5/2/16
§ Buckyball: Magic Molecule, 5/2/16
§ Visa Unveils Plan To Burden Millennials With Billions In Debt, 5/2/16
§ The Establishment: 245 Million Strong, 5/2/16
§ How Craig Wright Privately 'Proved' He Created Bitcoin, 5/2/16
§ 100-Year-Old Runner Breaks World Record At Penn Relays, 5/1/16
§ War of the Words, 4/29/16
§ Some Criminals are More Equal Than Others, 4/29/16
§ What Are the Facts Behind 'Sell By' Dates?, 4/29/16
§ Key Gold Index Doubles In 2016 (But Nobody Noticed), 4/28/16
§ Silver Supply Trouble Brewing, 4/28/16
§ Why non-GMO foods are often saturated with glyphosate, 4/28/16
§ Modern-day vaccine mandates mirror human sacrifice rituals, 4/28/16
§ Unearthed 1500 Year Old Mummy Wearing… Adidas?, 4/27/16
§ Self Ownership, 4/27/16
§ Inside OpenAI, E.Musk's Plan to set Artificial Intelligence Free, 4/27/16
§ A Tax on Income Attacks Life Itself, 4/15/16
§ Hubble discovers new moon in our Solar System, 4/27/16
§ The End: Venezuela Runs Out of Money to Print New Money, 4/27/16
§ 3D Map of the Brain Shows How We Understand Language, 4/27/16
§ Simpsons Predicted PRINCE's DEATH - illuminati, 4/26/16
§ Flash of light marks incredible moment when sperm meets egg, 4/26/16
§ Tongue Color can Reveal Your Health Problems, 4/26/16
§ Real science on vaccines, dental fillings, and brain damage, 4/26/16
§ NASA Confesses to Dosing Americans with Air-borne Chemicals, 4/26/16
§ DNA Test Measures Couple Compatibility, 4/25/16
§ Models of the Cosmic Web that Connects Galaxies, 4/25/16
§ Alien Bases & Pyramids On Venus Discovered?, 4/25/16
Unhappy America: Will U.S. Collapse Due to Societal Meltdown?, 4/25/16
§ Smart Meters causing tidal wave of mysterious illnesses, 4/25/16
§ How the CIA Writes History, 4/25/16
§ Global Warming Hoax, Paris Accord & NWO Governance, 4/25/16
oz-behind-curtain_sm § Men Behind Metal Manipulation Curtain Are Being Revealed, 4/24/16
§ In 1 Out Of Every 5 American Families, Nobody Has A Job. 4/24/16
§ Genetically engineered crops soon to be marketed as 'Non-GMO', 4/24/16
§ Police shooting marijuana suspects from a helicopter, 4/23/16
§ Entire Police Force Quits and Town doesn't descend into chaos, 4/23/16
§ Schiff: 'Goldman Sachs Is Wrong, Gold Is Going Higher!', 4/23/16
§ Chelsea: Gun Control Can Be Implemented Now Scalia Is Dead, 4/22/16
§ Hillary On Using Executive Orders to Take Guns: “Amen”, 4/22/16
§ 10 Sci-Fi Dystopias That Are Everyday Realities Today, 4/22/16
§ Google's Close Relationship With the Obama White House, 4/22/16
§ Vaccine 'herd immunity theory' dismantled and debunked, 4/22/16
§ Vaccine injury suspected in Prince’s death, 4/21/16
§ Psychedelic scans show LSD’s effect on the brain for first time, 4/21/16
§ Fluoride a Neurotoxin in World’s Most Prestigious Med Journal, 4/21/16
§ End of the U.S Dollar? U.S Petrodollar Hegemony is obliterated, 4/21/16
§ German Gold and the Crooked NY Fed, 4/21/16
§ Rights vs. Wishes, 4/20/16
§ People as Poultry - US has never been a Free Country, 4/20/16
§ Japanese Babies with extra limbs due to Fukushima radiation, 4/20/16
§ How You Can Reverse Cavities & Heal Tooth Decay Naturally, 4/20/16
§ Happy Birthday, “Shakespeare”!, 4/20/16
§ China Launches Yuan Gold Fix, 4/20/16
§ Monetary Reform: Fiat vs. Market, 4/20/16
§ China’s Gold Fix First Step in Moving the Gold To $10–$20k?, 4/19/16
§ Looting of the Fox: Story of Sabotage at ShapeShift, 4/19/16
§ Non-invasive treatment produces 98% prostate cancer cure rate, 4/19/16
§ Saint or Sinner, Gov't Eyes are Watching every move you make, 4/19/16
§ War Against the World - DC finds enemies everywhere, 4/19/16
§ Don’t Value Life as the Gov’t Does?, 4/19/16
§ What If the Government Followed Its Own Constitution?, 4/19/16
§ Constitution is Lexington’s Tombstone, 4/19/16
§ Fermi telescope helps close in on the origin of gravitational waves, 4/19/16
§ Central Bank Absurdity: When the Cons Believe the Con, 4/18/16
§ Deutsche Bank’s Gold Manipulation: Main Scam or Side-Show?, 4/18/16
§ Mysterious Foam Covers Japanese City after Earthquake, 4/17/16
§ Virtual reality porn is here, 4/17/16
§ Geomagnetic Storm or UFOs? Orbs Caught on Camera in NV, 4/17/16
§ What If the Empire Held an Election and Nobody Came?, 4/16/16
§ Former IRS Agent Admits Personal Income Tax is Illegal, 4/16/16
§ China Embraces Gold In Advance Of Post-Dollar Era, 4/16/16
§ Billion Dollar Lawsuits Filed Following Deutsche Bank's Admission Of Gold, Silver Rigging, 4/16/16
§ United States Of Insolvency, 4/16/16
§ 9 Quick Tips You Can Do to Get Happy in the Next 30 Minutes, 4/16/16
§ Putin reveals Alien Hybrids (Reptilians) are the Ruling Class, 4/15/16
§ U.S. Government Admits Chemtrails, 4/15/16
§ Snowden Documents Reveal that More Intelligent Beings Exist Underground, 4/14/16
§ Inky the octopus escapes NZ aquarium, makes it to ocean, 4/14/16
§ Dollar Devaluation Clock about to Strike Midnight, 4/14/16
§ 5 Cancer Facts that Conventional Medicine Denies, 4/14/16
§ Atrocious State of Cancer Treatment in the U.S., 4/13/16
§ China Says ‘No Dollars’ For New Gold Backed Yuan, 4/13/16
§ Obama Set To Put In New Law That Can Put Everyone In Jail, 4/13/16
§ Why the Goldman Sachs Settlement is an "Abomination & Insult", 4/13/16
§ Helicopters to Spray Insecticide Over Homes In Portland, 4/12/16
§ Profit Incentives Driving the Police State, 4/12/16
§ All Government Is Evil and Laughable, 4/12/16
042115x56 § Turiya
§ Baking Soda and Honey or Maple Syrup cures even severe disease, 4/11/16
§ Austria Initiates First Ever Bank Bail-In, 4/11/16
§ Goldman Fined $5.1B for Mortgage Selling "Serious Misconduct", 4/11/16
§ Putin Just Called The World’s Ruling Class "Reptilians", 4/11/16
§ Colorado Leads the Way In Agenda 21 Impementation, 4/10/16
§ Untethering: 10 Days Without the Internet, 4/9/16
§ Fingerprints to be tested as ‘currency’, 4/8/16
§ UN wants control over the world's oceans, 4/8/16
§ UFO Crash in Arizona?, 4/8/16
§ 260,000 Vets stripped of gun rights since September, 4/7/16
§ Miraculous Results of Extremely High Doses of Vitamin D3, 4/7/16
§ U.S. healthcare system collapsing into massive FRAUD network, 4/7/16
§ When Cash is Banned, Freedom is Gone, 4/6/16
