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This site is still being updated, but below are possibly the last Headline Postings:

§ Letter to the FBI about the murder of LaVoy Finicum, 2/5/18
§ Reality of Barter and Trade in an SHTF Economy, 2/2/18
§ Leaked Document Shows NSA Infiltrated Cryptos, Tor, VPN, 2/2/17
§ Coinbase Sends American Clients IRS Tax Form 1099-K, 2/1/18
§ How Stress Makes you Sick, and Easier to Control, 1/31/18
§ How Long Before AI Makes Humans Redundant?, 1/31/18
§ Bitcoin created by the CIA and NSA, warns co-founder of Kaspersky security software firm, 1/31/18
§ Hawaii’s New Money Transmitters Act Will Require Virtual Currency Licenses, 1/31/18
§ New Bill Will Force People to Register With the State and Pay a Fee to Watch Porn, 1/31/18
§ '8.5-mile pyramid' discovered at bottom of the ocean, 1/31/18
§ Flu vaccines actually SPREAD the flu, 1/30/18
§ Did the NSA Create Bitcoin to Usher in One World Currency?, 1/30/18
§ US Gov't: “Bitcoin Is a Fork and Bitcoin Cash Is the Original”, 1/29/18
§ Use Coconut Oil Daily, 1/29/18
§ Illuminati Are About To Make Their Final Move, 1/26/18
§ Eliminate Google From Your Life, 1/25/18
§ New Global Gold Standard in Kilobar May Soon Be Coming, 1/25/18
§ ML King Survived Shooting, Was Murdered In Hospital, 1/24/18
§ Spectro-Chrome: Healing With Colored Light, 1/23/18
§ Two Quadrillion Bitcoins, 1/22/18
§ Why Quantum Physics, AI & Eastern Mystics All Agree We Are Living In A Video Game, 1/19/18
§ Go Ahead and Shut Down the Government, 1/19/18
§ Did Congress & Trump Provide the Ultimate TAX Remedy?, 1/18/18
§ Orangutans discovered to be herbal medicine geniuses who manufacture their own healing ointments using forest plants, 1/17/18
§ Bitcoin’s usefulness as a payment system COLLAPSES, 1/16/18
§ With 80% of bitcoin mined, fears rise it'll become a fiat currency, 1/15/18
§ Drug Whisperers, 1/11/18
§ China Has Killed Cash With Ubiquitous e-Payment Systems, 1/11/18
§ Warren Buffet Admits Ignorance Slamming Cryptocurrencies, 1/11/18
§ Jamie Dimon: All Cryptocurrency Will Be Under Gov't Control, 1/10/18
§ Central Bank Ready to Pop the ‘Everything’ Bubble, 1/10/18
§ Trump Bringing Trillions to US! Wanta Funds Recovered!, 1/10/18
§ 83 and Counting… Another Holistic Doctor Found Dead, 1/10/18
§ Close-Knit Communities Put the Individual First, 1/10/18
§ Ross Ulbricht Takes Fight to Supreme Court to Appeal Life Sentence for Building a Website, 1/10/18
§ Ibuprofen Is A Tool Of Agenda 21, 1/10/18
§ Jeff Sessions Wages War on Natural Weed, As He Grants Maker of Fentanyl a Monopoly on Synthetic THC, 1/9/18
§ Anesthetics found to do more than simply induce sleep, 1/9/18
§ Largest prime number ever discovered is 23 million digits long, 1/9/18
§ Bitcoin Price Equivalence Shows Cryptocurrency Worths, 1/9/18
§ War on Drugs, 1/9/18
§ AI can read your mind by decoding your brain signals, 1/8/18
§ Frightening Tool Reveals How Much of Your Personal Info Facebook is Giving to Strangers, 1/8/18
§ Judge Navarro dismisses Bundy indictment with prejudice!, 1/8/18
§ Mandalay Bay Admits Staff Visited Paddock’s Room 10 TIMES Before Shooting—Noticed Nothing, 1/7/18
§ Why There's No More Free Passes For The Clinton Foundation, 1/7/18
§ Value of Bitcoin, 1/6/18
§ So-called “minimum wage” for federal workers hits $100K as bloated government loots America, 1/6/18
§ FACEBOOK to roll out facial recognition AI, 1/6/18
§ How To Reverse Alzheimer's & Dementia Naturally, 1/5/18
§ Avoid Mammograms Like the Plague, 1/4/18
§ Crypto-Nightmare: Ripple CEO is now Richer than Zuckerberg, 1/4/18
§ A.I. Is Taking Over Bit By Bit: The Implication Of Rapidly Improving Artificial Intelligence, 1/3/18
§ How the IRS Will Target Bitcoin Users, 1/3/18
§ How Branding is Fueling the Cryptocurrency Craze, 1/3/18
§ Criminals Drop Bitcoin for Monero, 1/2/18