§ Protect Yourself Against Runners of World’s Economy’, 4/6/16
§ IRS could Stop You From Flying. Here’s How, 4/6/16
§ Next From the Bush Crime Family, 4/6/16
§ This Homemade Toothpaste Reverses Gum Disease+, 4/6/16
§ AG Lynch wages total assault against nutritional supplements, 4/6/16
§ FDA is a criminal cartel, 4/6/16
§ How doctors trick patients into undergoing chemotherapy, 4/6/16
§ Food manufacturers switching to sunflower oil, 4/6/16
§ Notice to DOJ Re: IRS & Taxes, 4/5/16
§ Triffin's Paradox Revisited, 4/5/16
§ ECB’s Monetary Policy Is Now Creating a Rush Into Derivatives, 4/5/16
mn7b73q9 § There is only one Self
§ Birds use grammatical structures in their vocalizations, 4/4/16
§ A Run On The Bank? JPM Caps ATM Withdrawals, 4/4/16
§ Quantum Spin Liquid - not just solids, liquids & gases, 4/4/16
§ You Won't Believe What We Saw In Socialist Venezuela, 4/4/16
§ Lies against Andrew Wakefield all trace back to Bill Gates, proponent of global depopulation & genocide against humanity, 4/4/16
§ By All Means, Vote, 4/4/16
§ VAXXED : Fight To Release A Controversial Documentary, 4/3/16
§ Hawaii considering decriminalizing all recreational drugs, 4/2/16
§ HUD Wants to Make Living in a Tiny House or RV Illegal, 4/2/16
§ Healthcare CEO Told Nurses to Overdose Patients for Profit, 4/1/16
§ Sadistic Judge Orders Cop to Torture Peaceful Man in Courtroom, 4/1/16
§ Is it possible for Americans to legally stop paying income taxes?, 4/1/16
§ Vaccines have a long history with depopulation schemes, 4/1/16
§ 8 Natural Antibiotics, 4/1/16
§ U.S. Gov't claims 100% right to kill, kidnap & torture, 3/31/16
§ U.S. Police Escape Prosecution on Civil Rights 96% of the Time, 3/31/16
§ April 19: Temple of Baal Going Up & Blood Sacrifice Begins, 3/30/16
§ From Democracy to Pathocracy, 3/30/16
§ Julian Assange Exposes True Intentions of TPP, 3/30/16
§ Brain-like supercomputing platform to explore new frontiers, 3/30/16
§ Fast & Furious was Secret Program to Ship Arms to Mid-East, 3/30/16
§ U.S. Home Prices Are 14% Overvalued According To BoA, 3/30/16
§ Unrestricted Carry Without a Permit is Spreading, 3/29/16
§ GMO foods were never approved by the FDA!, 3/29/16
§ Google to Alert Users if Gmail Acct is Targeted by Govt, 3/29/16
§ Climate Change: Top Conspiracy Against The Taxpayer, 3/29/16
§ Climate Alarmist Admits Real Motive Behind Warming Scare, 3/29/16
§ Legalization Cure for the Heroin Epidemic, 3/29/16
§ DOJ Resumes Armed Robbery Sharing With Local Cops, 3/29/16
§ How to Unclog a Drain, 3/29/16
§ Any Type of Cancer Can be Cured in Just 2-6 Weeks, 3/27/16
§ Mysterious Planet #9, 3/27/16
§ War on Cash: “We Are Truly on the Edge of a Precipice”, 3/26/16
§ What Happened When I Tried to Take $1500 Cash Out of BoA, 3/25/16
§ Scientists claim they can Upload knowledge directly to the brain, 3/24/16
§ Urban Survival: These Strategies Will Keep You Alive, 3/23/16
§ How essential oils will revolutionize food preservation, naturally, 3/23/16
§ Top 12 Poisons disguised as Food, Drink, Candy or Medicine, 3/23/16
§ Truth About Easter and the Secret Worship of the Anunnaki, 3/23/16
§ Gardasil is destroying young girls' reproductive systems, 3/23/16
§ Robbing the Federal Reserve… and Getting Away With It, 3/23/16
§ 10 Amazing Ancient Astronomical Relics, 3/22/16
§ Judge Reveals Shocking Secret Truth and Answers, 3/22/16
§ Everything is Fake: Top 40 Pieces of Fakery in Our World, 3/21/16
§ Mercenary Murder of LaVoy Finicum, 3/21/16
§ Gold is Money, the dollar is just a substitute, 3/21/16
§ My too intimate relations with the TSA, 3/21/16
§ Legalizing Weed Has Done What $1Tr and 40yr War Couldn’t, 3/21/16
§ FDA just outlawed CBDs and hemp oil extracts, 3/20/16
§ Fukushima forests are full of mutated life forms, 3/18/16
§ Proof It's Rigged: Fed Moved 93% of Stock Market Since 2008, 3/18/16
§ Magic of Mushrooms, 3/18/16
§ Holistic dermatology - 8 natural solutions to acne, wrinkles, etc., 3/18/16
§ Sun Gazing: : NASA Confirms -Super Human Abilities Gained, 3/17/16
§ Scans of King Tut's Tomb Reveal Hidden Rooms, 3/17/16
§ Here’s Why You Should Convert Your Music To 432 Hz, 3/17/16
§ Long Form Birth Certificate Question - Who are you?, 3/17/16
§ Australia To Vaccinate Via Chemtrails - Calif. already doing it, 3/17/16
§ Monsanto - the world's most EVIL corporation, 3/17/16
§ 17 Survival Hacks to Improvise through any Crisis, 3/17/16
§ Car Biz Goes Full Clover, 3/17/16
§ Law Enforcement Unchecked, 3/17/16
§ How To Make Fire With A Lemon, 3/16/16
§ Astronomers find unexpected activity on Ceres - may be huge, 3/16/16
§ China’s 7,000 Year Old Strategy Hints of a Massive Gold Move, 3/16/16
§ Coming of the Sex Robots, 3/16/16
§ US recession data shows it's a very short road to capital controls, 3/15/16
§ ALERT: Cell phone towers are extermination towers
§ Massive FDA crackdown coming on natural product companies, 3/13/16
§ Five years since Fukushima: Recovery is still far, far away, 3/12/16
§ Why governments aren't all that different from street gangs, 3/12/16
§ Amazonian Brew: Most Powerful Antidepressant Ever?, 3/12/16
§ Natural Antibiotics: Raw horseradish and these other remedies, 3/12/16
§ All of America’s Wars Begin with False Flags (WWIII Will Too), 3/11/16
§ FBI Instructs High Schools to Inform on "Anti-Govt" Students, 3/10/16
§ Finicum's Wake, 3/9/16
§ Total Solar Eclipse, 3/8/16, 556p PST
§ Crime You Have Not Yet Committed, 3/8/16
§ Is there a limit to the government abuse people will accept?, 3/8/16
§ Just Say No, 3/8/16
§ Are You a Military Idolater?, 3/8/16
§ Long-term use of Xanax, Valium, Klonopin etc. may lead to cancer, 3/7/16
§ Sweden Begins 5 Year Countdown Until It Eliminates Cash, 3/7/16
§ Alleged CIA agent leaks inside knowledge of Planet X, 3/6/16
§ 7 Things You Need To Have When the Economy Collapses, 3/5/16
§ Chess Grandmaster Kasparov smashes Bernie Sanders Socialism, 3/5/16
§ IRS Lufkin Case proving no Jurisdiction outside of DC, 3/4/16; pdf
§ Chemtrail Flu: Have You Got It Yet?, 3/4/16
§ 10 diseases that will become far more common after the collapse, 3/4/16
§ 300 Resources on the Path to Self-Reliance, 3/3/16
§ American Police Start Pushing to Weaponize Domestic Drones, 3/2/16
§ Grand Jury Finds 50 Catholic Priests Raped Hundreds of Kids, 3/2/16
§ My Vote - why there’s one clear choice, 3/2/16
§ Four Levels of Government Too Many, 3/2/16
§ “Uncontrollable radioactive flow” coming from plant near NYC, 3/1/16
§ Russian satellite set to light up the night sky, 3/1/16
§ Scientists can 'feed' information directly into your brain, 3/1/16
§ Say it ain't so: Glyphosate in German beer?, 3/1/16
§ Global Run On Physical Cash Has Begun: Why To Panic First, 3/1/16
§ Does computer code count as free speech?, 3/1/16
§ GMO DARK Act cannot survive the light, 3/1/16
§ Meet the Bogus Tech. the Government Will Use to Frame You, 3/1/16
§ Billboards to Begin Tracking Viewer Locations, Selling Data, 2/29/16
§ Fuku What?, 2/29/16
§ Beat the Bully State, 2/29/16
§ Increase Movement to Avoid Age-Related Brain Shrinkage, 2/29/16
§ Pro-Constitution Sheriff Under Attack in Oregon, 2/29/16
§ Gypsies, 2/29/16
§ Cash Is the Currency Of Freedom, 2/28/16
§ World Wide Military "Exercises" Begin 1 March 2016, 2/28/16
§ Brief But Blood Boiling History of Why Cannabis is Illegal, 2/28/16
§ NYC’s nuclear power plant leaking into Hudson River, 2/28/16
§ Why Weaponized Cell Phone Towers Are Everywhere, 2/28/16
§ Murdered Holistic Doctors Update, 2/27/16
§ Constitution and the Standing Army, 2/27/16
§ Seattle to inspect residents' trash and fine them for food waste, 2/26/16
§ Scientists claim they can create babies with artificial sperm, 2/26/16
§ Scalia Murdered After Obama Meeting, 2/26/16
§ Scalia Spent His Final Hours With Members of a Secret Society, 2/26/16
§ Exposing the Hidden Agenda of Davos 2016, 2/24/16
§ ISIS and the End of Cash, 2/24/16
§ Central banksters say outlawing cash will stop criminals, 2/24/16
§ 13 AI researchers reveal amazing facts that blow their minds, 2/23/16
§ Turmeric able to 'smart kill' cancer cells - chemo is obsolete, 2/23/16
§ Gov't of the Politicians, by the Military, for the Corporations, 2/23/16
§ EPA to be sued over toxic waste it poured into Animas River, 2/23/16
§ Mobile phones are ‘cooking’ men’s sperm, 2/22/16
§ Black seed oil can fight STDs naturally, 2/22/16
§ Fluoride a Neurotoxin in Most Prestigious Medical Journal, 2/22/16
§ Why are CIA, DHS, NSA, FBI & FEMA retirees all bugging out, 2/22/16
§ Ethics of Armed Self Defense, 2/22/16
§ History shows vaccines didn't conquer infectious disease at all, 2/22/16
§ Is the Gold/ Silver Ratio Sending Us A MAJOR WARNING?, 2/22/16
§ Woman jailed for refusing federal order to commit perjury, 2/21/16
§ What Happens To Gold When Citizens Lose Faith In Currency, 2/21/16
§ China harvesting organs from prisoners while they are still alive, 2/21/16
§ Never Say Boo to a Cop, 2/20/16
§ Lure of Socialism, especially for young people, 2/20/16
§ How essential oils can stop drug-resistant superbugs, 2/19/16
§ Was Sirhan a “Manchurian Candidate”?, 2/19/16
§ When Cash Is Outlawed... Only Outlaws Will Have Cash, 2/19/16
§ Here’s Why Scalia Didn’t Get An Autopsy, 2/18/16
§ Feds Roll Out “See Something, Say Something” for the Internet, 2/18/16
§ Collapse of Paper Gold & Silver Market May Be Close At Hand, 2/18/16
§ Are Premium Gas Pumps a Scam?, 2/18/16
§ Rain Barrels Are Illegal in These States, 2/18/16
§ Jack's Official Marijuana Legalization Article, 2/18/16
§ Man lives to 107 drinking homemade red wine instead of water, 2/18/16
§ 10 Secret Armies of the Central Intelligence Agency, 2/18/16
§ US Marshals Arrest Man Over $1,500 Student Loan Debt, 2/18/16
§ War on Cash: The Fix Is In, 2/18/16
§ Larry Summers: "It's Time To Kill The $100 Bill", 2/17/16
§ Why Expats have gotten out, 2/17/16
§ People Vs. Police State: Struggle for Justice in Supreme Court, 2/17/16
§ Patriotism Isn’t Love of Government, 2/17/16
§ Mother beats cancer by Juicing after told only two weeks to live, 2/17/16
§ Mystery of the One Bank: its Owners?, 2/16/16
§ Negative central bank interest rates herald danger for the world, 2/15/16
§ What Anarchy Is Not, 2/14/16
§ 5 Things Every Reasonable Gun Owner Ought To Know, 2/13/16
§ Draft-Nappers Want Your Daughter, 2/13/16
§ Scientists take a step closer to ETERNAL LIFE as they PRESERVE and REVIVE brain, 2/12/16
§ 31 Long-Forgotten Native American Medical Cures, 2/12/16
§ History's 30 greatest conspiracy theories, 2/12/16
§ Find Out If YOUR Doctor Is Bribed by Big Pharma, 2/12/16
§ How Big Pharma sells crystal meth (Adderall) to children, 2/12/16
§ A Weed Grows in Tucson, 2/12/16
§ 8 US Soldiers Disappear removing 5000 yr old Flying Machine from Afghan Cave, 2/11/16
§ Gravitational waves detected- final puzzle piece of relativity, 2/11/16
§ Odoreader accurately detects prostate cancer from urine, 2/11/16
§ Parents being thrown in jail in U.S. for homeschooling their kids, 2/11/16
§ Central Banks Are Trojan Horses, Looting Their Host Nations, 2/11/16
§ All the Gold in the World infographic
§ Bank Bounce Back is Baloney - Gold Will Glow, 2/11/16
§ BANG: Not Zika: Brazilian/Argentine doctors say: pesticides, 2/10/16
§ Whole POINT of Internet of Things is so Big Brother can spy, 2/10/16
§ All Cannabis Use is Medicinal, 2/10/16
§ Receding Gums? Natural Remedies Will Rejuvenate Quickly, 2/10/16
§ "Someone" Desperately Intervened to Save Stocks Yesterday, 2/10/16
§ Three Phases of FEMA Camp Mass Arrests Under UWEX 16, 2/10/16
§ Who Should Decide?, 2/9/16
§ Negative Interest Rates Aimed at Driving Small Banks Out of Business and Eliminating Cash, 2/9/16
§ Banning Cash: Serfdom in Our Time, 2/9/16
§ Nobel Winner to Obama on Global Warming: You’re Wrong, 2/9/16
§ Prescription medications identified as key gateway drugs, 2/9/16
§ World's largest aircraft gets ready for take-off, 2/9/16
§ Michigan Outlaws Oral Sex - Violators Will Face 15 Years, 2/8/16
§ After 1,428 years - what brought down world’s oldest business, 2/8/16
§ ‘65,000% radioactivity spike’ in New York, 2/7/16
§ Zika virus is owned by Rockefeller Foundation, 2/7/16
§ Einstein's wildest prediction could be confirmed within days, 2/7/16
§ Chicago cop who killed a kid is suing the teen's estate for $180k, 2/7/16
§ Toxic mercury fog pouring into San Francisco, 2/6/16