§ Rudolph Confirms the Giant Sucking Sound, 1/2/18
§ Rescued ‘Sex Slave’ Reveals How She Was Sold to Up and Coming Political Elite as a Child, 1/2/18
§ Planet of the Apps: Experts warn of a tech take-over as robots with artificial intelligence seize control, 1/2/18
§ Survival may soon depend on using GUNS to kill ROBOTS, 1/1/18
§ Damning Report Shows Pentagon is Actively Poisoning Millions of Americans and Covering It Up, 1/1/18
§ Smart Grid vs Humanity, 1/1/18
§ New Internet Is Being Launched, 1/1/17
§ Delta Force Raids Obama Stronghold in Thailand, 12/31/17
§ Secret Rockefeller System Exposed, 12/31/17
§ Goldman Sachs Showers Execs With $100 Million In Early Bonuses To Avoid Trump Tax Hit, 12/30/17
§ Facebook Says It Is Deleting Accounts at the Direction of the U.S. and Israeli Governments, 12/30/17
§ Omega 3 fatty acids are crucial to proper brain nourishment, 12/29/17
§ Cancer “kill switch” discovered, 12/29/17
§ How To Defeat Tyranny: "No Shortcuts... No Secret Weapon... Only Indomitable Spirit", 12/28/17
§ DHS Announces Program to ILLEGALLY Scan Our Faces—And They’re Forcing Us to Pay For It, 12/28/17
§ Black Ops Contractor Reveals CIA Blew Up OKC Building—Hours Later He’s in a Near Fatal Collision, 12/28/17
§ Social Security Beneficiaries Hit Record 61,859,250, 12/27/17
§ We've Centralized All Our Data To A Guy Named Zuckerberg, 12/27/17
§ Are The Banksters Creating Their Own Cryptocurrency Called "Utility Settlement Coin"?, 12/27/17
§ Central Banks Considering Digital Currency to Speed Payments, 12/26/17
§ ‘Digital Shekel’: Israel is Working on a State Cryptocurrency, 12/26/17
§ 2018 should be the year of quantum supremacy, 12/26/17
§ Queen - Thank God It's Christmas, 12/25/17
§ Nanotechnology In McDonald's Food; Under the Microscope, 12/25/17
§ Anarchy and Voluntaryism, 12/23/17
§ Facebook Handing Over More Info To US Government, 12/22/17
§ Researchers look how humans can maintain control over AI, 12/22/17
§ Canola Oil is detrimental to brain health, causes weight gain, 12/22/17
§ Bitcoin Avg. Transaction Fee historical chart
§ How Low Can Bitcoin Go?, 12/22/17
§ Why Governments treat you like a Number, not an Individual, 12/21/17
§ Checkmate humanity: In four hours, a robot taught itself chess, then beat a grandmaster with moves never devised in the game's 1,500-year history and the implications are terrifying, 12/21/17
§ It Begins: Bank Threatening to Close Accounts if Coinbase used, 12/21/17
§ Case against Cliven Bundy, Nevada rancher involved in 2014 armed standoff, declared a mistrial, 12/20/17
§ Next stages of AI, 12/19/17
§ Symantec: A Cryptocurrency Malware 'Arms Race' Is Looming, 12/19/17
§ How Can You Tell if Eggs Have Expired?, 12/18/17
§ Studies Show Wtc Building 1,2 & 7 Could Not Have Fallen – Why Does The Us Still Lie About 9/11?, 12/18/17
§ 2018: Year of the Cryptocurrency Craze, 12/18/17
§ Yes, America, The Government Had A Hit List At Bundy Ranch!, 12/17/17
§ Three Las Vegas massacre witnesses spill the beans, 12/17/17
§ First of the UN Occupation Forces to be Unveiled in Chicago, 12/16/17
§ As Bitcoin Breaks All-Time Highs Near $18,000 Its Future Has Never Been So Uncertain, 12/16/17
§ How the Banks Bought Bitcoin, 12/15/17
§ SOPHIA and A.I. UNLEASHED on BITCOIN, 11/15/17
§ Legal drugs kill more people than illegal ones: Research shows prescription drugs are the 3rd leading cause of death, 12/15/17
§ Scientists prove that people vaccinated for shingles can infect others with chicken pox, 12/15/17
§ Cellphones driving modern humans to the brink of insanity? Science reveals young brains DERANGED by cellphone radiation exposure, 12/15/17
§ NSA tweet: Pizzagate is real, 12/14/17
§ Humans 2.0: Entrepreneur who wants to put chip in your brain, 12/14/17
§ Massive Aluminum levels in Autism brains, is this the smoking gun for vaccines?, 11/27/17