§ Wasn’t It Doom for Gold the Other Day?, 2/6/16
§ Microwave Ovens, Cell Phone, Smart Meters Emit Toxic Waves, 2/6/16
§ Researchers develop method to liquefy tumors with sound waves, 2/5/16
§ This Is What Microwaves Do To Your Food, 2/14/16
§ Glyphosate causing a wave of chronic disease across America, 2/4/16
§ L.A. Gas Well Spewing LETHAL LEVELS of Nuclear Radiation, 2/4/16
§ Continuing Demonization of Cash, 2/4/16
§ AI Is Transforming Google Search - Rest of the Web Is Next, 2/4/16
§ Peter Schiff: “The U.S. Is One Gigantic Bubble Economy”, 2/4/16
§ TPP Deal Just Signed: Paves Way for Authoritarian Technocracy, 2/4/16
§ IRS computer problems shut down e-file system, 2/4/16
§ Why Bill Gates is being blamed for the Zika virus, 2/3/16
§ January Gun Sales Set 9th monthly record in a row, 2/3/16
§ Elites Have Lost Their Healthy Fear of the Masses, 2/3/16
§ Truth Behind Federal Land Grabs, 2/3/16
§ Babies With Genes From 3 People Could Be Ethical, Panel Says, 2/3/16
§ A restaurant in China prepares (robotic) food in 90 seconds, 2/3/16
§ Makers of sex robot with virtual vagina swamped with orders, 2/3/16
§ Hands Up, Don’t Execute: LaVoy Finicum, Michael Brown, etc., 2/2/16
§ 58 False-Flag Attacks, 2/2/16
§ Chemicals in the water are turning male fish into females..., 2/2/16
§ Teflon Dangers, 2/1/15
§ Petraeus, Clinton Allowed to Leak Classified Intel While Whistleblowers Become Enemies of the State, 2/1/16
§ VirusTotal can scan for malicious code in firmware, 1/31/16
§ Americans Free at Last - Ties have been broken by Judge Anna, 1/30/16
§ Tyranny, Defiance, and the Death of LaVoy Finicum, 1/30/16
§ North America being bathed in radiation from Fukushima, 1/29/16
§ German 18-year-old climbs Great Pyramid of Giza in 8 minutes, 1/29/16
§ Lavoy Finicum Murdered By Police While Surrendering, 1/29/16
§ Journalist charged with conspiracy in Oregon standoff, 1/29/16
§ Ultimate Goal of the Antigun Movement, 1/29/16
§ Silver Market In Disarray After Price Fix Manipulation, 1/28/16
§ Do YOU work with a psychopath?, 1/28/16
§ Rental Rates Have Reached Apocalyptic Levels, 1/28/16
§ 22k American nurses refuse to submit to mandatory vaccines, 1/28/16
§ Zika Outbreak and 2015 GM Mosquitoes Release Coincide, 1/28/16
§ This Is What The Fourth Industrial Revolution Looks Like, 1/27/16
§ Lavoy Finicum Murdered by Cops; “Had His Hands in the Air”, 1/27/16
§ Did Oregon Militants At Least Save the Constitution?, 1/27/16
§ Hillary Rodham Clinton: America’s #1 Unprosecuted Felon, 1/27/16
§ How to Test Your Drinking Water (And Why You Should Do It), 1/27/16
§ Global supplies of food and medicine now in a state of collapse, 1/27/16
§ People Don't Die of Cancer but of Chemotherapy in Terrible Pain, 1/27/16
§ Linux Takes Command, 1/26/16
§ Before Refrigerators Were Invented, How did People Preserve their Food (meat) so that it wouldn't become Rotten?, 1/26/16
§ Americans hate the U.S. government more than ever, 1/26/16
§ Every Economic Indicator Says We Are In Economic Free Fall, 1/26/16
§ Society's declining IQ linked to chemical exposure in children, 1/26/16
§ 75% of world's fish have been wiped out by mankind, 1/26/16
§ CT scans increase risk of cancer by 35%, 1/26/16
§ No card required: Eye scanners coming soon to your ATM, 1/26/16
§ Researchers show Cancer is Killed by Resonant Frequencies, 1/26/16
§ 7 worst childhood allergies coincide with vaccine contents, 1/26/16
§ Market Tanking After Fed Pricked Their Own Bubble, 1/26/16
§ Senate to Give Obama Authority for International Martial Law, 1/25/16
§ Real purpose of modern medicine is to reduce human population through covert infertility via vaccines, GMOs and drugs, 1/25/16
§ Secret sites so classified they are pixelated by Google Earth, 1/25/16
§ Charting the Crash - How Far will the Bounce Get?, 1/25/16
§ Davos: Intensive Care Unit of the New World Order, 1/25/16
§ I Was Brought Up To Believe a Lot of Lies, 1/25/16
§ Himalayan locals sustainably cultivate natural aphrodisiac as Big Pharma seeks to cash in, 1/25/16
§ 35 agencies collect and share your personal health information, 1/25/16
§ 1/4th of young Americans are too obese to qualify for mil. svc., 1/25/16
§ Anna von Reitz: No “Interregnum” — Notice to Pope Francis+, 1/24/16
§ How Astronomers Will Actually Image the 9th Planet, 1/24/16
§ Periodic Table of Commodity Returns, 1/24/16
§ Anarchy Works!, 1/23/16
§ Pharma Death Clock
§ FBI Assembling Death Squads & Bring 200 Vehicles to Oregon, 1/23/16
§ Robots could soon read your mind - and no laws against it, 1/23/16
§ 4th Industrial Revolution: Robots, AI, nanotechnology, 3-D printing, genetics & biotechnology, 1/22/16
§ Military Martial Law Bill Sneaked Through by Senate, 1/22/16
§ 10 Shocking, Bizarre Riot (People) Control Weapons, 1/22/16
§ Mexico City Mass EVACUATION Volcano alert, 1/22/16
§ Huge Study Links Aspartame to These Major Health Problems, 1/22/16
§ Nullifying the Jury, 1/22/16
§ Children and the TSA, 1/22/16
§ Banishing Glycophosphate
§ 12 trigger events that can unleash U.S. economic collapse, 1/22/16
§ Davos Insider: Central Banks ‘Out of Ammo’, 1/22/16
§ Capital Controls Are Coming, 1/22/16
§ Interactive ‘Wheel’ Helps Find Perfect Cannabis Strain for You, 1/21/16
§ Mark Faber: Invest In Gold Now As Stock Market To Crash; 1/21/16
§ Why you should be concerned about cheap oil, 1/21/16
§ Truth About National Security, 1/21/16
§ Cancer-Causing Enzyme Being Added to All Vaccines, 1/20/16
§ Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn to align in night sky, 1/20/16
§ Fed Employees Brag About Federal Land Grabs, 1/20/16
§ Will Obama pardon Hillary?, 1/20/16
§ Get Ready for A Phoenix World Currency Predicted by 2018, 1/20/16
§ Researchers find evidence of another planet in solar system, 1/20/16
§ Longer than Deepwater Horizon: 87 Day Porter Ranch Leak, 1/20/16
§ “Gun Free Zone” Property Responsible for a Visitor’s Safety?, 1/19/16
§ Animal Communicators Hear an Animal’s Thoughts, 1/19/16
§ Mobile Phone s accelerate mercury release from dental fillings, 1/19/16
§ US Military Wants Chip to Translate your Brain into Binary Code, 1/19/16
§ Obama instituted Greatest Transfer of Wealth in History to1%, 1/18/16
§ Armed Citizens Stop Mass Murder, 1/18/16
§ FBI & Memphis Police Admit Involvement in MLK Assassination, 1/18/16
§ Take a weed break at work - It's allowed!, 1/18/16
§ Electric cars just as dirty as petroleum-powered vehicles?, 1/18/16
§ Michigan Becomes First State to Welcome Back Sub-$1 Gas, 1/18/16
§ Body language expert says Sean Penn is not a CIA agent, 1/17/16
§ Advantages of Barter and Localism, 1/17/16
§ Cowboys’ Last Stand, 1/17/16
§ Fed's Stunning Admission Of What Happens Next, 1/17/16
§ Unfolding Global Reset that Only Few Understand, 1/17/16
§ EPA finally orders barrier to block underground fire from reaching 100,000 tons of nuclear waste near St. Louis, 1/17/16
§ States Likely to Legalize Marijuana by 2017, 1/16/16
§ 5 Shocking Facts About You That Anyone Can Find Online, 1/16/16
§ String Theory might merge with the other Theory of Everything, 1/16/16
§ Why Filtering Your Water Is a Necessity, 1/16/16
§ What You Mean "WE" Pale-face?, 1/16/16
§ Mobile revolution is over - get ready for next big thing: Robots, 1/16/16
§ Why Is the CIA Taking Over Burns, Oregon?, 1/16/16
§ Monkeys use complex grammatical structures in their language, 1/15/16
§ Man uses implanted microchip to pass through airport security, 1/15/16
§ Waiting 2 mins. before cutting umbilical cord is best, 1/15/16
§ Growing number of police chiefs, sheriffs join call to arms, 1/15/16
§ Ascendance of Sociopaths in U.S. Governance, 1/15/16
§ Average age of first-time mothers reaches all time high, 1/15/16
§ Propaganda Pop Culture: From Cuckmercials to ‘Star Wars’, 1/15/16
§ Licorice Root makes liver'bulletproof' against alcohol damage, 1/15/16
§ Animal brought back to life after spending 30 years frozen, 1/15/16
§ FDA responsible for deadly pathogens in U.S. food supply, 1/15/16
§ Economic Collapse Is By Design, 1/15/16
§ Walmart is closing 100s of stores and laying off 1000s, 1/15/16
§ Survival Dental Kit, 1/15/16
§ Two technologies that are revolutionizing the financial system, 1/15/16
§ ADA threatens manufacturer of mercury detection equipment to stop talking about toxic levels of mercury in dental offices, 1/15/16
§ 70Ton Titanosaur Unveiled At Museum Of Natural History, 1/15/16
§ Over-hyped 'smart drug' actually impairs brain function, 1/15/16
§ U.S. Supr. Ct Chief Justice Admits No 'Failure To File' IncomeTax Law Exists, 1/14/16
§ Mandatory vaccine leg. will lead to compulsory organ harvesting, 1/14/16
§ BUSTED! FBI Posing Triggers Fire Chief Defection to Bundy Militia, 1/14/16
§ Lawsuit Filed against Monsanto for Contaminating SF Bays, 1/14/16
§ Real Time Currency Collapse In Canada – This Is What It’s Going To Look Like In the USA, 1/14/16
§ Top U.S. banks have pledged customers' deposits as collateral for derivative gambling debts, 1/14/16
§ Silk Road's Dark-Web Dream Is Dead, 1/14/16
§ Rick Simpson Cancer Cure Cannabis Oil Recipe, 1/13/16
§ Senators Who Voted Against the Audit of the Federal Reserve, 1/13/16
§ 1st genetically-modified human embryos could be within weeks', 1/13/16
§ Pope Wants You to Pray for a One World Religion, 1/13/16
§ 70% of sea birds and 75% of the worlds fish are now depleted , 1/13/16
§ Louisiana Nuclear Power Plant Emergency Shutdown, 1/13/16
§ International War On Cash, 1/12/16
§ Smart Meters Can Be Used To Spy On Your Home, 1/12/16
§ State of the Nation: A Dictatorship Without Tears, 1/12/16
§ Deep State’s Draconian Measures To Criminalize Citizens, 1/12/16
§ Gun Rights Question Gun Grabbers Won't Answer, 1/12/16
§ EPA, FDA building secret government militias, 1/12/16
§ Vermont Man Uses Tractor To Flatten 8 Police Cars, 1/11/16
§ Martin Luther King assassinated by US Govt, 1/11/16
§ Physicists Rumor that Gravitational Waves are Detected, 1/11/16
§ Google Chairman Says AI Can Solve Population Reduction Goals, 1/11/16
§ Should recently vaccinated be quarantined?, 1/11/16
§ 62% of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings, 1/11/16
§ 45M Americans on food stamps ready to erupt into social chaos, 1/11/16
§ Crude oil is collapsing, 1/11/16
§ Internal War Is Now On The Horizon For America, 1/11/16
§ Sandy HookFake Newtown Sniper!!, 1/11/16
§ US Govt is Most Complete Criminal Organization in History, 1/11/16
§ How To Learn Programming in C, 1/11/16
§ What Happened to This Year’s Flu Season?, 1/11/16
§ U.S. Dropped 23,144 Bombs on Muslim Countries in 2015, 1/10/16
§ 80% of Cannabis Users Give Up Prescriptions Pills for Pot, 1/10/16
§ Avoid being victimized by martial law with these tips, 1/10/16
§ A New Hope for a Perplexing Mathematical Proof, 1/10/16
§ Monsanto to face tribunal at The Hague for 'ecocide' against humanity and the planet, 1/10/16
§ Spice that Prevents Fluoride from Destroying Your Brain, 1/10/16
§ Dolphin Sounds Generate Images, Research Team Discovers, 1/9/16
§ 12 Steps For Concealed Carry Success, 1/9/16
§ Breastfeeding builds healthy digestive systems, 1/8/16
§ Is This Proof of an Interdimensional Portal, UFO over CERN?, 1/8/16
§ Federal Reserve’s “net worth” collapses 33% in two weeks, 1/8/16
§ Where will Obama imprison 100 million gun owners?, 1/8/16
§ Plight of the Modern Rebel, 1/8/16
§ "This Is Government Land": Eternal Refrain of Fed Occupiers, 1/8/16
§ Letter to Sheriff Ward in Oregon from judge Anna von Reitz, 1/7/16
§ Obamacare was crafted to help expand gun control, 1/7/16
§ 6 Laws of Survival: Strategies for Beating Worst Case Scenario, 1/7/16
§ Stocks are getting crushed, 1/7/16
§ China's gold-backed yuan threatens to collapse the U.S. dollar, 1/7/16
§ Why you need to have PHYSICAL CASH… now, 1/6/16
§ Home Detox: How to Rid the Sources of Chronic Illness, 1/6/16
§ Rule Of Law No Longer Exists In Western Civilization, 1/6/16
§ 8 things Obama’s gun safety actions will do, 1/5/16
§ Oregon Siege Begins!, 1/5/16
§ Reminder: "Natural" Food Means Literally Nothing, 1/5/16
§ Every call for gun confiscation is a call for unrelenting government violence against the American people, 1/5/16
§ Truth About the Dairy Industry in 5 Minutes, 1/5/16
§ Deep State Rising: Mainstreaming of the Shadow Government, 1/5/16
§ Surprise! Corporate America Is Throwing Down for the TPP, 1/5/16