§ Two huge current vaccine scandals the press isn’t covering, 12/14/17
§ One Bank Believes It Found The Identity Of Who Is "Propping Up The Bitcoin Market", 12/14/17
§ Bitcoin: Evidence Points to the NSA as its Original Engineer, 12/13/17
§ G. Mannarino warns Wall Street is about to rip Bitcoin to shreds, 12/13/17
§ NRA Silent as States Ban Guns to Med. Marijuana Patients, 12/13/17
§ House Passes ‘Combating Anti-Semitism Act Of 2017’ To Expand Hate Crime Laws, Penalties, 12/13/17
§ Surgeon who exposed Clinton Foundation corruption in Haiti found dead in apartment with stab wound to the chest, 12/13/17
§ AI machine can identify 2 BILLION people in seconds, 12/12/17
§ Monsanto now offering CASH to farmers if they will use its toxic “dicamba” agricultural chemical, 12/12/17
§ It's Official: Bitcoin Surpasses "Tulip Mania", Is Now The Biggest Bubble In World History, 12/12/17
§ Babies feel touch in their DNA: Infants who were held more have a different molecular profile than children who had a lack of contact, 12/12/17
§ "It Will Impact The Life Of Every Single Human Being" - Cryptocurrency Revolution Documentary, 12/11/17
§ Evidence points to Bitcoin being an NSA-engineered psyop to roll out one-world digital currency, 12/10/17
§ Hell Hole on Earth Discovered at Fukushima, 12/8/17
§ Peter Schiff Warns of Impending Crash: 'Everybody Is Going To Get Wiped Out!', 12/8/17
§ Google supercomputer creates its own 'AI CHILD', 12/5/17
§ 3 cups of coffee daily reduces risk of death – from ALL causes, 12/5/17
§ Hawaii to go door to door, confiscating LEGAL firearms from all medical marijuana users, 12/5/17
§ Russia admits to Oct. nuclear disaster (millions exposed!), 12/5/17
§ Facebook for 6-Year-Olds? Welcome to Messenger Kids, 12/5/17
§ Russia, China, India Unveil New Gold Trading Network, 12/4/17
§ 17 Creepy Photos From A 1972 Rothschild Dinner Party, 12/4/17
§ Toxic chemotherapy found to impair memory, concentration, and brain function while having little or no long-term effect on cancer, 12/3/17
§ Why I'm Skeptical About Crypto-Currencies, 11/30/17
§ Coinbase Ordered to Turn Over Identities of 14,355 Cryptocurrency Traders to the IRS, 11/29/17
§ The Bilderberg group controls Bitcoin, 11/28/17
§ Latest Atrocities in Modern Art, 11/28/17
§ 25 Shocking Medical Mistakes & How to Protect Yourself, 11/20/17
§ Jack Ruby told an FBI informant to 'watch the fireworks' just hours before Kennedy's assassination, newly-released JFK Files reveal, 11/18/17
§ Robot Apocalypse: “With AI We Are Summoning the Demon”, 11/17/17
§ Gates Foundation leading the way in eugenics depopulation plan to rid the world of humans, 11/15/17
§ At Least 7 Different Shooters During The Las Vegas Massacre, 11/13/17
§ Depopulation chemical covertly spiked into vaccines, 11/10/17
§ 300,000-year-old skulls could rewrite the human origin story, 11/10/17
§ “Adapt” to stress with these 5 adaptogenic herbs, 11/9/17
§ WikiLeaks Begins Publishing Source Code for CIA Hacking Tools, 11/9/17
§ Why Unvaccinated Children Pose ZERO Risk to Anyone, 11/8/17
§ How to convert any file to any format, 11/8/17
§ $300M in cryptocurrency VANISHES overnight… user error blamed… 10 reasons why gold is better than Bitcoin, 11/8/17
§ Authorities Now Installing Cameras in School Bathrooms, 11/8/17
§ An unconventional approach to dental health that works, 11/8/17
§ 10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job, 7/21/6
§ Trump Says Stricter Gun Laws Would Have Meant ‘Hundreds’ More Deaths In Texas, 11/7/17
§ What Happens When You Ask Unschoolers "What They Want to Be When They Grow Up", 11/7/17
§ Corey Feldman Files LAPD Report to Expose Elite Pedophiles, 11/7/17
§ 'Radical Islam' is the Invention of US Intelligence Agencies, 11/7/17
§ Here’s How to Deal With Overpopulation, 11/7/17