§ Four new elements confirmed, 1/4/16
§ Doctors Reveal Vaccines Turn Our Immune System Against Us, 1/4/16
§ A year of war: 10 destructive armed conflicts the U.S. fueled, 1/4/16
§ Welcome to the Metastructure: New Internet of Transportation, 1/4/16
§ If feds slaughter patriot occupiers in Ore., Civil War may be near, 1/4/16
§ Armed force takes over building on federal land in Oregon, 1/3/16
§ BofA Explains How Banks Rigged and Manipulated the Market, 1/3/16
§ DHS gives TSA authority to forcibly irradiate Americans, 1/3/1
§ 44 year-old Koko the gorilla delivers a news years message, 1/2/16
§ Obama plans curbs on guns, 1/2/15
§ 7 Need-To-Know Facts About Genetically Modified Foods, 1/2/16
§ Why WWIII is on the Horizon, 1/1/16
§ How Dangerous Is Low-Dose Radiation?, 1/1/16
§ Artificial Intelligence Finally Entered Our Everyday World, 1/1/16
§ How Federal Policies Have Spawned a Heroin Epidemic, 1/1/16
§ No Banker Left Behind, 1/1/16
§ Ten Worst Things You Can Do In A Negotiation, 12/31/15
§ Portal opens above CERN, UFO flies in, 12/30/15
§ Abolish All DUI Laws, 12/30/15
§ America’s Prison Population, Largest in World, Grew Last Yr, 12/30/15
§ Russel Means: Lessons from Wounded Knee, 12/30/15
§ Arrests, Attacks & Recognition: 2015 on the Dark Web, 12/30/15
§ 50 Dangerous Things You Can Do that don’t bother the Govt, 12/30/15
§ Deadly, soulless police robots coming soon to a street near you, 12/30/15
§ U.S. Banks Have $247 Trillion of Exposure to Derivatives, 12/29/15
§ Driver's licenses may soon not work on domestic flights, 12/29/15
§ PC Is About Control, Not Etiquette, 12/29/15
§ What’s in Store for Our Freedoms in 2016?, 12/29/15
§ Bill Clinton & the Pedophile, 12/29/15
§ Honey, I Shrunk the Middle Class: 1/3 of Households Qualify , 12/28/15
§ What's Next on Gun Control: Obama and the Loophole, 12/28/15
§ Dallas '63: A Brilliant Synthesis Regarding the Coup d'état, 12/28/15
§ Recently Bought a PC? Microsoft Has Your Encryption Key, 12/28/15
§ A.I. anxiety: Are we fully in control of our technology?, 12/27/15
§ Conspiracy “Theory” Conspiracy, 12/27/15
§ Why WWIII Is On The Horizon, 12/27/15
§ European Nations are Eradicating Cash, 12/27/15
§ An Exact Clone of a Dead Dog Was Just Born, 12/27/15
§ SB Attackers’ Friend Spoke of ‘Sleeper Cells’ Before Rampage, 12/26/15
§ New Scientists Rediscover Planet X, 12/26/15
§ Western State Sponsored Terrorism: False Flags Spreading Islamophobia, Race and Religious Wars and New World Disorder, 12/25/15
§ Cops Have Now Killed Someone In All 50 States, 12/25/15
§ Feds Stop Sharing Stolen Cash & Cars with Police Depts, Setting Off Nationwide Cop Tantrum, 12/24/15
§ Research Reveals Plants Can Think, Choose & Remember, 12/23/15
§ ALL bluefin tuna caught off West Coast are radioactive, 12/23/15
§ Debunking Anti-Gold Propaganda, 12/23/15
§ Scientists create world's 1st biologically powered computer chip, 12/23/15
§ 2015 Johnson Family Dubstep Christmas Light Show, 11/24/15
§ Now the TSA can force you to go through the body-scanner, 12/22/15
§ How to make a superfood for survival that lasts decades, 12/22/15
§ How to Naturally Remove Plaque and Tartar from Teeth
§ Future Of Money, 12/22/15
§ Private Prison Exec Waves Off Reform, Predicts More Profits, 12/22/15
§ Obama is protected by guns, but he doesn't want us, 12/22/15
§ Wikipedia is a massive blackmail engine, 12/22/15
§ Our Future Has Been Commandeered, 12/22/15
§ American Fantasyland – Down here on the farm, 12/21/15
§ Huge Fukushima Cover-Up Exposed, 12/21/15
§ Banks Have Pushed the Middle Class Down into Serfdom, 12/21/15
§ Gun Control Executive Orders Expected Within Weeks, 12/20/15
§ Federal Ban lifted on medical marijuana, 12/20/15
§ Sunlight and fish oil help cure psychiatric disorders, 12/20/15
§ 95% accurate non-radiological early cancer detection test, 12/20/15
§ ISIS, Al Qaeda & the CIA: Documented Connection, 12/19/15
§ Hidden Symbols Connecting All Major Ancient Civilizations, 12/19/15
§ Huffington Post calls for total disarmament of entire U.S. public, 12/18/15
§ How to spot a hidden handgun, 12/18/15
§ One in seven Americans depends on food banks to survive, 12/18/15
§ Faber: Federal Reserve Rate Hike at ‘Precisely Wrong Time’, 12/18/15
§ 10 Ways to opt out of the system, 12/17/15
§ Chicago Police Torture ‘Black Site’ Exposed at Hearing, 12/17/15
§ 7 Plants & Herbs that Heal Respiratory Infections, 12/16/15
§ DARPA's Top 3 Predictions for the Future, 12/16/15
§ No, the PATRIOT Act Didn’t Really Expire, 12/16/15
§ Calves have conversations with their mothers: cows are intelligent, conscious animals, 12/15/15
§ There Are 325 Paper Ozs For Every Physical Ounce of Gold”, 12/15/15
§ Who Can Stop the Drive to War?, 12/15/15
§ Why holistic healers and food activists must support gun rights, 12/15/15
§ U.S. military wants to expand its drone “program”, 12/15/15
§ US government stockpiling emergency medical supplies, 12/15/15
§ USA Responsible For ISIS’ Weapons Arsenal, 12/14/15
§ LAPD Performs Random ‘Stop-&-Frisk’ Searches, 12/14/15
§ Prison and Public School - Story of Two Buses, 12/14/15
§ It’s Time to Stop “Supporting Our Troops”, 12/14/15
§ James Fetzer's Stunning 'Nobody Died At Sandy Hook' (426 page pdf)
§ Syngenta mixed GMOs into US crops to force the world to accept untested biotechnology, 12/14/15
§ American Cancer Society admits conventional cancer treatment causes more cancer, 12/14/15
§ 15,000 baby sea lions estimated dead as Pacific sea life dies off, 12/14/15
§ 10 negative-calorie foods that are weight-loss miracles, 12/14/15
§ '97% consensus' on climate change is blatant scientific FRAUD, 12/14/15
§ EU Moves to Implement Full Takeover, 12/13/15
§ Sex, love and robots: is this the end of intimacy?, 12/13/15
§ Elon Musk launches $1bn fund to save world from AI, 12/12/15
§ Quit Worrying and Start Survival Gardening, 12/12/15
§ Patent for nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors and TVs, 12/11/15
§ Obama Enlists Governors to Ban Guns by EO, 12/11/15
§ Obama Impeachment Process Begins, 12/11/15
§ Did Stanley Kubrick Fake This Video of Stanley Kubrick Admitting to Faking the Moon Landing?, 12/11/15

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From the Gospel of Thomas (see also The Mustard Seed and Song of Solomon):
3. Jesus said, "If your leaders say to you, 'Look, the (God's) kingdom is in the sky,' then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, 'It is in the sea', then the fish will precede you. Rather, the kingdom is within you and it is outside you. If you do not know yourselves, then you are in poverty, and you are poverty. When you know yourselves, then you will be known, and you will know that you are the children of the living God."
enlightenment in the new age 29. Jesus said, "If the flesh came into being because of spirit, that is a marvel, but if spirit came into being because of the body, that is a marvel of marvels. Yet I marvel at how this great wealth has come to dwell in this poverty."
32, 33. Jesus said, "A city built on a high hill and fortified cannot fall, nor can it be hidden. What you will hear in your ear, in the other ear proclaim from your rooftops. After all, no one lights a lamp and puts it under a basket nor in any hidden place. Rather, one puts it on a lampstand so that all who come and go will see its light."
51. His disciples said to him, "When will the rest for the dead take place, and when will the new world come?" He said to them, "What you expect has come, but you know it not.”
da_mar we are one spiritual awakening portal 76,77. Jesus said, "God's kingdom is like a merchant who had a supply of merchandise and found a pearl. That merchant was prudent; he sold the merchandise and bought the one pearl for himself. So also with you, seek the treasure that is unfailing, that is enduring, where no moth comes near to devour and where no worm destroys. I am the light that is above them all. I am all, and the all came from me and the all attained to me. Cleave a piece of wood; I am there. Lift up the stone, and you will find me there."
100. They showed Jesus a gold coin and said to him, "The Roman emperor's people demand taxes from us." He said to them, "Give the emperor what belongs to the emperor, give God what belongs to God, and give me what is mine."