§ Declassified Docs Show CIA Dosed Entire Town with LSD in Massive Mind-Control Experiment, 11/5/17

§ Occult Worship – Hollywood’s Other Dirty Secret That Everyone Knows of But No One Talks About, 11/4/17
§ Don’t cut umbilical cords right after birth, 11/4/17

§ DEEP STATE - Has Been Behind EVERY MAJOR EVENT In Recent History |THE JFK FILES AND BEYOND, 11/2/17
§ Why Has Las Vegas Massacre Disappeared From News Cycle?, 11/2/17
§ AWEsome connection between brain chemistry & behavior, 11/2/17

§ Vaccine industry in panic as scientific study solves the riddle of why flu shots don’t work, 11/1/17

§ What U.S. Soldiers Actually Sign up For, 10/31/17
§ JP Morgan Sunk the Titanic to form the Federal Reserve, 10/31/17
§ Corey Feldman Vows To Release Names Of 6 Powerful Hollywood Pedophiles, 10/31/17

§ Why not revoke Government’s License to issue Licenses?, 10/30/17

§ Teleportation and traversible wormholes are all real, 10/29/17
§ 10 essential items to have before the next disaster strikes, 10/29/17

§ JFK Files Prove US Gov’t Planned to Set Off Bombs Inside US, Kill Innocent People in Cuban False Flag, 10/28/17

§ Murder From Within: U.S. Secret Service Limo Driver, Bill Greer, Shot Both JFK & Connally on Nov. 22, 1963, 10/27/17
§ Lee Harvey Oswald & Jack Ruby Met Weeks Before JFK Assassination, 10/27/17
§ How The Elite Dominate The World: They Buy Politicians, And Incumbents Almost Always Win, 10/27/17
§ Dow To Fall 97% Against Gold?, 10/27/17

§ REAL ID Allows Feds to Suspend Driver’s Licenses for “Cause”, 10/26/17
§ Cannabis as a preventative: Studies show it helps guard against cancer, neurodegenerative disease, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, 10/26/17

§ Toxic warning: Cleaning CAN kill you, eventually, unless you use natural solutions, 10/25/17
§ Trail Points to Massive “Grid Down” Event on November 4th, 10/25/17
§ Top 10 POISONS most Americans eat or drink EVERY day, 10/25/17

§ MSM setting up downfall of Clintons to make persecution of Trump not seem political, 10/24/17

§ There Are No Elites -there's just predators & parasites, 10/23/17
§ Greatest Discovery Never Made – Ancient Civilizations Thrived With NO Ruling Elite, 7/11/17

§ Facespook! Social Media Giant Becomes Arm of US intel, 10/19/17
§ U.S. nuclear regulators caught VASTLY underestimating the risk of radioactive material storage fires that could devastate the USA, 10/19/17
§ IMF Chief Lagarde: ‘We are about to see massive disruptions’, 10/19/17
§ Fraud, Exploitation & Collusion: America's Pharma Industry, 10/19/17

§ Study examines complexity of dolphin culture; researchers determine that brain size correlates with human-like behaviors and societies, 10/18/17

§ “An Open Secret”: Watch Bombshell Documentary About Hollywood Pedophile Ring Preying on Child Actors, 10/17/17
§ Flu shots proven to weaken immune in subsequent years, 10/17/17
§ Researchers find pigeons better at multitasking than humans, 10/17/17
§ This Is How Tyranny Rises and Freedom Falls, 10/17/17
§ How Interlinked Corporations Rule the World, 10/17/17

§ The Less We Believe Them about Las Vegas, the More They Want Our Guns, 10/14/17

§ LV Worker Warned Police Of Shooter Before Massacre Began, 10/12/17
§ Did the Indians Understand the Concept of Private Property?, 10/12/17

§ 5 People You Won’t Believe Worked For the CIA, 10/11/17

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From the Gospel of Thomas (See The Mustard Seed):
3. Jesus said, "If your leaders say to you, 'Look, the (God's) kingdom is in the sky,' then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, 'It is in the sea', then the fish will precede you. Rather, the kingdom is within you and it is outside you. If you do not know yourselves, then you are in poverty, and you are poverty. When you know yourselves, then you will be known, and you will know that you are the children of the living God."