archer_bfud 092314d31 You can do all things when your faith and trust are in Me, and you have no doubts and fears to hold you back. There is nothing you can't do, nothing you can't accomplish in this life, when your attitude and outlook are right and you have complete confidence in your ability to do it.

You have with you, all power, all wisdom, all strength, all intelligence and all understanding. It is I, working in & through you who enables you to accomplish the seemingly impossible.

021115d Never be afraid to aim high; never be afraid to expect the impossible to become possible. Do not live within your limits; live way beyond yourself, and therefore, give Me the opportunity to show you how all things are possible with Me. elephant self-empowerment Let go and let Me take over and see what happens.

This is a rich and friendly universe and we dare to accept it's rewards. We bask in the spirit and substance of everpresent abundance. We are spiritually & materially, whole; healthy & happy, safe & secure, prosperous & free.

Christ Child

122216k Christmas is a twilight sort of time. Routine gets shaken. Another year is ending. The days are not getting shorter anymore and there is a spark of awakening within our slumber as if a veil is lifted a little bit, isn’t there? It’s near as cold as it gets and still we survive, managing always to find warmth and light and love within the very fabric of things, even when we are alone; which, we all essentially actually always are, whether we are awake to it and acknowledge and admit it, or not.

Who knows all our secrets other than God (?) and God is certainly Alone as God is All there Is, behind, beyond and encompassing all appearance, without other, including what we may presume to call ourselves.

‘Tis the season now to remember that we are the Christ child, isn’t it? Ready? In case you haven’t realized it, no matter our perceived transgressions, guilts, sins or errors of the past or imagined anxieties or fears or conflicted desires of the future, our real being remains ever untainted by whatever ignorant, terrified delusions, addictions, enslavements and narcissistic pretensions we may still indulge in and suffer from in our separate identities and dreams or nightmares that we may call and think of life.

Really (as perhaps you've already discovered), there is no “I”. It can be searched for, but it will never be found.

“I” won’t be found in the physical body or so-called waking life or even in the entire so-called physical, spatial universe, which is nothing other than apparent manifestation of consciousness.

“I” won’t be found in the subtle body of thoughts, emotions, feelings or sensations, which all come and go and can be observed and pointed at as something other than “me”. Neither will “I” be found in the lucidest of dreams; nor in the illusion of time.

“I” won’t be found in the causal body or in the gap between words or thoughts or in the deep sleep state because there is no one and no thought nor any other thing there.

“I” also won’t be found in the great causal body. Only the witness will be there without even a whisper; and, upon deep looking within, will be found to be entirely non-personal, detached, devoid of identity, all-pervading and universal.

There are no other bodies or states. There is no “I”. Therefore and of course, there is no “you” either. When all illusion is discarded, no identity remains other than what has been and can be described as formless, limitless, attributeless, timeless & spaceless supreme Being, Consciousness & Bliss.

There is only the Christ child and we all are only that. We are One and we are Free. Glory Halleluiah and Glory eternally and effortlessly Be!

3wisemen Declaration

121316b 090315g QUESTION: [Friday, September 11, 2015 9:36 PM]: I would like to know your view, stance. etc... Your position, declaration, whatever, do you refer to yourself as in religious declaration... I've called myself for some 30+ years now, A "Gnostic" Christian. I'm wondering how you would declare yourself, if I'm not imposing, I'll bet your a real dusey... I mean do you believe in the higher power,? The Trinity,... Do you believe I'n the classical "Old Testament, "New Testament, NKJ version? Do you believe, about the classical view "Name in the book, lake of fire?, Redemption?, Jesus "Re-incarnating", and then the all the stories leading up to the "Last Supper", in the Garden of Gethsemane, then the crucifixion, and how he died to take away the sin's of man?... [Qs&As]

mdbfthg9L71rjdn ~☆~ ANSWER: [Saturday, September 12, 2015 8:29 PM]:
Eternally, I am
pure being, pure awareness and pure joy
only and always here now
prior to and utterly beyond
all self-images and self-imaginings
all thoughts of self and other
all fears and desires
magnificent_sun all matter & mind
all space & time
all pasts & futures
all labels and religions
all gods and gurus
and all appearances.
Only I am as only God Is.
Empty of regrets and anxieties,
I am full of this moment.
I am fully present in it.
It is the Only Moment that Is.
This is the only Presence there Is.
Absolutely empty, I am absolutely full.

The Bible is an alien artificial intelligence control technology.
Jesus is a composite mythical figure based on earlier heroic tales.
050215z No one ever died for my sins, because I haven't any.
This is my home. I am not a stranger here.
I have no fear; hence, I am free to love.

✻ღ Love Light ღ✻

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