29. Jesus said, "If the flesh came into being because of spirit, that is a marvel, but if spirit came into being because of the body, that is a marvel of marvels. Yet I marvel at how this great wealth has come to dwell in this poverty."

enlightenment in the new age 32, 33. Jesus said, "A city built on a high hill and fortified cannot fall, nor can it be hidden. What you will hear in your ear, in the other ear proclaim from your rooftops. After all, no one lights a lamp and puts it under a basket nor in any hidden place. Rather, one puts it on a lampstand so that all who come and go will see its light."

51. His disciples said to him, "When will the rest for the dead take place, and when will the new world come?" He said to them, "What you expect has come, but you know it not.”

76,77. Jesus said, "God's kingdom is like a merchant who had a supply of merchandise and found a pearl. That merchant was prudent; he sold the merchandise and bought the one pearl for himself. So also with you, seek the treasure that is unfailing, that is enduring, where no moth comes near to devour and where no worm destroys.
I am the light that is above them all. I am all, and the all came from me and the all attained to me. Cleave a piece of wood; I am there. Lift up the stone, and you will find me there."

100. They showed Jesus a gold coin and said to him, "The Roman emperor's people demand taxes from us." He said to them, "Give the emperor what belongs to the emperor, give God what belongs to God, and give me what is mine."

archer_bfud You can do all things when your faith and trust are in Me, and you have no doubts and fears to hold you back. There is nothing you can't do, nothing you can't accomplish in this life, when your attitude and outlook are right and you have complete confidence in your ability to do it.

You have with you, all power, all wisdom, all strength, all intelligence and all understanding. It is I, working in & through you who enables you to accomplish the seemingly impossible.

Never be afraid to aim high; never be afraid to expect the impossible to become possible. Do not live within your limits; live way beyond yourself, and therefore, give Me the opportunity to show you how all things are possible with Me. Let go and let Me take over and see what happens.

This is a rich and friendly universe and we dare to accept it's rewards. We bask in the spirit and substance of everpresent abundance. We are spiritually & materially, whole; healthy & happy, safe & secure, prosperous & free.

Christ Child

120717o 122216k No matter our perceived transgressions, guilts, sins or errors of the past or imagined anxieties or fears or conflicted desires of the future, our real being remains ever untainted by whatever ignorant, terrified delusions, addictions, enslavements and narcissistic pretensions we may still indulge in and suffer from in our separate identities and dreams or nightmares that we may call and think of life.

Really (as perhaps you've already discovered), there is no “I”. It can be searched for, but it will never be found.

“I” won’t be found in the physical body or so-called waking life or even in the entire so-called physical, spatial universe, which is nothing other than apparent manifestation of consciousness.

“I” won’t be found in the subtle body of thoughts, emotions, feelings or sensations, which all come and go and can be observed and pointed at as something other than “me”. Neither will “I” be found in the lucidest of dreams; nor in the illusion of time.

“I” won’t be found in the causal body or in the gap between words or thoughts or in the deep sleep state because there is no one and no thought nor any other thing there.

“I” also won’t be found in the great causal body. Only the witness will be there without even a whisper; and, upon deep looking within, will be found to be entirely non-personal, detached, devoid of identity, all-pervading and universal.

elephant self-empowerment There are no other bodies or states. There is no “I”. Therefore and of course, there is no “you” either. When all illusion is discarded, no identity remains other than what has been and can be described as formless, limitless, attributeless, timeless & spaceless supreme Being, Consciousness & Bliss.

There is only the Christ child and we all are only that. We are One and we are Free. Glory Halleluiah and Glory eternally and effortlessly Be!

3wisemen Declaration

121316b mdbfthg9L71rjdn ~☆~ Eternally, I am pure being, pure awareness and pure joy
only and always here now, prior to and utterly beyond all self-images and self-imaginings, all thoughts of self and other, all fears and desires, all matter & mind, all space & time, all pasts & futures, all labels and religions, all gods and gurus and all appearances.
Only I am as only God Is. Empty of regrets and anxieties, I am full of this moment. I am fully present in it. It is the Only Moment that Is.
magnificent_sun This is the only Presence there Is.
Absolutely empty, I am absolutely full.
No one ever died for my sins, because I haven't any.
This is my home. I am not a stranger here.
I have no fear; hence, I am free to love.

✻ღ Love ॐ Light ღ✻